Hatcher Vickers

Others researching this line:
Nona Elder, nonaelder@usa.pipeline.com

KGV email to Nona Elder 5/14/96:

Thanks for writing. I too trace back my Vickers line back very early in Florida. I have been having trouble connecting back into Georgia, however. I am glad to know you are of the Vickers line out of Jefferson County, FL, as that puts you very close to my Vickers line. I have noted that your Susan Vickers married Elias Grantham in Jefferson Co., FL, January 21, 1847. Other early Jefferson County Vickers' marriages are:

Hatcher Vickers m. Harriet Lewis Sept. 10, 1835
James J. Vickers m. Savannah Georgia Shehee Feb. 28, 1839
Stephen Vickers m. Jane Mills April 24, 1849

Assuming all these Vickers in Jefferson Co. are probably brothers/sisters or cousins, I have some ideas which family they belong to in GA because of the name "Hatcher." I can provide more detail if this is the line you are looking for, but I will briefly summarize: This branch of the Vickers I find in NC in the 1700's. John (c.1710-1785) and Mary Vickers have at least 13 children. One daughter, Martha (b. c. 1746), marries a William Hatcher Feb. 21, 1865, and move to SC along with one or moreof her brothers. Martha's other brothers move to GA in the 1780/90's, Burke/Washington Co. area. One of Martha's brothers (maybe John) names a son "Hatcher," born about 1773. There is some exchange of property between Hatcher and Joshua in Pulaski Co., GA in 1811. Hatcher or one of his brothers is probably the father of the Jefferson Co. family. Anyway, this Hatcher ends up in Henry Co., AL by 1847.

There are two Vickers lines showing up in GA in the 1770-90's. One showing up in Wilkes, Ogelthorpe, Clarke, counties that migrates westward into central AL. The other line shows up in Burke and Washington Co.'s and migrates south down through Pulaski, Laurens, Twiggs, etc. to Lowndes Co. and then Westward into FL and southern AL. We are part of this Vickers migration, although the two lines could have originated from the same Vickers family a generation or two previous to GA.


About Hatcher- I've read & 2 other researchers have told me that my Hatcher's daddy was named John. (Maybe there's more than one Hatcher. Wouldn't suprise me, with their naming habits!) I have to see proof for myself, though.        Nona Elder, email, 6/4/96

Vickers Letter Handwritten; Not dated

Dear Mr. Lewis Vickers:

In regard to your inquiries about my family history I have tried to assemble my family history to the best of my knowledge. My grandfather's name was Hatcher Vickers and father's name was Andrew, often called Drew. Just from father's talk, he said he came with his father at the age of six from S. Carolina to Newport Fla. Father's family consisted of two brothers William (Bill) and Jack. One sister named Susan. Father fought in the Mexican war then married a year later, which was January 20, 1849. My mother was Mary Grantham until she married my father. She came from N. Carolina as a child of about 6 yrs. of age. Her father was Edward Grantham, born Aug. 21, 1771 and her mother was Nancy Daniels, born July 21, 1781. They had 12 children of which my mother was the youngest. The children of my mother and father numbered ten. I am the only one living. The following are their names and the yrs. in which they were born s.Nancy - 1849 s.Susanah - 1851, s.Timothy - 1852, s.Mary - 1854, s.Sary Melvena - 1856, s.Sharlot Cornelia - 1857, b.Andrew - 1859, b.Daniel - 1861 (this is my birth date) b.Lee - 1864, s.Louisa Isabel - 1870. We were all born in "Pinhook" which was a backwoods cattle raising country in Wakulla County. All my family is buried in Crawfordville, Fla excepting one sister who is buried in Carrabelle, Fla. If this information will help trace your family and would be related to my family I would appreciate the complete information, so that we could put it in the family Bible. Sincerely, Daniel Vickers

**Notes: The above letter is written on a sheet of business stationery titled:

ROUTE 32 HIGHWAY ASSOCIATION "A Paved Highway Through Central South Georgia to the Sea"

