Vickers and Collateral Marriages by State and County

North Carolina
South Carolina


Barbour County

J. J. R. Vickers m. Q. T. S. Danner                                    05/19/1872
James M. Vickers (b. FL 1828) m. Mary Jane Harrod       01/28/1858
Jesse Vickers m. Maggie White                                          10/27/1901
John Vickers m. Louisa (or Louvina) Lee                            11/17/1856
John Vickers m. Amanda M. Martin                                    10/15/1851
Solomon W. Vickers m. Ann R. Rivers                                10/26/1856

Henry County

Alex Vickers m. Narcissa Roney                                        01/05/1889
Alicy Vickers m. Ivory Dickinson                                       03/16/1879
Annie Vickers m. G. L. Wright                                           12/11/1884
Barbary Ann Vickers m. David Brown                                07/03/1851
Drew Vickers m. Susan Fondren                                        01/19/1873
Drew Vickers m. Georgi Ann Hendley                                08/31/1882
Eliza Vickers m. H. L. Holmes                                            12/24/1885
Ella Vickers m. Will Coleman                                              04/27/1899
Fannie Vickers m. John Price                                              11/20/1898
G. W. Vickers m. S. A. Sherly                                           12/26/1895
George J. Vickers m. Mary J. Smith                                   02/23/1875
H. J. Vickers m. Phebe C. Fondren                                    03/31/1878
Harriet Vickers m. Jeremiah Dukes                                     01/22/1869
Hester Vickers m. Daniel Whiddon                                     08/19/1875
Hilliard Vickers m. Clarissa Ward                                      12/29/1881
Irvin Vickers m. Sarah Elender Price                                  12/20/1878
Isaac Vickers m. Minty Ward                                             08/26/1884
J. M. Vickers m. Eliza Alford                                             01/11/1891
Jacob Vickers m. Harriet Sowell                                        02/12/1869 (license date)
James Vickers m. Elizabeth Hutto                                       01/31/1850
James Vickers m. Hattie Thomas                                        11/26/1899
Jesse Vickers m. Nancy Lucinda Johnson                           11/02/1893
Jesse Vickers m. Harriet Morris                                         08/28/1860
Jesse Vickers, Jr. m. Mary A. E. Holley                             03/29/1866
John Vickers m. Zenie Ward                                              07/09/1880
Joshua Vickers m. Mary Price                                            01/16/1851
L. A. F. Vickers m. B. F. Craddock                                   12/10/1899
Lucinda Vickers m. Gilliam Moore                                     02/04/1836     
Malinda Vickers m. Right Hudson                                      01/11/1838
Mary Vickers m. David Crim                                             10/10/1833
Mary Vickers m. G. T. Corbitt                                           10/29/1885
Mary Vickers m. Ben Kelly                                                12/10/1880
Mattie Vickers m. Robert P. Teel                                        12/19/1879
Mollie Vickers m. James Cooper                                         11/18/1881
Nora Vickers m. Charley E. Carr                                        10/17/1889
Rebecca Vickers m. Jonathan Jowers                                 03/10/1850
Sarah Vickers m. Robert G. Sowell                                    11/20/1851
Sarah Vickers m. W. H. Ward                                           12/08/1874    
Sarah Vickers m. King Golden                                           07/20/1850
Sarah J. Vickers m. W. J. Corbitt                                       11/16/1880
Susie Vickers m. J. E. Dominy                                            11/11/1883    
Thomas Vickers m. Amanda Golden                                  08/28/1845     
Treacy Vickers m. Christopher Ward                                 04/08/1824     
Visie Vickers m. J. W. Sowell                                            10/10/1886
William Vickers m. Caroline Golden                                   08/01/1847     
William H. Vickers m. Ella J. Whiddon                               11/30/1899
William Vickers m. Rosa Kelly                                           12/16/1880
Y. J. Vickers m. Homer Griffin                                            12/23/1897
Young J. Vickers m. Mahaita Dominy                                 11/27/1865

Green B. Vickers m. Betsey Lindsey                                  01/27/1824     Lauderdale Co.
Nancy Vickers m. James Murray                                       08/13/1814     Madison Co.

