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Letter from Sidney Terry, 1996:


This is a copy of a letter from Mrs. Betty Wren that I received from her in 1993, she makes reference to a Hardy Nixon Vickers.

Dear Mr. Terry,

There's a reference to a Joseph Vickers being the father of Hardy Nixon Vickers in a "Genealogical History of the Tooke Family", compiled by : Mary Tooke Rockwell and Ida Gertrude Tooke, page 190, Dar Library, Washington, DC. He is listed as being the only Vickers in the Cheraw District, SC in 1790. This is only an assumption on their part with no fact attached. If their reference is to the Cheraw Dist. SC then this is incorrect as there was also a Stephen Vickers in Cheraw on same page as Joseph.

Sincerely, Betty L. Wren

This is the meat of her letter, and she sent more on some family group sheets:

Hardy Nixon Vickers
Born: 1772, GA
Died: 11/15/1833 Leon Co., FL
Marr. bef. 1806, Georgia

Wife: Sarah Lester
Born: 1784, NC
Died: aft. 1850 LA/AR
Marr: she has other marriages.
Father: John Lester
Mother: Unknown

Child 1. James Jackson Vickers
Born: 1806, Wilkinson Co., GA
Died: 06/22/1886, LA
Spouse: Sarah M. Jemison (Jamison)? has other marriages.

Child 2. John L.(Lester) Vickers
Born: 1808, GA
Died: 1877, LA
Spouse: Jane Thomas
Marr: 10/28/1828, Georgia

Child 3. Eliza Ann Vickers
Born: 1810, GA
Died: Hempstead, AR
Marr: 12/06/1853, Bienville, LA
Spouse: John Snell

Child 4. Sarah Jane Vickers
Born: GA
Died: GA
Spouse: John W. Reeves
Marr: bef. 1838. Georgia

Child 5. Anna Nixon Vickers
Born: 06/11/1822, GA
Died: 01/08/1891, Bienville, LA
Spouse: John Arthur Tooke
Marr: 12/13/1837, Thomas, GA

Material from: Betty L. Wren 13424 Reid Circle Fort Washington Maryland 20744-6521 Phone: 301-292-2082



Letters and data from Betty Wren:

6 May 1996

Dear Kelly, It was very nice talking with you on Saturday. So glad to hear from someone searching for Vickers. I went back and pulled out my letter from Sidney Terry and see it was over three years ago. I didn't think at the time I could help.

It sounds as if you are a thorough researcher and I will be looking forward to working with you and hope we can help each other. I believe you said you are looking for a James Vickers. I don't recall exactly your details so when I hear from you maybe I can better understand your problem. Going back over my notes I see several James Vickers noted. James M. Vickers, who married widow Mary Jones Tooke about 1825 in Pulaski Co., GA; James M. Vickers, father of Pleasant Nixon Vickers, left will in Hancock Co., GA; James Vickers in Laurens Co. GA and Wilkinson Co., GA in early 1830's; James L. Vickers, 1830 census Leon Co. FL p. 130.

I've enclosed a copy of Hardy Vickers' will. It was a large estate and there were many pages on the microfilm. I will go tomorrow to FHC to get more copied. I have copies of many of the land transactions of the Vickers in Leon Co, but the film was of poor quality. It was readable but didn't copy well. I also have to get copies of Abraham Vickers estate. John Vickers estate should have been on the same roll but wasn't. Also enclosed are all the notes I've gathered through the years on Vickers and Lesters. The two farniles are closely tied together in Georgia and Florida. I also believe there must be a Nixon connection as the name appears so frequently with both Vickers and Lester's. A copy of pages from the Tooke Family History. It appears to have some mistakes on dates and probably others but I have not done a complete check to verify everything. The reprints of pictures show a strong family resemblance between James J. Vickers and his daughter Anna Caroline Vickers Scoff. Pleasant Nixon Vickers appears to quite dashing.

Another family I am researching with ties to the Vickers is Shehee. The Shehees came from Dorchester Co. MD. Daniel Shehee married Allafair Green in 1790 in Dorchester Co. They came to Washington Co., GA. Allafair made will in Washington in 1840 listing all children. The son Alyesbury (A. B.) was the father of two of James J. Vickers Sr. wives. Alyesbury Shehee's will is filed in Thomas Co., GA and probated in Decatur Co., GA. 1854. James A. Vickers is named as an heir and legatee. The Shehees were in Jefferson Co., FL as that is where Savannah Georgia Shehee was born and married James J. Vickers. Alyesbury Shehee was a judge. Some of the Shehees followed the Vickers to Bienville Pr., LA. There were Vickers in Dorchester Co. MD in 1700's.

Sincerely yours, Betty Wren



Mrs. Betty L. Wren 13424 Reid Circle Fort Washington, MD 20744-6521

Dear Betty

Hi! First of all I want to thank you for all the material you have sent on the Hardy Vickers family. I have really enjoyed working through the material and have found it very helpful. You have everything organized so very well. Which brings me to another point. I apologize for the condition of my material! I have a quite a bit of material I’ve gathered over the years but I am still in the process of “organizing” it all. As you can see I have along way to go!

I have been “doing” our family history for about 16 years and have consistently run into a dead end when I hit my g-g-grandfather James J. Vickers (b. in GA) in Jackson County FL who showed up there in the 1820’s. He married Sarah “Sallie” Pelt there in 1840, and died there in 1864. I have not been able to find which family he belongs to in all my casual research over the past 16 years. This last year, however, I basically “got mad (i.e. determined)” and committed myself to doing whatever was necessary to crack the case. As a result I have tried to gather everything I could find on ALL the early Vickers in GA, FL, and AL, hoping perhaps that by understanding how all the Vickers are related and their migration patterns, I would be able to see how my James fits in. So I have quite a bit of material on all the Vickers (obviously not yet complete) but not all organized in my computer yet. As you can see a lot of what I have is scattered about on legal pads, cards, some typed, etc. (Believe it or not, it is more organized in my head than on paper.)

I will try to provide some explanation as to some of the material I am sending. I have concluded that there are two basic migration patterns of the Vickers in GA. One entering Burke/Washington/Montgomery Counties in the 1770-90’s, and migrating down through Laurens/Pulaski/Irwin/Lowndes, and then south and west in to the FL panhandle, southwest GA, and southeast AL. I believe all the Vickers in this migration patten are related. The other migration pattern begins in Wilkes County in the early 1790’s and moves westward through Ogelthorpe/Clarke/ Walton Counties, then continuing westward over into central AL. These two branches could be related back a generation or two before GA, but there is very little, if any, mixing/crossover geographically of the Vickers in these two patterns once they hit GA. Most of the material I’m sending you is on the Vickers who came down through central GA, since we are both from that side. I have quite a bit on the “western” branch but am not sending this since it appears to be a different branch from ours. Sidney Terry belongs to this “western” branch.

The material I’m sending starts with a brief history of my James. At this point I know that my James is not the James M. that married a Tooke, not the James M., father of Pleasant Nixon, not the James in Laurens and Wilkenson, and not he James L. in Leon Co., FL. [There are too many James, don’t you think?]

I was hoping that my James would have been Hardy’s son, but saw with your material that although Hardy’s son was James J., and about the same age, he was not my James J.!

I recently received a copy of the 1845 letter from Ezekiel to Harris Vickers, showing many of the relationships among the Vickers family in N. FL, SW GA, and SE AL. I’m including a copy of this letter for you as well. Also, I’ve highlighted one of the pages in the material that might be a clue for you on the “Nixon” connection. It is interesting to see other names that migrate along with the Vickers clan as they move south, notably Roundtree, Folsom, Jones, Lester, etc., in most cases in-laws.

Any additional information you might have on the Vickers that could show their whereabouts and relationships, let me know. Do you have an email address? I hope you can make some sense of this material and that you might find something that will help you a little. I do have some other group sheets on this southern branch but at present they are hypothetical--proposed-- guesstimates, according to what I’ve been able to put together. Let’s keep in touch! Thanks!

Cordially, Kelly


30 May 1996

Dear Kelly,

Thank you so much for all the Vickers information. It will take me a while to sift through it all but I have found a few things to latch on to. It is evident you have spent a great deal of time and effort on this. I especially enjoyed your comments on your grandparents. It makes them come to life. I would like to have the capability of scaning pictures into my computer.

Last week at the LDS-FHC I checked through some of their IGI files and came across three sons that had been sealed to Wiley & Beady Purvis Vickers. James Madison Vickers born Laurens Co. GA 1815, Jesse Vickers b. Laurens, 1807, John Vickers b. Laurens, 9 May 1818. Sarah Jane Lester dau of James Jackson Lester & Penelope Vickers b 26 Feb 1828 Decatur Co., GA. Seems James Jackson and James Madison (M?) were popular given names. [I agree there were too many James.- I have this problem in other lines.] A James J. Scarborough was a witness to two deeds in Leon Co FL involving James J. Vickers. Recall two of Abraham Vickers' daughters were married to Scarboroughs. 1820 census GA has Aaron and Adam Scarborough in Pulaski, husbands of Rachel & Sarah?? Also Abraham has son Ralph (maybe named for bro. Raif ?).

Names of Solomon, Nathan, James, Stephen & Abraham Vickers appear in Dorchester and Kent Cos., MD in 1757/9 as relatives of John Hyde-Smith. It would seem more than a mere coincidence for so many of the same given names appearing in the Vickers families. I also read somewhere that the wife of Thomas Vickers of Hancock Co.was Sarah Ray.

I have a couple of questions on some of your notes. 1. A note refering to Screven Co. GA DB-A 1794-1805, p 281, 4 Nov 1799 Michael Muffin, of Burke Co., for natural affection for Hardy Vickers, of Burke, 200 ac. in Screven Co., granted Michael Muffin on 8 May 1798. Wit: James Rountree, Wm. Jones. Rec 1 Aug 1801. & 16 Nov 1799 James Vickers, Burke Co. , Adm. of Micharel Murfree, dec!d. Do think that Michael Murfree and Michael Muffin are the same, just a misinterpretation of the writing? 2. Which county was the estate of Nathan Vickers probated, Thomas or Decatur? I noticed one note referred to Nathan N. Vickers, late of state of Louisiana, dec'd.

Sorry I don't have an email address. Enclosed are two records from Hardy Vickers' estate that seem to pinpoint the actual death date about 14 Nov 1833. Doctors bill for services up to 14 Nov 1833 and the purchase of black fabric and trim on 17 Nov 1833 [mourning clothes?]

Hope you had some luck with the Joshua Vickers will. I am working Sun, 2 Jun as a volunteer at the DAR Library's Seimes microfilm room. If I have time I'll look up Rev War pension records on John Vickers. If he applied before 1800 there won't be much to find. I'm really enthused over your efforts and I think you will have enough material to write a book before long.

Sincerely yours, Betty Wren

************************************************************************ May 6, 1996, Material Contributed by Betty Wren:

HUSBAND: Hardy Nixon VICKERS-281 Yr of Birth 1775 WIFE: Sarah LESTER-282 Yr of Birth 1784

HUSBAND - Hardy Nixon VICKERS-281

TAX LIST: 1818 Pulaski Co GA, Bryan's Dist., pll4. John Lester was also on same page. Abraham Vickers was in Lester's Dist., pll5.

CENSUSES: 1820 Pulaski Co GA, ROLL 8; 1830 Leon Co FL, ROLL 15.

DEATH: Leon Co FL Probate Rec, 1827-l827. WILL filed for probate 27 Nov 1833, FHC, film no. 0982903; DB-D, p92, 3 Feb 1834, Leon Co FL, Sarah Vickers, James J. Vickers, executrix and executor of Hardy Vickers, deceased.

NOTE: Sarah Vickers marries John Jordan, Bk-B p.44, 19 Dec 1838 Thomas Co GA.

MILITARY: HISTORY OF PULASKI & BLECKLEY COS. GA, 1808-1956, Harris Hawkensville Chpt. DAR, p48, Pulaski Co, 3 Nov 1814, Pay rolt of Militia stationed at Fort Pike, under the command of Capt Gedion Kellan, HARDY VICKERS PVT, 9 Sept, $8.00, HARDY VICKERS PVT, $2.66 2/3, Ft. Green, 10 days.