Printed across the top of the letterhead is the following:

LEWIS VICKERS, Ex-Chm., Coffee Co. Commissioners

LEWIS VICKERS P. O. Box 91 Carrabelle, Florida

LEWIS VICKERS, Pres., 11th Cong. District County Commissioners Association Now 8th. District of Georgia

Copy of Letter in Possession of Nona Elder nonaelder@usa.pipeline.com

My Vickers were here in Florida very early, and I am trying to tie them into the Georgia Vickers. My g-g-grandmother was Susan Vickers, she married Elias Grantham in 1847 in Florida. Her brother Andrew "Drew" married Elias's sister, Mary Grantham. Nona Elder 5/10/96 My address: Nona Elder 9621 Ojus Dr. Tampa, FL 33617 (813) 980-3242 E-mail: nonaelder@usa.pipeline.com

About Hatcher: I also have a copy of the Vickers letter dated 1845 from Gadsen Co., FL. This is the Hatcher I am descended from. (There's another, more on him in a moment.) The "Uncle Hatcher" referred to is mine & the "Uncle Drew" is his brother Andrew. (There's also 3 generations of Andrew's) Uncle Hatchers 3 sons are: William, Jack & Andrew "Drew". The Susan mentioned is their sister who is my g-g-grandmother. She married a Grantham boy. Susan's brother Drew married the Grantham boy's sister Mary. That is my direct link to this letter. Now about that OTHER Hatcher Vickers I mentioned: I found the following obituary extract from the newspaper "Eufaula Times & News" from Barbour County, ALA dated 1892: Mr. Hatcher Vickers, Sr., age 72, died from injuries he received when his horse ran away. Buried at Lawrenceville, Ala. No doubt he's related. Unusual family name in Alabama with the rest of the Vickers. I'll probably do some more digging to find out who this Hatcher was (born about 1820). Nona Elder 5/27/96


Hi Nona!

Received your memo with the attached letter you typed up. This is very helpful as it mentions not only the relationships in the letter but also that Hatcher left SC about the age of 6! This helps in being able to trace the migration and family. More on this in a moment. . .

I have included the will of John Vickers (1784) Edgecombe Co., NC. You may want to print this out as you work through this letter. I will assume that the order in which the the sons are listed is their birth order. The daughters follow the sons and are probably in birth order among the females, but "mixed into" the order of their brothers. I would propose the following order, but open to correction, of course:

1. Abram, b.c. 1736
2. Jacob, b.c. 1738
3. John, b.c. 1740
4. George, b.c. 1742
5. Benjamin, b.c. 1744
6. Martha, b.c. 1746 (m. William Hatcher, 2/21/1765)
7. Raif, b.c. 1748
8. Mary, b.c. 1750 (m. John Morris)
9. Joshua, b.c. 1752
10. Patience, b.c. 1754 (m. a "Stokes")
11. Joseph, b.c. 1756
12. Elizabeth, b.c. 1758 (m. a "White")
13. Stephen, b.c. 1760

Of the above children, it is likely that Abram, Jacob, John, Joshua, Patience, Joseph, Elizabeth, and Stephen are the ones who came to GA following their father's death in 1784/1785. Some, it seems, lingered a little longer in SC on their way down to GA, but all appeared to have made it to GA. Benjamin appeared to have gotten himself murdered in GA about 1786 (although another Benjamin appears later on --maybe a nephew?--or maybe the nephew was the one murdered?). One of George's daughters married a Samuel Harrell and moved to the Charleston Dist. of SC. They were living there in 1798. John is probably the one in Burke Co., GA that died about 1816, and probably the father of Hardy and Nathan, among others. The Stokes and Whites are close neigbors of the Burke Co. Vickers, and Jacob and Joseph appear on and off early in this migration pattern. I have no doubt that your Hatcher is the son of one of these brothers, named after his uncle William Hatcher. At one point I was thinking Joshua was the daddy but I have since gotten a copy of his will, which shows he isn't.

