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Welcome to the Vickers Family Resource Page! The contents of this page and related documents and files, represent a labor of love for my parents, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins (no matter how distant!). In addition to the telling of the story of our particular branch of the Vickers family, it is our intent to provide resource files on the larger Vickers family in the South for those researching their own branch of the family.  Most of the Vickers families in the South in the 18th and 19th centuries are related. We are attempting to find and document those relationships. Any assistance you can provide in this endeavor will help all the Vickers cousins to find their place in the telling of this tale!
Contributions are welcomed for addition to the files for sharing with others. Contributions, comments, and corrections will be gratefully accepted and may be directed to

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      North and South Carolina
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      Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri
      Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana
      Texas and the West
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The Stories

James and Sallie
Jake and Addie
Wesley and Nellie
Fred and Margaret
The Descendants of James and Sallie

The Working Files

The following working files are roughly divided according to geographic division. I say "roughly" since obviously there will be some overlap in the divisions as the families were constantly on the move as they migrated south, west, and yes, north. The Vickers migrated out from Virginia much in the same pattern as the order of the divisions. Be sure to check the files in surrounding states if you do not immediately find a link. My tendency in organizing is to place a file first in the state of the earliest known ancestor, or second, in the state where most of the records are found, or third, where they died, or fourth, whatever mood I was in at the time. If you have any good suggestions for organization, let me know!


Resources for Research in Early Virginia
The First Vickers--Jamestown, VA
The Vickers of Virginia
Elias Vickers of Montgomery Co., VA

Elias and John Vicars/Vickers, Prince William Co., VA (compliments of Lucy Vickers Grisham)
John and Nancy Vickers, Prince William Co., VA to Lincoln Co., TN
Robert Vicars, Russell Co., VA, see also Dawna's Vicars Family Home Page
James and Elias Vickers, VA to OH
John Vickers, Sr. VA to Orange Co., NC

Thomas Vicars/Vickers, Gloucester Co., VA (compliments of Lucy Vickers Grisham)

John Vicars/Vickers, Gloucester Co., VA (compliments of Lucy Vickers Grisham)

Families of Old Rappahannock Co. and Essex Co., VA (compliments of Lucy Vickers Grisham)

Wright Family Connections to the Rileys and Vickers Northern Neck, VA (compliments of Lucy Vickers Grisham)

Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania

The Vickers of Delaware
The Vickers of Maryland (with Massachusetts roots)
Peter and Ann Vickers, Bucks Co., PA

Abraham and Margaret Reeder Vickers, Bucks Co., PA (with related Price, Baker, & Pepper Lines)

North and South Carolina

The Court Records of Edgecombe Co., NC (including other early records of North Carolina)
Ralph Vickers, Edgecombe Co., NC
John Vickers, Edgecombe Co., NC (with notes on related Hatcher and Boykin Family ties, compliments of Lucy Vickers Grisham)
The Vickers of Wilkes Co., NC (compliments of Vernon Easley)
John and Anne Vickers, Rutherford Co., NC
Riley and Mary Vickers, Orange Co., NC
James and Elizabeth Vickers, NC to TN to IL
John Vickers, Sr. of Orange Co., NC
Frances Vickers Jenkins, Wilkes Co., NC 

Georgia, Florida, and Alabama

John/Jonathan Vickers, Burke Co., GA
James Vickers, Burke Co., GA
Hardy Vickers
Hardy Vickers Wooten Diary Excerpts
Nathan Vickers
Rachel Vickers Folsom
Drew/Drury Vickers
Wiley Vickers

Joseph Vickers (compliments of Lucy Vickers Grisham)
Jesse Vickers
Joel Vickers
Young Vickers
Hatcher Vickers
Joshua Vickers
Jacob Vickers
Stephen Vickers
Abraham Vickers
Benjamin Vickers
James Vickers, Laurens Co., GA
Edwin Vickers, Pulaski Co., GA
Thomas Vickers, Hancock Co., GA
Elijah Vickers
William Vickers and the Western Migration in GA (VA, NC, GA and on to Central AL)
Samuel Vickers, SC to Savannah, GA
Joshua and Anna Vickers, Washington Co., GA

