James & Elias Vickers, VA to OH

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Jim Anderson, janderson@hockinghills.net
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Michael Alan Vickers, thevickers@msn.com

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My grandmother was Helen Louise Vickers (1904 - 1969). My first known Vickers ancestor was my 4x great grandfather James Vickers b. 01/15/1784 in Virginia. He came to Putnam, Muskingum County, OH in 1805. He, along with his brother-in-law John Goshen (he had married Nancy Hoover, 09/26/1804 in Rockingham Co., VA), was one of the founders of the Methodist Church in Putnam, OH (now part of Zanesville). James Vickers was a deputy marshal, tax collector, and road viewer. He died in Columbus, on 09/28/1821, of Yellow Fever, after delivering a prisoner to trial. His wife was Mary Hoover (1786 - 1877), daughter of Henry Hoover, whom he married on 10/23/1805 in Fairfield County, OH. They were the parents of the following children:

1. Nancy Vickers b. 1807 Putnam, OH d. +1880 mrd. 1st Joseph Lenhart, 08/18/1825 in Muskingum Co., OH mrd. 2nd Joseph Smith, 02/29/1844 in Muskingum Co., OH

2. Elias Vickers b. 1808 Putnam, OH d. +1857 mrd. 1st Maria Hewit, 09/08/1831 in Perry Co., OH mrd. 2nd Ellen Hodge, 07/29/1856 in Perry Co., OH

3. Martha Vickers b. 1810 Putnam, OH d. +1860 mrd. 1st Robert Dodds, 06/15/1828 in Muskingum Co., OH mrd. 2nd Elijah Atkins, 01/28/1840 in Muskingum Co., OH mrd. 3rd Daniel E. Chandler, 10/11/1842 in Muskingum Co., OH

4. Lorenzo Dow Vickers b. 08/05/1813 Putnam, OH d. 12/1886 Solomon, KS mrd. 1st Harriet Moon, 10/20/1834 Fayette Co., OH mrd. 2nd Margaret Morris, 12/1837 Fayette Co., OH

5. William H. Vickers b. 1816 Putnam, OH d. 02/11/1875 Coshocton Co., OH mrd. 1st Nancy Atkins, 04/14/1837 in Morgan Co., OH mrd. 2nd Mary (Buker) Laport, 11/20/1843 in Coshocton Co., OH

6. John James Vickers b. 1818 Putnam, OH d. 04/16/1863 Millican's Bend, LA mrd. Mary Mingus, 07/07/1839 in Athens Co., OH

7. Mary Jane Vickers b. 1821 Putnam, OH d. c1877 Abeline, KS mrd. Alexander Lewis, 08/24/1843 in Muskingum Co., OH

I believe James Vickers had a brother named:

Elias Vickers b. c1780 VA d. -1835 Clark Co., OH mrd. Tabitha Staunly, 11/25/1802 in Augusta Co., VA

Elias Vickers had been a Methodist preacher while living in Muskingum Co., OH, but about 1810, when he moved to Clark Co., OH, he became a Church of Christ Minister.

I am descended from James Vickers thusly:

1. James Vickers 1784 - 1821
2. John James Vickers 1818 - 1863
3. William Wesley Vickers 1841 - 1916
4. Simon Wesley Vickers 1872 - 1957
5. Helen Louise Vickers 1904 - 1969
6. Darrell Lee Anderson 1928 -
James Darrell Anderson 1955 -

Does anyone know anything about the parents of my James Vickers. He has a lot of descendants in Ohio and Kansas. I would love to connect him to the rest of the Vickers clan!!!

Jim Anderson, Logan, OH


About Elias VICKERS [brother of James] bn VA m. Tabitha STANDLY, by the deeds in Clarke Co. OH, you can see that Elias and Tabitha had at least two children,
1. Tabitha Jane VICKERS m. Richard Henry BLACKBURN, and
. Christian VICKERS who was named in a deed and on the marriage info. for Tabitha Jane.

