Bryant and Jordan Vickers

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Darwin Vickers, Orlando, FL,
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Barbara Powell Boynton

Hi, my name is Naomi Vickers Allen. I am sister to Buddy Vickers and Wihlena Vickers Wilson. You have corresponded with my brother several times recently. I was browsing through your "Piecing the Puzzle Together" today and saw a note from a David Millican. He was telling you about doing census research where he came across the name Jordan Vickers on the 1850 census and was wondering who Jordan was. Well, JORDAN VICKERS could be our gggrandfather, born (according to what Wihlena has), somewhere in Georgia about 1819. He married Mary M.?, (born in Ala.) about 1828. They had 13 children, all born in Florida. They are:

Harris (Hearris) - b.1846
Donaldbin (Don A.) - Twin - b.1850
Corrally (Karala - Lal) - Twin - 1850 (Our ggrandfather)
Alonzo - b.1851
Harriet - b.1852
Jourdin (Jordan) - b.1855
Mary Ann - b.1856
Ben O. (Bourdslow, Boudslen), b.1857
Florence - b.1859
Don P. - b.1861
Sara Alwilda - b.1863
Orinbur - b.1865
Sarah A. - b.1868

Our ggrandfather KARALA (Corrally, Lal), b. 1850 in the area of Concord (Coonbottom), out from Tallahassee and Havana in Gadsden,Co., Fl., married Mary A. Strickland on Nov. 28, 1875, in Gadsden County. She was the daughter of Rubin (Reuben) Green Strickland, who fought in the Civil War. They had six children:

Charley M. - b. 1877
John Emory - b.1882 (Our Grandfather)
Clara E. - b.1886
Ivey Preston, - b.1894
Mamie - b. 1897

Our grandfather JOHN EMORY VICKERS, b.1882, was born in the same area as Karala. He married Mary Ella Poppell around 1907. They had 10 children:

James Emory Vickers, Sr. - b.1908 (Our Dad)
Sarah Ellen - b.1910
Lois Gertrude - b.1912
Leonard Gandy - b.1915
Grace - b.1917
Carl - ?

Reuben Green - b. 1923
Council Allen - b.1925
Maryell - b.1927
William Russell - b. 1929

Our problem is that we cannot find any more info on Jordan -- as to where he came from in Georgia or how to connect our branch of the family to the rest of the Vickers clan. Our Mom and Dad moved here to north central Florida shortly after Wihlena was born, so we were not raised around any of our kin folks to gather this type of info. My dad has 3 sisters in Tallahassee but they can't remember anything. If you have any information that could help us, it would really be appreciated. Although, there doesn't seem to be much info available on the Leon/Gadsden County Vickers'. I have recently corresponded with a Tom Vickers from the Leon Co. area. According to Tom, his ggrandfather was Andrew Vickers (Drew) b.??, his grandfather was Edgar Lafayette Vickers, born ?? in Coonbottom/Concord. Edgar and his parents are buried in the Tired Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Whigham, Ga. Tom's father, I believe he said, is named Jack. I am sure since they come from the Coonbottom area we have to be cousins, but do not know how to trace it. His e-mail address is (Thomas E. Vickers) Also, in his letter to you, David Millican refers to Jordan being the writer of a letter dictated to Harris (his son?), by an Ezekiel. Do you know what letter he was referring to and what info did it have in it? If you or any of your sources have any information on Jordan, where in Ga. he could have come from, who his parents could have been or the names of his siblings, it would be greatly appreciated. We are new at this and really aren't completely sure as to what we are doing, so we could use any and all help. Hope to hear from you soon. Naomi Ear1(one)


Letter penned by Jordan who is supposed to be the son of Bryant Vickers. If this is true, then Bryant and Joshua would be brothers. See Piecing Together the Puzzle.

