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Aubrey Vickers,

Have visited your webpage and find you are doing a great job. I am researching this line:

1.George(?) VICKERS b: abt 1827 sp: Nancy HICKS b: 1830, m: 1848 children:

2.William H. VICKERS b:1850 d: bef 1897 sp: Lucy ANN PRESNALL b: Jul 1855, m:1871 children:

3. Leona VICKERS b:abt 1870 m: E.P. SANIMORE 1896
Clara b: 1873 m:Huston SHEFFIELD 1897
George b: 1876 m: Eddie Hicks 1901
Mary b: 1878 m: ?
Bruce b: 1881 m: Jettie WARDE
Avie b: 1887 m: John H. STALLINGS
Brooks b: 1890 m: Maude E. WIGGINS 1912
Gordon b: 1896 Note: Brooks and Maude were my grandparents.

2. John VICKERS b: 1853
2. Lorenzo VICKERS b: 1856

To the best of my knowledge all of the above events took place in Clarke County, Alabama, but I will not make a blanket statement to this.

Aubrey Vickers San Jose, CA

Good morning
A couple of years back you posted a quary I sent you. It is in the Alabama
section. I how have a birth place and year for George. His birth was in
Georgia. Here is a new posting for him. He is a brickwall for me. Looking for
any info.

         Descendants of George VICKERS
George VICKERS (b.1827-,,GA d.1867)
sp: Nancy Tolbert HICKS (b.1830-,,AL m.1848 d.1930)
    |-2. William H. VICKERS (b.1850-Clarke Co.,AL d.1897)
    | sp: Lucy Ann PRESNALL (b.1850-,,AL m.1871)
        ||-3. Leona VICKERS (b.1870-,,AL)
        || sp: E. P. SANIMORE (m.1896)
        ||-3. Clara VICKERS (b.1873-,,AL)
        || sp: Huston SHEFFIELD (b.1873-,,AL m.1897)
        ||-3. George VICKERS (b.1876 d.1924)
        || sp: Eddie R. HICKS (m.1901)
        ||-3. Mary VICKERS (b.1878)
Bruce VICKERS (b.1881-,,AL d.1943)
        || sp: Jettie WARDE (d.1984)
        ||-3. Avie VICKERS (b.1887)
        || sp: John Henry STALLINGS (b.1885)
        ||-3. Brooks VICKERS (b.1890-Gosport,Clarke Co.,AL d.1977)
        || sp: Maude Emma WIGGINS (b.1893-Sunnysouth,Wilcox Co,AL m.1912(div) d.1988)
        || sp: Pearl HEARD (b.1896-,,GA d.1959)
        |+-3. Gordon VICKERS (b.1896 d.1978)
John VICKERS (b.1853-Clarke Co.,AL d.1953)
    |-2. Lorenzo VICKERS (b.1856-Clarke Co.,AL d.1956)
    |-2. Alabama Virginia VICKERS (b.1859-<,,Alabama> d.1956)
    | sp: William Russin THOMAS (m.1880)
        ||-3. Ninnie May THOMAS (b.1892-,,Alabama)
        ||-3. Robert Lee THOMAS (b.1887-,,Alabama)
        ||-3. Willie Dalton THOMAS (b.1890-,,Alabama)
        ||-3. James Russin THOMAS (b.1881-,,Alabama)
        ||-3. William Comer THOMAS (b.1896-,,Alabama)
        ||-3. Kossie Dewey THOMAS (b.1898-,,Alabama)
        ||-3. Lorenzo Noble THOMAS (b.1894-,,Alabama)
        ||-3. Ada Adella THOMAS (b.1886-Cane Creek,Clarke,Alabama)
        ||-3. Minnie Lou THOMAS (b.1900-,,Alabama)
        |+-3. George Willis THOMAS (b.1885-,,Alabama)
    +-2. Georgia VICKERS (b.1862-AL d.1962)

Aubrey Vickers

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