COURT: GENEALOGICAL MATERIAL FROM LEGAL NOTICES IN EARLY GEORGIA NEWSPAPERS, Southern Historical Press, 1989, p232, Burke Co., Nathan & Hardy Vickers, Admrs. of estate of John Vickers, 14 May 1816.

NOTE: 1805 GEORGIA LAND LOTTERY, Living in Burke Co GA for one year with wife and child, US citizen, 2 draws. HISTORY OF PULASKI & BLECKLEY COS. GA (above), p74, Grandjurors, 7 Dec 1805, Burke Co GA, Hardy & Abraham Vickers.

NOTE: Accrording to will had land in WiLkinson Co GA that later became Pulaski Co GA.

RELIGION: Was a contributor to Myrtle Springs Baptist Church, Leon Co FL according to his estate. This may have been the church of his wife as her father, John Lester, was known to be a Baptist. Later Vickers appeared to be Methodist.

NOTE: 1821 Pulaski Co GA, Academy of Hartford formed, Hardy Vickers, Commissioner.

NOTE: Leon Co., FL, Lots sold in original plan of city of Tallahassee, #179 Geo. Graves [original owner] to HARDY VICKERS, $116, 5 Feb 1829. A copy of the original plat of Tallahassee was obtained at the Florida Archives, Tallahassee on 10-2-96 with a List of original owners. Hardy Vickers is listed as Hood Vickers. Lot 179 which is on the west side of Monroe about mid block between Clinton & Jefferson. Nathan Vickers has Lot 161 on west corner of Monroe & Pensecola.

WIFE- Sarah LESTER-282 BIRTH: Census, 1850 Bienville Pr LA, pl23. FATHER: A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE TOOKE FAMILY, Mary Tooke Rockwell & Ida Gertrude Tooke, p 190. Leon Co FL, D BK-B, 126, 110 Mar 1830. MARR: NO 2. John Jordan, Thomas Co GA, 19 Dec 1838. DEATH: Tooke reference above, 'some place in Arkansas'. DIVORCE: Thomas Co, GA, 1846, November Term of Court.

NOTE: She was probably living with son James J Vickers Sr. or daughter Eliza Vickers Snell in Hempstead Co AR. Eliza Vickers Snell is buried at Emmet, Nevada, AR.

Other marriages: 19 Dec 1838(div) John JORDAN-685

CHILD 1 - James Jackson VICKERS Sr.:266


MARR: TOOKE HISTORY. P 190-191, Marr #1, #2. #3, #4. Copy of marr. License, Territory of Florida, Jefferson Co. for #3. Difficult to read.


NOTE: Members of Masonic Lodges in Hempstead Co Ar 1866, Moscow Lodge No 80, Moscow, Hempstead Co, J J Vickers; Hempstead Trails, Oct 1988.

CENSUSES: 1850, Bienville Pr. LA, p555, family 422; 1860, Hempstead Co. AR, Missoouri TWP, p76, House 42; 1870, Hempstead Co. AR, Terre Onge TWP, p22. NOTE: This census Lists James Vickers as 60 with Nancy 49, Bettie 24, Sam 20 and M. J. 15. These names don't reflect other cenesus records so doubt it is the same James Vickers.

NOTE: ALthough James J. Vickers, Sr. was living in Arkansas in 1880's he may be buried in LA. TOOKE HISTORY, p. l90 alludes to this fact. A Vickers cemetery is reported to have been west of Ringold, LA. The cemetery is now over grown & no attempt was made to search it. A Librarian at Ringold, LA said she had been to it at one time. A search of Hempstead Co., AR cemeteries was made with no results. His sister Eliza Vickers Snell is buried at cemetery in Emmet, AR, SE of HWY 67.

NOTE: “Florida Territory, Vol. XXV 1834-1839”, p 76, James J. Vickers signed a petition to Congress by Stockholders of Tallahassee R. R. 16 Dec 1834 to construct a railroad from Tallahassee to St. Mark's.

NOTE: Thomas Co., GA, Guardianship Rec., 2 Sept 1847, It was ordered James J. Vickers be appointed guardian for the property of James J. Vickers Jr. & Margaret Hunter Vickers, minors and give $1500 bond. Take oath, 6 Sept 1847, James J. Vickers Sr., James Tooke, James Sevard gave $1500 bond. James J. Vickers appointed guardian of Margaret Hunter Vickers & James J. Vickers Jr. p 147.

NOTE: 30 Dec 1848 filed in Decatur & Thomas Cos. GA the settlement of land on the heirs of Aylesbury Shehee. James J. Vickers signed for wife Savannah G. along withhusband of Augustine F. Shehee Fenlayson, Thos G. Shehee, L. W. Shehee et al.

NOTE:Sarah Lester Vickers Jordan, mother of James J. Vickers was divorced from husband John Jordan in 1846. The November Term of Court of Thomas Co GA James Vickers was trustee for this action in his wife's name. Records show each party was well to do in their right. In conformity with divorce agreement, each relinquished all rights to any property belonging to the other. Sarah Jordan asked for the folowing property: 5 mules, 1 wagon, 200 head of stock, negroes names Silas, Wright, Lewis, Tom, Austin, Dick, Little Tom, Annis, Hannah, Ahlory, Edy, Mary, Isabel and Davis; 2 horses and carriage, all furniture in the house in which they were living, 50O acres of land, lots in the town of Thomasville, GA. She had already received a large inheritance from her father John Lester when he died in 1830.

Other marriages: 8 Dec 1836 Augusta Caroline SHEHEE-270 MRIN: 45 25 Feb 1839 Savannah Georgia SHEHEE-272 MRIN: 46 21 Mar 1852 Patience WYCHE (RAIFORD)-276 MRIN: 47

CHILD 2 - John L.(Lester?) VICKERS-283

Liberty Co., GA, Book B, Wills & Appraisements, p. 230, Note: John L. Vickers is a witness along with a Joseph Moore to a will of Mrs. Sarah Handley of Leon Co., FL. Will executed October 27, 1831, in Leon Co., FL. Executors were: Son, Thomas H. Handley of Leon Co. and Nathaniel Law of Liberty Co., GA.

CHILD 3 - Eliza Ann VICKERS-284

CHILD 4 - Sarah Jane VICKERS-285

PARENTS: Leon Co, FL, D-EK-C, p434, 10 Mar 1830. Slave girl named Sarah. MARR: DB-D p242, Leon Co FL, June 1834, signs as wife of John W. Reaves.

CHILD 5 - Anna Nixon VICKERS-286


JOHN LESTER - Grant in Burke Co. GA Bk. TTT p 180 - 350 ac. 1790 Bk. WWW pl 80 - 300 ac. 1796 Bk. ZZZ p 226 - 95 ac. 1797

SUSANNAH LESTER - Grant in Burke Co. GA Bk WM pl 76 - 150 ac. 1796 Bk. WWW p 176 - 50 ac. 1796

HARDY VICKERS - 1805 - Georgia Land Lottery Free white male, married with wife and /or child, legitimate child/children under 21 years of age, 1 year resident in Georgia, U.S. citizen, got two draws. Serial No.6 - 2 draws 1-P-2-B. Lived in Burke Co.
Other VICKERS in Burke:

HARDY VICKERS - Grant in Burke Co. GA G-5 p6l - 14-1/2 ac 1807

Federal Direct Tax 1798

JOHN LESTER - 1 dwelling, 3 out houses, 30 porches of land 1 Oct 1798

JOHN LESTER - 9 slaves above age of 12 & under 50 subject to tax. 4 exempeted by law or in concequences of disability.

HARDY VICKERS - 3 slaves above age of 12 & under 50, 1 subject to tax, 1 exempted.

1807 Land Lottery of Georgia
JOHN VICKERS - Spain's Dist. Lot 163, Dist. 9, Baldwin Co. GA, Lot 36, Dist 27 Wilkinson Co.

1820 Land Lottery of Georgia JOHN LESTER - J. Ward's Dist., Lot 405, Sec 12, Irwin Co.

JOHN LESTER (minor) - 69th Dist., Lot 249, Sec 5, Early Co.


1820 Census Burke Co GA
Males    2-0-1-1-2-0-5
Females 2-1-0-1-0-4
5 in agriculture
3 male slaves, 3 female

Female 1<10
            8 in agriculture
            Slaves 9M, 7F

JOHN LESTER - p. 23,
F -2-0-1-0-1-4
1 in Agriculture
No slaves

HARDY VICKERS - ABRAHAM VICKERS - Grand Jurors, 7 Dec 1805

JAMES VICKERS, Admin. of estate of Michael Murffre, decd applies to sell real estate of dec'd Nov 9, 1799.

NATHAN & HARDY VICKERS Admrs. of estate of JOHN VICKERS, dec!d will sell the personal property of the estate at his late residence on July 5th. (Adv. date May 14 1816. At same time they apply for leave to sell lands of the deceased.)

SARAH LESTER, Admx. of NIXON LESTER, Adv. for sale Sept. 20th 1815, a negro girl "Venus". Adv. dated July 5, 1815.


HARDY VICKERS, Bryan's Dist p 114, Tax 1818

Lester Crawford, dec'd; Admrs. HARDY VICKERS & Jason Brinson: Adv. March 28 1815, Sale May 9, 1815.

HARDY VICKERS - 9 Sept 1814 - Pvt Commence service, 18 Sept 1814 Experation of service. $8.00 per month. Under the command of Capt. Gedon Kellamm Militia stationed on frontier of Pulaski.

HARDY & NATHAN VICKERS temporary administrators of ABRAHAM VICKERS, 20 Jan 1824, WM. LESTER Securties - $3,000. 1 Mar 1824 ADMS. of ABRAHAM VICKERS, Securties - Thomas Johnson, Furuy F. Gatlin.

Petit Jurors, Jan 1812, Oct 1818
Grand Jurors, 24 Feb 1821, Oct 1823, 23 Jun 1810, 29 Oct 1811, 27 Apr 1812, 25 Apr 1815.

28 APR 1814 Benja. Chair's vs HARDY VICKERS, "I confess judgment to plantiff for $620.86 cents with interest.
P 31 - State vs Wm. Goodson, HARDY VICKERS & Robt, David acknowledge themselves to Excellency the Govt $500 each.
P 69 - Chair's vs VICKERS, I WM. LESTER acknowledge myself bound as security to the defendant for principal/interest/cost in the above case in term of alternating law 14 Jan 1815. WM. LESTER.

Inferior Ct.
20 Aug 1810, ordered that HARDY VICKERS be & he is here by appointed overseer of the River Road from Musketer Creek Run down opposite Lester Crawford's mill & the hands subject to that part are to clear & open same.
Inferior Ct. 20 Jul 1812, p 29, HARDY VICKERS appointed J. P. in Capt. Alkinson's Dist.
p. 31, HARDY VICKERS appointed commissioner for road to be built.
p. 40, 10 Feb 1813, paid to HARDY VICKERS & Wm Philips $100 for building bridge           Limestone Creek.
p. 52, 5 Mar 1814 HARDY VICKERS appt. comm. of lower River Road leading from Hartford to           county line dividing Pulaski & Tailfoire COs.

1 M  10-15
1 M  45+
1 F   16-25
1 F   26-45

LETTERS OF ADMINSTRATION p 20-21 - By these honors the judges of court of the ordinary to HARDY VICKERS & Jason Brinson - Greeting - Adminstrators of Lester Crawford, 1 May 1815. HARDY VICKERS Adm. Solomon Shepherd, 3 Jan 1820, HARDY VICKERS guardian of Cassea Shepherd. WM. LESTER Sec. 5 Mar 1821 HARDY VICKERS, guardian $9,000, SILAS M. LESTER, NATHAN N. LESTER, ALFRED J. LESTER - NIXON LESTER dec'd. 14 Jan 1822 - HARDY VICKERS - Guardian Cassandra Shephers. Dec'd Jos. S. Shepherd. JOHN LESTER Grand Juror, June 1812- Oct 1812 Apr 1815, JOHN LESTER Comm. to build road leaving River Road at Musketer Creek bestway to intersect the Telfoir Road at county line.


