Drury (Drewry) Vickers

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1793 Drury Vickers -- Washington Co., GA, Capt. Parrotts Co., Muster Rolls
1805 Drury Vickers -- Montgomery Co., GA Tax Census
1818 Drew Vickers -- Twiggs Co., Resident Taxpayer
1820 Drury Vickers -- Montgomery Co., GA, Census
1820 Drew Vickers -- Irwin Co., GA, Census

Leon County, FL 1825 Census
1 WM 21+
3 WM -21
1 WF 21+
3 WF -21
8 Whites
0 Slaves
8 Total
1 WM 21+
1 WM -21
1 WF 21+
1 WF -21
4 Whites
1 Slave
5 Total
1 WM 21+
9 WM -21
1 WF 21+
3 WF -21
14 Whites
3 Slaves
17 Total

Drury and Joel Vickers appear together on the 1805 and 1806 Tax Lists for Montgomery Co., GA.

Drury and Joel Vickers are listed as Jurors in the Oldest Book of Inferior Cout Records, p. 352, July 23, 1816, Montgomery Co., GA.


History of Lowndes Co., GA p. 1, “In 1821 four settlers moved to that section of Ga which is now known as Lowndes County. The entire section was covered with pine forest and no such thing as “a settler’s clearing” was known before their coming: James Rountree, Lawrence Armstrong Folsom, Drew Vickers, and Alfred Belote. Each man brought his family and they made their journey in covered wagons. Each man selected his lot of land and proceeded to erect his modest home. Others soon followed. In 1825 it was decided to petition the legislature to create a new county.”

Morman IGI Files list the following info on Rachel Vickers:

Rachel Vickers, b.c. 1775, Burke Co., GA, father is JONATHAN VICKERS (F515022-0048-1553752)

She married Lawrence Armstrong Folsom 1796 in Burke. (8417107-33-1395803) Lawrence Armstrong Folsom was born about 1775 in Burke Co., GA. His parents, William Folsom and Sally Armstrong were married 1774 in Burke Co., GA.

Children of Lawrence and Rachel Vickers Folsom in Burke Co. are:

William Folsom, b. 1797
Randall Folsom, b. January 1799
John Folsom, b. 1800 or 1801
Rachel Folsom, b. 1804
Elijah Folsom, b. 1804 or 1809
Elizabeth Folsom, b. 1806 or 1810
Maston Folsom, b. 1806 or Sept 14, 1809, or 1811
Cynthia Folsom, b. 1808 in Burke Co or Nov. 8 1815 Pulaski Co. or 1818 in Lowndes Co.
James Folsom, b. May 10, 1812, in Pulaski Co., GA

William Folsom m. Eliza Folsom either 1813 in Pulaski Co or 1831 in Lowndes Co
Children: Hardy V. Folsom b. 1837 Lowndes Co. m. 08/26/1859 Tempy Ann Wells in either Brooks or Fayette Co.

Randall Folsom m. Sarah Folsom 1820 in Pulaski Co John Folsom m. 1822 in Pulaski Co Maston Folsom m. Eliza Lawson 1830 in Lowndes Co

Elizabeth Pelt m. John Chestley Folsom 1835 in Jackson Co., FL

James Rountree b. 1787 Burke Co., GA m. Nancy Hendley (all IGI/ question b. date) James and Nancy have a daughter, Anna Rountree, b. January/1826 in Pulaski Co. Anna Rountree m. James Folsom 1844 in Lowndes Co., GA

Screven Co., Deed Bk. A p. 281, Nov. 4, 1799, James Rountree witness to a deed to Hardy Vickers [see Hardy_Vickers file]


Janice Billy’s (Jacksonville, FL) line through Henry Vickers, probable son of Drew Vickers, received from Dottie Arthur (Shirley Snead’s niece) 10/27/96:

jbilly@mail.itd.ci.jax.fl.us (Janice Billy)

Dear Janice,

I am looking for Joel Vickers in or near Lowndes, Mortgomery or Washington Co., GA who later moved to Henry Co. AL and died about 1843. He had several sons. One William, and Joel, Jr. and Thomas. Others, too. Interested?

email me, Dot 102040.675@compuserve.com

Dear Dot,

Thank you for your query. I looked in my files and I am sorry but I could not find any reference to your line. I will keep your information on hand just in case I ever do. I have attached my chart below. If you are ever able to make a connection with my line I would be more than happy to share what information I have. Good luck in your research.

