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From Nancy Harwood Houston, TX:

Kelly, I don't think I've sent you my Vickers information -- I don't have much, but this is a line I need to work on.

My paternal grandmother was Lydia Bets Vickers, born 1883 in Bell County, TX. She was the daughter of Henry E. (nobody seems sure whether he was Edward or Edwin -- I'm not sure he knew, either) Vickers, born Caddo Parish, LA in 1850 and Lucy Ann Simons Hood Hunt Vickers.

Henry Vickers (who, btw, was a trail driver for much of his early life) was the son of Reddin(g) Vickers, born Marion County, MS 20 Dec. 1819, died 26 March 1877. His tombstone says that he lived for 8 years he lived in Louisiana and Arkansas; he was in Texas by 1858. He married Sarah Elizabeth Norris (born 22 September 1828, died 15 December 1910) in Caddo Parish, LA 2 October 1845. They are buried at Independence, in Washington County, TX.

In searching the Washington County cemetery records recently, I found a record for (Mrs.) Elizabeth Vickers, 27 July 1797- 24 February 1859.

Since there seem to have been no other Vickers families in Washington Co. at this period, I would assume that this Elizabeth was Redding Vickers' mother.

I also found a record for "Vickers, daughter of Elias and Elizabeth", 23 January 1824 - 15 June 1843

I am wondering, because of the dates, if this may have been a sister to Redding. I have never found a record of his father's name, but think now he may have been the Elias referred to in this record.

I have a good bit of info on the siblings of Henry Vickers and their descendants if you would be interested in having it in the Vickers files.

Nancy Harwood Houston, TX


Letter from Ann Vickers Hefner, dated May 1, 1997, to Nancy Davis Harwood with copy to Kelly from Ann:

I suppose I have a great advantage over many amateur genealogists in that my grandmother Vickers ("Aunt Lizzie") entertained me as a child with stories of her youth and family and of the Vickers and Norris families. My children have not been so blessed. They have always had television! Much of what I have found has been the result of a tradition of family lore which has given me invaluable clues about where to search. And ... I have inherited some letters from a family of pack rats. I wonder what future generations will do about tracing us down without the benefit of personal correspondence.

At any rate, I will try in this letter to outline what I know about Elias and his decendents and will save Norris until a later date. I won't send copies of the documents I have but will save them until we can meet in person...one day soon, I hope.

Elias Vickers was born 1775-1790 in So. Carolina or Georgia (census records). He first appears in census records in 1820 in Marion Co., Mississippi. On 22 Oct 1816, he purchased land as assignee of Joseph Price in Marion Co. (patent awarded 1908), and on 31 Oct. 1818, he purchased additional land as assignee of William McGrew (patent awarded 1825). 1 have a copy of another document, very difficult to read and dated 1820, in which Joseph Vickers assigns to Elias Vickers his rights and titles to a certificate, entitling him to bounty lands, I think. For awhile I was corresponding with Dixie Wheelock, granddaughter of Elizabeth Vickers Young, sister to Redding. She believes that Joseph was Elias's father and a Revolutionary veteran. Elias later bought land in Hinds Co. and eventually moved his family there.

His wife, I know from my grandmother, was Elizabeth Cobb. According to her gravestone in Independence Cemetery in Washington Co., Texas, she was born 27 July 1797. (Her stone is no longer there, by the way.) I found a marriage record for Elias Vickers and Elizabeth Gibbs in Laurens Co., Georgia, dated 27 March 1811. The copy I received showed that the marriage was not recorded until 1813 (a common practice, I'm told) and so I am guessing that perhaps the recorder misread "Cobb" as "Gibbs." According to census records, she was born in So. Carolina. Dixie thought that Elizabeth was a second, and much younger, wife of Elias and that he had children by the previous marriage. The 1820 census shows additional males, too old to be the children of Elizabeth, residing in the household. The following are children I know to be those of Elias and Elizabeth (from census records and from her will):

James, born c. 1813, died btw 1850-8 in Ouachita Parish Louisiana
Mary, born c. 1816 and died after 1888.
Redding, born 20 Dec. 1819 (or possibly 1818) and died 26 March 1877, in Independence,
Rhoda, born c. 1820. Death unknown, but she lived to be quite old and died in Texas,
Matilda Caroline, born 23 Jan. 1824, and died (in childbirth?) 19 Jun 1843 in Independence,TX.
John, born c. 1827 and died by 1858.
Littleton, born 17 Jul 1836, in Mississippi and died 11 Aug 1855 in Independence, TX.
Henry, born c. 1837 .... (I have some information about Henry somewhere, but I have temporarily          misplaced it. I do know he served with the CSA in the Civil War.

Matilda Caroline, I believe, is the "Babe" found in the Indpendence Cemetery. She married John MacKnight in Hinds Co. on 22 May 1839, and they moved to Independence, Texas. Family tradition has it that her family was not very happy about this, although Redding and John MacKnight were later associated as business partners. She has a gravestone as Matilda Caroline MacKnight, but there are no dates on it. A child, Redding, is buried near her (1841-2), as is another child, Delila (no dates). It is my rather romanfic notion that Elizabeth wanted her to be remembered as a "Vickers" and erected the "Babe" headstone when she moved to Texas.

Elias is found in the 1840 census (in Mississippi) but not in any later census. On 9 March 1841, Elizabeth Vickers sold several slaves to John Vance of Hinds Co. and on 1 Aug 1842, a petition for dower was entered in Hinds Co. by Elizabeth Vickers as widow of Elias Vickers. I am assuming, therefore, that Elias died c. 1840-42 in Hinds Co.

Elizabeth moved to Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, near Monroe, sometime before 1850, to be near her son James. After James's death, there may have been some kind of falling out between Elizabeth and Amanda, James's wife. Family tradition has it that with rumblings of abolition and the prospect of war, Elizabeth wanted to protect her slave holdings. Thinking they would be less likely to be taken from her in Texas, she moved there, sometime before 1855 (the date of Littleton's death). The last census in which she is found is the 1850 census, in Ouachita Parish.

Our great-grandfather, Redding, married Sarah Elizabeth Norris in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, 9 Oct 1845 (family bible). I know quite a bit about him because Sarah Norris Vickers ("Nanny") and my grandmother were very close. I will send you more information about their union later. This is probably enough to write and to absorb in one session. The Norris's are another story. There is more about them than the Vickers line because Samuel, our great-great grandfather was alcalde in Nacogdoches during the Fredonian Rebellion. More on them later, too.

For now, I'll sign off. I am glad to have found you and to know that you, too, are interested in-finding out about our roots. Maybe together we can find a duke, or least a minor noble, in our background.


Ann Vickers Hefner
3403 Sleepy Hollow Blvd.
Amarillo, TX 79121

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