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From Kathy Welder:

Kelly, Having just viewed your GREAT Vickers web page, I believe somewhere there is a connection to my line. So here is what I have so far, briefly. I appreciate any help or direction you can provide.

Going back in time, I have:
In the 1860 Scott Co. Va. census.
William Henderson Vicars, age 25 b. Tenn.
wife: Harriet Francis Smith and children listed

In the 1850 Lincoln Co. Tenn. I have:
Ezekiel Vicars, age 50, b. Ga.
wife: Polly, age 49, b. N.C.
Thomas, age 20, b. Tenn.
Henderson, age 15, b. Tenn.
Elizabeth, age 13, b. Tenn.
Elijah, age 9, b. Tenn.
James, age 8, b. Tenn.
Zebulon, age 6, b. Tenn.
Nancy, age 4, b. Tenn.
Ezekial POLK, age 3, (grandson??)

Also a possible brother to Ezekial:
Eligiah Vicars, age 36, b. Ga.
wife Isabella, age 35, b. Tenn.
other children are listed along with a J.K. Polk, age 6

1830 Lincoln Co. Tenn. also have listed:
Ezekial Vicars, age 20-30
1 female age 20-30
1 male under 5
1 male 5-10

1840 Lincoln Co. Tenn.:
Ezekial Vicars, age 30-40, family also shown
Eligiah Vicars, age 20-30, family shown
Jeremiah Vicars, age 30-40, family shown

In 1830 Putnam Co. Georgia AND Washington Co. Ga. are two Elijah Vicars
Putnam Co. age is 30-40
Washington Co. age is 40-50

In 1820 I have two Eligiah Vicars, one in Washington Co. age 26-45, the other in Jasper Co. (formed from Putnam) age "to 26"

I believe my line comes from Washington Co. but I have no more research to follow up on. Can either of you help? Many thanks in advance for any clues you can provide.
Kathy Welder Lodi, Ca.


Hi, Kathy!
While I haven't had a chance to check my notes on Washington Co., GA, I just wanted to check with you to see if you had looked at the Virginia file on the Resource Page entitled "John & Nancy Vickers, VA to Lincoln Co., TN". In 1830, Lincoln Co., TN, John lists his children living at home as John, b. 1813
Elijah, b. 1816
Julia, b. 1817
Eliza, b. 1819
and Yehodan, b. 1820.
John and Nancy were married in 1792, so surely there were older children already grown and married by 1830. If you have a good case for Ezekiel and Jeremiah and Elijah being brothers in Lincoln Co., TN, then there is a good chance Ezekiel is an older son of John and Nancy--weren't many Vickers around Lincoln Co., TN in those early years. Can't comment on the Washington Co., connection just yet. Hope this helps, Kelly


Kelly, I will go back and look again at the John & Nancy in Lincoln Co. My limited info. shows a John Vickers in 1790 Georgia, Burke Co. Juror and again in Washington Co. Georgia Bounty Land Grants 1789-93 John is listed along with Robert, Benjamin & Thomas. My Ezekial in 1850 gives his age as 50, could have been a little older, but was probably born by 1800 and he says Georgia. The 1830 census shows him as age 20-30 in Lincoln Co. Tenn. The case for possible brothers Eligiah & Jeramiah in 1840 Lincoln Co. comes that both Ezekial and Eligiah are listed as living very near, pg.#100 with Jeremiah shown pg. #102. In 1850 Tennessee, Lincoln Co. Ezekial & Elijiah are both living nearby, both have Polk (Paulk?) children in their household. Ezekial also has a dau. Nancy, son Elijiah. These names "fit" with the family naming pattern. I'll let you know if I find any more. Thanks again, Kathy


Kelly, Thanks for bring my attention to John & Nancy Vickers, Virginia to Lincoln Co. Tenn. I have reviewed the article and they just may be the parents of Ezekial. However, Ezekial says he was born in Georgia, by 1800 the only John Vicars in Georgia are in Burke Co. and Washington Co. 1790. The Washington Co. must be mine? I'll keep checking. Kathy

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