WB - J - P 364-370
THOMAS VICKERS 25 Apr 1819 - Probated 7 Feb 1820 Wife- SARAH; Sons - SOLOMON R., GREENE, JAMES R., THOMAS, WILLIAM: Daus. - SARAH M., REBECCA M., MARY ROBINSON: Grandson - JOHN VICKERS son of THOMAS VICKERS. Exrs: JOHN VICKERS, SOLOMON R. VICKERS. Wit: Duke Hamilton, Joel Rives, Wm. G. Garland.

SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE - issue 18 Nov 1842 Died at lrwinton, Barbour Co., AL - Sept. 1lth. MRS SARAH W. RIVES, in her 43rd year of her age. The daughter of THOMAS & SARAH VICKERS; was born Hancock Co. GA 1799 and was converted at a camp meeting held at the Sparta Camp Ground in the same county, 1824. P.Y.

JAMES M. VICKERS, WB-K, P 108, 1845-1849. Viewed copy of will at the Georgia State Archives on microfilm, 1987. writing hard to read but I believe he says his father was NATHAN VICKERS.

PLEASANT NIXON VICKERS born Monroe Go GA, son of JAMES M. VICKERS and ANNE E.. Other children HENRIETTA and JAMIE. PLEASANT NIXON VICKERS has a diary on microfilm at Georgia State Archives. He was among six companies of young men that volunteered for service in 1861, Thomas Co. GA. He married Anna Theis. Visited relation n Nevada Co, AR in early 1900's. [My father-in-law recalled this visit--Betty Wren]


JAMES VICKERS in right of his wife will sell in Feb 1832, "All the settlement of land on Turkey Creek in Laurens and Wilkinson Cos. belonging to the dec’d", Adv. dated Nov. 16, 1831. (Name of decendent is not shown).


JAMES VICKERS, Admr. in right of his wife, on estate of Wiley Hopson, applies for leave to sell one-third of lot 27, 3rd dist. of Marion Co, lot 107 in 21st dist. Harris Co. for support for Angeline Hopson minor child of Wiley Hopson. Notice dated Aug l8, 1835.


MB-B 1838-1865

2 Sept 1847 - It was ordered JAMES J. VICKERS be appointed guardian for property of JAMES J. VICKERS JR & MARGARET H. VICKERS, minors and give $1500 bond. 6 Sept 1847 - JAMES J. VICKERS, JOHN TOOKE & JAMES SEWARD gave $1500 bond. JAMES J. VICKERS appointed guardian of MARGARET H. VICKERS and JAMES J. VICKERS JR. p l47.

JAMES J. VICKERS 1840 census Thomas Co GA. P 306
JAMES M. VICKERS 1840 census Thomas Co GA. P 295


DB-1 -P221
10 Aug 1787, John Cesna of Greene Co. to JOHN LESTER of Rowan Co., NC, for 50 pds. specie, 200 acres on waters of Big Beaverdam adj. Robt Christmas, DUN. Signed Jno Cessna. Wit: Robt. Greeer A. J.. Proved by Robt. Greer, 6 Mar 1789.


WB-A, P 175-176
31 OCT 1806, THOMAS LESTER. To my son JOHN LESTER one Negro man Sippco, one Negro boy Amos, man Joe & boy Cob. Also my tract of land where Lewis J. Dupree now lives containing 230 ac., also 40 ac. joining the above tract in the fork of Clouds Creek. To my son GEORGE LESTER a Negro man Lewis woman Sall, boy Minor, man Peter, boy Henry, girl Sucky, a good horse & saddle etc., also my tract of 300 ac. where I now live adjoining Joseph Beadles, George Fa (torn), & Wm Barnett. The remainder of my estate to be equally dividid between my two sons JOHN & GEORGE LESTER. Signed: THOS. LESTER. Wit: Wm. M. Stokes, Rich. Hargrove, Walter Johnson. Rec. 9 July 1807. (This JOHN LESTER is probanby the one that married Nancy Lumpkin 11/25/1803, Ogle.)


Hardy Vickers        p. 129    AGE 50/60
Hatcher Vickers      p. 127    AGE 40/50
James L. Vickers    p. 130    AGE 25/30
John L. Vickers      p. 130    AGE 20/30
Nathan Vickers      p. 120    AGE 40/50
Patsey Vickers       p. 130    AGE 40/50
Stephen Vickers     p. 125    AGE 40/50

Hardy Vickers, 1830 Census: 0-0-0-1-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-0, 0-1-1-1-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0, 34 slaves

DB - B, P 126
JOHN LESTER to daughter SARAH VICKERS four Negroes, 10 Mar 1830.


DB-D, P 41

DB-D-P 236






PROBATE RECORDS   1827-1837 (no page nos) Will of HARDY VICKERS.



Territory of Florida Leon County

In the name of God Amen. I, Hardy Vickers, of the Territory and County aforesaid, being weak in body and knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, but of sound mind and memory, think proper to make, appoint, ordain and constitute this my last will and Testament in words following (viz)

1st      I commit my soul to Almighty God who gave it--trusting and relying solely on the merits of the Savior the Lord Jesus Christ for [. . .] in the world to come.

2nd     I recommend my body to the attention of my Executors and friends to be buried in Christian form.

And as touching such earthly property as it hath pleased God to bless me with, I give and bequeath in manner and form following (to wit-)

Item 1st     I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Sarah Vickers the North East Quarter of land of section seventeen and the West half of the South East Quarter of said section of land during her natural life. I also give and bequeath unto my said wife ten negroes, (to wit) a man Dick, Silas, Tom, Lewis, Austen, Dave and Edy, Mariah, Mary & Amis. Also all my household and kitchen furniture, my pleasure carriage, also three mules such as she [. . .] & hoods, one half of my stock cattle, including my cattle in Georgia, also one half of my stock of hogs and all my plantation tools & a plentiful support for one year out of my crops, also my cotton gin and all the above property to be given to my wife Sarah Vickers during her natural life and then to be divided as I shall hereafter name.

2nd.      I give and bequeath unto my son John L. Vickers one quarter section of land, three negroes (viz) Will, Isaac and David, one sorrel mare, one feather bed and furniture which he has already in his possession, also Lewis a man and his wife Cloe and Frank and at my wife’s death, Wright and Lewis, and one half of my plantation tools.

3rd.      I give and bequeath unto my son James J. Vickers one quater section of land whereon he now lives, three negroes (viz) George, Ben, and Jacob, one bay horse, one feather bed and furniture which he now has in his possession, also three negroes Charles, Cl?, and a girl Saphron, and at my wife’s death, Dick and Tom and half my plantation tools.

4th.      I give and bequath unto my daughter Eliza Ann Vickers two hundred and twelve acres of land the East half of the North East quarter of section twenty range one Township two N & E, also one hundred and thirty-two acres being in the North West quarter section of the Twenty-first section range one Township two N & E, also a negro woman Zilla, Sarah and her child Anne & Harriet to which she has a deed? together with all their increase during her natural life and after her death then to the heirs of her body, also a negro Mike and Simon, one feather bed and furniture, one Gray horse, and at my wife’s death, a negro Wa? and Maria and Amis, also one third part of my household furniture.

5th.      I give and bequeath unto mu daughter Sarah Jane Reaves (viz) all my land on the North side of Crooked Creek about two hundred acres, also three negroes (viz) Patience, Spohia, and Jinny for which she has a deed during her natural life and after her death to the heirs of her body, also a woman Chiloc and a boy Brister, one horse to the value of eighty dollars, and one bed and furniture, one third part of my household furniture, and at my wife’s death a negro man Austin and a woman Eiy and a girl named Silvy.

6th.      I give and bequeath unto my daughter Anna Nixon Vickers (viz) one quarter section of land, one eighth in section Twenty & one in Seventeen during my wife’s lifetime & upon her death to be as my estate & hers to have the place whereon I now live, also three negroes for which she has a deed (viz) a girl Mary, the daughter of Cloe, & Easter & Clarisa during her natural life and after her death to the heirs of her body, also one negro boy Solomon and a boy Dave, one girl Hillin, one horse the value of eighty dollars, one feather bed & furniture & at my wife’s death two negores (viz) Silas & Mary & one third part of the household furniture.

7th.      It is further my will that one half of cattle & hogs not given to my wife shall be equally divided amongtst all my children (viz) John L. Vickers, James J. Vickers, Eliza Ann Vickers, Sarah Jane Reaves, and Anna Nixon Vickers. My will is that the cattle heretofore given to my wife, at her death be equally divided amongst all m children. It is further my will that my Cotton Jin & kitchen furniture be equally divided between my two sons John L. Vickers & James J. Vickers. My will is further that my lands in Georgia & my town lot in Tallahassee and Bank stock in the Central Bank be sold by my Executors to pay my just debts. It is further my will that the property given to my wife shall not be removed off of the plantation whereon I now live nor sold or conveyed for any purpose without the consent of my executors for more than one year & then, the [rent or hire?] to go to her use. My will is that my daughter Anna Nixon’s property remain with her mother until she shall come of age or marry. My will is further that the balance of my property not given away shall be sold to make my heirs all equal. Except the Land My will is that the labor of my negro Wright go for the schooling of my daughter Anna Nixon until the death of her mother.

In order to carry into effect the principles of this my last will and testament I appoint, constitute, & ordain my son John L. Vickers one of my executors so far as [. . .] to his part of my estate & I do further ordain, constitute, & appoint my wife Sarah Vickers Executrix and my son James J. Vickers & my friend William W. Hart Executors to carry in to effect this my last will & testament in testimony where of I have hereunto affixed my seal & set my hand this 2nd day of February 1833.

Test Hardy Vickers John B. Lacy Joseph ? William W. Hart

Filed Nov. 27, 1833

************************************************************************** There is a John Vickers, 1st Leiutenant in Pulaski County, from May 21, 1823 to October 14, 1824. This is probably not Hardy’s son John L. Vickers, since he would be quite young. Hardy’s son, John L., was born about 1808.


An Index to Georgia Tax Digests, UGA Library, Georgia Room, F285.I52, 1986, vol. I “Fragments of a 1798 Federal Digest Tax List” :

Name                County        Total Slaves    # Exempt      Age 12-50 Subject to Tax
Hardy Vickers    Burke                3                   2                                 1
James Vickers    Burke                5                   2                                 3
John Vickers      Burke                1                   1


Florida Territorial Papers, pp. 502,503

Leon Co., FL “J L VICKERS” name appears on a petition dated Aug, 30, 1842, requesting that the Territory be admitted to the Union as a State.

Florida Territorial Papers, pp. 76-79

Leon Co., FL. The following names appear on a petition to Congress as stockholders in the Tallahassee Railroad Company, Dec. 16, 1834:

John L. Vickers
James M. Vickers
James J. Vickers
Wm. Lester
N M Martin


Morman IGI Files list the following info on Rachel Vickers:

Rachel Vickers, b.c. 1775, Burke Co., GA, father is JONATHAN VICKERS (F515022-0048-1553752)

She married Lawrence Armstrong Folsom 1796 in Burke. (8417107-33-1395803) Lawrence Armstrong Folsom was born about 1775 in Burke Co., GA. His parents, William Folsom and Sally Armstrong were married 1774 in Burke Co., GA.

Children of Lawrence and Rachel Vickers Folsom in Burke Co. are:

William Folsom, b. 1797
Randall Folsom, b. January 1799
John Folsom, b. 1800 or 1801
Rachel Folsom, b. 1804
Elijah Folsom, b. 1804 or 1809
Elizabeth Folsom, b. 1806 or 1810
Maston Folsom, b. 1806 or Sept 14, 1809, or 1811
Cynthia Folsom, b. 1808 in Burke Co or Nov. 8 1815 Pulaski Co. or 1818 in Lowndes Co.
James Folsom, b. May 10, 1812, in Pulaski Co., GA

William Folsom m. Eliza Folsom either 1813 in Pulaski Co or 1831 in Lowndes Co
Children: Hardy V. Folsom b. 1837 Lowndes Co. m. 08/26/1859 Tempy Ann Wells in either Brooks or Fayette Co.