It would appear from several sources (Wills, letters, Huxford) that Hatcher had at least the following brothers and sister: Joel, Jesse, Jacob, Wiley, Drewry, Younge, and Kashire. Probably more, but at least these. It's possible that Hardy, Nathan, and James (from Burke Co., GA originally) are also brothers in this group).

KGV in email to Nona Elder 6/3/96


Records from the Edward Grantham Bible, copy in possession of Nona Elder.

The Bible is dated 1839. The first page has the following handwritten information:

Edward Granthan, Marion, Jefferson Co., [FL] January 1844.

Edward Grantham, Sr. b. August 21, 1771 d. Oct. 15, 1854 m. Nancy Daniels, b. July 21, 1781

1. James Grantham, b. Sept. 9, 1799
2. Jesse Grantham, b. Jan. 24, 1802, m. Rebecca Grainger, Feb. 13, 1823, b. /08/1799
      Joel Grantham, b. July 20, 1825, d. Sept. 20, 1841
      Eliza Grantham, b. Feb. 23, 1827
      Civil Grantham, b. Oct. 29, 1828 Sarah Grantham, b. Feb. 10, 1830
      Colin Grantham, b. 21, 1832
      Charity Emeline Grantham, b. Nov. 29, 1833
       James Pinckney Grantham, b. Oct. 11, 1835
      Susan Grantham, b. Dec. 7, 1837, d. Sept. 9, 1840
      Mary Ann Grantham, b. Oct. 7, 1839
      youngest child, b. Oct. 2, 1841, d. Nov. 21, 1841
3. Selety Grantham, b. May 12, 1804
4. Abraham Grantham, b. Jan. 17, 1807
5. Bethiel Grantham, b. Apr. 24, 1809, m. Zelphy
      Makinneth Grantham, b. Oct. 16, 1838
      Anna Eliza Grantham, b. Mar. 17, 1843
      Florida Grantham, b. July 5, 1845
6. Edward Grantham, b. Dec. 7, 1811
7. John Grantham, b. May 26, 1814
8. Daniel Grantham, b. May 29, 1818, m. Elias Sealy
      Jesse Sealy, b. July 1, 1838
      John M. Sealy, b. Apr. 2, 1840
      Edward Pinckney Sealy, b. Mar. 16, 1843
      Mary Isabella Sealy, b. Oct. 17, 1845
9. Elias Grantham, b. Sept. 13, 1820
      Robert P. Grantham, b. Nov. 20, 1848
      Aliph Grantham, b. Mar. 14, 1850
10. Lewis Grantham, b. Jan. 16, 1823, m. Elafor
      Daniel Edward Grantham, b. Dec. 6, 1849
11. Mary Grantham, b. July 25, 1826, d. Oct. 7, 1878, m. Jan. 20, 1849, Andrew Vickers       Children:  
      Nancy Vickers, b. Oct. 29, 1849
      Susannah Selety Vickers, b. Apr. 28, 1851
      Timothy Vickers, b. Aug. 20, 1852
      Mary Vickers, b. July 20, 1856
      Sary Melvena Vickers, b. May 4, 1857
      Sharlot Cornelia Vickers, b. Aug. 23, 1857
      Andrew Vickers, Jr., b. May 24, 1859, m. Gussie
            Children: Sandy Duval Vickers, b. Jan. 26, 1886
      Daniel Vickers, b. July 27, 1861, d. Sept. 6, 1945, m. Dec. 28, 1902, Ellen Burns
            Archie Daniel Vickers, Sr. b. Jan. 16, 1904, d. Jun 21, 1978 m. July 9, 1930,  Myrtle                           Frances Hagan
                  Ellen Frances Vickers, b. Apr. 30, 1931, m. Dec. 7, 1956 (divorced), Robert Duncan                           Sidwell, b. Jul 22, 1925, m. Norman F. Allemore, Jr., Jan. 18, 1973
                  Archie Daniel Vickers, Jr., b. Feb. 12, 1933, m. Jan.5, 1957, Dorothy Ella Johnson                         Children:
                        John Clifford Vickers, b. Nov. 21, 1957  
                        Laura Jean Vickers, b. May 16, 1960, m. July 12, 1980, (divorced) Charles Henry                                  Austin, b. April 4, 1954
                        David Andrew Vickers, b. Oct. 31, 1961
                        Jennifer Lynn Vickers, b. May 3, 1966 (stillborn)
                        Melanie Ruth Howe, (foster child) b. Jan. 16, 1960, m. Dec. 13, 1982, Matt Lyons                   James Hagan Vickers, b. June 19, 1940, m. Nov. 17, 1962, Patsy Ruth Sims
                        Melanie Dawn Vickers, b. June 22, 1963, m. Mar. 1985, Buddy Spurgeon                                  (divorced)
      Lee Vickers, b. Sept. 3, 1864
      Louisa Isabel Vickers, b. Sept. 6, 1864, m. Mar. 6, 1888, Noah Council
             Columbus Lee Council, b. Feb. 25, 1889
             Noah Arlington Council, b. Aug. 23, 1892
             Emmet Howard Council, b. Mar. 2, 1895

