Others researching in England:
Chris Vickers, chris.vickers@virgin.net

I had a look at the Sheffield Parish Church records at the Society of Genealogists in London - I have recently become a member and am still finding my way around - but the only entries there in the period in which you are interested were:

January 1593 - Marriage of Gilbtus Taylier and Suzanna Vicars

February 1595 - Marriage of Willus Belfeld and Agnes Vicars

As you see, back then we could be faced with a different spelling of our surname. Why is life so complicated?

Anyhow, I shall keep looking when I have the opportunity.

On another note, I have some free Web space from my ISP and have decided to set up a Vickers (UK) Family Page. My first attempt is at http://freespace.virgin.net/chris.vickers if you care to take a look. I plan to add a Messages page and if you have no objection would like to include your interest. I need something to start it with!

Best regards, Chris chris.vickers@virgin.net


From Kathy Welder, conch@softcom.net

Kelly, Here is some research done in 1983 by a James Vicars of Ohio. He is from the Robert Vicars Line of Virginia, Clinch River area. Robert himself, was an immigrant sentenced to the Colonies, in 1767. He belongs also to the line of Dwana Vicars. I thought this might be "good stuff" to post on your web page. I have no way to contact James Vicars in Ohio, he is no longer listed as there. However, the research all comes from public records, so I don't think he'd mind if it can be used by others. I hope you can use the following information:

Vicars Reference Material

Vicars and variant spellings are of English roots. Original families probably came from County Devon and spread to Exter. Devon has the earliest Vicars records. By 1790 there were 22 Vicars households, plus 90 family members.

English Locations

Exter: near the English Channel, adjoining Devon Dunkeswell in County Devon: principal Vicars location (location also near the channel and adjoining Cornwall, on the coast.)

Worcester: containes the same "parent" family of the Devon Vicars (located in mid-England, near the Wales border).

York & Yorkshire, in the upper portion of England, near Scotland, also contained Vicars.

London: several early Vicars married there.

Origins/Meaning of the Name

VICAR: deputy
Vicars: the vicars son/ dweller at the house of vicar.
Vicary; sire, priest
Vicker; the vicar had far to go home
Vicaire (Frence variation)
Vickerage/Vickeridge: dweller/servant
Vickerman: vicar's man/servant
Vickeress: vicars son

Vickers/Vicars of Early England

1228 in the reign of Henry I, at EXTER, Robert le Vicare & his heirs, were awarded a "quit claim" on a tract of land, by Walter de Wynemaneston & wife Alice, in County Devon.

1379 Peter atte Vicars living in County York.

1547 The Will of John Vicary was recorded in Co. Devon

1550 this date; Joane Vicary wed George Methan of Cadeby, Co. York

1558 The "Arms" were granted to this family name during this year.

1574 Stephen Vyccarye married Margaret Johnson in London John Vicarish married Margery Gerard

1585 John Vicary of Devon was registered at Oxford Thomas Vicars lives in Scrawsby (Devon?)

1592 The Will of Robert Vicary recorded in Co. Devon

1596 The Will of William Vicary recorded in Co. Devon

1600 Mary Vicars, of Brodsworth, wed George Holgate of Stapelton.

1603 John Vicaridge of "Natton", wed Mary Sheldon, dau. of William Ann Vicaridge d/o Richard and wife Anne, baptized March 20, at Knightwick, Co. Worcester. The will of Roger Vicary was recorded in the Co. (Worcester?)

1607 Walter Vicaris lives in Omberseley (near Bewdley) Co. Worcester

1608 the will of John Vicary recorded in Co. Devon Robert Vicaris lives in Tibberton, Co. Worcester.

1613 Robert & William Vicaris both taxed at Tibberton

1614 Margaret Vicares married William Collins in London

1617 Joan Viccaries married John Wells in London

1619 The will of Emott Vicary recorded in Co. Devon

1624 The will of Benedict Vicary recorded in Co. Devon

1634 Anne Vicars, dau. of Walter, of Bewdley Co. Worcester, born. Both the families of Robert Vicaris, of Astley and Robert Vickers of Bewdley are listed in "The Visitation of Worcester"

1636 November 12, mention is found of Robert Vicaris, gent. Of Bewdley.

1640 Walter Vicaris, son of William & Joyce, baptized Sept. 13, in Doddenham, Co. Worcester, England.

1653 Richard Vicaredg, s/o Francis, baptized in Over Ardey, Worcester, July 30.

1665 Alice Vicaridge of Canterberry, wed John Halton

1668 John Vickers, attorney of Doncaster, buried April 28.

1678 Robert Vicaris wed Anne Sterry, June 29, both of Doddenham, Co. Worcester. Vicars Families in American Colonies

1623 John Vicars, Jamestown, died Feb. 16

1629 John Vicary, commander of the merchant ship "Twin Sisters", bound for England July 17th.

1639 Migrants were: Bryan Viccars, from England to James City, sponsor Edward Travis. Francis Viccars from England to James City, sponsored by Let' Popely. Mary Vicars to Henrico Co. sponsor Richard Nance.

