Elias & John Vicars/Vickers, Prince William Co., VA

And Related Wright, Webb, and Mullican Lines

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Elias and John Vicars - Prince William County Virginia

Connected to the Wrights, Webbs and the Mullican Families


Elias or Thomas Elias Vickers?- b 1700- in Stafford Co. by 1723 - died about 1730 in what became Prince William Co. VA. In 1731- He left a will recorded in Will Bk- K- dated 1723. .

Quit Rent Roll of 1723 - Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co. Virginia:

Elias Vickers- 100 acres

John Ball                                             

John Creel                                           

Major Guinn    


Children of Elias:

a. Elisha- b before 1723? – Found later in Frederick Co. West Virginia.

Ref: Frederick Co. VA – Col. James Wood’s Fee Book- Clerk of Court- 1744- listed among those who paid fees – paid in tobacco, the currency of those days-

David Vance- (Vanns - Vance family of PA and Anson Co. NC along with the Locke family and Ralph Vickers, Jr.) 155 lbs–

Joseph Vance- 150lbs

Elisha Vickers – 45 lbs

Isaac VanMetre and Henry – 100 lbs

Isaac VanMetre- 43 lbs

Luke Vickery- 5 lbs ?

Robert and Thomas Armstrong are also listed in the enumeration-

Charles Vickers married Parthenia Riley in Frederick Co in Aug 4, 1824


b. John Vickers, Sr. -b 1730-35-  in Virginia and died 1784 - married  Sarah Wright- b 1730-1760, d/o Richard Wright, b about 1710-1784 - Essex Co, VA, and his wife Mary Ann.

Sarah was sister to William and Joseph Wright, in land and deed records in Prince William Co. **The Wright family moved into Fauquier Co. VA by 1771- at Warrenton and then to Surry Co. NC on the Yadkin River, at the Big Branch of the North Fork of Hunting Creek, (now called Flat Rock Creek) to Buck Shoal at Deep Creek and received 1900 acres land by “Settlers Rights” in Surry Co. (Yadkin) - 1779  

John and Sarah had:

a. John Wright Vickers - b Apr 2, 1750- Prince William Co. Virginia - Married  Nancy Mullican - b 1775- Greenville, SC- died 1849- White Co. TN,  Jun 10, 1792 in Greenville Co. SC., daughter of John Mullican and Nancy Ann Allen

**The Mullican Family appears in the 1733 Maryland State Taxable List:

Prince George Co. MD- Collin Hundred- (Ref: Jarvis Documents and Events)

James Mullican, Jr., and Sr., John Mullican, Thomas Mullican, Sr. and Jr.

Archibald Mullican and Lewis Mullican who married into the Jarvis Family-

Lewis Mullican is in the 1800 Census of Rowan Co. NC

Also recorded in Warren Co. TN-1840 Census were William Mullican and John Mullican, Hardin, William and Nathan Pigg, and the Wooten Family.  


John Wright Vickers was Rev. War Sol. – In Capt. Ewell’s Regt- 1777-1780- He filed pension in 1830- Lincoln Co. TN- He died Mar 7, 1843 and Nancy made application for his pension in 1845. Her brother William made declaration that they married Nov 18, 1791- Greenville Co. SC. Ref: Abstracts of Wills-Lincoln Co. TN- 1810-1895- p221- John Vickers- wife Nancy Vickers – Extrs:  Joab Nipplin or Noblitt? and UriahUtie” Sherrill- Feb 28, 1843- 

John lived in Greenville South Carolina in 1793 and to Lincoln Co. TN.