Ezekiel’s letter to Harris -- written 1845 from Gadsden Co., FL. Original letter in possession of Hollis Vickers, Milam, TX

State of Florida - Gadsden County October 8, 1845

Dear Brother-in-law (penned by Jordan Vickers) I embrace the opertunity of wrighting you a few lines to inform you that myself and family is all in good helth hopeing these few lines may find you all the same all the relations is well. So far as I no there is nothing new with us more than there is a grate talk of the ware in your country. Times is hard with us, money scarse and produse low. Cropes in our settlement is tolarbl fair oweing to the sevear drought we had and some of the seround country has not maid bread scarsely I believe I the riter have nothing more than family afairs at present to relate there has been no deathes in the relations since I rote last Nov but little sevear sickness thank God for his kind mercies ondely Simeon Wif he have the musfortune to loose his Wife She departed his life the last day of February last. I don’t now that I have rote since he was married if not he had a widow by the name of Nancy Haris. Mother is in as good or beter health than she has been for several years Martha is married She had a man by the name of John Haney they was mariad 22 of last Oct they have a fin daughter they call Mary Adealine, Bryce is mariad he had a girl by the name of Equilea Porter they mariad in April last I the riter must inform you that I had your sister Mary We was mariad 5th of January last Gadsea is yet single and her and mother lives to themselves Sarah is married She had a man by the name of Walter Walsh. She had a son and calls him Brant. Uriaher has two children, Mary Ann and Marget. Alford has six, Delila Eveline Martha Ann, Sarah Ann Eason and Annabella I have five, Patrick John, Andrew Sarah Ann Elizabeth And Leafea Missouri Simeon had naming one. Me and Brica is living on the land that we got from Howard and Mother and Alford is on the place she got for temp and Uriaher and Simeon is on the Publick land Uncle Hatcher three sons and Susan is down about Old Magnolia doing as usial I hear Uncle Drew’s widow and her man lives at a plase 3 miles below Magnolia caled New Port. Fatama and Nancy is mariad. Nancy and her husban lives in New Port and Fatama and her man is gone to Alabama. Fanna is just nocking about amoung the rest Vinson and Jackson kiled a man last Dec and has bin in prison ever since til about a month ago they got out. The relations in Alabama was all well and doin well the last heard from thair I expect you have heard that Uncle Young had the misfortune to lose bouth of his children I have nothing more at present so I must close by ascribing myself your most affectionate Brother on till death.

Ezekiel Vickers to Harice Vickers Rote by your most affectionate and well wishen on thill death.

Jourdan Vickers but it is badly done but maybe you can makeit out.

P.S. I rec’d your kind letter March 5th ‘43 after being a little over a year on the way with great pleasure. I want you to rite me all that you can about my land and what the chance is of saveing it is. Whether ancy or no. I want you to rite without dela and let me no what the times in your country

Direct to China Hill Gadsden County I remain yours on till death Ezekiel Vickers


Florida Land: Records of the Tallahassee and Newnansville General Land Office 1825-1892, by Alvie Davidson, 1989.

1090. HARRIS VICERS. (DUP) Feb. 6, 1827, 3 miles NNE Lake Jackson Station, Leon Co. Lot No. 6 Sect. 20 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and west.

118. BRYANT VICKERS. Dec. 25, 1826, 1 mile NE Havana, Gadsden Co. SE ¼ Sect. 29 Tp. 3 R. 2, north and west.

7667. BRYANT VICKERS. Oct. 5, 1838, 2 miles NNE Concord, Gadsden Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 17 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west. This receipt is in the form of an application for a duplicate, applied for by alleged owner of above tract, Aug. 24, 1849, and sworn to by claimant before H. R. W. Andrews, Register of Leon Co.

5019. ELIZABETH VICKERS. (and John Gamble) July 1, 1835, ¼ mile NNE Wacissa, Jefferson Co. E ½ SE ¼ Sect. 36 Tp. 1 R. 3, south and east.

2324. HARDY VICKERS. March 29, 1828, 2 miles NW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SE ¼ Sect. 17 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

16. HATCHER VICKERS. Sept. 12, 1826, near L. Jackson (town), Gadsden Co. SW ¼ Sect. 29 Tp. 3 R. 2, north and west. Rec’d $200.38 ¾ for 160.31 acres. R. K. Call, Receiver. By endorsement on back this was transferred Sept. 12, 1829, to Thomas Speight by Hatcher Vickers.

1927. JAMES J. VICKERS. (DUP) June 18, 1827, 3 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

2383. JAMES J. VICKERS. May 23, 3 miles N Centerville, Leon Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R.1, north and east.

3059. JAMES J. VICKERS. Sept. 22, 1829, 2 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3928. JAMES J. VICKERS. March 20, 1831, 3 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1. north and east.