1648 William Viccard from England to James City, sponsored by Theo. Ludwell.

1651 Peter Vicaris from England to Nansemound Co. by Audrey Bennett

1669 a Mr. Vicars signed as security of John Bremers will, June & Oct.

1670 John Vicars granted 200 acres from the James Benn estate.

1671 Edmund Vickers appraised the estate of John Munger, Sept. 7.

1675 John Vicars wed Jane, d/o Elias Webb

1677 John Vicars, Isle O Wight, died Sept. 13. Jane Vicars wed Francis Borden April 12, Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

1678 John Vickers wed Elizabeth, d/o John Waight

1679 Robert Green wed Mary Prichett, d/o Mrs. Vicars

1680 Thomas Vicars listed as a public officer, Glouester Co. Va. Telsoe Par. Thomas Carrell wed Mrs. Jane Vicars, widow of John Leonard Vicary admitted as a freeman of Hull

1683 Silvanus Vickers, Hull, Massacusetts, born June, 13.

1688 Elizabeth Vickers, relict of John, wed Peter St. Lejar John Vickers of Boston, married Sarah Croakham

1689 Benjamin Vickery of Hull, wed Dorcas ?

1696 Rev. Thomas Vicaris of Gloucestor Co. Va. Died

1697 Elizabeth Vickers, wife of Issac, died April 14

1701 Jonathan Vickers resident of Manamoy, Barnstable, Mass.

1709 Martha Viciaris wed William Todd

1713 Nathaniel Vickers of Essex Co. Va. Sells 100 acres.

1714 William Vickers lives in Essex Co. Va.

1716 Samuel Vickers came to Boston

1719 Robert Vickers from England to Maryland

1729 Ichabod Vickery wed Elizabeth Bay

1734 Margaret Vickers wed William Boykin

1741 Ralph Vickers died, Feb. 10th.

1745 Rebecca Vickers of Augusta Co. Va. Signed a land deed between Moses Thompson and John Madison Dec. 12th.

1767 Robert Vickers migrated to America

1768 William Vickers migrated to America 1771 Robert Vicars listed as a tithible, Clinch River, Va.


England to Australia

From the VICKER-L list: VICKER-L@rootsweb.com

I am interested to speak with anyone who has a connection with the following family.
Terry Egan, Melbourne, Australia

Descendants of George Vickers

Generation No. 1

1. GEORGE1 VICKERS. He married MARTHA MILES. Notes for GEORGE VICKERS: Occupation listed as Labourer on Eliza's Marriage Certificate. Child of GEORGE VICKERS and MARTHA MILES is:
2. i. ELIZA2 VICKERS, b. Abt. 1854, Basildon, Berkshire, England.

Generation No. 2

2. ELIZA2 VICKERS (GEORGE1) was born Abt. 1854 in Basildon, Berkshire, England. She married FRANK SAUNDERS July 03, 1875 in Yatala, Queensland, Australia, son of ? SAUNDERS and ELIZA ?.

Notes for ELIZA VICKERS: Occupation listed as Domestic Servant on her Marriage Certificate. Living at Yatala at the time of her marriage. Living at Redland Bay, Queensland in 1915.

Notes for FRANK SAUNDERS: Living at Yatala at the time of his marriage. Occupation listed as Labourer. This was Frank's second marriage. Frank was unable to write. Frank and Eliza had moved to William Street, Beaudesert Queensland by February 1922.

iii. ELIZA SAUNDERS, b. Abt. 1875.
iv. EMILY SAUNDERS, b. Abt. 1878.
v. ANNIE SAUNDERS, b. Abt. 1880.
vi. MARGARET SAUNDERS, b. Abt. 1882.
vii. FRANK SAUNDERS, b. Abt. 1886, Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia; m. VIOLET MABEL ?, 1916-1917. Notes for VIOLET MABEL ?: By 1922, Violet had re-married to a Peters and living in Toogoolawah Queensland.
viii. GEORGE SAUNDERS, b. Abt. 1886.
ix. ADA SAUNDERS, b. September 17, 1888, Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia; d. January 24, 1965, Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia; m. CARL CHRISTIAN BERG, December 1905, Yatala, Queensland, Australia.


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