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Subject: Vickers/Wilson...AL/NC Connection
    Date:  Tue, 27 Jun 2000 09:20:11 -0700
   From:  "Huehner" <>

I found your website this morning, and was absolutely delighted.  What a wonderful thing to have all of your history located here for all to use!

I am researching several family lines, with the Wilson line being the most complete to date.  There is a connection to the Vickers family in Alabama through the Wilson's in my family.  I'm going to include the part of the family tree that will show you the connection, and a small excerpt from a Wilson Reunion book that my family published in 1964.

Lucy Ann Palestine, 6 February 1870 - 21 August 1950
m. Rev. Barney Hollingsworth Vickers, 3 December 1843 - 6 January 1918
Two children surname Vickers

a) Adah Electria Vickers,  b. 6 July 1893
b) Esther Christiana Vickers,  b. 8 February 1896

Adah Electria Vickers,  b. 6 July 1893
m. John Morton Gibbons 18 October 1886 - 1 May 1960
Two children surname Gibbons
   1) Barnie Ruth Gibbons,  b. 18 May 1917,  m. Orville G. Ward
        Two children surname Ward
        a) David Lloyd Ward, b. 1944
        b) Charles Dennis Ward,  b. 1953 (in Seattle, Washington)
   2) Grace Truman Gibbons,  b. 25 December 1919
        m. Joseph Peter Williams, 22 September 1900 - 9 February 1962
        Two children surname Williams
        a) Brian Joseph Williams, b. 1952
        b) Mark Eugene Williams, b. 1957 (in Akron, Ohio)

Esther Christiana Vickers,  b. 8 February 1896
m. Oliver Chastain Duke, 24 June 1887 - 12 October 1948
One adopted son surname Duke
   1) Charles Allen Duke,  b. 1932 m. Joan Casey, b. 1932
    Three children surname Duke
        a) Patricia Joann Duke,  b. 1956
        b) Kimberley Lynn Duke,  b. 1960
        c) Pamela Dawn Duke,  b. 1962

The following is the excerpt:
"Lucy Ann Palestine Wilson Vickers was born in North Carolina but when a young girl moved with her parents to Alabama.  She married Barney Hollingsworth Vickers, a Baptist minister, from Elmore County, Alabama. Later they moved to Chilton County, near Clanton, AlabamaPalestine was never satisfied with living in Chilton County, partly due to many frightening episodes -- for instance,
prowlers at night -- which she experienced while her husband was away from home during weekends, tending his church work and pastoral duties. As is indicated in Chapter I, she did not return to North Carolina until 1936, when she returned for a visit, and returned again the following August to attend the first Wilson Reunion.

Barney Hollingsworth Vickers, husband of Palestine Wilson Vickers, was a Missionary Baptist minister. He served four years of military service  in the Civil War, having volunteered when he was seventeen years old.  He was in the 14th Alabama Calvary, being a "foot soldier' since there were not enough horses to mount the Calvary. He was a prisoner for several weeks before the war ended; the prisoners were guarded by Northern Negroes and were forced to continually walk around the prison yard, without being permitted to stop to converse with their fellow prisoners. Every day some prisoners were shot-down by the guards, and some died from starvation -- they were fed only a watery mixture once in a 24 - hour period."

Thank you again for your wonderful site.  I hope this is of some help.
Vicki W. Huehner,


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