Sincerely, Janice Billy
1757 Glendale Street Jacksonville, Florida 32205

1. Henry Vickers #553 b. 1820, Montgomery Co Ga, m. 1845, Malinda Bradford #505, b. 1826,     (daughter of William Bradford #500 and Elizabeth Griffin #499) d. after 1900. Henry died Feb,     1859, buried: Friendship Church. Lived in Hahira, Lowndes Co Ga since infancy. "Took sick and     died early" Brother named Lewis.


i    John Vickers #554 b. 1846. Died in the Confederate Army, single.
ii   William Vickers #555 b. 1847, m. Ruthy Ann Ryalls #559.
iii   2. Mary Ann Vickers #446 b. 5 Dec 1849.
iv   Drew Vickers #556 b. Feb.19,1854, m. Amanda Varn #560, b. Jun.20,1858, d.         Feb.21,1947, buried: New Friendship Cemetery, Lowndes Co GA. Drew died         Jun.25,1924, buried: New Friendship Cemetery, Lowndes Co GA.
v    Edna Vickers #557 b. 1854, m. William Ryalls #561.
vi   Sarah Vickers #558 b. 1856, m. William Webb #562.

Second Generation

2. Mary Ann Vickers #446 b. 5 Dec 1849, Ga, m. Thomas Nichols #435, b. 1 Jan 1849, Ga, (son     of David Nichols #439 and Bythe #440) occupation Farmer, d. 17 Aug. 1916, buried: Salem     Methodist Church, Lowndes GA. Mary died 21 Nov. 1912, buried: Salem Cemetery Lowndes     Co GA. Thomas: 1870 Lowndes Co GA census.


i.   Anna Blanche Nichols #436 m. John Elijah Webb #910, b. Jan. 16,1861, (son of John      Webb #878 and Elizabeth Lamb #881) d. Feb. 5,1927. John: House of Representatives       in Georgia Legislature 1915-17; 21-22
ii.  William B. Nichols #437.
iii. Charlie Nichols #438 buried: Salem Cemetery.
iv. Solona Nichols #76 b. 5 May 1872, Ga, m. 1896, Byron Capers Webb #75, b. 14 Dec     1856,  Lowndes Co. GA, (son of Joseph Tarpley Webb #82 and Ann Elizabeth Moreland     #83) occupation farmer, d. 23 Nov 1917, buried: Salem Methodist Church Lowndes Co.     GA. Solona died 26 June 1952, buried: Salem Methodist Church Lowndes CO. GA.


Names and Abstracts From the Acts of the Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida 1822-1845, Revised Edition. William A. Wolfe, 1985, 1991. Florida State Genealogical Society. (Orlando Public Library DAR 975.9 Wol)

1825 Drury Vickers 1825 Session 4, p. 75/6. The right to establish a ferry across the Okelockony where the road leading from Tallahassee to the Georgia line crosses the River. Leon County.

1833 Nathan Vickers 1833 Session 11, p. 73. Appointed commissioner at Tallahassee for Union Bank of Florida.


Georgia Journal. Wednesday, September 4, 1833 & Wednesday, October 2, 1833

Thomas Co., GA Sheriff Sales: 490 Acres No. 397/13 dist. levied on as the property of DRURY VICKERS to satisfy executions or fi fas in favor of Tax Collector.


Drury Vickers.

Ante-bellum Tallahassee, by Bertram H. Groene, 1981. p. 76.

