Joseph William Vickers, from Bolton, England to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


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Susan Brouwer,



I found your webpage through facebook and I applaud you for all the work you have done on your family tree. I am a descendant 
of a large Vickers family that came from Bolton, England to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I know there are probably people in this city
who are related to me, but I donít know who they are. In case anyone is searching for relatives from that area, and has contacted you, 
I wanted to let you know, so that we could be informed of each other.Thanks and keep up the great work!
Susan Brouwer


Thanks Susan!Kelly


The descendants in particular that I am looking for are from my great-grandfather - Joseph William Vickers, who immigrated to Hamilton, 
Ontario around the early part of the 1900's. He had 18 children altogether (including some step-children), from 2 wives. I'm sure some 
stayed in England, but there must be others who came here and I would love to connect with any who are also doing some family research.
Thanks again!
Susan Brouwer


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