Montgomery County

Ann Caroline Vickers m. Charles Dickerson                      03/14/1839
Catherine Vickers m. Lavah Fitzpatrick                              01/22/1839
Catharine C. Vickers m. Andrew C. Horn(e)                     10/02/1821
Harmea Ann Vickers m. Joel S. G. Benbow (or Bembow) 11/28/1833
James Vickers m. Catherine McGowen                             08/09/1827
Mary Vickers m. Elkanah  Caventer                                  03/09/1845
Mary Vickers m. W. W. Forsin                                         10/07/1830
Miriam Vickers m. Gaius Brack                                         07/12/1825
Thomas G. Vickers m. Piety Vickers                                 08/12/1841
Thomas J. Vickers m. Martha A. Belser                             03/24/1846

Wilcox County

Green Vickers m. Sarah Sessions                                       02/12/1823     
James Vickers m. Thincy Bowman                                      08/18/1849
James R. Vickers m. Malissa Simpkins                                08/20/1851


Jackson County

Amanda Vickers m. S. W. Jones                                          11/05/1865
James Vickers m. Sarah Van Pelt                                         1840
Charley Vickers m. Laura McIntosh                                     05/15/1881
Jacob Vickers m. Margaret O’Conner                                  02/05/1880
James L. Vickers m. Ellen Reddick
James L. Vickers m. Commie E. Graddy                              03/18/1880
Nancy S. Vickers m. Andrew Franklin McCrary                  11/11/1858

Jefferson County

Hatcher Vickers m. Harriet Lewis                                       09/10/1835
James J. Vickers m. Savannah G. Shehee                            02/28/1839
Stephen Vickers m. Jane Mills                                            04/24/1849
Susan Vickers m. Elias Grantham                                        01/21/1847

Leon County

Elizabeth Vickers m. Johnson                                             12/31/1834
Elizabeth Vickers m. George S. Jordan                              12/12/1838 (or 09/12/1838)
Fatima Vickers m. Richard J. Moore                                  04/14/1842
Harris Vickers m. Winny Jackson                                      02/05/1832
Louvena Vickers m. William Smith                                    12/03/1836
Nancy Vickers m. John McFewquay                                 06/28/1831
Nancy Vickers m. George Prince                                       05/21/1841
Sarah Vickers m. William O’Conner                                  06/28/1831
Sarah J. Vickers m. John W. Reaves                                 11/28/1832
Washington Vickers m. Melinda Ann Levy                         03/13/1846