Hatcher Vickers, m.
      William Vickers
       Jack Vickers
      Susan Vickers
      Andrew Vickers, Sr., d. Oct. 7, 1878

Sallie ?, m. Alfred Tucker Children: Dorah Lucille Tucker, b. Aug. 12, 1866 Joseph Alfred Tucker, b. Oct. 4, 1888 Mary Leeola Tucker, b. Aug. 2, 1891 Nellie Annine Tucker, b. Aug. 14, 1894


Husband: Hatcher Vickers b.c. 1773, prob. NC Married: Wife: Children: William Vickers Jack Vickers Susan Vickers Andrew Vickers, Sr., b. / / , d. 10/07/1878, m. 01/20/1849

Origin of name “Hatcher” probably comes from his Aunt Martha Vickers who maried William Hatcher Feb. 21, 1765.

1847 Hatcher Vickers noted in the Old Sparta & Elba Land Office Records, Henry Co., AL in 1847.

Pulaski Co., GA Warranty Deed Index:
Grantor                     Grantee                    Date
Joshua Vickers    Hatcher Vickers        9/21/1811
Hatcher Vickers  Joshua Vickers          9/21/1811
Hatcher Vickers  Humphrey Posey       4/09/1814

Old Sparta & Elba Land Office Records & Military Warrents 1822-1860, Alabama:
Young Vickers      Henry County, AL       04/01/1836  
Jacob Vickers       Henry County, AL       10/05/1836
Joel Vickers          Dale County, AL         12/14/1836
Hatcher Vickers    Henry County, AL       10/29/1847
Jesse Vickers        Henry County, AL       05/01/1849
Joel Vickers                     --                     11/10/1852

Laurens County Georgia Legal Records, 1807-1832, compiled by Allen Thomas, p. 786:

Vickers, Hatcher. Key 37, p. 94. April, 1819. Plaintiff was the State. Defendent was Vickers. True Bill. Hog Stealing. Grand Jury Foreman was Lunceford C. Pitts.

Vickers, Hatcher. Key 37, p. 94. April, 1819. Plaintiff was the State. Defendent was Vickers. Hog Stealing. Bond set with Young Vickers as security.

Vickers, Hatcher. Key 37, p. 141. October, 1819. Plaintiff was the State. Defendent was Vickers. Hog Stealing. Verdict of Guilty. Jury foreman was William H. Parramore.

Vickers, Hatcher. Key 37, p. 151. October, 1819. Plaintiff was the State. Defendent was Vickers. Sentence. One Year in the penitentiary in Milledgeville.

Vickers, Hatcher. Key 49, p. 26. October, 1819. Plaintiff was the State. Defendent was Vickers. Witnesses were Rachel Rowland and Raney Rowland.

Vickers, Hatcher. Key 51, p. 33-34. April, 1819. Plaintiff was the State. Defendent was Vickers. Hog Stealing. Guilty verdict in October, 1819. Attorney A. G. Saffold.