Randall Folsom m. Sarah Folsom 1820 in Pulaski Co
John Folsom m. 1822 in Pulaski Co
Maston Folsom m. Eliza Lawson 1830 in Lowndes Co

Elizabeth Pelt m. John Chestley Folsom 1835 in Jackson Co., FL

James Rountree b. 1787 Burke Co., GA m. Nancy Hendley (all IGI/ question b. date) James and Nancy have a daughter, Anna Rountree, b. January/1826 in Pulaski Co. Anna Rountree m. James Folsom 1844 in Lowndes Co., GA

Screven Co., Deed Bk. A p. 281, Nov. 4, 1799, James Rountree witness to a deed to Hardy Vickers

History of Lowndes Co., GA p. 1, “In 1821 four settlers moved to that section of Ga which is now known as Lowndes County. The entire section was covered with pine forest and no such thing as “a settler’s clearing” was known before their coming: James Rountree, Lawrence Armstrong Folsom [Rachel Vickers hus., m. 1797 -Burke Co.,], Drew Vickers, and Alfred Belote. Each man brought his family and they made their journey in covered wagons. Each man selected his lot of land and proceeded to erect his modest home. Others soon followed. In 1825 it was decided to petition the legislature to create a new county.”


Genealogical Abstracts from the Georgia Journal (Milledgeville) Newspaper (1809-1840), vol 4, 1829-1835, by Fred & Emile Hartz:

Wednesday, December 11, 1833

“Died: On the 15th of November last, at his residence in Leon County, Florida, of a billious fever, HARDY VICKERS, Esq., in the sixty-first year of his age. He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his loss.”

This would place Hardy's birth and death dates as:

Born:   1772
Died:    November 15, 1833


Georgia Journal, November 2, 1824, On the 10th day of December next, will be let to the lowest bidder, at Hartford, the building of the Academy for the county of Pulaski . . . make application to either of the subsribers, signed . . . Hardy Vickers . . . Commissioners.

Georgia Journal, June 7, 1825, Superior Court, Pulaski Co., GA May term, 1825, Hardy Vickers, Grand Juror.

Georgia Journal, March 21, 1820, Whereas Hardy Vickers, applies to me for letters of adm. on estate of Mrs. Saleton Shepherd, deceased, given under my hand the 9th March 1820. Robt Moreland, CCO

Georgia Journal, July 9, 1822, Pulaski Co., GA. Hardy Vickers, adm. of Solomon Shepherd, applies for let of dismission, 6/July/1822.


Personal Name Index to the Augusta Chronicle:

Name                      Type         Event          Citation         Page   Column
Abraham Vickers    Other    07/26/1788   07/26/1788       3          2
James Vickers         SAL     11/09/1799   11/16/1799       3          4
John Vickers           Other    08/26/1790   09/18/1790       1          1
Wm. Vickers          Other     05/20/1799   06/22/1799      4          4
Mrs. Vickers           Other    08/15/1789   08/15/1789      3          3
Jack Vickers           Other    02/04/1814   02/04/1814      3          4
Thomas Vickers      Other    02/04/1814   02/04/1814      3          4
Vinson K. Vickers  Other    12/04/1822    01/16/1823      2          4
Nancy Vickers        OBIT    07/11/1828   07/23/1828       3         5
Hardy Vickers        Other    02/18/1822   02/18/1822       3          5
Nathan Vickers       Other    10/01/1817  10/15/1817        3          5
Nathan Vickers       Other    01/01/1818   01/07/1818       2          5
Nathan Vickers       Other    04/05/1819   04/05/1819       3          2
Nathan Vickers       Other    07/07/1819   07/07/1819       3          3
Nathan Vickers       Other    10/04/1819   10/04/1819       3          2
Nathan Vickers       Other    10/15/1819   10/15/1819       2          5
S. R. Vickers, Capt  LET      12/02/1826   12/02/1826      3          5
S. R. Vickers, Capt  LET      01/01/1827   01/01/1827      3          5
S. R. Vickers, Capt  LET      01/01/1828   01/01/1828      3          5


Florida Land: Records of the Tallahassee and Newnansville General Land Office 1825-1892, by Alvie Davidson, 1989.

1090. HARRIS VICERS. (DUP) Feb. 6, 1827, 3 miles NNE Lake Jackson Station, Leon Co. Lot No. 6 Sect. 20 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and west.

118. BRYANT VICKERS. Dec. 25, 1826, 1 mile NE Havana, Gadsden Co. SE ¼ Sect. 29 Tp. 3 R. 2, north and west.

7667. BRYANT VICKERS. Oct. 5, 1838, 2 miles NNE Concord, Gadsden Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 17 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west. This receipt is in the form of an application for a duplicate, applied for by alleged owner of above tract, Aug. 24, 1849, and sworn to by claimant before H. R. W. Andrews, Register of Leon Co.

5019. ELIZABETH VICKERS. (and John Gamble) July 1, 1835, ¼ mile NNE Wacissa, Jefferson Co. E ½ SE ¼ Sect. 36 Tp. 1 R. 3, south and east.

2324. HARDY VICKERS. March 29, 1828, 2 miles NW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SE ¼ Sect. 17 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

16. HATCHER VICKERS. Sept. 12, 1826, near L. Jackson (town), Gadsden Co. SW ¼ Sect. 29 Tp. 3 R. 2, north and west. Rec’d $200.38 ¾ for 160.31 acres. R. K. Call, Receiver. By endorsement on back this was transferred Sept. 12, 1829, to Thomas Speight by Hatcher Vickers.

1927. JAMES J. VICKERS. (DUP) June 18, 1827, 3 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

2383. JAMES J. VICKERS. May 23, 3 miles N Centerville, Leon Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R.1, north and east.

3059. JAMES J. VICKERS. Sept. 22, 1829, 2 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3928. JAMES J. VICKERS. March 20, 1831, 3 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1. north and east.

1957. JAMES M. VICKERS. June 26, 1827, 3 miles N by W Bradfordville, Leon co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 4 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

1958. JAMES M. VICKERS. June 26, 1827, 4 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ NW ¼ Sect. 3 R. 1, north and east.

3143. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 1, 1829, 4 miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3145. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 3, 1829, 3 ½ miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3182. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 26, 1829, 3 miles S Meridian, Leon Co. Lot No. 3 Fractional Sect. 31 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and east.

5405. JAMES M. VICKERS. Jan. 14, 1836, 2 ½ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. NE ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3502. JAMES T. VICKERS. May 3, 1830, 2 miles NNE Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ NW ¼ Sect. 11 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

2521. JOHN L. VICKERS. Oct. 13, 1828, 2 ½ miles SE Concord, Gadsden Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 24 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

7801. JOHN L. VICKERS. Jan. 7, 1839, 1 ¼ miles N by W Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ SW ¼ Sect. 24 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

7807. JOHN L. VICKERS. Jan. 9, 1839, 2 ½ miles E Hinson, Gadsden Co. NW ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 25 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

2029. NATHAN VICKERS. Aug. 13, 1827, 3 miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3586. NATHAN VICKERS. Aug. 3, 1830, 3 ½ miles N by W Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 4 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5403. NATHAN VICKERS. Jan. 14, 1836, 2 ½ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ NE ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5404. NATHAN VICKERS. Jan 14, 1836, 2 ¾ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5410. NATHAN VICKERS. Dec. 16, 1836, 3 miles NW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 8 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

83. YOUNG VICKERS. Dec. 1, 1826, 2 miles SW Havana, Gadsden Co. NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R. 2, north and west. Transferred Dec. 1, 1826, to Stephen Browning. Teste: G. W. Ward, Register.


From: ELMER VICKERS, popvick@worldnet.att.net
TO: kvickers@tfc.edu
Subject: Vickers Family
Date: Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Obtained your addresses from the Guestbook, and I, too, am interested in VICKERS. Hope some of you might be able to help, and maybe I can be of some assistance to you as we research the VICKERS name. Maybe the following will help:

I. Hardy Nixon Vickers, b 1775 GA, d ca 1830 GA. M ca 1800 to Sara Lester b ca 1784 , d in LA. She was daughter of John Lester and Sarah Nixon Lester.

A. James Jackson Vickers, b 1806 GA, d 1886 LA.
B. John L. Vickers B 1808 GA, d 1877 LA. M Jane Thomas.
C. Eliza Vickers B 1810 GA, M John Snell
D. Sarah Vickers, M John W. Reeves
E. Anna Nixon Vickers b 1822 GA, D 1891 LA, M John Arthur Tooke.

JAMES JACKSON VICKERS is my line. Was eldest son of Hardy Vickers and Sarah Lester.

1st Marriage: Sarah M. Jemison, B 1810, d 1834.
a. Margaret Hunter Vickers B 1829, d 1855. M 1845 to Ashley Thomas Cawthon.
b. Elizaabeth Vickers, B 1820, D 1833.
c. James Jackson Vickers, Jr. (Middle name sometimes reported as Jemison). B 1832, d 1900. M Eliza (Louisa) Jane Melvin.
d. Sarah Vickers b 1834, d 1834. Appaarently mother and child died in childbirth.

2nd Marriage: 1836 to August Carolina Shehee b ? d 1838.
a. Augustine Florida Vickers b 1838, d 1838. Apparently another case of mother and child dying at childbirth.

3rd Marriage 1839 to Savannah Georgia Shehee (must have been a sister of previous wife) b 1823 d 1850.
a. Sarah Winfred Vickers b 1839, d 1844.
b. Elizabeth Ann Vickers, b 1841, d 1847.
c. Anna Carolina Vickers, b 1845 d 1938. M Samuel A. Scott.
d. Frances Georgia Vickers b 1849, d 1941, M Dr. William Alonzo Dossey Wren.

4th Marriage 1852 to Patience Wyche Raiford b 1821, d 1864. Apparently Patience was a widow with three children; Susan, b 1843; Robert, b 1845; malachi, b 1845.
a. Hardy Vickers, b 1853, d 1907. M Texana Breed.
b. Littleton Augustus Vickers, b 1855, d 1888, M Mary Ellen May.
c. William Williams Vickers, b 1859, d 1893, M Lucy Rebecca May (sister of Mary ellen May).
d. Sarah Janae Vickers, B 1861, D 1919. M F. F. Thackston.

My Father was Elmer Elton Vickers, son of William Williams Vickers and Lucy Rebecca May.

Hardy Nixon Vickers and Sarah Lester Vickers were plantation owners apparently in southern Georgia (Thomasville vicinity) and northern Florida (Leon County). After the death of Hardy sometime around 1830, his widow married a Mr. Jordan, but that marriaage ended after a few years in a divorce.

Sarah Vickers-Jordan sold off her land and some possessions and left in 1848 by mule wagon for the west. Apparently the entire family, including children, grand-children, and slaves, and some friends, were in the company. Friends included a Billy Wyche and family, and A.. J. Newsom and family.

After several months the group arrived at the Quachita River in East Louisiana. After spending the winter there they moved on to Slabtown in what was to become Bienville Parish. The Wyche group continued on to Bossier Parish.

Sometime about 1852, James Jackson Vickers had married Patience Wyche Raiford, and the family moved near Emmet, Arkansas, in the southern part of the state near Hope.

I am at a loss to know the identity of the parents of Hardy Nixon Vickers. It is possible that the Vickers clan came from the Carolinas or even from Virginia.

I would appreciate any assistance.
ELMER VICKERS, popvick@worldnet.att.net

Pulaski Co. Administrators and Guardians Bonds, Dec 1810 – Mar 1825
Contributed by Victor R. Myrick

The date on the first page of this book gives the dates of the contents as ending in 1823 but
the material continues without interruption to 1825.  In copying this information I have used
the following abbreviations:
adm.       For administrator
temp.      for temporary
sec.        for security
gdn        for guardian
admx     for administratrix
adms     for administrators

This material is included in the records of estates in the ordinary court minutes of the county but they were also listed in a separate book.  Having them in a separate listing enables researchers to find the material easier because the estate record books are not indexed.  Once you have found a person you are researching, you can use the date given here and go to the court minutes.

1 May 1815 Hardy VICKERS and Jacob BRINSON adms. of Lester CRAWFORD.  William HALL and William GOODSON sec. for $10,000.

5 Jan 1820 Hardy VICKERS, adm. of Solomon SHEPHERD.  William LESTER sec. for $2,000.

6 Mar 1820 Hardy VICKERS, gdn. of Caisa SHEPHERD, orphan of Solonia SHEPHERD.  William LESTER sec. for $3,000.

6 Mar 1820 Joel SHERRARD, gdn. of Simon ROBERTS and Benjamin ROBERTS, orphans of William ROBERTS.  William JELKS and Hardy VICKERS sec. for $5,000.

