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Hi Kelly,

Like you, I am researching the Vickers name. Looking for information on:

Benjamin Vickers
b. ABT 1768, Edgecombe County, North Carolina
d. ABT 1840
m. (1) ABT 1799, in Lower Canada, Henrietta Robinson b. Canada,

I. Benjamin Vickers b. ABT 1801

II. James Vickers b. ABT 1804, Lower Canada, d. ABT 1855, N. E. California. m. (1) 17 May 1827, in Logan County, Ohio, Elizabeth Saunders, b. ABT 1810, Pennsylvania, d. ABT 1850, Caldwell County, Texas, m. (2) ABT 1853, in San Antonio, Texas, Emaline Wills.

III. Isaac Vickers ??.

m. (2) ABT 1820, in Logan County, Ohio, Elizabeth McIlvain.

IV. Lydia Vickers b. AFT 1820.

I'm relative new to genealogy and am working mostly from family legend. As I have learned these stories generally have some truth to them, but can lead one far astray.

The earliest indication, I have found, of Benjamin is in the US Census for 1830 for Union Township, Logan County, Ohio (written page 11, printed page 59). This indicated an age between 60-70 years old, giving him a birthday before 1770. I have an information his father may have been named John, and his mother named Mary (last name unknown) with the surname spelled VICARS and not Vickers.

Family legend tells that Benjamin Vickers was born and raised in the Carolinas, although the Vickers were located in Virginia in the "early days". It is said that Benjamin Vickers fought with General "Mad" Anthony Wayne at the battle of Falling Timbers (Ohio), and was wounded in this service. I assume this is how he came to be in Ohio. While on an expedition into Canada he met and married Henrietta Robinson (m. abt 1799). When James Vickers (b. abt 1804), Benjamin's second son, was nine years the family moved to Logan County, Ohio. Apparently, the family live in Canada until this move to Ohio. The family, at least James and his family moved first to Illinois (1840) and then to Texas (1847), settling in Williamson County, Texas (1857)

If you run across any data on this line or have need of any data I have collected, I am willing to share.

Charles J. Vickers Spring, Texas Email to:


Hi Kelly;

Thank you for the mountains of information. I could not glean the information freely given to me by generous people, such as yourself, in several of my life times. Searching for 290 year-old ancestors half-a-continent away presents some distinct problems.

Seems we have several thing in common:

1.) My g-g-g-g grandfather was James Vickers b. in Canada abt. 1801.
2.) John Vickers plays roll in our genealogy.

The will of John Vickers, Edgecomb County, North Carolina, 1784 made interesting reading, and the general birth dates you supplied are very helpful. BUT, as a friend of mine says, "remember, questions conceringing genealogy are like finding a lost relative, one found means two more to look for."

Assuming the birthdays supplied as reasonable, am short a generation. John Vickers cannot be my Benjamin's (b. abt 1768) father. Especially, if John's son Benjamin was shot and killed. But, John's son John (b. abt 1740) is a likely candidate for Benjamin's father. Do you have information on John the younger, -- wife's name, other children, an obit. etc..

There are several Vickers' clans in Texas, some arrived as early as 1830's. Most came by way of NC to GA to MS to LA and finally to Texas. Mine is the only one I've found coming by way of Ohio. I've focused on my line to such an extent, I don't have a clear picture how we are all related, but, I'm sure most of us are in one way or the another.

Your Cousin (I think :|)

Charles J. Vickers Spring, Texas Email to:


Hi Kelly,

Came across the following info. Didn't know if you had it. Hope it helpful.

The A. in the list is the John Vickers I am looking for, and his youngest son is Benjamin b: 1768.

By the way, in cleaning out my mail files I did not find a Gedcom file from you. Have you sent one? There is more, Just had time to enter this stuff.

John Vickers #8894
m. bef 1690, in Virginia (?), Ruth Unknown #8895.

I. Ralph Vickers #8881
    b. abt 1690, Isle of Wright, Virginia
    m. abt 1716, in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, Sarah Unkown #8882, b. abt 1695,         Edgecombe County, North Carolina, d. abt 1783, St. Marias Ph, Edgecombe Co, N         Carolina.
    d. Ralph died abt 1762, St. Marias Ph, Edgecombe Co, N Carolina.
       A. John Vickers #8654 b. abt 1720, m. Mary Unknown #8655, b. cir 1735. John died bef            1785, Edgecombe County, North Carolina.
       B. Mary Vickers #8896 b. abt 1717, Edgecombe County, North Carolina (?).
       C. Rachel Vickers #8897 b. abt 1719, Edgecombe County, North Carolina (?).
       D. Abraham Vickers #8898 b. abt 1723, Edgecombe County, North Carolina (?), d. abt            1784, Edgecombe County, North Carolina.
       E. Sarah Vickers #8899 b. abt 1729, Edgecombe County, North Carolina (?).
       F. Ralph Vickers #8900 b. abt 1735, Edgecombe County, North Carolina (?).