Florida Land: Records of the Tallahassee and Newnansville General Land Office 1825-1892, by Alvie Davidson, 1989.

1090. HARRIS VICERS. (DUP) Feb. 6, 1827, 3 miles NNE Lake Jackson Station, Leon Co. Lot No. 6 Sect. 20 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and west.

118. BRYANT VICKERS. Dec. 25, 1826, 1 mile NE Havana, Gadsden Co. SE ¼ Sect. 29 Tp. 3 R. 2, north and west.

7667. BRYANT VICKERS. Oct. 5, 1838, 2 miles NNE Concord, Gadsden Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 17 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west. This receipt is in the form of an application for a duplicate, applied for by alleged owner of above tract, Aug. 24, 1849, and sworn to by claimant before H. R. W. Andrews, Register of Leon Co.

5019. ELIZABETH VICKERS. (and John Gamble) July 1, 1835, ¼ mile NNE Wacissa, Jefferson Co. E ½ SE ¼ Sect. 36 Tp. 1 R. 3, south and east.

2324. HARDY VICKERS. March 29, 1828, 2 miles NW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SE ¼ Sect. 17 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

16. HATCHER VICKERS. Sept. 12, 1826, near L. Jackson (town), Gadsden Co. SW ¼ Sect. 29 Tp. 3 R. 2, north and west. Rec’d $200.38 ¾ for 160.31 acres. R. K. Call, Receiver. By endorsement on back this was transferred Sept. 12, 1829, to Thomas Speight by Hatcher Vickers.

1927. JAMES J. VICKERS. (DUP) June 18, 1827, 3 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

2383. JAMES J. VICKERS. May 23, 3 miles N Centerville, Leon Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R.1, north and east.

3059. JAMES J. VICKERS. Sept. 22, 1829, 2 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3928. JAMES J. VICKERS. March 20, 1831, 3 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1. north and east.

1957. JAMES M. VICKERS. June 26, 1827, 3 miles N by W Bradfordville, Leon co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 4 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

1958. JAMES M. VICKERS. June 26, 1827, 4 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ NW ¼ Sect. 3 R. 1, north and east.

3143. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 1, 1829, 4 miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3145. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 3, 1829, 3 ½ miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3182. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 26, 1829, 3 miles S Meridian, Leon Co. Lot No. 3 Fractional Sect. 31 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and east.

5405. JAMES M. VICKERS. Jan. 14, 1836, 2 ½ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. NE ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3502. JAMES T. VICKERS. May 3, 1830, 2 miles NNE Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ NW ¼ Sect. 11 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

2521. JOHN L. VICKERS. Oct. 13, 1828, 2 ½ miles SE Concord, Gadsden Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 24 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

7801. JOHN L. VICKERS. Jan. 7, 1839, 1 ¼ miles N by W Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ SW ¼ Sect. 24 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

7807. JOHN L. VICKERS. Jan. 9, 1839, 2 ½ miles E Hinson, Gadsden Co. NW ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 25 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

2029. NATHAN VICKERS. Aug. 13, 1827, 3 miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3586. NATHAN VICKERS. Aug. 3, 1830, 3 ½ miles N by W Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 4 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5403. NATHAN VICKERS. Jan. 14, 1836, 2 ½ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ NE ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5404. NATHAN VICKERS. Jan 14, 1836, 2 ¾ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5410. NATHAN VICKERS. Dec. 16, 1836, 3 miles NW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 8 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

83. YOUNG VICKERS. Dec. 1, 1826, 2 miles SW Havana, Gadsden Co. NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R. 2, north and west. Transferred Dec. 1, 1826, to Stephen Browning. Teste: G. W. Ward, Register.


Mr. Hatcher Vickers, Sr., age 72, died from injuries he received when his horse ran away. Burial at Lawrenceville, AL. (The Eufaula Times & News, Thursday, March 24, 1892, edition.)