I believe Elias and wife went to Indiana where they show up in the census until 1850 or 60. I believe it was in Vermillian Co. IN. There were more VICKERS married around that time and earlier. I do not have my notes here, so all of this is from memory, (pretty scarey). Please pass this, and my E-mail address to Mr. Anderson, as I think he would also be interested. Thanks, Mark
Mark Gillispie, Proteus999@aol.com


I've found some more information on Elias Vickers, whom I believe is the brother of my ancestor James Vickers. He appears in the 1850 Census in Wabash Township, Fountain County, Indiana:

Elias Vickers 68   E.C.C. Clergyman            $300                   Virginia
Mary            53                                                                       Virginia
Louisa A. L. 10                                                                        Indiana

A marriage record also records the following:

Elias Vickers married on April 7, 1831 in Fountain Co., IN to Mary Jarred

I hope this adds a few more pieces to the puzzle.

Jim Anderson, Logan, OH


I am gathering information about my family history. I am Michael E. Vickers, working on the Vickers branch of the family and wonder if you can give me any information about

James Vickers, Born: January 15, 1784, VA, Death September 28, 1821, Ohio.
Spouse: Mary Hoover.

I am a descended of Lorenzo Dow Vickers, He is one of the sons of James Vickers.

James Vickers January 15, 1784, VA
Lorenzo Dow Vickers August 5, 1813, Ohio
James R Vickers August 26, 1838, Ohio
Lorenzo Dow Vickers January 16, 1882, Ohio
Edwin L. Vickers Apria 18, 1918, Oklahoma
Michael E. Vickers August 6, 1943, Texas

Michael, vickersk@gte.net


I would like to add an additional Vickers from VA to OH to the list.

My 2x Great Grandfather was Elias H. Vickers, b. 5 Aug 1818,

Loudoun Co., VA. His father was born in VA and mother in MD.

I have yet to learn anything further concerning his parents.


I don't know when he moved to OH but he was married to Christina Schaeffer in Montgomery Co, OH, 16 Sept, 1838. She was born in Germantown , Montgomery Co., OH, 6 Jan 1819. They settled in Springboro, OH, where they raised numerous children, on of which was 

my G Grandfather Calvin C. Vickers.


I will update along as I find additional info.



Michael Alan Vickers

Aubrey, TX




I have been doing some research on Vickers that appears in my family. .I am a descendant of Lorenzo Dow Vickers born 08/05/1813 who was married to Harriet Moon (1st wife). I have been trying to find out more information about Harriet and I came across your website.


My link to the Vickers:
Janis C Lundin (1947- ) - my mom
Lois Jeanne Coup (1925- )
Roy William Coup (1898-1994)
Harriet Caroline Vickers (1875-1932)
Alonzo Lorenzo Vickers (1837-1917)
Lorenzo Dow Vickers (1813-1886) – I believe he is the brother to Elias H Vickers below
James R Vickers (1784-1821)

I saw on one area of your website that a Calvin C. Vickers (1839-?), son of Elias H Vickers (1818-1900) was raised in Springboro, OH. This caught my attention because I am now living in Springboro, after having moved here from TX 2 ½ years ago. Out of curiosity, I went to the Springboro Historical Society Museum today to inquire about the Vickers in Springboro.  I found out that Elias H Vickers did indeed own some land right in downtown Springboro, lots 51 and 52.

I also found a different Elias Vickers that assisted with the founding of the 1st United Church of Christ in Franklin, OH (a town right next to Springboro) during April 1819 along with a man named Nathaniel Potter. The church was named “New Light”. Don’t know how this Elias Vickers is linked to the family, if he is.


I also found a Kersey J. Vickers that was on the baseball team of the Miami Valley College here in Springboro back in 1879 (the college no longer exists). Don’t know how he is linked to the family, if he is. If we find that he is linked to our Ohio Vickers somehow, I do have a copy of a picture of the baseball team that I can send you.


The land records I found showed that a Katie Vickers bought the 2 lots in 1905 for $300 BUT it also shows that the land was also sold to a John E Robinson for $33.14. This is very curious to me. Don’t know how she is linked to the family, if she is.


Thought I would share some of these findings with you. Maybe someone will recognize these names and can help me make the connections to the family.

Happy to have found some more of the Vickers family!

Nicole White




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