1957. JAMES M. VICKERS. June 26, 1827, 3 miles N by W Bradfordville, Leon co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 4 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

1958. JAMES M. VICKERS. June 26, 1827, 4 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ NW ¼ Sect. 3 R. 1, north and east.

3143. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 1, 1829, 4 miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3145. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 3, 1829, 3 ½ miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3182. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 26, 1829, 3 miles S Meridian, Leon Co. Lot No. 3 Fractional Sect. 31 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and east.

5405. JAMES M. VICKERS. Jan. 14, 1836, 2 ½ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. NE ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3502. JAMES T. VICKERS. May 3, 1830, 2 miles NNE Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ NW ¼ Sect. 11 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

2521. JOHN L. VICKERS. Oct. 13, 1828, 2 ½ miles SE Concord, Gadsden Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 24 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

7801. JOHN L. VICKERS. Jan. 7, 1839, 1 ¼ miles N by W Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ SW ¼ Sect. 24 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

7807. JOHN L. VICKERS. Jan. 9, 1839, 2 ½ miles E Hinson, Gadsden Co. NW ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 25 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

2029. NATHAN VICKERS. Aug. 13, 1827, 3 miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3586. NATHAN VICKERS. Aug. 3, 1830, 3 ½ miles N by W Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 4 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5403. NATHAN VICKERS. Jan. 14, 1836, 2 ½ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ NE ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5404. NATHAN VICKERS. Jan 14, 1836, 2 ¾ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5410. NATHAN VICKERS. Dec. 16, 1836, 3 miles NW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 8 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

83. YOUNG VICKERS. Dec. 1, 1826, 2 miles SW Havana, Gadsden Co. NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R. 2, north and west. Transferred Dec. 1, 1826, to Stephen Browning. Teste: G. W. Ward, Register.


Trying to locate a George Alexander Stephens, born 7-1-1846, died 11-2-1925 in Tampa. He married a Mary Ann Vickers, [dau. of Jordan] born 11-21-1854 from Gadsden Co., FL. She died July 21, 1883. The marriage was in Waukulla Co., FL.

Do you have any record of this Vickers or Stephens? Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Thomas


Darwin Vickers of Orlando, FL shares the following information on Bryant Vickers and Jordan Vickers and family:

Bryant Vickers, b.c. 1775-1780 in Charleston, SC. Bryant's wife's name was Frances. She was born c. 1783, and died c. 1865 in Concord, Gadsden Co., FL. They had five children:

1. Jordan Vickers, b. 1813
Drew Vickers, b. 1824
Lucy Vickers, b. 1831
Frances Vickers, b. 1833
Sarah Vickers, b. ?

Bryant and Elijah of Washington Co., GA were brothers. [From the 1845 letter of Jordan, Joshua would also be their brother.] Bryant Vickers fought the Creek and Seminole Indians in south GA in 1812-13 where he had his horse shot out from under him. He walked home to get another horse! Documentation of this is from Bounty Land Warrant applications made in 1850 and 1851.

Jordan Vickers was born 1813 in Washington Co., GA around the Macon/Milledgeville area. He died 1890 in Concord/Coonbottom, Gadsden Co., FL. He married Mary M. who was born 1825 in Gadsden Co., FL and died there in 1899. [If the "I the riter" is Jordan who penned the 1845 letter from Ezekial to Harris, then Jordan married his cousin Mary, Harris' sister.] Darwin lists the following children of Jordan and Mary:

Harris - b.1845
Donald Albian - b. September 13, 1847, d. 1928, m. Florence Jane Laing who was b. June 3,             1854, m. 1877, and d. June 25, 1938. They had 7 children.
Sarah Abigail - b. Aug. 23, 1848
Carrol - b. 1849
Harriet - b.1851
Jourdan - b. Sept. 18, 1852
Florence - b. 1854
Mary Ann - b. Nov. 21, 1854
Ban O. - b.1857
Don P. - b.1861
Crinbur - b.1865


Lackey Stephens recently submitted this information on Bryant Vickers which also names Elijah as Bryant's brother.