5 May 1821 Hardy VICKERS, gdn. of Silas W. LESTER, Nathan M. LESTER and  Alfred J. LESTER, orphans of Nixon LESTER.  William LESTER and Joel SHERRARD  sec. for $9,000.

15 Jul 1821 Hardy VICKERS, adm. of Solona SHEPHERD.  William LESTER sec. for $10,000.

5 Nov 1821 Mary DEAS, admx. of James DEAS.  Thomas McGRIFF and Hardy VICKERS sec. for $9,000.

14 Jan 1822  Lovey KIRKSEY, gdn. of Susan KIRKSEY, orphan of Isaac KIRKSEY.  Richard BARLOW and Hardy VICKERS securities. (no amount given.)

15 Jan 1822  Hardy VICKERS, gdn. of Cassandra SHEPHERD, orphan of Joseph SHEPHERD.  William LESTER and Furney F. GATLIN sec. for $4,000.

20 Jan 1824     Hardy VICKERS and Nathan VICKERS, temp. adm. of Abraham VICKERS.  William LESTER sec. for $3,000.

1 Mar 1824 Thomas JOHNSTON, adm. of Dorcas PACKER.  William JELKS and Hardy VICKERS sec. for $2,000.

1 Mar 1824 Hardy VICKERS and Nathan VICKERS, adms. of Abraham VICKERS. Thomas JOHNSTON and Furney GATLIN sec. for $2,500.

4 Oct 1824 Jacob BRINSON, gdn. of Cloe Ann FOLSOM and Ebenezer George FOLSOM.  Hardy VICKERS sec. for $700.


Submitted by Lucy Vickers Grisham on http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec?htx=message&r=rw&p=surnames.vickers&m=691

Title: Nathan Vickers/James Vickers- Laurens Co. Info.

Mercer History, Submitted by Joyce Poole- Augusta Ga. 1982.

Thomas Mercer- wife Hester Moore Mercer- Norfolk co. VA- He b. 1695-1749 s/o Christopher Mercer and wife Miss Hall- Lower Norfolk co. Va. S/o Thos. Mercer and Katherine Biggs.
Son, Thomas b 1730 Craven co. N.C.- First to Currituck Co. and Nash Co. N.C.
Malachi Mercer- b 1765- s/o Solomon Mercer and Sarah Baxley- d 1796- married to Elizabeth ?- Bladen Co. N.C.
Thomas Mercer- 1758-1831- Darlington S.C.- s/o Thomas Mercer and Sarah- married Sarah Windham- @1785 Darlington, S,C.

Family of Nathan Vickers- Information from family Bible printed Brookfield, Mass- by E. Merriam and Co. for the Booksellers- 1802- New Testament.

Front Page- James Vickers
Second Page- Nathan Vickers and Elizabeth Jane Vickers- 1836
4th Page- Nath Vickers, Nathan Vickers, James Vickers Book (as it is written)

Children listed last pages:

James M. Vickers- was borned January the 9th 1804
Elizabeth Vickers- was borned May the 3 day 1805, deceased August the 30 1813.
John B. Vickers was borned February the 12 day 1807 deceased August the 5 1814
Penelope Vickers- was borned February the 13 day 1809.
Nathan N. Vickers was borned February the 10 day 1811.
Pleasant Vickers was borned July the 3 day 1813 deceased September the 15 1814.
Abraham Vickers was borned December the 18 day 1815.
Alraeca Dorian Vickers was borned February 28 in the year of our Lord 1818.
Elizabeth Jane Vickers was borned the 11 March in the year of our Lord 1820.
Tenth child was borned May 31 1822 died Sept 18 1822.
Last page had July 3rd day and next page has 1814 written in middle of page.
Back corner written Nathan N. Vickers

Nathan Vickers Family- Continued****
B 1783- died May 27, 1847- Married about 1803- to Jane ? b 1784- died March 11, 1841. Cairo, Grady Co. Florida Lived in Decatur Co. GA., Burke Co. Ga. and Leon Co. Florida. He was son of James Vickers and Penelope Murphy. (Burke Co. She a widow in the 1820 Census of Burke Co. with 1 female under 10 and she over 45. She was probably the daughter of Michael Murphy whose will date Nov 9, 1799 Burke co. Ga. )
Nathan is in the 1838-9 Tax Digest of Decatur co. Ga. 1 poll, 24 slaves, Lot #77- 638 Acres 16th district 150 acres and 1 carriage.

In the 1820 Census of Burke Co. Ga. 2 males under 10, 2 females under 10, 1 male 16-18, 1 female 10-16, 1 males 16-26, 1 female 26-45 and 1 male 26-45. Appointed Justice of Peace, Leon Co. by the Gov. in May 1832. They are both buried at the Tired Creek Methodist Church Cemetery. Leon Co. Fla.

His children:
1. James M.- b 1804- married to Mrs. Mary Jones Tooke, widow of Arthur Tooke, his cousin- Leon Co. Fla. (of Hardy Nixon Vickers family).
2. Elizabeth died young
3. John B. died young
4. Penelope- b 1809- married to James J. Lester April 10, 1827. Leon Co. Florida.
5. Nathan N.- married Sarah A. ? Decatur Co. Ga. died 1849- had one child- James Hardy Vickers.
6. Pleasant- died young
7. Abraham-
Alraeca Dorian-
9. Elizabeth Jane-
10. Last child born 1822 and died 1822.
1820 Census- Burke Co.- Frederick Vickers, Nathan Vickers.

Indenture Aug 2, 1814- Henry P. Jones- Burke Co. sold to Penelope Vickers of Burke- 107 acres land- “being my part belonging to James Vickers, deceased as one of the heirs.”situated in Burke Co. Recorded May 13, 1845.
Bk 4 p 255- Jan 12 1830- James M. Vickers- Pulaski- as attorney for Nathan Vickers- Terr. Of Fla. to William Sapp- $216- Lot #242- 202 ½ acres 20th Dist Wilkinson, now Pulaski- Wit: Washington Lancaster and Luke Sapp.

1850 Census of Leon Co. Florida-
James J. Lester b 1802
Penelope – b 1809
Nixon- b 1830
John- b 1836
James b 1840
Middleton- b 1847
Melvina- b 1848

James Vickers- Burke Co. Ga. Headright and Bounty Grant- Bk SS5 p 614
200 acres 1789
150 acres 1796

Bk J. p 363- Dec 26 1826- Nathan Vickers of Pulaski $200 for Lot #15 8th Dist Dooly Co. 202 ½ acres. Wit: Silas Lester, Alfred I. Lester. Same Lot sold to James Vickers.

Nathan bought Lot #101 in Northern addition of the City of Tallahassee, Fla. Leon co. for #131 in 1826. Bk G. p 362 Nov 29, 1823.

Deed from Jesse Cox – Jones Co. to Nathan Vickers of Burke Co. for @200- 202 ½ acres Lot #164-8th dist of Dooly- Land drawn by James Reuton.

Lot #7 in 8th Dist of Dooly- now Pulaski, 202 l2/ acres deeded by Nathan of Territory of Florida to William Winborn of Pulaski- Wit: J.M. Vickers and W.B. McGehee.

Headright and Bounty Grants:
John Vickers- Burke Co. Ga.- Bk RRR p 256- 300 acres 1789
John Vickers- Burke Co. Ga. Bk RRR p 285- 200 acres 1789
John Vickers- Burke co. Ga. Bk RRR p 473- 100 acres- 1790.

Elias Vickers- married Elizabeth Gibbs- March 27, 1811. Laurens Co.
Not sure who he belongs to.

There is a James Vickers b 1790-1800- lived Laurens Co. married first Mary Hopson, daughter of Wiley Hopson named in his will 1835- and then to Elizabeth ? Mary was born 1795 and died October 1849- age 54- They had two children: Ashley E- who married Louisa Shine- daughter of Daniel shine – Twiggs Co. Ga. and had three children, Janette, Ashley E., Jr. and Mark F. Vickers. Also a daughter, Eugenia Missouri Vickers.

Notice** James Vickers - in right of wife – will sell in Feb 1832- “all the settlement of land on Turkey Creek in Laurens and Wilkinson Cos. Belonging to deceased- Nov 16,1830

Legal Notices**- from “Southern Recorder”- Milledgeville, Ga. Wilkinson Co. James Vickers Administrator in right of wife on estate of Wiley Hopson- applies for leave to sell 1/3 part of Lot #217 3rd Dist Marion co. Lot #107 21st Dist Harris Co. for support of Angelina Hopson, minor child of Wiley Hopson – notice dated Aug 18 1835- Will probated Nov 1853- Died Sept 21, 1853.

Will of James Vickers- “gives to my wife Elizabeth with whom I lived in love for some several years past, to my child Eugenia Missouri, my son Ashley E. Vickers and his children.
Ref: Will Book 1 - 1809-1840- Laurens Co.
1850 Mortality Schedule – Laurens Co. Ga.
1860 Census Laurens Co. Ga.
Ashley E. Vickers- age 41
Janette- age 34
Ashley e. Jr.- age 3

Col. Ashley Vickers instrumental in engaging teachers for Crosland Academy- 1863- Twiggs co. Ga. Owned large plantation near Montrose.

Daugherty Co. Ga. Feb 3, 1879- Ashley E. Vickers- guardian of Mark Vickers- of Laurens Co. property in 1st Dist of originally Early Co. , now Daugherty. Lots# 107-108-110-130-131-132. , known as Ben Hill place- 1,750 acres sold. Janette Vickers agreed- Ashley E. Vickers and Mark K Vickers- her sons.

Ashley Vickers name changed from Ashley Moz? to Ashley Vickers- Legitimized Dec 21, 1833.
Listed in 1840 and 1860 Census. In Lee Co. with 26 slaves

Ref: History of Twiggs Co. by Faulk and jones
Roster of men who served at Twiggs Co. Fort- War 1812.
Lt. Lovett B. Smith’s Co.- Payroll dated- Aug 7, 1813
Private James Vickers, Private Young Vickers and Col. Ashley Vickers.


Posted by Lucy Vickers Grisham on http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec?htx=message&r=rw&p=surnames.vickers&m=692

Correction on Laurens-Abraham Vickers


Have just looked at some stuff on Ancestry which you submitted.
The Abraham B. Vickers in Decatur County was son of Nathan Vickers. He was born 18 Dec. 1815 according to Nathan's Bible record. I figure that he was born in Burke Co, Ga as that was where Nathan lived up until ca 1824. Nathan was in Pulaski in 1826 from deed record. Nathan got land patent in Leon Co., Fl 13 Aug. 1827.
Nathan died 27 May 1847 in Decatur Co. He is buried at Tired Creek Methodist Church, Grady Co. Ga by his wife Elizabeth Jane Moore who died 11 March 1841.

I suspect that Nathan named this son Abraham after his uncle Abraham who gave him land.

That deed in Book G p. 207, 5 Jan 1814, Pulaski Co, Ga was witnessed by a John Vickers and an Emanuel Bennett. Do you suppose that Bennett was one of your connections? The deed is from Abraham of Pulaski to Nathan Vickers, esq. of Co. of Burke, for love, goodwill and affection, reserving a life estate in 202& 1/2acres of 20th Wilkinson, now Pulaski, Lot 242.

Deed Book H, p. 46, Pulaski Co, Ga l Sept. 1828, Hardy and Nathan Vickers, Adms. of estate of Abraham Vickers of Pulaski sold lot 238, 20th dist to Elizabeth Posey, widow of Humphrey Posey.

The estate of Abraham that Nathan & Hardy were administrators of started 20 Jan 1824-Book of Estate Returns 1822-1824, Pulaski Co. and seemed to go on for a number of years, even to when Nathan was in Leon co.

There were two Abrahams-1820 Ga. Census- one Abraham in Jefferson Co. and one Abram in Pulaski. On the 1805 Land lottery there was an Abraham who got 1 draw (indicating a single man) and one who got 2 draws (indicating a married man). They were in Washington Co.


Thanks Barbara!!!


