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Will of Abraham Vickers, Pulaski Co., GA, Estate Records, 1824, Administrators are Hardy and Nathan Vickers. GA State Archives, Drawer 302, roll 103.

Abraham Vickers
d. 03/24/1824 Pulaski Co., GA

Lists all adult children as:

1. Mary Vickers Baker
2. Rachel Vickers Scarborough
Ralph Vickers
4. John Vickers
5. Sarah Vickers Scarborough

Administrators Nathan & Hardy are probably Abrahamís brothers (although they could be nephews).


From Vernon Easley, easley@kdn0.attnet.or.jp


I glanced (literally) through the files last night. A few first impressions follow. Forgive me if any of it is old news to you but I thought you might be interested if it isn't.

1. REF: Abraham Vickers file and the names of his children: Mary Vickers BAKER, Rachel Vickers SCARBOROUGH, Ralph Vickers, John Vickers, and Sarah Vickers SCARBOROUGH....from his will in 1824.

Read the will of Ralph Vickers of Edgecomb in 1761: "Aug. 11, 1761. Sept. Ct., 1762. Wife & Extx: SARAH, lend plantation whereon I live, reversion to youngest son ABRAHAM, 1 negro to be sold at her death, money divided between 4 youngest chil., horse, saddle, bridle, 2 pewter dishes, pewter tankard, 6 pewter plates, best iron pot and frying pan; Eldest son & Exr: RALPH, plantation bought of WILLIAM WILLIAMSON, hourse, large gun, sword; sons: JOHN, plantation bought of JOHN MOORE, also horse and gun; ABRAHAM, mare bought of EDWARD BURTON to be shared with SARA: SARA, furniture, residue to be divided between wife SARAH and her four chil, MARY BAKER, RACHEL SCARBOROUGH, eldest daus, L 2-15 S each. Wit: MOSES BAKER, BENJAMIN BRAND, AARON BAKER."

Ralph Vickers of Edgecomb Co. NC mentions HIS WIFE SARAH's four children (possibly as opposed to his own) including Mary Baker and Rachel Scarborough in 1761.

Abraham Vickers of Pulaski Co. GA mentions his adult children including Mary Baker and Rachel Scarborough in 1824....63 years later. I am very interested in this coincidence. Do you by chance have a copy or abreviated text of Abraham's will? Also, do you have a file with any information for Ralph Vickers of Edgecomb County? I am trying to line my information up and am very suspicious of the "trees" availble if I can avoid them...thanks. Vernon


Personal Name Index to the Augusta Chronicle.

Name                       Type         Event          Citation       Page   Column
Abraham Vickers     Other    07/26/1788 07/26/1788       3          2
James Vickers          SAL     11/09/1799 11/16/1799       3          4
John Vickers            Other    08/26/1790 09/18/1790       1          1
Wm. Vickers           Other    05/20/1799 06/22/1799       4           4
Mrs. Vickers           Other    08/15/1789 08/15/1789       3           3 
Jack Vickers           Other    02/04/1814 02/04/1814        3          4
Thomas Vickers      Other    02/04/1814 02/04/1814        3          4
Vinson K. Vickers   Other   12/04/1822 01/16/1823         2          4
Nancy Vickers         OBIT   07/11/1828 07/23/1828        3          5
Hardy Vickers         Other    02/18/1822 02/18/1822        3          5
Nathan Vickers       Other    10/01/1817 10/15/1817        3          5
Nathan Vickers       Other    01/01/1818 01/07/1818        2          5
Nathan Vickers       Other    04/05/1819 04/05/1819        3          2
Nathan Vickers       Other    07/07/1819 07/07/1819        3          3
Nathan Vickers       Other   10/04/1819 10/04/1819         3          2
Nathan Vickers       Other   10/15/1819 10/15/1819         2          5
S. R. Vickers, Capt  LET    12/02/1826 12/02/1826        3           5
S. R. Vickers, Capt  LET    01/01/1827 01/01/1827        3           5
S. R. Vickers, Capt  LET    01/01/1828 01/01/1828        3           5


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Correction on Laurens-Abraham Vickers


Have just looked at some stuff on Ancestry which you submitted.
The Abraham B. Vickers in Decatur County was son of Nathan Vickers. He was born 18 Dec. 1815 according to Nathan's Bible record. I figure that he was born in Burke Co, Ga as that was where Nathan lived up until ca 1824. Nathan was in Pulaski in 1826 from deed record. Nathan got land patent in Leon Co., Fl 13 Aug. 1827.
Nathan died 27 May 1847 in Decatur Co. He is buried at Tired Creek Methodist Church, Grady Co. Ga by his wife Elizabeth Jane Moore who died 11 March 1841.

I suspect that Nathan named this son Abraham after his uncle Abraham who gave him land.

That deed in Book G p. 207, 5 Jan 1814, Pulaski Co, Ga was witnessed by a John Vickers and an Emanuel Bennett. Do you suppose that Bennett was one of your connections? The deed is from Abraham of Pulaski to Nathan Vickers, esq. of Co. of Burke, for love, goodwill and affection, reserving a life estate in 202& 1/2acres of 20th Wilkinson, now Pulaski, Lot 242.

Deed Book H, p. 46, Pulaski Co, Ga l Sept. 1828, Hardy and Nathan Vickers, Adms. of estate of Abraham Vickers of Pulaski sold lot 238, 20th dist to Elizabeth Posey, widow of Humphrey Posey.

The estate of Abraham that Nathan & Hardy were administrators of started 20 Jan 1824-Book of Estate Returns 1822-1824, Pulaski Co. and seemed to go on for a number of years, even to when Nathan was in Leon co.

There were two Abrahams-1820 Ga. Census- one Abraham in Jefferson Co. and one Abram in Pulaski. On the 1805 Land lottery there was an Abraham who got 1 draw (indicating a single man) and one who got 2 draws (indicating a married man). They were in Washington Co.


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