Also listed in Lincoln Co. TN was William Vickers-1800-1803-

1820 Census of Lincoln Co. were:

Robert Riley

John Pigg

Absalom Locke


Children of John Wright Vickers and Nancy Mullican Vickers

a. Child- b Aug 28, 1793- Greenville Co. SC

b. Ezekiel- b about 1800- married to Mary “Polly” by 1830 as he is in the 1830 Census with wife and two children- He appears in the 1850 Census age 50 with wife Polly and his children:

            a. Thomas – b 1830- TN

            b. William  Henderson - b 1835

            c. Elizabeth – b 1837

            d. Elijah- b 1841

            e. James- b 1842

                f. Zebulon- b 1844

                g. Nancy- b 1846

            other child- Ezekial Polk, age 3, (grandson??)

c. John, Jr.- age 17- b about 1813.

d. Elijah- b about 1814- died about 1869- married Isabella “Ibby” Yates, born about 1815 Bedford Co. TN- about 1835. She was the d/o Joshua Yates- (1776-1849) - and Martha Stewart, Madison Co. KY, and Bedford Co. TN. Joshua left a will in Bedford Co. TN-1849- They were members of the Sugar Creek Baptist Church on Muddy Creek.

Children of Elijah and Isabella:

            a. Malinda- b d

            b. William- b d

            c. Martha- b d

            d. Joshua- b d

            e. James Knox Polk- Child

            e. Julia - age 13 - born about 1817 - married William Locke- b about 1808 - died before 1866- Lincoln Co. TN- He was the son of John Locke- 1779 - Mar 29, 1853- Lincoln Co. TN, and wife Elizabeth. Other children of John and Elizabeth Locke married into the Mullins Family. May be of William Locke- Stafford Co. VA-1723

**John Locke- b about 1779- died Mar 29, 1853 in Lincoln Co. TN- married Elizabeth?

1790 Census of Burke Co. NC -shows James Locke


            a. William- b about 1808 and died before 1866

            b. Rebecca- b d- married a Curtsinger.

            c. Thomas- b d married on Nov 23, 1846 – Margaret F. Goode

            d. Milly- b about 1820 in VA married on Apr 8, 1843 in Lincoln Co. TN to      Pleasant Mullins-

            e. Samuel K.- b d

            f. Jacob-b about 1825- married on Nov 11, 1844 to Amanda Mullins first and second to Sarah Mullins on Nov 29, 1849- 

            g. Erastus- b about 1827- married on Jan 11, 1844 to Louisa Ann Mullins.

            h. Calvin- b 1829- 1866- no children

            i. Emily- b 1833 died before 1866 married on Aug 9l 1848 to William W.         Mullins.

            j. Sidney- b about 1833 married Sarah Jane Locke

            k. Jane- b about 1838

            l. Mary – b about 184

            **The Locke family are ancestors to my son-in-law, Buddy Thomas Locke- who lives in Grand Prairie, Texas - Related to Col. Matthew Locke and Francis Locke of      Rev. War- Mecklenburg and Anson Co. NC.

**Some of the Locke family moved to Henry Co. Alabama near the Vickers Family and are in the 1830 Census records- Benjamin and David Locke- Federal Land Tract Book Index shows Benjamin Locke in 1851 and 1861, John Locke in 1848, Joseph Locke- 1858. 

1850 Census of Stewart Co. TN (with the Vickers family) also showsPermelia Locke, John Locke and George Locke.


f. Eliza- age 11- born about 1817-8

g. Zebulon - b 1819- TN- Married on Oct 28, 1843- Lincoln Co. TN - married Mary Mullins- b 1819- in VA- He is in the 1850 census of Lincoln Co.

Their children:

a.       Almira- b 1846- TN

b.      Rufus- b 1848- TN

Lincoln Co. TN- 1840 Census- Elijah Vickers, Ezekiel Vickers and Jeremiah Vickers-

Levi Vickery?, John J. Vickers, John R. Vickers, Cornelius Webb, George Webb, John C. Webb, William H. Locke, John Locke, Mary Locke, John, Edmond and James Pigg.