Posted by Lucy Vickers Grisham on http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec?htx=message&r=rw&p=surnames.vickers&m=690

Title: Laurens Co. Ga.-Pulaski Co records- Abraham Vickers

Laurens County Ga. Deeds- Pulaski County records as submitted by Barbara Boynton.

**Original land in Wilkinson Co.-( Early Co. of Georgia.)

***Between 1808-1815- Lists Hatcher, Hardy, Joshua, Abraham, Stephen, Joseph, Thomas, James Vickers – *Stephen and Joseph Vickers are found in 1800 Census of So. Carolina, Darlington Co.

Deed 1808-Bk A p24- Pulaski Co.
Alexander Avera or Avery- to Abraham Vickers, Co. of Laurens 202 1/2 acres 20th Wilkinson. State of Georgia- Indenture made Aug 22 in year 1808 in 33rd year of Independance of United States of America between Alexander Avery –Gartrell’s Dist. of Co. of Lincoln and Abraham Vickers of Laurens Co. $200 – Lot #287- originally granted Avery in Land Lottery of 1805- 242 acres total. Signed in presence of Marlow Pryor and A.M. Devereaux, J.I.C. Entered and examined by me this day of Sept. 1809- Attest- Richard H. Thomas- CC
Bk E p168- 2 Feb 1816- to Abraham Vickers- Lot #233- drawn by Randal Hargrove- Montgomery Co. 202 ½ acres in Wilkinson, now Pulaski Co.

Deed Bk H – p.137 1814- mentions Hatcher Vickers of Laurens Co. Ga.
p. 135 Sept 9, 1811- Joshua Vickers to Hatcher Vickers (both of Laurens)

October 1808- Laurens Co. Ga.- Petit Jury: Hardy, Wiley and Abraham Vickers

Deed- Pulaski Co.- Bk D p 82- 12/24/1808- Henry Batey (Beaty)- Jefferson Co. to Joshua Vickers of Laurens.
Bk G. p 370- 8/6/1811- Z. Cowart to Joshua Vickers of Laurens Co.

Laurens Co. 1st Grand Jury:
Joseph Vickers

1819- Ga. Land Lottery- Laurens Co. Joseph Vickers- Capt. Ross’s Dist.
Stephen Vickers- Capt. Jones Dist.

Book E p 75- 15 May 1815- Stephen Vickers – Co. of Laurens to Joseph Vickers- Co. of Laurens 22nd Dist of Former Wilkinson, now Laurens --Lot#239- 202 1/2 acres.
Witnessed by: Ephraim Phillips, Nathaniel Mercer, J.P.

Book E p76- 2 Jan 1815
John Claghorn- Pulaski Co. to Thomas Vickers- Laurens Co. 22nd Dist former Wilkinson, now Pulaski , 50 a part of Lot #176 to be laid out in SW corner in square. Wit: Mary Mercer, Nathaniel Mercer. J.P. Recorded 8 Mar 1816.
Thomas Vickers married Piety Beaty- Feb 16, 1817- Laurens Co. Their children: James M. Vickers – married Ann E. Miller- Jan 24, 1838- Thomas Co. Ga. and Mary Beaty Vickers-
1850 census of Montgomery Co. Ga.- lists Piety Vickers- widow, with children J.B. age 12 and J.H. age 16. She re-married to Joel W. Pope Jun 8, 1848- Barbour Co. Ala.

Bk A p 89- 16 Sept 1808- Joseph Vickers Co. of Laurens to James Vickers Co. of Laurens- 22nd Dist former Wilkinson, now Laurens, Lot #368 on S. side of Palmetto Creek granted John Burt. Wit: D.R. Thomas, Peter Thomas- Recorded 20 Feb 1809.

Bk A p 235- 6 Jan 1809- Sion Davis to Joshua Vickers Lot #273- 22nd Wilkinson bounded by lots #268,274,298 and 272 on waters of Palmetto Creek. Wit: Stephen Vickers, Wm. Hawthorne, Alexander Blackshear, J.P. Recorded 28 June 1810.

Bk G- p 210- Oct 10, 1818- Thomas Vickers to Moses Tyson, both of Laurens Co. 101 l/4 Acres Laurens, former Wilkinson, part of Lot#239 in 22nd Dist.
Bk H p 55- Jan 18, 1823- Joseph Vickers to Moses Tyson, Sr. ½ of Lot#239- 101 ¼ 22nd Dist former Wilkinson, now Laurens.

**Will of Edwin Vickers- Pulaski Co. Ga. leaves to his brother Thomas Vickers, to Joseph Vickers, to Nathaniel Mercer, to Mary Mercer, to James Vickers and to sister Milly Gardiner. In 1836- James Vickers posted $500 reward for James W. Mercer who murdered James White.

**Per Joyce Poole of Augusta Va.- The Mercer family was probably from Norfolk Co. Va- to Pitt Co. N.C. and Edgecombe Co. N.C. There was a Nathaniel and Jesse Mercer in Darlington Co. S.C, Jesse being son of Thomas Mercer Pitt Co. Thomas received land grant in Cheraws Dist. SC in 1785 and received pay from SC for service in Militia during Rev. War. Levi Mercer was of the group who lived Currituck Co. N.C. @1770 and left to settle in Wilkes Co. Ga. They were originally from Scotland.

Family History:
Abraham Vickers- b @1748 maybe Isle of Wight Co. Va. or Southampton Co. VA (taken from IOW) son of Ralph and Sarah Vickers? not proven.- died 1824- Pulaski Co. Ga. Was in Washington Co. Ga 1805-
Ref: 1805 Land Lottery of Georgia
Headright and Bounty Grants- 1756-1809- Ga. Grant Bk III p 482
Received 200 Acres in Washington Co.- 1786
Listed along with Nathan Vickers in 1838-9 Tax Digest of Decatur Co. Ga.

Deed Bk G p 208- 5 Jan 1814- Abraham Vickers- Pulaski Co. (former Wilkinson)- to loving nephew Nathan Vickers of Burke Co, for love, goodwill and affection- a slave, Frank. Also 202 ½ acres of 20th Dist. former Wilkinson now Pulaski , Abraham reserved for his benefit and natural life on estate. Executors of Abraham’s estate were nephews Nathan and Hardy Vickers- sold lot #287 Pulaski co. with exception of improvements until Jan 1831. Deed entered record Dec 4, 1837. Made Deed to Elizabeth Posey, Lot #238 2nd Dist. Pulaski. 1828.
No wife mentioned for Abraham. Only child listed was Abraham B. Vickers? Listed in 1838-9- 1 Poll Tax, no land, two wheel carriage. Found in Deeds of Decatur Co. Ga in 1842- Deed bk D- A.B. Vickers to Barry Tucker – part of lot #34- Original Early Co. July 4, 1844- Abraham B. Vickers- to James I. Lester Lot #150- 16th dist. Early, now Decatur Co. Ga.
Nathan and Hardy Vickers sell land of John Vickers- 5 July, 1816- Ga.
Note *- If Abraham was son of Ralph Vickers and Sarah, his only brothers were Ralph Jr. who married Ann Baker, lived Southampton Co. N.C. and made Will in York Co. S.C.
And John Vickers who married Mary and lived Edgecombe Co. N. C. Neither of these brothers list Nathan or Hardy Vickers as sons. Abraham, Ralph and John are listed at Colonial Soldiers. ??


Additional material submitted by Lucy Vickers Grisham, September, 2007:

Hardy Nixon Vickers Family

With Additional Notes on Connecting Families


Ref: Information of Louise Gear’s family - Ringgold, La.

Collected material sent by Barbara Boynton, Crawfordville, Fla.

Letter from Ginger Aldrich

Murphrey Family history and letters on internet. -

Lester Family History-

Georgia – Land and Deed records

Burke Co. Ga- Census records

Isle of Wight Co. Va. Records

Louisiana land Records


Hardy Nixon Vickers- b @1772- probably North Carolina or South Carolina - died Nov 15, 1833 in Leon Co. Florida- brother to Nathan Vickers, James Vickers, nephew of Abraham Vickers and probably the son of John Vickers.    


Hardy married in 1805 in Georgia- probably Wilkinson County to Sarah Lester, b 1784- d/o John and Sarah Nixon Lester.


 Hardy Nixon Vickers first appears in Georgia Records in Burke County (St. George) in 1799- He was on a jury list there and that same year, was deeded 200 acres land from Michael Murphrey.

..Deed Bk A- dated 1794 Part I- 1805- p 281- Screven Co. Ga (taken from Burke)- deed from Michael Murphrey to Hardy Vickers, “deed of gift”- 200 acres in Screven Co. Nov 4, 1799- Recorded Aug 1, 1801-


In reference – Slave Owners of Burke Co.- 1798- he also appears:

John Vickers- 1 slave

James Vickers- 5 slaves

Hardy Vickers- 3 slaves

Needham Bryant- 3 slaves


In the 1807 Land Lottery: Burke Co. Ga- he received 2 draws (for married man)-

14 ½ acres land along with:

James Vickers- 2 draws

Nathan Vickers- 2 draws

John Vickers- 2 draws- 500 acres – (was a juror also in 1799)- Probably their father.

John Vickers- 2 draws- 350 acres


Other Deed Records indicating accumulation of land in Georgia:

Hardy Vickers owned a good number of Lots in Wilkinson, Pulaski and Burke.

He had 396 acres in Pulaski Co. 20th district- Lots #321, 322, 323 – deeded to him by Nixon Lester, original grant to Benjamin Chaires, Jun 20, 1807- Recorded May 16, 1809. (Chaires family migrated to Leon Co. Florida.)

He also had Lots #331 and 146- in May of 1808-

Pulaski Co. Deed Bk A p 188- Jan 28, 1809- Henry Stokes of Washington Co. deeded to Hardy Vickers for $200, 202 ½ acres land which consisted of Lot#303- in the 20th Dist. Wilkinson Co.

Deed Bk C- p 106- Feb 20, 1811- Pulaski Co. James AltstonMontgomery Co. deeded to Hardy Vickers of Pulaski,  202½ acres Lot #17 20th Dist. formerly Wilkinson, now Pulaski.

Book E-p 281- Nov 8, 1816- Rez Floyd of Burke Co. deeded to Hardy Vickers of Pulaski 202 ½ acres  land  for $150- in 15th Dist. of Wilkinson now Pulaski.  Witnessed by William Hall  and Nathan Vickers- identified as being  Lot #237 grant to Mary Ann Davis Berg and by her heirs, conveyed to Rez Floyd.


Hardy and Nathan were administrators of the estate of John Vickers- Burke Co. May 14, 1816-

In the Estate of William Lancaster Sep 2, 1816 Pulaski Co., Christopher Edwards and Hardy Vickers show up as buyers.  **(Christopher Edwards and Hardy Vickers later move into Florida.)


Deed Bk F- p 69- Sep 21, 1818-Pulaski Co., Hardy Vickers sold to James Shanks 202 ½ acres- Lot #146 – formerly Wilkinson.


On the Jury Lists for Pulaski County- Hardy Vickers shows up with his Uncle Abraham Vickers:     1805, 1808, 1820, 1824, and 1825 (Petit Jury)

Deed Bk. A- p 24- 1808- Pulaski Co. shows  Abraham Vickers- bought land, 202 ½ acres from Alexander Avery- both of Wilkinson Co. on August 3rd- for $200- Lot #287- won by Avery in 1805 Lottery- 242 acres in all-Bk E p 168- shows he purchased Lot #233- original grant to Randal Hargrove-  202 ½ acres Wilkinson, now Pulaski. (**I believe Abraham was younger brother to Joseph and Stephen and John - he being born about 1748 and died 1824 Pulaski Co.) Abraham made deed in 1814 to his “nephew” Nathan Vickers of Burke Co. for love and goodwill, a slave and 202 ½ acres land in Wilkinson, probably the same land he bought of Alexander Avery, reserving his right to live on it until he died in 1824. He apparently had no wife or children, so he left everything to his nephews Nathan and Hardy, and he probably resided with Nathan before his death. Nathan’s son,  Abraham B. Vickers was named for him and appears later in deeds of Decatur Co./Early Co, Ga. when he deeded to James  I. Lester,  Lot #150. (bro-in-law)   

October 1808- Hardy, Wiley and Abraham show up on Petit Jury. Laurens Co. 