“In 1823 there was a ferry on the Ochlockonee River run by William Ellis, the same man who helped Simmons and Williams locate the capital. In 1825 the Legislative Council granted William Ellis ferry rights “at the Old Tallahassee Trail,” probably his old stand on the Ochlockonee and granted DRURY VICKERS ferry rights “on the road to Tallahassee where the Georgia line crosses the river.” “The Legislative Council, on January 11, 1828, set the ferry fees to and from Tallahassee as follows: Loaded waggon and team, 37 ½ cents Four-wheeled pleasure carriage, 37 ½ cents Jersey waggon, 25 cents Two-wheeled pleasure carriage, 18 ¾ cents Horse or ox cart, 18 ¾ cents Man and horse or on foot, 6 ¼ cents”


Drew Vickers born in 1776 married Sarah (b.1776 in Montgomery Co., GA).  Had a child named Drew Lewis Vickers (b. August 14, 1805 in Montgomery Co., GA. d. Feb. 1885 and buried in Hahira Ga.) married Lucy Ann Langford (b.1814 ) and had 6 children as follows:  (all born in Lowndes Co.)
    -Louis L. Vickers  b.  1844   m. Mary Varn   d. 1904
    -Henry Vickers  b.  1846  m.  Hodges  d. 1891
    -Rebecca Vickers  b. 1840  m.  Hall
    -Susan Vickers   b. 1835  m. Roberts
    -Jane Vickers  b. 1834  m. Jones
    -Mary A. Vickers  b. abt. 1840  m. Lawson
My line goes through Louis L. Vickers and Mary Varn.  I have been to the graves of Drew Lewis Vickers and his wife's Lucy Ann Langford plus some of their children so their dates are correct.  Drew Vickers and Sarah's dates are shakey.  I hope this helps, please inform me of any break throughs.

Amy Brosemer,  zeak5@surfsouth.com

I beleive that I've found out where my line comes in.  Before you sent me a part of a journal written by H.V. Wooten, well it got my curiosity up and I went to your "piecing the Puzzle together" file and  I also went to the web site, www.familysearch.org.  Putting both together I beleive that Drew Vickers, son of John Vickers b. 1740, IS my ansestor and also one of the first of the four settlers to Lowndes Co., Ga. Though, when I was looking once again through your Drew/Drury Vickers File I found some diffrences in my files and yours.   Children of Lewis Vickers (Drew Vickers son):  I have....

Lewis Vickers  b. Aug. 14, 1805  d. Feb 1885  m. Lucy Ann Langford b. 1814  (both burried in friendship baptist cemetary)
    i.  Louis L. Vickers b. Mar. 12, 1844 d. may 20, 1904
        m. Mary Varn b. feb. 10, 1852  daug. 10, 1920 (both buried in Friendship)
    ii.  Henry Vickers  b. apr. 22, 1846  d. dec. 25, 1891
        m. Julia Hodges
    iii. Rebecca Vickers b. 1840
        m. Moultrie Hall
    iv. Susan Vickers  b. 1835
        m. John J. Roberts
    v. Jane Vickers b. 1834
        m. Aaron C. Jones
    vi. Mary A. Vickers  b. abt. 1840
        m. William Lawson

In the 1850 Census of Lowndes Co.  Lewis Vickers (45) is listed with Lucy (35):
Jane (17)
Susan (15)
Molsy A.  (13)  (Probably Mary)
Rebecca (10)
Lewis (7)
Henry (4)

I have been to Friendship cemetary many times, so those date are correct.  I will try to get back there soon to see if I can find the Drew Vickers you have listed and his wife Amanda Varn, perhaps the others too.  My guess of present is that your Drew Vickers and Amanda Varn are the same as my Lewis Vickers and Mary Varn?  Where did you get your info?  I'll also try to get back to the Library and check out the other children you have listed.  Another guess is that there were more
children, but I checked with my files and I have Lewis Vickers in the 1860 Census with:

Mary (42)
Rebecca (18)
Lewis (16)  (My (3) great grandfather)
Henry (14)

This just keeps getting more confusing!

Amy Brosemer, zeak5@surfsouth.com


There are just too many John's Drew's Henry's William's etc in the Vickers family wouldnt you agree? My g.g.g.granddad was Drew Vickers born in N.C in 1775. Wife Sara.
Son Henry born 1820 in Montgomery Co.,GA. wife Melinda Bradford Born 1826 in Irwin Co,Ga.

They had a son named William who had 16 children and one of them was my grandfather Isaiah Henry and I believe he was born  near Barney,Ga.  Can't remember the county name. William's wife was Ruth Ann Ryles.

