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Vicky S. Vickers Parrin,

From Bette Wilde:

Dear Kelly: I have been reading all the links to your website and I think the Vickers line I am tracing falls in there, but I can't quite figure out how. I am doing research for 2 friends of mine; Nettie Vickers Turley who is in her late 60's and her mom Willie Claud Knoblock Vickers Ragan (married Erastus Orland Vickers.)

Here's what I have so far:

William Thomas Vickers died May 7, 1874 and is buried in Hamilton CO, IL. He married a Nancy Jane (?). They had the following children:
John H., Phillip, William J., Elizabeth, Mary Caroline, Thomas, Guy, Andrew, and Michael V. born in 1852. Mary Caroline married Felix Gross. Michael V. married Sarah Margaret Russell, the daughter of Thomas Russell and Nancy Dean. Sarah was born on Nov 18, 1858 and died Aug 16,1899, she is buried in Big Hill Cem. in Hamilton CO., IL. Michael and Sarah had the following children: William Otis, Marion N., Zoni, Nomi, Erastus Orland. William married a woman named Nettie (?), Marion married Eveline Tate, Zoni married George Lynn, Nomi married Charles Hefner, and Erastus was born August 23, 1876 in Norris County, IL and died June 10, 1939 in Selma, ARK - he married Ada Belle Foster, the daughter of A.E. Foster, she was born Sept 23, 1880 and died Jan 22, 1911. They had the following children: Easton Wright born Aug 29, 1897 and died Apr 27, 1988. He married Alma (?), and Goldie C. Carrigan; Effie May born Feb 1, 1899, Nancy Ann born Aug 15, 1900, Marion Edward born May 30, 1902 died April 12, 1993; Julia Elizabeth born Dec 31, 1903; Thomas Lee born Sep 28, 1905; Mariah Luther born May 20, 1907 died October 1982; and Erastus Orlan(d) born Jan 19, 1910, in IL. Orlan (as he was known) married Willie Claud Knobloch - she was born Apr 22, 1909 in Drew County, AR.

Please see if any of this makes sense in your lines. I would really like to see a connection. Nettie - Willies' daughter, says that they believe William came orginally from NC but can't find the link. Thanks in advance. Bette Wilde


Hi, Bette!
Glad to hear from you! If William Thomas Vickers came from NC, then he is definitly tied in to our lines. Do you know how old he was when he died--or his approximate birth year? That will help. We are smack dab in the middle of trying to find and document the relationships of the Vickers families in the south, so tying your William Thomas in will really help. One of the ways we are trying to do this is by getting copies of all existing NC wills for the generation preceeding William Thomas. The more info we get the clearer the picture will become. Everything that I have is currently on the Page. However, since I got the Page up and running a couple of weeks ago I've been getting alot of contributions. It will take me some time to work through them and get them put into the next update of the page. I will add your name and email address to my mailing list of Vickers cousins. Send me the approximate birth year of William if you know it--that will definitely help in getting him tied into the NC group. Thanks! Kelly

Dear Kelly,
While surfing I found your link for Vickers genealogy.  It has been some time since I actively did reasearch on the Vickers line. My deceased first husband is descended from James Vickers and Elizabeth Mowery who married in Sevier Co, Tn in 1799. Their daughter Nancy Vickers married William Thomas Vickers in 1830 in McLeansboro, Hamilton Co, IL. This appears to be the same William Thomas Vickers that Bette Wilde is researching. I got stuck on him to. James had a 1st wife and 7 or 8 children by her, but I have minimal information on this. I alway had the sense that William and Nancy were cousins. Not ever able to prove.

As I said, it has been some time since I have actively researched this line, but I am more than willing to share the information that I have, in return, of course, for receiving information.

What information do you need from me? I will go through my folders. I have many documents.

Elynn Boss,

[See also the file on James and Elizabeth Vickers, NC to TN to IL]


I decend from Thomas Vickers & his 1st wife Mary ? of Hamilton Co., IL.  I know that they were both born in TN, at least according to the 1850 Census, as were 8 of their 10 children.  The other 2 were born in Hamilton Co., IL.  By the 1860 Census Thomas was married to Polly ?, I have no idea when or where Mary died or when or where he & Polly married.  Polly T. was listed as the mother of his children on the graves in the Big Hill Cemetery, but by her birth date on her stone there is no possible way she was the mother of these children as she would have been a young child herself at the time.
I'm at a loss as to were to look for this info.  I've checked the death records at the Hamilton Co., IL Courthouse & have found nothing.  I've also checked the Illinois State Marriages for 1823 - 1900 & have came up empty handed.  I'm also unsure as to where in TN Thomas came from.  I've been told by someone else working on the Hamilton County Vickers' that he had came Stewart County, but have not been able to prove this, as the Courthouse in Stewart Co., TN was burned during the Civil War.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much.
Vicky S. Vickers Parrin,  


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