Good Morning Kelly.....You have the greatest page one could imagine. Thanks!!!! I found this info on BRYANT VICKERS on FTW World Family Tree, Volume 7. Thought you would like to add this info on your page if you don't already have it. Keep up your wonderful effort. Many regards, Lackey Stephens

Bounty Warrant of Bryant Vickers
State of Fla Gadsden County
On the 13th day of November A. D. 1850 personally appeared before me, George W. Kemp, a Justice of the Peace for the County and State aforesaid, Bryant Vickers aged 70 years who being duly swarn declares that he is the identical man who was a private in the Company commanded by Captain Benjamine Sessions in the regiment commanded by Col. Ezekial Wimberly under Gen. Thomas Gloscenckin in the war with Seminole Indians in South West Georgia and that he volunteered in Washington Co., Ga. on or about the 1st day of _____ A. D. 1817 for an indefinite term of months and continued in actual service, said was a term of 3 mo. and was honorable discharged but _______? to the muster roll. He further declares that he was a private in the company, commanded by Capt John Irvin in the Regiment commanded by _______? under Gen. John Floyd in the war with the Creek Indians and that he volunteered on or about ____ & was mustered out of service at Fort Hawlkins on or about the 19th day of Aug. 1813 for a term of six mo. and that he continued in actual service in said war for the term of six mo. and was honorable discharged at Sandersville, Washington County, GA. at the expiration of said term of six mo. & ________ as discharged but refers to the muster roll. ________ this declaration for the purpose of the bounty warrant to which I am entitled un the act of granting Bounty Land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in military service of the United States passed September 28, 1850.
Bryant Vickers
His X Mark
Swarn to and subscribed beforesaid the day and year above written. I do hereby certify that I belive the said Bryant Vickers to be the Identical man who was as aforesaid and he is of the age as stated. G. W. Kemp Justice of Peace


The commissions of Pensions will please forward by warrents to George Walker of Washington, D. C. who as my agent will receive the same.
State of Fla.
Gadsden County
I, Robert C. Lester, Clerk of Circuit Court, T. Walker of the Co. and State aforesaid do hereby certify that George W. Kemo whose genuine signature appears to these foregoing declaration at the time of signing the same, Justice of Peace for the County and State aforesaid duly commissioned and swarn that all his official ______ or such are entitled to full _____ and ordered that aforesaid _____ court is a court of record having general jurisdiction. Seal of office at Quincy this is so. 21st day of Nov. 1850 ________________________________________________________________________

Leon Co.
State of Fla.
Personally appeared and came before me Richard Van Brunt, Justice of Peace in said count, George Sessons who being duly swarn deposith and says that Bryant Vickers the applicant in this case did serve the term of six mo. under the command of Capt. John Irvin in the war with the Creeks in Ga from the 19th of Aug 1813 and that he the said applicant was thence _______ of said company Gen. Floyd Commander in Chief.


Leon Co.
State of Fla.
Swarn to and subscribed before me, George Sessions, this 23 day of December 1851 R. Van Brint, J. P. before me Richard Van Brunt J. P. in County of foresaid and Bryant Vickers who being duly sworn deposith and said that he did serve six mo. in the Company of Cap John Irvin in the war with the Creeks in Ga. from the 19th day of Aug. 1813 that one mo. before the company was discharged he was absent on furlough to procure a horse in place of one he lost in service consequently did not get a written discharge.
Bryant "X" Vickers
Swarn to and subscribed before me this 23 day of Dec. 1851. R. Van Brunt J. P.