John Vickers, Sr. and Sarah Wright Vickers’ Children con’t.       

b. William- b 1752- Prince William Co. - died after 1810 in Keezletown, Rockingham, VA-

In Shenandoah Co. with Elias Vickers, 1780-85, next door to John Wright Vickers.  He is listed in the 1810 Census with the Peter and Benjamin Van Pelt. George Vickers was in the 1800 Census. 

William Vickers married to?

His children:

                a. Elias- b 1782 - in Prince William Co., VA. - died about 1850 in Wabash Township, Fountain Co, IN - He married first to Tabitha Jane Stanley on November 25, 1802- Augusta Co. VA, d/o Christopher Stanley. Tabitha died about 1830 in Mad Cow River Twp- Clark Co. OH. Nov. 25, 1802 -She was 14 years old when she married Elias Vickers, age 20, son of William Vickers, in Augusta Co., VA, by Minister James Ward.1802 to 1803: Rockingham County, VA (Personal Property Tax Record) Elias married second to Mary Jarred on Apr 7, 1831- in Fountain Co. IN. Elias Vickers was a Methodist preacher in Muskingum Co., OH, but about 1810, when he moved to Clark Co., OH, he became a Disciples of Christ Minister.

            Elias Vickers, Lawrence Vickers and Christopher Stanley signed bond in 1802-    regarding this marriage. 
            Jan. 1, 1808 Springfield Township, Muskingum County, OH-He Bought E half, of Lot #74 on behalf of John Elias Vickers and Goshen Vickers.          

            Known children of Elias and Tabitha:

a. Christian Stanley- b 1806- in Rockingham Co. VA. died 1886 in Fountain Co. IN- In the 1860 Census of Perryville Township, Vermillion County, IN- age 54- Wife- Nancy Ann Allen- age 53- b 1802 in Dauphin, PA. After her death, he remarried to Ruth A. McLean- on Nov 14, 1872- in Fountain, IN.

His children:  

                a. Allen S.- b 1838

            b. William E.- b 1842- IN

b. Son- b 1810

c. Son- b about 1812-5

                        d. Tabitha Jane- b 1819- in Mad River Twp- Clark Co. OH- she married Richard Henry Blackburn-  probably of the Blackburn Family -listed in the “Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812-  and probably related to the family of Col. Ambrose Blackburn of the Rev. War. 

                        **Elias Blackburn b 1666- Old Rappahannock Co. VA and wife Martha- s/o Christopher  Blackburn and wife Katherine - had son Ambrose Blackburn- Elias is in the Quit Rent Rolls of Essex Co. 1715 – along with John Ball, and John Armstrong, the Allens and the Taliaferros.

                         ** The Blackburns married into my Cole family in Louisiana.

                        Blackburns in the War of 1812 were Henry Blackburn, Capt. William Blackburn, John Blackburn and William Blackburn- and Richard Webb.

                        e. Margaret Mariah- 1822- Mad River Twp- Clark Co. OH- She married Sep 26, 1839 to Alfred Sowers – Fountain, IN., probably s/o George Sowers, in the 1850 census  of Fountain Co. IN -  as age 70 and wife Elizabeth age 65. 

                        f. Martha E.- 1822- She married Thomas Jackson- Feb 18, 1839 Fountain, IN. 

                        g. Catherine D.- b 1826- died about 1893 in OH- married first to Alexander Sowers- on Jul 16, 1843- second to John R. Richardson-  Dec                             25, 1844 and third to Henry Hibbs on Jun18, 1864.


            b. John James? - b Jan 15, 1784- Pr. William Co. VA and died Sep 28, 1821- Columbus  Franklin Co. OH. (He is listed as John in one place and James in another.) He is on the 1816 Tax List in Zanesville, Ohio.

            Married in first in Ohio to Martha Goshen about 1803- who died 1805.He, along with his brother-in-law John Goshen of Rockingham Co., VA was connected to the Methodist Church in Putnam, OH. He married second to Mary Hoover, b 1788-died after 1820- in     Lancaster, Fairfield Co. OH, on Sep/ 26, 1804. Mary was the d/o Henry Hoover (1755-1827) and Nancy Carr Moreland. His children all born in Putnam Co. Ohio.




