Alfred and Elizabeth Viccars, England to Australia

Others researching this line:
J. Gavin Moore,

Dear Chris and Kelly(*)

I came across your www pages as I was searching for various names the other night. In particular I was searching for Viccars and was "introduced" to you despite the multitude of variations on the spelling of the name.

My father's name was John Viccars Moore, and he received this second name as his grandmother's maiden name and so of course his great-grandfather's. She is then the most direct reference point I have in the search for Viccars. Her full name was Elizabeth Ann Viccars. She was born in July 1847 in London - I think near St Pancras. She married a John Henry Gavin in Australia in 1873. She died in 1928.

Her father was an Alfred Viccars born at Bromley, Kent. In July 1847 he married an Ann Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of Duncan Stewart,at Trinity Church, St Andrews. Alfred Viccars was a yeast dealer as was his father-in-law for some time.

That is as much as I have of the English connection and would be most pleased if you happened to have come across this particular Viccars family. I notice you have a wide range of variations of the name and that you have "collected" viccars people over a long stretch of time. I have also noted some of the comments of a few of your respondents. Somewhere among your pages I think I noticed that you said the name was most prevalent in the south, around Devon. I have found a number of references in the Durham Parish records, I suppose you are aware of these.

I have not yet had a chance to search this family in the IGI but hope to do so soon. Anyway, if you, or any of your contacts come across "my" Alfred and Elizabeth Viccars I would be eternally (or at least 'til death do us part) grateful to hear from them.

Thanks for your pages. I will look at them again soon.

(*) I am also sending a copy to Kelly Vickers whose e-mail address was in your pages.

J Gavin Moore
55 Kenmare St
Victoria 3129
tel (03)98905256

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