Charles J. Vickers Spring, Texas Email to:


Thanks a lot for the info. My sister has worked on our part of the Vickers tree for 20 years, and the Benjamin mystery is driving her nuts. Benjamin showed up in Logan co Ohio about 1814-45 with a family. He was married to Henrietta Robinson in Canada. What happened to her is a mystery, she may have died in Canada. Benjamin had James (my ancestor) b. 1804, Benjamin, b. 1806, Lydia, and Elias. James moved to Perry co Ill before 1840, and then moved to Sabine co. Tx in 1845, where he lived in the household of Harrison Vickers Jr. until 1850. James wife, Eliz. Sanders, died in 1850 and is buried in the Vickers cemetery at Isla. James then went to Sana Antonio, married a wealthy widow(Emeline Wells) and moved to Calif where he was killed by a falling log. The kids evidently wanted to stay in Tx. Silas (my ancestor) was b. Logan Ohio 1828, and ended up settling in Williamson co Tx. He was married to Mary Jane Netherland and with Silas is where the profuse amount of Texas Vickers' begin. He had 14 children, 9 of them boys. My ancestor, Silas was born in Willamson Co Tx in 1876. He m. Martha Hunt and had 6 chidren one of whom was my Grandmother Christie Vickers b 1901 and still alive. As to the "family lore' of which I spoke, it has been verbal, some of it coming from family bibles. A lot of it came from James' daughter Caroline who wrote down a good bit of her memoirs of coming to Tx. From her came the statement that James and Harrison were first cousins. This makes sense, because if the kinship wasn't pretty close, he'd hardly have moved into the Harrison Vickers household for 5 years. Accepting this, then Harrison Vickers Sr. (father of Jr who came to Tx) would have been Benjamin's brother. The problem is, I don't know who was the father of Harrison Sr. I have a sheet on John Vickers b. 1720 married to Mary? with children Abraham, Jacob, John,George,Benjamin, Ralph, Joshua, Joseph Stephen, Martha, Mary, Patience and Elizabeth. The Benjamin in this family is a suspect, but he was supposed to have been murdered in Ga., and there is no Harrison. I don't know if you have ever explored this area, but there are some Vickers' in Kent and Dorchester co's Md. that we might all be from. I have gotten into some heated discussions with my sister on the subject. They were there pretty early, and it is only a skip and jump to NC. The first Vickers from whom we may be descended was supposed to have come to Jamestown in 1607. He died in 1623 I believe, and was listed as John Vicars. Benjamin was supposed to have been in the Kentucky Militia, but I find only a William Vickers listed. How Benjamin ended up in Canada is a real mystery, some say he was a Tory, but there are very good lists of Tories who went to Canada and he isn't there. It is possible that the William in the Ky. militia was William Benjamin, but who knows. One interesting clue though is the fact that the commander of William's militia co, the famous frontiersman Simon Kenton, also moved to Logan co Ohio. Another potential clue is the fact that one of Benjamin's children was named Lydia, a not common name. If we go back to the Md. Vickers,we find a George Vickers b. 1713, whose wife was Lydia Tower, they had a son Benjamin b. 1742, who married Rachel Roberts. However, there is no record of a Benjamin or a Harrison born to this couple, just an Ann who m. Thomas Beck. . I'll send you all the group sheets that I have on my side of the Vickers'. At least It'll add to your library. To my knowledge Harrison was the 1st Vickers in Tx, and James was the 2nd. My address 5319 Holly, Bellaire, Tx 77401 phone 713-666-6484. fax 666-2715

David Millican

Sent David files on Hardy, Joshua, Benjamin, Young, my James, Abraham, John-Burke, John-Edecombe, Jesse, Joel, James-Burke, Jacob, & Drury. 1/28/97


Kelly, 01/29/97

Thanks a million for all the great info. Charles Vickers here in Tx is from my side of the family. Silas J. Vickers Sr.b. 1828 Ohio, had about 14 kids, including Charles Lyman and Silas J. Jr. . He is from Charles Lyman, and I am from Silas J. Jr. Even more strange he and I are also related through another line on the female side. Charles Lyman married Jane Patterson (Charles' grandma). Emily Patterson Jane's younger sister, married Hezekiah Hunt and had Martha Jane Patterson who married Silas J, Jr.(my grandpa) so I guess we are double cousins in a way, being related on both the Vickers and the Patterson sides. Where is Toccoa Falls, presumably near Toccoa. I have lots and lots of Ga. ancestors. Seems like everyone I am related to passed through Ga. at one time or the other. No one stayed though. I have a lot of ancestry that lived in Washington co, Twiggs, Baldwin, Greene, Jefferson, Jones, Franklin, Warren and others. Ga. is tough, because they had so many fires there. Franklin is one of the few older counties that has much in the way of records. As far as the Vickers' go, if I can find out the father of Harrison Sr, I'll probably have the answer to the ancestry of Benjamin. I am convinced that the story of Harrison Jr. and James being 1st cousins is true. They have a really nice Vickers reunion in Willamson Co (Andice) each August. It is held near the place where Silas Sr settled on the North San Gabriel river (near Georgetown) about 1858. That was still serious Indian country around there then. I'll be sending you some family sheets on the Vickers I have.

David Millican


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