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Information primarily derived from two volumes of "Early Adventurers On The Western Waters" by Mary B. Kegley and F. B. Kegley. Green Publishers, Inc. Orange, Virginia and supplemented with data provided by Marylou Black in correspondence during 1995. Vernon Easley

A. Elias VICKERS ca. 1750-1822 m. 1785 Peggy CUNNINGHAM. (Elias' will written 16 Jan 1822 and recorded Apr 1822 in Montgomery Co. Will Book 3, p. 407) Elias purchased lands on Crab Creek (including a Grist Mill) from Jacob HORNBARGER and Zachariah Stanley in 1806. (Montgomery Co. Deed Bk D, p. 319)

The children of Elias VICKERS and Peggy CUNNINGHAM were:

A.1. William VICKERS b. ca. 1787 m. 24 Oct 1806 to Peggy HORNBARGER, daughter of Peter HORNBARGER and Elizabeth SMITH in Montgomery Co. By 1820 they moved to Kanawha Co. VA (WV). William and brother Thomas bought lands on the south side of Crab Creek from Henry KELKNER in 1816. In 1828 William and his wife, as residents of Kanawha Co., sold their lands to Griffin VICKERS.
     A.1.1. Griffin VICKERS
     A.1.3. son
     A.1.4. son
     A.1.5. Edie Kirby
Ruth Martin (Edie and Ruth are mentioned as the daughters of Peggy VICKERS in the                 will of Peter HORNBARGER, recorded June 1856 in the Montgomery Co. Will Book                 9, p. 32)
A.2. Thomas VICKERS b. ca. 1788. m. 16 Dec 1815 to Lucy BECK. They removed to Kanawha Co. WV by 1830. (Montgomery Co. Deed Bk K, p. 164)
     A.2.1. son
John B. VICKERS b. ca. 1789 m. 1816 to Lucinda ROOT and removed to Kanawha Co. WV by 1820 and Logan Co. by 1840..
     A.3.1. Simion VICKERS b. ca. 1819
     A.3.3. Juliantes VICKERS b. 3 Jan 1840 m. Allen H. McClure b. 23 Jan 1836. (Information on      Lucinda ROOT and Juliantes VICKERS from "Family Tree Maker—World Family Tree Vol I,      Family #2924)
A.4. Peggy VICKERS b. ca. 1791 m. 31 Dec 1811 to John SIMKINS
Elizabeth VICKERS b. ca. 1793 m. 23 Jun 1814 to Nathaniel MUNSEY
Alexander VICKERS b. ca. 1797 m. 29 Nov 1827 to Rebecca DOBBINS and recorded his will in Montgomery County in 1846 (Will Bk 7, p. 339). In it his wife, a crippled son, James Harvey, and four sons and three daughters are mentioned.
     A.6.1. James Harvey VICKERS
four unnamed sons
     A.6.6.—A.6.8. three unnamed daughters
A.7. Hannah VICKERS b. ca. 1798
Sally VICKERS b. ca. 1799
A.9 Parthenia VICKERS b. ca. 1801
A.10 Lucinda VICKERS b. ca. 1805
A.11 Melinda VICKERS b. ca. 1809 m. 26 Aug 1830 to James HOWERTON
A.12 Elias VICKERS, Jr. b. ca. 1812

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