Henry Co., AL 1829, Henry Co., AL Records: Census Records, vol. 1, by Helon H. Cutler, p. 8. Ezekiel Vickers
Harris Vickers
Joshua Vickers
Simeon Vickers

1830 Henry Co., AL Census
p. 312, Joel Vickers, 1M60-70, 1M15-20, 1M10-15, 1M5-10, 1F50-60, 3F20-30, 1F15-20.
p. 312, Jacob Vickers, 1M50-60, 1M20-30, 1F50-60, 2F10-15, 9 slaves.
p. 312, Stephen Vickers, 1M20-30, 1F20-30.
p. 324, Samuel Vicars, 1M30-40, 1M-5, 1F20-30, 3F-5.
p. 324, Young Vicars, 1M40-50, 1M5-10, 1F40-50, 1F10-15, 2 slaves.
p. 324, Riley Stokes
p. 325, Elizabeth Hatcher
p. 326, Jesse Vickers, 1M20-30, 2M5-10, 2M-5, 1F50-60, 1F20-30.

1840 Henry Co., AL Census
p. 154, Martha Vickers, 2M20-30, 1M15-20, 1F60-70, 1F20-30.
p. 157, Martha Vickers, 1M50-60, 2M20-30, 1M15-20, 1F70-80, 1F20-30, 2 slaves.
p. 173, Jesse Vickers, 1M30-40, 1M15-20, 1M10-15, 1M5-10, 1F30-40, 1F5-10.


Posted by Lucy Vickers Grisham on http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec?htx=message&r=rw&p=surnames.vickers&m=698

Information to be shared with anyone intersted- from Barbara Boynton- From my files:

First record found on Hatcher Vickers was Deed Book H. p. 135, 21 Sept 1811, Pulaski Co., Ga wherein Joshua Vickers of Laurens County deeded to Hatcher Vickers of Laurens C. one-half of lot 245, original 20th Wilkinson, then Pulaski, splitting said lot 101&1/2 acres, witnesses Moses M. Smith & John Rowland.
On 9 April 1814 Hatcher Vickers sold for $50 to Humphrey Posey one half of lot 245, witneses Elijah Holmes and Benj. Mitchell

Hatcher Vickers on 1811 tax digest, Laurens Co.

In Laurens County Court Case-April 1819-State vs. Hatcher Vickers-hog stealing. Young Vickers on bond.
(Reference: The Georgia Black Book, R S. Davis, p. 59; and Laurens County Georgia Legal Records 1807-1832, Allen Thomas.
16 October 1819 Hatcher Vickers sentenced to one year in jail in Milledgeville from 10-16-1819 to 10-16-1820,listed as 26 years old, fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes, 6'1" tall.

Next record: Hatcher Vickers on 1820 Land Lottery resident of Baldwin Co. Marshall's District. He would have to be 18 to register for lottery and a resident three years prior to 15 Dec. 1818. He got Lot 47 in 15th Irwin County.
1820 Irwin county, Georgia census: Hatcher Vickers-males 1 age 1/16 , female 1 16/26 and 3 children.

Using the 1820 census figure: 1820-25=1795, and the 1820 Irwin census figure (1794-1804).

Hatcher Vickers got title to land in Irwin Co. 5 August 1824 but he was on petit jury in Irwin Co. 2 July 1821. On 16 Sept 1824 Hatcher Vickers sold the land in Irwin Co to Willis King. Wyle Vickers was witness to sale (Irwin Co. Deed Book 1, p. 130)

On 12 September 1826 Hatcher Vickers purchased 160 acres for $200+ in Gadsden County, Florida in Section 29, T3N, R2W, the SW1/4. He sold the land the same day of purchase to Thomas Speight. The land in Gadsden County adjoined land which Bryant Vickers purchased in Dec. 1826.