**He administered land deeded by Alexander Avery to Abraham Vickers- Gartrell’s district Lincoln Co.  (Bk A p 24) Pulaski Co.  202 ½ acres land in 20th Dist. formerly Dooly now Pulaski, Lot #287- May 7, 1828- exception of improvements until Jan 1831- Deed ordered for record Dec 11, 1837. He and Nathan Vickers administered the estate of Abraham Vickers.


Hardy and Sarah Vickers received deed of gift together from John Lester, her father, for slaves “to daughter Sarah, on Mar 10, 1830-for her use and benefit and that of her children, Eliza Ann, Sarah Jane and Anna—slaves deeded to girls in accordance with grandfather’s wishes on June 28, 1830” - Wit:  James J. Vickers and Isaac W. Mitchell- Deed Bk p 691- Pulaski Co.


Hardy and Sarah were living in Leon Co. Florida by the 1830 Census in which he is listed as being over 45 years of age.

 Children of Hardy and Sarah:


1. James Jackson- b Sep 9, 1806- in Georgia- died Jun 22, 1866- in Louisiana – He married four times- 1. Sarah M. Jemison b Oct 6, 1810- died Sep 27, 1834- at 24 years of age 2. Augusta Caroline Shehee- died @1838   3. Savannah Georgia Shehee married in 1839- Thomas Co. Ga. (Church records)   4.  Mrs. Patience Wyche Raiford, widow of Malachi Raiford b 1820-23, who married about 1836 in Georgia. She married to James October 21, 1852. .(The Shehee sisters were children of Aylesbury Shehee).

James Vickers  children:

            By first wife-

a. Margaret Hunter- b 1827 d – married Ashley Thomas Cawthon, b @1823- s/o Ashley Claiborne Cawthon/Cauthorn- of Essex, Va- and wife Catherine McDuffie- (These are buried in the Springville Cemetery, Coushatta, Red River Parish, La.)  They lived at Ringgold, Bienville Parish, La.


b. James Jackson, Jr.-  b d – married Eliza Louisa Jane Melvin-d/o Joshua Melvin.


Augusta Caroline Shehee- died in childbirth along with the child.  Ref- Southern Christian Advocate 1837- 1860 Vol 1


By Savannah Georgia Shehee:

c. Anna Caroline- b 1839- married to Samuel A. Scott – she died 1866.

d. Frances Georgia- b 1849- married to Alonzo D. Wren

***Two children died young.


By Patience:  Her children by Malachi Raiford:

a. Susan B. – b @1843-

b. Robert b July 27, 1844- 

c. Malachi, Jr. b July 27, 1844- Twin –

Children by James: 

e. Hardy- b d- married Texana Breed- b 1853- d/o Larkin Breed and Catherine Tindell.

f. Littleton Augustus- b d – married Mary Ellen May

g. William Williams- b d – married Lucy Rebecca May

h. Sarah Jane- b d – married Fred Thockston or Thackston?

**They were in Hempstead Arkansas in the 1860 Census. 


Notes on some of these families:

**The Raiford Family was of Isle of Wight Co. Virginia thru Robert Raiford 1712-s/o Matthew Raiford and wife Mourning, s/o Phillip Raiford III and Sarah.  One of the daughters of Robert Raiford (Mourning), married to William Robards, s/o John Robards of Cumberland Co. NC- and was related to family of Rachel Robards Donelson, who married Pres. Andrew Jackson. One of his sons, Phillip Peter Raiford married Jane Armstrong, related to Martin Armstrong who was Military Land Commissioner at that time in Nashville.  They migrated to Thomas Co. Ga- and Burke Co. Robert Raiford, b 1810 married to Margaret Bryan Wyche in 1834- and went to Marshall Co. Mississippi- Others went to Hempstead, Arkansas (Hope)


Wyche Family History:

**Patience Wyche was related to Henry Wyche b 1804- and is in the 1820 Census of Jones C. Ga.  He married 1. Elizabeth Goodwin Blackshear in 1835 St. Paul, lived at “Melrose Plantation”, Thomas Co.,  Georgia  2. Artemesia Frances Lester in 1857 in Leon Co, Florida.

**These Wyches are connected to my mother’s Rains Family of Sussex Co. Virginia thru Amy Rains who married Thomas Goodwin Mitchell and their daughter Susannah who married to Littleton Wyche and another daughter, Amy Goodwin Rains, who married to Edward Blackshear. They all migrated to Georgia together.


**Bladen Co. NC- Abstract of Wills- 1734-1900- Joshua Melvin died Bienville Parish La, Nov 14, 1854- Will probated Louisiana – wife Elizabeth – son George W., daughter Eliza Jane,  Extrs- were Jacob Evans, James Bryan, James J. Vickers. Witnessed  by William D. Cawthon, John Dennard, A. J. Cawthon, J.D. Cawthon, Howell Albritton, James J. Vickers, and Luke Albritton. (Albrittons were in Dobbs and Greene Co. NC.)

**Joshua Melvin was descended from Daniel Melvin- b Scotland who died 1786- Bladen Co. NC and married to Jane Thomas of White Lake- Her parents were Francis Thomas and Jennet Winnin.  I believe they were related to wife of John L. Vickers.


Ref: Early Land Owners in Bienville Parish, Louisiana- 

Township 15, Range 10, opened for entry Sep 1844- Joshua Melvin entered 3 east half of the southeast quarter of Sect. 1, while in 1849-50- purchases were made by Milton Sledge, James Fudge, Dempsey Hall, Daniel McNair, Simon Manning, Mary Pickett, A.G. Grant, John L. Vickers, Martha Mitchell, John Richardson, James Taff and W.A.J. Newsom.

Township 16, Range 10- opened 1844- by E.A. Wimberly- and Elizabeth Stevenson Dec. 1847. In 1849-50- buyers were recorded- Irwin Talton, J.J. Vickers, James Mitchell, John Tooke, Sarah Jordan, John Miller, Sr. Levi Blizzard, Joshua Melvin,  etc.  


Deed Bk- A. Leon Co. Florida- James J. Vickers.  1848 , “Being about to remove to Texas, nominates John L. Vickers, his attorney –in-fact to  attend to matters pertaining to estate of Hardy Vickers-“ -

Deed 1848- to William Lester- 400 acres land- Bk. A. pp 322-23

Jan 1, 1848- sold land as executor of Hardy Nixon Vickers’ estate.

James J. Vickers- Trustee for Mother, Sarah Lester Vickers- on Nov 8, 1846- in sale of land.

Thomas Ga. Deed Bk B- p 284- James J. Vickers- guardian for Abel Strickland’s children- (Abel Strickland was married to Lucy , - daughter of Bryant and Frances Vickers- Gadsden Co):   1. Abigail, 2. John, 3. Elizabeth, 4. Sarah-

**Elizabeth Vickers, the daughter, married to John Strickland.


1850 Census of Bienville Parish, La.-

James J. Vickers- age 44- Ga – farmer- land value $7,800.

Savanna G.- 27- years

James G.- age 17

Anna C- age 4

Frances C- age 7



2. John Lester- b 1808 in Georgia- he died in 1877- in Louisiana-He was married to Jane Thomas, b 1809 and died Sep 11, 1847, on October 29, 1828 in Georgia.  His Mother, Sarah Lester Vickers had re-married to John Jordan Dec 19, 1838- but divorced him in 1846- John Lester  appears in the 1830 Census of Leon Co. Fla.


            **According to a letter  from Ginger Rogers Aldrich-of Marietta, Ga., a direct descendant of John Lester Vickers- dated Oct 24, 1993- she states that he lived near Mansfield-Coushatta- area - Caddo Parish, which is Shreveport area, for awhile. He had a large plantation there- Before that he had property in the New Orleans area prior to the Civil War-  She says he had 5 sons who died in the Civil War and one daughter died as infant.** (It is said that at least two sons died in the Battle of Shiloh, but others died in later battles.?)


            John and Jane Thomas Vickers had these children:


            1. Hardy Nixon- b Aug 18, 1829 – married Josephine Tarver-1853 in Louisiana. **Some of the Tarvers lived in Many, Louisiana where I was born and ran a grocery store on Hwy #6  going toward Natchitoches, La. . They descend from Isaac Hamilton Tarver –Jefferson Co. Ga, Lawrence Ms. and he died in Rapides Parish, La. Some of Isaac’s children married to the Burt family and my sister-in-law’s stepfather was one of these Burts- they lived in Natchitoches Parish across the Red River Bridge (Grand Echo), at Campti, La.  


            2. Sarah Ann- b Jun 23, 1831   died – married in either Macon Ga or Tallahassee to Thomas Micah Johnston- (Ginger’s line)   they had only one daughter, Mary Eliza Johnston- Thomas died in 1854- in Macon, Ga.  Sarah and her daughter moved to Louisiana to live with her family.  They are buried in Corsicana, Texas. Mary Eliza married John Taylor Rather, who was g-great-grandfather of Dan Rather of CBS News.  Most of the Rathers live in Houston, according to Ginger. Some were said to have lived before that in Shelbyville, Texas.


            3. James Thomas- b Apr 21, 1833- died July 7, 1848- age 15 years.


            4. Mary Jane- b Jan 27, 1835- died Nov 18, 1840- 5 years 


            5. Martha Lucinda- b Dec 4, 1836- died Oct 22, 1841- age 5 years


            6. John Lester, Jr.- b Jun 11, 1839- died May 21, 1862-  in Civil War at  Corinth, MS. 1st Sgt. Co. B- 19th La. Inf. Entered at Camp Moore, La. Dec 11, 1861.


            7. William Marion b Feb 8, 1841- Fla- Died Feb 19, 1904- Fillmore, La. Entered the war in Corinth, MS-as Pvt. Co. B. 19th La. Inf.  lost an arm-1864- paroled out in 1865 in Tallahassee. He lived near Ringgold where his first wife was buried and then Bossier Parish La- where they are buried in the Bellvue Cemetery.   He married two times-

                        1. Annie E. Harvin – buried at Ringgold, La.  2. Mary Jane Tabitha Dickey.


            8. Francis Marion-b May 16, 1843- Ga- died Sep 20, 1863- Battle of Chickamauga- Cpl  Co. B 19th La. Inf. Entered at Camp Moore, La. Dec 11, 1861.


            9  Andrew Jackson- b Jan 13, 1845- Ga.


            10.  Samuel Houston- (Housie) –b Jan 8, 1846- Buried in Springville Cem- Coushatta, La.  married Theodosia E. Hayes (Docie)- b Oct 4, died Jan 9, 1908-They had 2 sons and one daughter Jennie- b 1876  d 1953- buried in Bossier City, La.,  who  married a Smith.


            11. Jane Thomas- b Sep 11, 1847-d Jan 18, 1848- Ga. at three months of age.  -   



3. Eliza Ann- b 1810- Georgia- She married Dec 6, 1853- in Bienville, La. To John E. Snell, who was said to have worked as an overseer for the family- They moved at some point to Hempstead, Arkansas- and had one son, John E. Snell, Jr. John Snell died evidently shortly thereafter.  


4. Sarah- b @1815- in Georgia- married before 1838 to John W. Reeves, in Georgia.

He died before the trip to Louisiana – they had three children who came to La.

            a. Sarah Frances- 1838

            b. Martha Julia- 1840

            c. Drury- 1843-

5. Anna Nixon- b Jun 11, 1822- died Jan 8, 1891- on the Tooke Plantation in Bienville, Parish, La. She married John Arthur Tooke Dec 13, 1837- in Thomas Georgia. He was the son of Arthur Tooke of Pulaski Co. Ga and Mary Jones. Their children are listed as:

a. James Allen- b @1838 d – married four times-1. Winifred J. Shehee. I don’t know if there were children by this marriage.’

He married second to Martha E. "Mattie” McDaniel by whom he had:

a. Anna Sue-b @1877-   Married George Brackin- lived in Dubberly, Louisiana.  She died Jan 8, 1966- at 89 years of age

b. Kirk  Patrick- buried Andrew’s Chapel Cem.-  married Minnie McKinney

            c. Henry Allen- buried Andrew’s Chapel Cem.

            d. Julia Adelaide- married a McClanahan-

He married second to?