? Vickers m. Watkins Peavy                                              04/17/1840      Morgan
Absalom Vickers m. Elizabeth Moore                               05/11/1825      Clarke
Ann E. Vickers m. Pleasant G. Cotton                              02/04/1848       Harris
Anna Nixon Vickers m. John Arthur Tooke                      12/13/1837       Thomas
Beady Vickers m. Joel Lott                                              12/02/1847       Irwin
Berren Vickers m. Marcella Ranseme                                01/14/1847      Coweta
Charles Dean Vickers m. Martha G. Edmunds                  10/13/1831       Walton
Charlotte M. Vickers m. Serus Bedgood                           12/19/1839       Washington
Charlotte Vickers m. David Worsham                               09/04/1822       Baldwin
Darlin Vickers m. Frances A. Hamilton                             08/08/1847       Harris
Darling Vickers m. Mary H. Godwin                                 11/10/1831       Jasper
Delila Vickers m. George W. Paulk                                  10/11/1860        Berrien
Dennis Vickers m. Mary Harper                                       01/04/1874        Decatur
Doryann Vickers m. John Bishop                                      03/09/1849        Decatur
Drury Vickers m. Sarah Ann Caroline Collins                   01/08/1846        Decatur
Eleanor Vickers m. Stephen Malone                                 07/07/1844        Henry
Eli Vickers m Rebecca Paulk
Eli Vickers m Lucinda Lott                                               01/ /1870           Irwin
Elias Vickers m. Elizabeth Gibbs (pos. "Cobb")                03/26/1811        Laurens
Eliza Vickers m. Richard Roe                                           02/01/1872        Berrien
Elizabeth Vickers m. Stephen Moore                                10/15/1843        Butts
Elizabeth Vickers m. Willis W. Wynn                                01/12/1858        Laurens
Elizabeth Vickers m. Benjamin Screws                              05/01/1836        Jefferson
Elizabeth Vickers m. Hillory Reid                                      03/18/1824        Jefferson
Emily Vickers m. David A. Weaver                                   01/15/1837        Troup
Emily Vickers m. Thomas J. Tipper                                   12/10/1846        Muscogee
Eugenia Vickers m. Robert J. Smith                                  06/20/1872        Laurens
Ferdinand Vickers m. Anna Vickers                                 03/09/1820        Clarke
Frances Vickers m. William Ware                                    10/16/1848         Harris
Hall Vickers m. Mary Miller                                             01/18/1835        Meriwether
Jane Vickers m. Shadrach Doggett                                   09/10/1834        Clarke
Jane Elizabeth Vickers m. James A. Hardon                     11/30/1839        Thomas
James Vickers m. Mary Tooke                                         12/15/1825        Pulaski
James Vickers m. Elizabeth Martin                                   03/03/1794         Oglethorpe
James M. Vickers m. Ann E. Miller                                  01/24/1838        Thomas
James R. Vickers m. Emerline Davis                                01/17/1836         Bibb
John Vickers m. Nancy Briscoe                                       07/24/1805        Columbia
John Vickers m. Rebecca Cone                                       05/24/1848        Baldwin
John Vickers m Abigail Young                                         11/20/1845         Irwin (or Telfair)
John L. (Lester) Vickers m. Jane Thomas                         10/28/1828        Pulaski (or 10/21)
Jonah Vickers m. Cinthia Scoggins                                   11/12/1825        Newton (or 11/24)
Jonathan Vickers m. Mary Ann Sherrard                          05/21/1814        Chatham
Lucinda J. Vickers m. Benjamin F. Roan                          07/25/1847        Henry
Margaret Vickers m. Solomon Bridges                             12/10/1846        Jones
Martha Ann Vickers m. Berryman King                            08/12/1838       Coweta
Martha Vickers m. James A. Coleman                             01/23/1823        Jefferson
Martin Vickers m. Jerusha Biggers                                   07/18/1833        Walton 
Martin Vickers m. Mary Ann Stevens                              12/20/1836        Clarke
Mary Vickers m. Thomas Ousley                                     07/24/1835        Talbot
Mary Vickers m. James Shepherd                                    04/02/1835        Clarke
Mary Vickers m. Solomon Robinson                                01/29/1815        Hancock
Mary Ann Vickers m. Josiah Hudgins                               02/04/1838        Meriwether
Matilda Vickers m. George Williams                                12/11/1889         Coffee
Milly Ann Vickers m. Charles Hunter                                12/24/1822        Walton
Nancy Vickers m. James Cook                                        01/29/1832         Jefferson
Nancy Vickers m. Micajah Williams                                 02/17/1833         Bibb
Nancy Vickers m. James Thornton                                   08/27/1834         Newton
Penelope Vickers m. James S. Lester                               04/10/1827         Pulaski
Polly Vickers m. James Mickleborough                            02/08/1827         Jasper
Prudence Vickers m. Barry Kinard                                   03/02/1853         Jasper
Prudence Vickers m. Riley Wise                                       05/24/1824         Jasper
Rachel Vickers m. Lawrence Armstrong Folsom               1796                   Burke
Rebecca M. Vickers m. Joel P. Daves                              12/15/1829         Hancock
Sarah Vickers m. Henry Rives                                          12/29/1818         Hancock
Sarah Vickers m. John Jordan                                          12/19/1838         Thomas
Sarah Vickers m. George W. Stripling                               05/25/1843         Jones
Sarah (Sallie) Vickers m. Jackson Williams                       01/02/1873         Coffee
Silas Vickers m. Angeline Bryant                                      06/13/1832          Henry
Solomon Ray Vickers m. Ann ?                                        10/05/1826         Columbia
Thomas Vickers m. Marian Armstrong                              01/29/1811         Hancock
Thomas Vickers m. Piety Beaty                                        02/16/1817          Laurens
Vincent Ellis Vickers m. Harriet Jewell                              04/25/1822         Baldwin
Wiley Vickers m. Beady Purvis                                         1805                   Laurens
William Vickers m. Mary Ray                                           12/29/1814         Hancock
William Vickers m. Winaford F. Greer                              11/30/1837         Troup
William Vickers m. Ann R. Wise                                       11/06/1823         Jasper
Young Vickers m. Mary Laird                                          09/05/1837         Clarke
Youngie Vickers m. Elizabeth Tucker                                05/30/1850         Irwin


Elias Vickas m. Lucy Hopkins, October 23, 1778, Wilkes Co., NC
Elijah Vickas m. Sarah Childres, December 29, 1783, Wilkes Co., NC
Phawney Vickas m. James Smoote, October 28, 1784, Wilkes Co., NC
Alex Vickers m. Martha Hartley, November 26, 1795, Rowan Co., NC
David Vickers m. Elizabeth Gwinn, April 6, 1800, Orange Co., NC
Elizabeth Vickers m. Thomas Horne, March 6, 1793, Orange Co., NC
Martha Vickers m. William Hatcher, February 21, 1765, Edgecombe Co., NC
Rhyley Vickers m. Mary Cozart, September 12, 1791, Orange Co., NC
William Vickers m. Milligan Grissom, August 8, 1781, Orange Co., NC
John Vicars m. Ann Irwin, December 16, 1784, Rowan Co., NC



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