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Hello, Thought some of the information I have on my branch of the Vickers family may be of use to someone. The Vickers on this branch cover the states of Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Michigan and South Dakota.

Archibald m.Cynthia (Spencer) Vickers. According to 1860 census in Missouri, Archibald was born in Virginia. They had eight children, all of them born in Zanesville, Ohio.
1. Martha Vickers born about 1832 married John McSwords.
2. Jane Vickers, died in her teens.
3. William Vickers, about 1836, moved to Missouri with his parents.
4. Archibald Vickers Jr. , born 1843. Died in in Missouri 1861.
5. Geoge Washington Vickers born 1848. Married a Galvin girl in Missouri.
6. Wirley Adams Vickers born Jan 4, 1850. Died at Aberdeen, South Dakota, December 4, 1924. Married Alice Rosalie Beach at Tipton, Missouri on Sept 3, 1870. They had nine children.
7. Susanne Lucille Vickers born Nov. 12, 1855. Did at Stover, Missouri, 1941. She married James D. Wilson on May 1, 1870 and had five children.
8.Aquilla C. Vickers, born 1858, died at Stuttgart Arkansas.

Wirley Vickers and Alice Roasalie Beach Vickers had nine children.They are as follows.
1. Archie Lee Vickers born in Misouri 10-17-1873, died Feb 2, 1908.
2. Fred Edmund Vickers, born in Missouri, 4-24-1875. Married Bessie Hibner at Claremont, South Dakota.
3. Frank Francis Vickers, born Michigan 1-20-1879. Married Roseanna May McLauglin.
4. Carrie Agetha Vickers born Michigan 1877.
5. Helen Estelle born in 1881 in Dedar Springs Michigan.
6. Anna Belle Vickers born Michigan Dec 14, 1882.
7. Ina May Vickers
8. Nina Alice Vickers born in South Dakota, 11-14-1887.
9. Mernie Earl Vickers, born 1895, died 1942.

I took this information from a wonderful book of geneology of the Beach/Vickers family done many years ago by a Mrs. Earl M. Evleth. There is much more information in this book on the Vickers family which I am more than willing to share with anyone interested. The book has some interesting stories and pictures. It appears to be well documented. Hope this helps someone.
Val Ryan-Sandusky (daughter of Dorothy Vickers Ryan, Frank's daughter)
Val Sandusky,


K Vickers: I've just entered the electronic age (Internet) and its use as a tool in family history. I read your homepage with interest. I have been unable to trace my family further back than Archibald Vickers who was born o/a 1803, possibly in Loudoun County Virginia. He married Cynthia Spencer, who is believed to have been born in Washington County Virginia. Together they migrated to Zanesville Ohio and had eight children. My ancestor is Wirley Adam Vickers. Archibald and Cynthia moved to Missouri and in 1861 were killed by bushwackers in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. I have not been able to trace Cynthia's roots back either. If you have any information from other Vickers on any Archibald Vickers, please let me know. Thank you, Cindy (VICKERS) Treadway


03.30.98 Archibald Vickers
My name is Georgia Vickers. I'm trying to find other Vickers. I really don't have much information as I've just started my search. Here is what I know: Farthest back is my Grandfather, Archibald Leslie Vickers b. 1872 in Cheviot, OH. He had siblings named Emma, Fred, Annie, Mary, Rosy and Winnie. My grandfather married Gertrude Curran in Manitoba in 1904 and became a naturalized Canadian in 1908. My father, Glenn Overton Vickers was born in Saskatoon SK in 1915. Do you or any of your cousins have these names in any branch of your family tree? Thanks for your help. Georgia Vickers,


Subject: Vickers family tree
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Hi!  Just viewed your page with interest.  Like Cynthia Vickers Treadway, I am looking for the parents of Archibald Vickers and Cynthia Spencer, who migrated from VA to OH to MO and were killed during the Civil War.  I am also searching for more information regarding their deaths.  While I am following several leads locally (I live in MO and have access to the State Archives), I would appreciate hearing from anyone else following the same leads/looking for or possessing the same information.

Debbie Vickers,


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