Isaiah Henry married Idella (Della) Rountree and lived all his life near Hahira,Ga. His son Robert is my father. I believe we fit into your search somewhere but you will have to figure it out if you can. My brother John Vickers (yes another one) and I are trying to find Henry and Melinda's son John Vickers who was killed in Maryland (we think) in Civil War. John was born 1846 and died 9-14-1862 He was a Pvt. in Co.D,50th Ga.Reg. and may have died the same day as his borther did. Brother's name is unknown.  John's possible middle inital is W. Our information comes from a book written by a man in Homerville, Ga named Foulks Huxford --I'm not sure of the spelling of the first name. If you haven't checked this book you should because it has so much good information in it. Has this just confused you more?

Sincerely June Cuthbertson


Posted by Lucy Vickers Grisham on http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec?htx=message&r=rw&p=surnames.vickers&m=696

Records of Barbara Boynton- for anyone interested in this area and these families.

Knew I had something I had copied down on this fellow:

Montgomery Co. Ga.
1804 Jury List-Pendleton Creek District
Gedion Elvington " " "
Drury Vickers " " "
Burrell Kendrick " "
George Mason " "

1805 Land Lottery-Montgomery co. (Registration started 1 Mar 1804

Gideon Elvington 2 draws
Luke Slaughter 1blank 1 prize
Drury Vickers 1 prize
Joel Vickers 2 blanks
David Mason 1 blank
George Mason 2 blanks
Peter Mason 2 blanks

Beloate-Lowndes Co., Ga. March term 1849-court of Ordinary-Return on estate of Alfred Belote

From: Wills of Pulaski co, Ga., Victor Myrick

Wills 1816-1854 Book A-Pulaski co. 22 Nov 1836 p. 7 Sept 1837 p163-165

William Hendley-Will

to wife-Milly
to children andmy wife:
Sally Hays (Hayes)
Elizabeth Posey, Nancy Roundtree, Martha Beloat, Wm. Hendley, Milly Hendry-flock of sheept to be equally divided
to all my heirs:
Milly Hendley, Sally Hayes, Elizabeth Posey
, Mary Fletcher, Nancy Roundtree, Martha Beloat, Jane McCranie, Wm. Hendley, Sophia Hendly-equal share

Some Folsom/Armstrong info that I got from Ramona Vickers of Sebastian, Fl

Lt. William Folson s/o Israel Folsom & Kezziah, b. 1745 Prince William, Va, d 1785 Burke co. Ga.
m. Sarah Armstrong d/o Lawrence Armstrong & ___?
b. 1750 N. C., D. 1820 Screven Go. Ga. m 2ndRobert Burton
Children: Lawrence Armstrong Folson, Benjamin, Abigail, Elizabeth, Sarah Folsom

Lawrence Armstrong Folson s/o Lt. William and Sarah Armstrong b. 1772 V, d 11 Apr 1842 Lowndes Co. Ga. Grew up in Burke Co., Ga.
m. Rachel Vickers , b ca 1769 N. C. d. 18 Dec. 1849-this according to Huxford. However, Huxford shows Rachel preceding her husband in death but the above does not show that.

From my records:
Jefferson Co. Ga
1801 Petit Jury
Ebenezer Folsom, John Vickers, Henry Beaty, James Beaty
1802 Petit Jury- Wm. Beaty, Samuel Beaty, Needham Bryant

Pulaski co. Ga, Petit jury 6-1812
Needham Bryan, Jonathan Vickers, Lawrence Folsom, Christopher Edwards, Reubin Roundtree, Patrick McGriff

Voting List, May 2, 1831 Miccosukee, Leon Co., Fla
Stephen Vickers
Nov. 5, 1832-Miccosukee- N. B. Folsom, Ebenezer Folsom, Nathaniel Folsom
May 6, 1833-Needham B. Folsom
Nov. 2, 1831 Miccosukee-Needham Bryan Folsom, Ebenezer Folsom

I have not been able to place Needham B. Folsom and Ebenezer into one of the Folsom families but they could be children of Benjamin Folsom who was supposed to have gone West -he a brother of Lawrence Armstrong Folsom.

There a passel of these folks who are intermarried.

I think some of the Hendleys went into Tattnall Co where they married into some familes who were early settlers in Concord area of Gadsden, and in lower Decatur Co.

Just sent this along as I found it in a notebook, packed in a box behind where I am sitting at the computer.



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