Married third to Sue Roach and had:

            d. James Arthur-

Married fourth to Matilda Patience Dance


            Other children of Anna and John Arthur:

            b. Mary Adelaide-

            c. Arthur Henry- may have died in Portland, Oregon

            d. Hardy Vickers- b 1845- in Florida -

            e. John Francis- b 1845- Mt. Lebanon, Bienville Parish, La.

            f. Sarah Eliza- 1850

            g. Robert William- 1854

            h. Henry Jones- b 1856 d married Maria Elizabeth Kolb- children:

                        a. Hardy Alexander 1886- Bienville- 1950- Webster, La.

                        b. Mary Ella- 1882- Ringgold, La.- d 1973.

                        c. Alvah Nixon- 1888- died 1973- Webster, La.

                        d. Seward Lee- 1890- Lake Bisteneau- died 1940 Whittier, CA

                        e. Henry Jones, Jr.- 1892- died 1981-  Bossier, La.

            i. Emily Jane (Emma)

            k. Edwin Arthur- b 1861- died 1937- Ringgold, La.

            l. Lelia Burt- b 1864

            m. Seward Parramore- 1864

Most of these birth dates come from the 1880 Census of Louisiana.


More Information on Connecting Families- - not positively proven yet—

The Tooke family was originally of Isle of Wight Co. Virginia-- these migrated into Georgia and then to Louisiana together. They married into the Bryan/Bryant family.


Line of Descent:

1. General John Tooke – Northampton Co. Va-Henrico


2. John Tooke 1720- married Elizabeth Skelton


3. John Tooke, Jr.- married Mary Burt- **(Burt family married into my Hansford/Moody/Hill  families  of Hog Island and Isle of Wight Co. Virginia ) Ref: Burt Family History.


4. James Tooke, Sr.-1784- Northampton Co. Va. - died 1849- Union Co. Arkansas

Married Elizabeth Bush,  d/o John Bush and Susannah Bryan, d/o John Bryan and Patsy Hinton. **John Bush was  half brother to Gen David Blackshear -

They had son, Rev. John T. Tooke whose son James J. married Sarah Wimberly, daughter of Col. James Wimberly and was also a granddaughter of Blake Bryan.    

**The Bush family of Isle of Wight Co. Va.- married my McLendons and Bryants and migrated into Georgia and Florida and Alabama.


The Lester family is more than likely,  but not proven,  from Richard Leister-Lester   of Northampton Co. Va. and Hannah –probably a Bryant- Henrico Co. Va- whose children migrated into Lunenburg Co. Va. and  West Virginia. He was descended from Thomas Leister-Lester Yorkshire, England- who married Anne Lewis d/o John Lewis, James City County, Va.  (Anne Lewis may have been from family of Henry Lewis-emigrant- Isle of Wight of Va. Lewis family is mine also. )

Children of Richard Lester and Hannah:

            1. William Bryant Lester- b 1729- Montgomery Co. VA

            Married Sarah Winbush – It is his children who appear in Lunenburg Co. Va.:

1810 Census Lunenburg Co. Va

Bryant Lester, Jr.- he being between 26-45 years

Bryant Lester, Sr. – he being over 45 years old

Morgan Lester- over 45 years

Isham Lester-

Edmund Lester- 26-45 years

Henry Lester- 16-26

John Lester- 26-26

Alexander Abner Lester- over 45 years – family in Logan, West Virginia.-  -


Oglethorpe Co. Wills, will of Thomas Lester- Oglethorpe Co. Ga Oct 31, 1806- “to son John, tract of land where Louis Dupree now lives, 330 acres and land in fork of Cloud’s Creek- also Negroes-- to son George Lester   , the house, furniture, negroes, and 300 acres whereon I now live—Extrs- sons John and George Lester- Witnesses- William M. Stokes, Richard Hargrove and Walter Johnson.


Will of Sarah Childress- Mar 7, 1811- Prov. July 8, 1811- to sons John and William Childress- to granddaughter Milly Walker and daughter Polly Moody. Extr- George Walker- Wit. John Lester, George Lester and Daniel Dupree.

Lewis  Lester- witnessed will of James Garrett- 1811

Speculation here- this may be John Lester, father to Sarah??


There is a Samuel Lester b 1768- South Carolina who died after 1796- Dutch fork, Newberry Co. had son David Lester, 1796 -1874 Oakland, Jones Co. Georgia who married Elizabeth Mullins b 1804- Hancock Co. Ga. d/o Jeremiah Mullins and Elizabeth Green. Her sister Syrena Mullins married Dennis Lester. **Are these  the same Mullins family that are found in Tennessee group. ??? 


Lesters in Pulaski with Hardy Vickers:

Silas M. Lester, who married Martha Brown, 1829- Jefferson Co. Ga.

Nathan N. Lester- who married Sarah Farmer 1828- Jefferson Co. Ga.

Alfred J. Lester- who married Amelia Barlow- 1834- Laurens Co. Ga., d/o James Barlow and Rebecca Harvin,  Isle of Wight Co. Va.

Nixon Lester’ orphans -

Nixon Lester- who died Mar 5, 1821- Pulaski Co. Ga. appointed Hardy Vickers- guardian over his children, Silas, Nathan M. Alfred J., - wife not mentioned- He lived in Burke Co. Securities- William Lester and Joel Sherrod (Sherrard)-


The Lester Cemetery in Leon Co. Florida- is located near the intersection southwest of Thomasville Road and Bonnerman Road in Bradfordville, Fla. Buried there are:

.. Rhoda  Jemison Lester- 11-4-1804- 5-18-1863- 58 year, 6 mos, 14 days, wife of Capt William Lester- Died Leon Co.  Florida.

..Capt. William Lester- 12-24-1790- 5-18-1872- age 81 years, 4 mos, 24 days- Died Thomas Co. Ga. (on same stone with Rhoda).

.William H. Lester- 3-9-1872- 4-19- 1952

            , William Humphrey Lester- 10-22-1835- 1-13-1882


Nathan Vickers b 1783-died May 27, 1847- married 1803 to Jane (Elizabeth Jane Moore) born 1784-died March 11, 1841 Cairo, Grady Co. Florida. Lived in Decatur Co. Ga., Burke Co. Ga. and Leon County Florida.  (Probably of the Moores of Sampson Co. NC.)

He and Hardy were brothers of James Vickers who married Penelope Murphrey- Burke Co. Ga. Michael Murphrey who made deed to him “for love and affection”. Michael Murphrey made will in Burke Co. Nov 9, 1799- This Michael Murphrey is probably the grandson of John Murphrey as noted in the will above, but I am still not sure of the connection to Penelope. Either he was her father or uncle???-


Tracking the Nixon Family is harder- even though most of them came out of Pennsylvania and Ohio area- there were some in South Carolina also- A Stephen Nixon b Dec 11, 1754- in South Carolina – and died Feb 4, 1816- married in Apr 10, 1780 to Martha Nettles- most of their children died as infants except Washington Nixon and Stephen II- needless to say, I have not found a connection here except for the Nettles family who were connected to the Yelvingtons.

Edwin  Nixon of SC- and his wife were granted land in Wilkes Co. in the early ceded lands 1773- 100 acres on Byers Creek, above Mim’s land.


Information on the Murphrey-Murphy Family from Isle of Wight Co. Virginia records 

Michael Murphrey, b 1678- married @1700-1710- to Mary  Hampton- daughter of Thomas Hampton and Elizabeth Bridell- d/o Francis Bridell- ( Hamptons are my direct ancestors who married to  my Greer family of Maryland and Louisiana) Ref: Greer and Hampton Genealogy  

He is said to have been son of William Murphrey and Margaret Perkins, s/o William Murphrey and Sarah Holliday.  He left will in Isle of Wight County-  July 2, 1743- proven May 14, 1747- Abstracted:

“ To my son John Murphrey- all land I am now possessed of with that that lies on west side of Cedar Branch , my horse and saddle, by bald face ox to pay my debts with, 2 broad pewter dishes, 2 leather chairs,  a Ewe, my wearing clothes”---

“My daughter Elizabeth Dixon – a Ewe, broad pewter dish, broad horn  heifer,   with short tail”—

“Daughter Mary-the bed I now lie on, bolster, bedstead, rug, blanket and sheet that belongs to same”—

rest of my movable estate to my three daughters, Mary,  Sarah and Elender- to be equally divided between them”—

Grandson, Michael Murphrey – plantation I now live on and all land on East side of Cedar Branch to have after decease or marriage of his three aunts- he shall not debar them from living at Manor plantation and having what they can tend  of the ground and about the house”-

“A heifer I had of Mary Sikes, to be paid out of my stock before it is divided:--

I appoint my son John Murphrey whole and sole executor to see that this my last will and testament is fulfilled.  Signed and Sealed by Michael Murphrey, before John Barnes and B. Beal- July 2, 1743-

Capt. John Murphrey- b. 1704- and Elizabeth or Betsey Harrison, daughter of Benjamin Harrison and Elizabeth Burwell. Married about 1734- John died May of 1776-they lived  in what was Dobbs and Greene North Carolina, (taken from Johnston Co. after 1750)- (These Harrisons are my mothers paternal lines and some of them migrated into Georgia and Florida. They married into the Armstrongs in Nashville. )   


  1. Gale- b 1746- Isle of Wight Co. Va.- Greene,  North Carolina- (daughter who died)  /she is evidently named for the Gale family found in that area. 
  2. Michael- b 1735- Greene or Dobbs Co. North Carolina-
  3. Caswell- b @1730- Greene, North Carolina?? ( Not sure about his one)--
  4. Elizabeth- b 1735- married John Sugg, Jr.-of Craven Co. and Johnston Co. NC.
  5. William- 1740-
  6. John-1747-
  7. Martha- 1750-


1769 Tax list of Dobbs County, North Carolina – connecting families..

Boykins, Braswells, Bryants, Bush, Gardner, Grantham, Hardy, Harrison, Christopher Mercer, Moye,  John, Michael and John Murphrey Jr., Rountree, Anthony VanPelt, White, Ward.    


1780 Tax List Dobbs Co. NC- and 1779 Tax Payer List

Probably sons of John Murphrey?

Michael Murphrey

John Murphrey

William Murphrey

Jethro Murphrey—youngest son of John Murphrey – married 1. Sarah 2. Penelope Ward

**Jethro Murphrey was b Mar 1755- Greene NC- died 1819- Married twice the second wife being Penelope T. Ward, 1766- @1780- Their children were:

      a. Elizabeth b Mar 23, 1783- Greene NC

b, Bramley- b Sep 6, 1785- Greene Co. married Simon Bright Parrott- @1803- Lenoir Co. who died 1860 in Darlington Co. SC.

c. Nancy- b May 7m 1787- Greene Co.

d. Polly- b Aug 18, 1799- Greene NC

e. Penelope- b May 22, 1791-** May be the one who married James Vickers as the ages are right.???  Not proven.

Greene NC

f. Louise- b Sep 7, 1804- Greene NC-


1790 Greene Co. Census

John Murphrey

Jethro Murphrey-

James Young--   associated with the family some way---


1800 Greene  Co. Census

William, Jethro, John, William Jr. and James Young-


1820 Census- Greene Co.

Willis,(who married Ava Aldridge) ,  Benjamin, Penelope and William


List of those in 1850 Census Jefferson Co.  Ga.  Family groups not identified at this time.

Malachi  Murphrey- age 50 of Burke Co.

Penny- age 44 (1806) b North Carolina –probably Dobbs or Greene  (Penelope?)  William- age 48

Sarah Y. - (Young?)- Age 30

Josiah H. - age 16

John F.  – Age 22

David S.- age 26

Andrew J. – age 17

Ellin R.- age 20


This one I am not sure where he belongs??

Daniel Murphrey-  1717- Bertie Co. North Carolina

Married Sarah Roland Dempsey- 1721-1771- South Carolina


1. William- b 1743- Bertie Co. – died Rhea Co. TN

2. Daniel Jr.- b 1747- died 1778- served in Rev. War

3. John Nimrod- b 1749- Bertie Co.- died Mar 6, 1826- Burke Co. Ga.

4. Levi or Eli- b 1751- Bertie Co. d 1799- Pickens co. S. Carolina

5. David- 1763- Orange NC.- died 1838- Yalobusha, Ms.


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