Gadsden Co. Fla.
Feb. 3, 1855
Hon L. P. Waldo
Com. of Pensions
Washington D. C.
Sir, In the Fall of 1850, I applied for bounty land, Oct. 1850 through Robert Gibson Atty at law,Quincy Fla. That same mo My atty. died and through Maggan Exs I have received some papers as near as I can remember one paper says they can give me 40 acres for my last 3 mo. service but I must prove the others. I then hired a man to go with me as pilot for I am nearly blind to George Sessons who was my 2nd Lt. in the 1st term of service and procure his offical written by Richard Van Brunt J. P. He, Lt Sessions rememberd me and facts very well and gave his assistance in my case. This I sent to John Gunn but for some cause I have never received any land warrent for any service what so ever. Mr. Gunn is a merchant in Quincy he said the man he had attending to it, he heard, had gone (resigned). I think his age was___ ____ ____. A. M. Walker of Washington D. C. I informed Mr. Gunn if I could not have what I was entitled to I did not wish any. I was first qualified by George W. Kemp of Gadsden Co. & by Richard Van Brunt J. P. of Leon Co. , Fla. That I will state my service a new and hope the Department will compare it with the facts known to them and will allow me my bounty land. I have no education and can't tell my own age but from the age of my family that I was married when I did my first term of service. I volunteered at Saundersville Ga. Washington Co. for six mo under Cap John Irvin. Readyvoos or mustured in at Saundersville and this horse was appraised. Marched to Hawkins, drawed our army ______ there and was comanded by Col. or Gen. Floyd that they attacked against the Indians at Calsha (?) Bend or Horse Shoe Bend. Can't be positive which__ that when I had been in said Co. about 5 mo, my horse died a fine bay mare valued at appraisement 1L00 or 30 $. Cap John Irvin gave me a furlow to return home to procure another horse and one Job Tyson who had com ___ __ with a horse __ To let some of his people in said Co. Said he would take his horse and serve for me while I was gone. I walked home on foot and before I started back my brother Elyah Vickers got back & said they had a fight shortly after I left, killed many Indians drove them all into the river and they were all disbanded. So I did not return. Cap Irvin was my neighbor __ He offered to give me a discharge but said it made no odds. that he had not given any in his Co. one. that they were paid off. That Job Job Tyson drawed my money and sent it to me. Benjamine Sessons was 1st Lt. of said Co. Can't say the date of this service but refer to the evidence of Lt _____ in my case. That same year after I again volunteered in Cap Benj. Sessiony (Sessions) Co, Washington Co. Ga. for 3 mo. under Comd. of Gen Glo-Cock and actually served the whole length in my own name. Place mustered out at, Old Hartford and oaid sometime after at Saunderville for the ___ and got no written discharge in this Co. I did have a _____ when I went back from 1st Co. which is last _____ that I am clearly entitled to all the time of each of these Co.'s except 3 or 4 wks. pation of Cap Irvin as aforesaid. That i have been paid for both Co's. and have never received any bounty land. That he calls his age between 60 & 70 yrs. That C. H. Blood ____ of Tallahassee Fla. is my atty. on the promise to procure my bounty land to whence I rightfully ask you to refer.
I am very respectfully
Jourdan Vickers
Obed Servant
Bryant "X" Vickers

Memo ____ A Little Special Attention __ to this old ______. He says he thinks Cap Irvin had two company's one against the British and one against the Indians. This is a very correct old man and the facts are as stated. All believe who know him. His memory of to date is poor. Can't tell what year it is now in my opinion. don't keep only an ___ ____ _____ ____ don't. ___ ___ ___ ___ have reached the office. I hope there will be no trouble about his warrent. Does Job Tyson appear on the roll. C. H. Blood Atty. Feb. 28-1855


Hon L. P. Waldo
Comdr Pensions
Washington D.C. Washington,
Dec. 19, 1850
Sir, I have the honor to submit to you herewith for your action under the act. of Sept. 1850 the application of Bryant Vickers for Bounty Land arrising out of Indian Hostilities with the Creek Indians & Semoniles of South West Ga. 1813 - 1817 - 9 Mo, Service Remain.
M V. Reves
Hon Jas. H. Heath
Com. Pensions


Henry Co., AL 1829, Henry Co., AL Records: Census Records, vol. 1, by Helon H. Cutler, p. 8. Ezekiel Vickers
Harris Vickers
Joshua Vickers
Simeon Vickers

1830 Henry Co., AL Census
p. 312, Joel Vickers, 1M60-70, 1M15-20, 1M10-15, 1M5-10, 1F50-60, 3F20-30, 1F15-20.
p. 312, Jacob Vickers, 1M50-60, 1M20-30, 1F50-60, 2F10-15, 9 slaves.
p. 312, Stephen Vickers, 1M20-30, 1F20-30.
p. 324, Samuel Vicars, 1M30-40, 1M-5, 1F20-30, 3F-5.
p. 324, Young Vicars, 1M40-50, 1M5-10, 1F40-50, 1F10-15, 2 slaves.
p. 324, Riley Stokes
p. 325, Elizabeth Hatcher
p. 326, Jesse Vickers, 1M20-30, 2M5-10, 2M-5, 1F50-60, 1F20-30.

1840 Henry Co., AL Census
p. 154, Martha Vickers, 2M20-30, 1M15-20, 1F60-70, 1F20-30.
p. 157, Martha Vickers, 1M50-60, 2M20-30, 1M15-20, 1F70-80, 1F20-30, 2 slaves.
p. 173, Jesse Vickers, 1M30-40, 1M15-20, 1M10-15, 1M5-10, 1F30-40, 1F5-10.