            Mullican Family and Mullins Families-connections to the Vickers of Prince William


            James Mullican - Born in Scotland- married about 1605? 

            His son William Mullican - b 1712- St. Peters Parish- Talbot, Montgomery Co. Maryland- died 1762- His wife was Eleanor Robinson who he married in Nov 3, 1737-

            William married second to Ann Barrett- He may have lived in Bedford Co. VA and then moved to Greenville Co. SC. 

            His children:

a. John b Nov 15, 1738- possibly died young?

b. William Jr. – b Oct 29, 1741- Maryland died 1818- Casey Co. KY- He married Nancy Ann Allen, Brunswick Co. Virginia.

            His children:

                                a. Thomas- b 1763- married Millie Routon- Jun 28, 1786- Bedford Co. VA                                

                                b.  William- 1769- married 1. Wilmouth Estes in 1790. 2. Elizabeth Fuston 3. Elizabeth Smith. 4. Franky Barnes.

                                c. John - b Mar 7, 1772- Greenville, SC- married Mary Bruce **See below         .          

                                d. Nancy- b 1775- Greenville, SC- died 1849- White Co. TN.  She married Jun 10, 1792 in Greenville Co. SC to John Wright Vickers -                          b Apr 2, 1750- Prince William Co. Virginia, s/o John Vickers –b 1730 died 1784- and Sarah Wright-b 1730-1760, d/o Richard                                      Wright, b about 1710-1784- Essex Co, VA  and Prince William Co. VA.         

                  He is listed as William Mullican, Jr. on the 1807 and 1808 Tax Lists of Casey County KY on Knoblick Creek with his father, William Mullican, Sr. In 1808 Solomon Mullican is also listed on the tax lists 1809 in Warren County, TN.

                  1812 Warren Co. TN- Tax List- 

William Mullican

John Mullican

James Webb, Sr.

James Webb

Elisha Webb

Julius Webb,

Elias Webb

Elisha Webb

John B. Webb

Jesse Webb

Chesley Webb

Joshua Webb,

Jeremiah Webb

John Webb, Sr. and Jr.

Richard Cantrell


Mullins Family – Descendants of Anthony Mullins- (real name was Antonio Molina) - who was born about 1750 in Genoa, Italy and died Nov 3, 1836 in Lincoln Co. TN- He immigrated to America on the ship “Triumph” which left Leghorn             Italy on Sep 2, 1773.    Rev. War-in the Dragoons under William Washington.

      He married first to Polly Clark on Nov 2, 1784- Albemarle Co. and second to Sarah  Rambols on Jan 18, 1809- Albemarle Co.  He and Polly Clark had eight children, and he          had eight more by Sarah.  (Ref: Abstracts of Wills of Lincoln Co. TN)

      Will of Anthony Mullins- written Oct 5, 1824- and witnessed by John Paul, Thomas Gillespie, John Vickers, Sr. and John Vickers, Jr.

      State of Tennessee Court Case:  Personally appeared Anthony Mullins – Lincoln Co. before me William Edmiston (or Edmundson) - acting Justice of the Peace for county and state aforesaid, and attested to by John Vickers on Jan 31, 1829.

1790 Census of Randolph Co. NC- Nathaniel Mullins, Jeremiah Mullins and  Charles Mullins – Nathaniel Mullins and Thomas Mullins were listed as Petitioners of Randolph Co. NC- 1785-1788

      1840 Census of Logan Co. West Virginia

      Mullins- Boyd W., Hiram, Isham, Nathaniel, and Thomas

      Smoot- Daniel, Charles and William

      Vickers- Griffin, John and Simeon 

      Lowe- Joseph

      Webb- George and Moses Webb 

      Muncey- Samuel, Thomas and Herndon

      The Pauley Family -



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