William Vickers, Washington/Butts Co., GA

James Vickers, Jackson Co., FL (and related Van Pelt and Vickers in Jackson Co., FL)
Aaron and Richard Vickers of Florida
Bryant Vickers (and Jordan Vickers)

Early Alabama Vickers
James Vickers, Montgomery Co., AL
Thomas Vickers, Montgomery Co., AL
Mary (Eliza?) Vickers Turner
Joshua and Ervin Vickers Family, Henry Co., AL to TX
John R. Vickers, Barbour Co., AL (also in Jackson Co., FL)
George Vickers, Clark Co., AL
Jesse and Mary Vickers, Henry Co., AL
James Vickers, Henry Co., AL
Barney Hollingsworth Vickers, Elmore and Chilton Co's., AL
Americus G. Vickers Shipp, Tallapoosa Co., AL

Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri

Ralph Vickers, NC to KY
Talliafero Vickers, Ohio
James and Elias Vickers, VA to OH
The Vickers of Ohio
The Vickers of Illinois
The Vickers of Indiana
The Vickers of Missouri
Ezekiel Vickers, Lincoln Co., TN
Nancy Vickers, DeKalb Co., TN

Hardin Vickers, DeKalb Co., TN  (compliments of Wanda Ware Cobbs)
Archibald Vickers, VA to OH, MO,MI,SD
Samuel Vickers, NC to KY 

Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana

Elias and Elizabeth Vickers, LA to MS to TX

Jefferson Vickers, GA to AL to MS to AR

Texas and the West

England to Utah in the 1850's
Joshua and Ervin Vickers Family, AL to TX
Elias and Elizabeth Vickers, LA to MS to TX

Joshua and Harris Vickers, NC to GA to FL to TX

John Vickers, GA to AL to MS to TX

Across the Waters

Alfred and Elizabeth Viccars, England to Australia

Bolton, England to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Joseph William Vickers, c. 1900)



Military Service

Colonial Period

French and Indian War (17541763)

Revolutionary War (1775-1783)

Other Military Service

Nineteenth Century

War of 1812 (1812-1815)

Mexican-American War (1846)

American Civil War (1861-1864)

Spanish-American War (1898)

Other Military Service

Twentieth Century

World War I (1917-1918)

World War II (1941-1945)

Korean War (1950-1953)

Vietnam War (1957-1975)

Desert Storm (1991)

Operation Enduring Freedom (2001- )

Iraqi Freedom (2003- )


Getting Started
Research Tips
Vickers Family Reunions (THIS Saturday, July 16, 2011, Nebo, NC, Check the Link)
Early Vickers Marriages
Piecing the Puzzle Together
Charline's Alphabetical Index of Vickers, Courtesy of Charline Sims

Other Vickers' Home Pages

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The Vickers Family Page of Scotland, by John Vickers, New Zealand
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The Vickers Family in the UK of Christopher J. Vickers
Dawna J. Vicars Family Home Page
Books by and about the Vickers
Vickers Family Genealogy Forum [GenForum]
Vickers Family Cemetery of Henry Co., AL, by Bonnie Greathouse Tharpe

The Photographs

Upon the suggestion of David Millican, we would like to invite you to submit pictures of your Vickers' ancestors for inclusion. So that more cousins may benefit from finding pictures of their Vickers' relatives, we would ask that all submissions be limited to those Vickers' ancestors and their spouses born prior to 1900.  Submissions may be made by sending a photograph (David suggests Kinko's for a good color copy of a black and white print) or by email attachment in .jpg format to my address below. Along with your pictures include the name, birth date and place, and death date and place of your Vickers' ancestor.

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