Submitted by Barbara Powell Boynton descendant of Bryant and Frances Vickers – Gadsden County, Florida


Bryant Vickers Family



Bryant Vickers b @1785 probably, but not proven, in North Carolina. He and his brother Elijah Vickers are in the 1805 Land Lottery of Georgia in Washington County, one of the first counties of Georgia. This county was later divided up into the existing counties today. It is believed that the name Bryant or Bryan was actually a family name and the Vickers and Bryans or Bryants are closely associated probably back to Isle of Wight Co. Virginia. He married in Washington County, Georgia to Frances, maiden name unknown, and his first children were born there because he is listed in the 1820 census.  By 1826 he in Gadsden County Florida records.  He is also recorded in the 1830, 1840 and 1850 Census records of Gadsden Co. and he died there in 1858.  Bryant may have been brother to William Vickers to settled in Butts Co. Ga. and married to daughter of Riley Wise.  He, Elijah and William are listed together in the 1820 Census.   


The birth of Frances is unclear due to conflicting records in the Census- One has her birth as 1800 and another has her birth at about 1785.  It is more probable she was born around 1795 because their first child, Arenah Vickers was born in 1814, making Frances about 19 years old at that time. Bryant would have been about 29.


**Bryant fought in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in Alabama 1814 and later fought in the Indian Wars in Florida.    


Children of Bryant and Frances:


  1. Arena- b 1814 – Washington Co. Ga.  She married Ezekiel Vickers, brother of Harris Vickers and lived in Gadsden County, Florida until her death. Ezekiel came to Texas about 1834 with his brother Harris Vickers because Texas land was being granted for those who supported Texas in it’s battle for independence in 1836. Harris received league and labor land and Ezekiel Vickers had applied for same, but he went back to Florida where he had a young family and due to poor record keeping did not get his grant of land. He had Jordan Vickers write a letter to Harris in 1845 which is recorded in the Vickers family history. It ties the Florida Vickers and the Texas Vickers together. Ezekiel and Arena had:


1.       John- b 1836- Fla.  married Savannah (Senie) Gray

2.       Patrick- b 1838- Fla. Married to?

3.       Andrew J. b Dec 7, 1841 died Nov 26, 1897- married Hattie? B 1859-1936- Hattie remarried to A.F. Hand on Aug 30, 1899 after death of Andrew and is buried at Sunnyvale Cem.,  Gretna, Fla. (Note: The Hand family was also married into the Bryant family).  

4.       Sarah Ann Elizabeth- b July 27, 1843- Fla. Died Dec 13, 1922- married Paul Weakley.

5.       Leatha Missouri- b 1845 (as mentioned in the 1845 letter).

6.       Martha- b 1846

7.       Dora Ann- b 1848, married A.J. Johnson (Andrew) - Jan 21, 1869.

8.       Finetta Virginia- (Nettie) - b July 27, 1847- died Nov 12, 1924- buried in the Old Vickers Cem.  Gadsden Co. Fla- never married. 

9.       Narcissus (Sis) - b may 8, 1857- died July 25, 1925- buried in the Vickers Cem. Gadsden Co.  Never married.

10.   Arena V.- b 1852- died?

11.   Charles H. b Aug 4, 1855- died Aug 2, 1932- married Sallie Johnson b Sept 19, 1860

Died Oct 27, 1945.


*Patrick served at Pvt. Co. D 2nd Fla. Cav. CSA

*John served Pvt. Co. D. 2nd Cav. CSA Lesley’s Co. 1856

*Andrew j. served Pvt. Co. F. 1st Reserve Fla Inf. CSA


**This information was collected and sent by Barbara Boynton of Tallahassee, Fla. From Bible records, Census records, and word-of-mouth history. The Photostat copy of Arenah Vickers application for Pension in the Indian Wars is also submitted. 