Letters in Post Office Magnolia, Fl (Leon County) for Hatcher Vickers: April 1, 1829 and Jan 1830

Leon County Voters List
8-4-1828 Magnolia -H. Vickers and D. Vickers
May 2, 1831 Planter's hotel-Magnolia $65 H. Vickers
Nov. 7, 1831 Planters Hotel, Magnolia $48 Hatcher Vickers
Nov. 5, 1832 Magnolia-Hatcher Vickers
May 6, 1833 St. Marks # 33 Hatcher Vickers

Note: Lots in Magnolia were advertised in 1827 and clearing began about July 1827, Reference: Daniel Ladd,
Merchant Prince of Frontier Florida, Jewell H. Shofner 1978.

1830 Leon County, Fl Census
Hatcher Vickers
Males 1 under 5, 1 5& under 10, 1 10 and under 15,
1 40 and under 50
Females 1 under 5, 1 5 and under 10, 2 10 and under 15, 1 15 and under 20, 1 30 and under 40

On the 1825 Leon County Florida Special State Census appear: Young Vickers, Drewry Vickers & Joshua Vickers.

That Hatcher Vickers was related to these three Vickers men appears likely, as:
Joshua Vickers sold land to Hatcher Vickers 1814 in Laurens county
Young Vickers had been on his bond 1819 in Laurens Co.
H & D Vickers (Hatcher & Drewry) voted in Magnolia, Fl in 1818.
Young Vickers purchased land in Gadsden County, Fla and sold it to Stephen Browning the day of purchase, and by 1828 had sold his land in Leon County, Fl. He left Florida and went to Henry Co., Al where he died.

There exists a letter written Oct. 1845 from Ezekiel Vickers of Gadsden County, Florida to his brother Harris Vickers in Sabine County, Texas. Exekiel and Harris were sons of Joshua Vickers, proven by a deed recorded in Henry County, Al 1823. That deed witnessed by Drewry Vickers.
In the 1845 letter Ezekiel refers to "Uncle Hatcher's three sons and Susan, down about old Magnolia." Ezekiel also states that "Uncle Drew's widow and her man lives at New Port." In referring to relations in Alabama he states "Uncle young had the misfortune to lose both of his children."

Note: Records in Henry County Al indicate these children were a male and a female who married Christopher Ward.

Info about Hatcher Vickers from various sources:

Unpublished Grantham family information:
from D. W. Lott records
Hatcher Vickers b. 8-21-1771 (possibly S. C.) went to Florida when son Andrew was about 6 years old, other children William, Jack and Susan.
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, F. Huxford, Vol 7, p. 286
"Wiley Vickers 1840 census between 60 and 70).
He had brothers named Jesse, Youngy and Hatcher, also a sister named Kashire; these are said to have moved to Alabama.--they are said to have lived in Laurens County before moving to what is now Coffee Co, but at that time, Irwin) in 1820"
Note: Huxford's Corrections: Wiley in Washington Co. 1805 land lottery, Wiley in Wilkinson Co. also.

Undated letter from Daniel Vickers, son of Andrew Vickers, who was a son of Hatcher Vickers, to Lewis Vickers, Sr., Douglas, Ga. who was a great grandson of Wiley Vickers
"My grandfather's name was Hatcher Vickers and father's name was Andrew, often called Drew. Just from father's talk he said he came with his father at the age of 6 from S. Carolina to Newport, Fl.
Father's family consisted of two brothers William (Bill) and Jack-one sister named Susan.------The children of my mother and father numbered ten. I am the only one living-------Daniel 1861 (this is my birth date)"

Note: Andrew Vickers was b. ca 1820 which would have made him coming to Fl 1826 if the story was correct. New Port was not established until after a hurricane nearly destroyed Magnolia in Sept. 1843.

Undated letter to Mr. R. A. Cook, Havana, Florida from Louis Vickers, Sr., P. O. Box 467, Douglas, Ga.
"----------My great grandfather's name was Wiley Vickers and his bro. and sis. were:

Drew Vickers, Youngie Vickers, Jessie Vickers, Johney Vickers, Kasire Vickers. His wife's name was Beady Vickers. Willey Vickers Sr's children were:

Jessie, Eli, John, Youngie, Bill, Beady, Tilda, Tisue, Madison, Ashley

Eli Vickers was my grandfather, and his children were:
John (my father), Henry, Wiley, Willie, Elijah, Eli, Polly, Tilda. I have 21 bro. and sis. My father was born in 1836 and died in 1900. I was born 10-14-1877. My great grandfather Wiley Vickers, Sr. and his bro. and sis. came south from England during 1700."