  1. Sarah- b Feb 16, 1816 Washington Co. Georgia- Died Nov 11, 1880-85- She married Walter Walsh about 1843-4.  He was a native of Ireland born Jan 1, 1818 and he died Nov 18, 1869.  Their children:
    1. Bryant- b Oct 12, 1844- Apr 12, 1912- married Eliza Harrison b Dec 9, 1844 d Feb 2 1930, on Nov 28, 1867. Bryant served in the Civil War where his leg was crushed by a horse and he spent time in the hospital. J.W. Fletcher swore that he was a nurse or ward master and nursed Bryant in the hospital. C.D. Hand (M.D.) and John Barber both swore they were in service with Bryant along with Ephraim Vickers and Patrick Walsh.  One pension application dated Dec 26, 1893 said that he was 49 and a farmer, and that he was crippled and could not work.
    2. Patrick Henry- b Feb 24, 1845 d May 12, 1926- married Nancy Callahan b Sept 20, 1849 and died Feb 10, 1945, on June 3, 1866. He served in the Civil War and a pension application was made Mar 24, 1904. He states that he was injured in back and hip when a mule fell on him in the war. He was discharged in Baldwin Co. at the close of the War. Nancy was born in Jackson County, Florida. William Barber swore that he served with Patrick.
    3. Jordan- (Jurd) - b Nov 13, 1848- died Sept. 24, 1908- married Laura L. Perritt on Jan 18, 1874. She was born April 23, 1854 and died Jan 1, 1923.  
    4. Miles- (Uncle Cap) – b 1850- married 1. Ann Poppell, Jan 23, 1879 and second to Emma Jane Clay Feb 9, 1897.
    5. Edward- (Ned) - b 1849- d 1925- Married Martha Virginia (Ginnie) - Connell Nov 28, 1878. She died 1918.
    6. Drury-(Drew) - b 1854-d 1939- married Amanda Perritt Feb 9, 1879. She was born Sept. 6, 1865 and died 1939.

Walter, Jr. (Uncle Walt)- b 1858-d 1942-married Mary Catherine Perkins Jan 12, 1882.  She was born 1863 and died 1930.

                  7.   George a. b Mar 10, 1862 and died Sept. 27, 1947- Married Tommie Ann 

Lee Connell- on Dec. 11, 1881- She was born 1863 and died Aug 23, 1933.

8.      Francis Bartow- b Aug. 20, 1865- Died May 1, 1924- in Cairo, Ga. Married – to Ora Thankful Maxwell- June 28, 1893.

9.      Frances Louisa- (Lousean) - b b Nov 13, 1847- d May 2, 1910- married William (Bill) Perkins- Jan 12, 1882.


  1. Jordan- b 1817- Georgia- married Mary (Mildred) Vickers- sister to Harris and Ezekiel Vickers. 
  2. Drury- (Drew)- b 1820 Georgia-a married Sarah Ann Caroline Collins on Jan 8, 1846- in Washington Co. Ga. And he died Feb 6, 1899 in Concord, Fla. Sarah was born between 1830-34- in Decatur co. Ga. She was daughter of Jesse and Deborah Collins. Their children:
    1. Frances Victoria- b Nov 18, 1847- Attapulgas, Decatur Co. Ga. She

married on Jan 27, 1867 to William Bunt.

    1. Sarah Abigail- b Aug 23, 1848- died Aug 10, 1906- married George Washington Cook Jan 26, 1863.
    2. Emily Jane- b June 1850
    3. Andrew Lafayette- b Oct 10, 1853 (tombstone record)- or Oct 18, 1851- family record, died May 22, 1925- Whigham, Ga. Married Emma Maxwell Dec 24, 1882- Calvary, Ga. ****
    4. Jesse Bryant- b Mar 1853- never married
    5. Amanda Elizabeth- b May 18, 1855- married Dr. R.F. Van Landingham

On Dec 21, 1881.

    1. Jordan- b 1857- Decatur co. Ga. Died young
    2. Simeon- b 1859- Decatur Co. Ga.- died young
    3. Dora Ann- b Jan 5, 1862- Concord, Fla. Died young
    4. Sibbie Ida- b. Mar 31, 1864- Concord, Fla. d/ Oct 15, 1958- married

Daniel Mathison Hinson, Jr.

    1. Simon Peter- b Sept 5, 1868- Concord, Fla, d June 23, 1915- Lake City

Fla.- married Mamie Evelyn Holtzendorf.

    1. Jack Lena- b Nov 8, 1871- Concord, Fla. D Mar 23, 1913- Orlando Fla.           

She was married to Joe Ferguson.

    1. Ora Ellen- b May 6, 1874- Concord, Fla. D 1902- Concord. Buried                                        Vickers Cem. Gadsden Co. Fla. Married C.W. Brightwell in 1901.


*Andrew Lafayette - ancestor to Mrs. Louis Gear of Ringgold, Louisiana who compiled this information on his family. Andrew married Emma Delilah Maxwell on Dec 24, 1882- in Calvary Ga. She was born May 17, 1858 in Calvary Ga. And died Aug 25, 1945 and is buried at Tired Creek Cem. She was daughter of James L. Maxwell and Margaret Williams.  Their children:

1. James Drew- b Sept 16, 1883- Concord, Fla.- married Etta Alred- Oct 1, 1911- Whigham, Ga.  James died Feb 4, 1953- in Columbia, S.C. Buried in Kellean Cem.

2. Edgar Lafayette- b Aug 23, 1884 - Concord, Fla. Died  Sept 2, 1964- in Ga. Married Anna Lou Barrineau daughter of Mose Barrineau and Molly Waldon.  

3. Margaret Caroline- b Oct 11, 1892- in Whigham, Ga. Died Jan 1974- married to Robert E. Cox.

4. Ellie Estill- b July 26, 1894- Whigham Ga. – died Jan 1974 married Grover Cleveland Connell.

5. Leonard Canada- b April 26, 1896- Concord, Fla. Married Kathryn Louise Bryant- b Feb 14, 1892- Richmond, Va.  


5. Frances- b 1839- per the 1870 Census- Gadsden co. Fla. – married W.W.        

Johnson, son of Isaiah Johnson,  on Nov 16, 1854. After his death she re-married  to Green Berry Strickland. In the 1870 Census of Gadsden Co. House #920- He is listed as being 33 years old born in Georgia. Frances is age 31 here- born in Florida. Their children:  Jane Luticia- (of W.W. Johnson), Mary, Amanda,  and living in the household was Isaiah Johnson, age 84, and Edward Walsh, age 24, Fla.- child  of Walter and Sarah Walsh. Green B. Strickland enlisted in Confederacy in Mar 15, 1862 in Quincy, Fla., and was discharged April 1865 in Augusta, Ga. He was born June 12, 1837 in Decatur co. Ga.  Widows application filed June 27, 1902- Gretna, Fla. And again in July 24, 1909- Quincy, Fla.


6. Lucy- b July 31, 1832- died June 12, 1918- Woodville, Fla.- married Abel Strickland,

      brother to Green  B. Strickland – 1880 Census Leon co. Fla.  Lists families of Abel,

      family of Green Strickland living in same household.  In the 1860 census, Frances    

      Vickers, widow of Bryant, was living in the household with Lucy and Abel.  Abel’s

      Civil War Pension file is in the Florida Archives. He enlisted Mar 12, 1862 and was

      discharged  June 16, 1863- Knoxville, Tenn. He was discharged by a physician’s

      surgeon as disabled and was given transportation from Strawberry Plains to      .

     Thomasville, Ga. Thomas Hays, Capt. M.D. discharge stated his birthplace was

     Thomas Co. Ga. Age 32, as of June 18, 1863, height 6’2” tall, fair complexion,

      Blue eyes, and light brown hair. His occupation was farmer. He died Nov 15, 1891 of

      Pneumonia, suspected Tuberculosis- He had a long history of a severe cough since

      the war. An affidavit by J.W. Scott M.D. in 1903 stated so. Lucy applied for a           

      pension on Jan 14, 1899 at age 65. She was resident of Woodville, Leon Co. Fla.

      Moved there about 1896- She received about $120 per year. Witness to her    

      application was Silas Weakley, Edwards, Fla. and Green B. Strickland,  Gretna.


      Decatur co. Ga. Bk H. p 156- Jan 24, 1852- Abel Strickland signed receipt to S.   

      Chester, July 21, 1851- $336- his lawful guardian that Abel had received full right             

      to property claim of his father John Strickland. Signed by Nancy Chester and

      William Chester, J. P.    


  7.  DoraAnn- b?  married a Bishop-  no further information- Another record says she    

may have married Andrew J. Johnson, b Oct 17, 1846- confederate soldier- but this

has not been proven.



These appear to be all the children of Bryant and Frances Vickers.  If there are corrections to be made or additions, feel free to do so.  We would like to hear from others of this family.  Barbara Powell Boynton.


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