Note: Huxford on Wiley Vickers does not show a daugher Beady while Mr. Louis (Lewis ) Vickers does.
Note: R. A. Cookdied in 1960, Lewis Vickers died in 1955.

Husford's info that Wiley Vickers had brothers Jesse, Youngy and Hatcher and a sister named Kashire, does not mention Drew and Johny which Mr. Lewis Vickers mentions.

Proof that Jesse and Kashire (Kezziah) were brother and sister is found in Henry County, Al deeds when Kezziah (wife of Jacob Vickers) makes a deed of gift to her brother Jesse Vickers.

Proof that Wiley and Young (Youngie, Youngy) were brothers is found in Henry Co.,Al records when Youngie, s/o Wiley tries to secure a slave left to him by his Uncle Young who was deceased.

?Possibility? that the Johney Vickers Mr. Lewis Vickers mentioned in his letter to Mr. R. A. Cook was Joshua Vickers, called Johny by the family????

The informatio0n that Hatcher Vickers was born 8-21-177l in D. W. Lott records does not fit records of Hatcher Vickers who came to Leon and Wakulla Counties, Fl. There might be a Hatcher Vickers with a 1771 birth date resulting from one of the Vickers-Hatcher marriages in N. C., but it is not believed that this is the one who came to Wakulla County. A Hatcher Vickers born 1771 would have been 48 in 1819, not 26. He would have been 49 on 1820 census, not 16/26, and on 1830 census 59 in the 50/60 age group. It appears that there is a generation gap in this re cord. It is not known where D. W. Lott got the birth date 8-21-177l.

Hatcher Vickers daughter Susan married Elias Grantham 1-21-1847 in Jefferson County, Fl. Hatcher Vickers son Andrew (Drew) married Mary Grantham, Wakulla County, Fl 1-20-1849. Andrew b. ca 1820, d. 7 Oct 1878, Crawfordville, Fl.

William Vickers, s/o Hatcher Vickers appears on 1850 Leon County, Fla Census, age 26 (b. 1824) in Elias Grantham's household. Elias Grantham's wife Susan was William's sister.

Hatcher Vickers had more daughters than Susan who m. Elias Grantham, as shown by the 1830 census. Fatama, Nancy and Fanna are mentioned inthe 1845 Ezekiel Vickers letter. It is not know who they were.

On 9-10-1835 Hatcher Vickers married Harriet Lewis in Jefferson Co., Fl , so it appears his wife, age 30/40 on 1830 census died between 1830 and 1835. If the wife who died betwen 1830 and 1835 was a first wife, she had 8 children by 1830. Her birth date ranges for 1791 to 1800 by 1830 census and 1795 to 1804 by 1820 Irwin Co., Ga census when she had 3 children. She is likely buried in an unmarked grave in a cemetery near, or at Magnolia (no longer in existence except for a few stones in the cemetery there), as Hatcher voted in Magnolia from 1828 to 1832.

Andrew (Drew), Jackson and William Vickers, sons of Hatcher Vickers served in the Florida Indian War.
They served at Camp Wacissa, Camp Gamble and Camp Pleasant which were in Jefferson County, Florida.

William Hatcher, Johnston County, N. C.-Will dated 7 June 1784 had daughters:

Millie M.____________Vickers
Sarah M.____________Vickers
Ann M.____________Vickers
Mary M.____________Vickers
Pheby M.____________Coleman

It is likely that Hatcher Vickers of Wakulla County, Florida got his name from an ancestor in one of the above marriages. Frequently first names of children were the wife's maiden name. Research in Johnston County, N. C. might reveal the names of the Vickers men who the Hatcher women married and give further clues as to descendants.


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