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The following article taken from "Henry's Heritage--A History" vol. II, by Hoyt Warren, 1980


William Charles Vickers belonged to one of the oldest families in the Wiregrass region. He was born January 13, 1882 in that part of Dale County which later became a part of the last and new county of Houston. But William was from an old well established Henry county family and was to return to Henry one day as a medical doctor.

James Vickers was born in South Carolina in 1811. It was he who established his family in Henry County when it was young, and became an outstanding farmer before the War Between the States. The Vickers are of Irish origin with James' father having come to America from that country.

James Vickers married Elizabeth Hutto, who was of Scotch descent and born near Abbeville. James Vickers died on his farm near Abbeville in 1861, just as the great War was starting, but his wife lived for some time and died in Nome, Florida where she was living with some of her family.

William J. Vickers was the father of William Charles, and was born on his father's farm near Abbeville in Henry County in 1851, and died on his farm near Dothan, Alabama September 4, 1920. William J. Vickers was reared on the farm in Henry County, but moved to the "new lands" opened for homesteading in what is now Houston county in 1878. He was a very progressive farmer, and quite a successful one. He was a community leader, with particular attention being given to his efforts to promote the Missionary Baptist Church and the Democratic Party. He was recognized as a religious leader in his neighborhood and county.

William J. Vickers married Susan J. Askew, who was born in Henry County in 1858. She lived on the family farm until September 1922. William J. and Susan J. Askew Vickers had the following children: James T. Vickers, who served in World War 1 and later lived in Dothan; Jerie, who married Jeter James Box and lived until July 1919; Alice who lived in Birmingham; and the second child was William Charles Vickers who became a medical doctor.

Dr. Vickers attended the public schools of Houston County (Henry at that time), and graduated from Kinsey High School in 1900, He was a good student and followed the example of many others of his day who went to greater heights in education--he worked to gain the money to further his education. William Charles Vickers first studied to become a teacher and did serve in this capacity for some time, and actually served as principal of the school at Webb before he entered medical training. He served in this capacity for about two years until he gained enough money to move forward.

William Charles attended Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, La. where he took a full medical course, and graduated in 1908 with his M.D. degree. Immediately thereafter he entered medical practice at Abbeville, Alabama. He started a general practice but was also specialized in surgery and developed a very good practice in this field.

Dr. Vickers' office was on the square in Abbeville, and he owned a home on Kirkland Street, which is the main street through town. Dr. Vickers also owned the old homestead in Houston County, which contained the well known Kelly Springs. Many people and groups went to this location in later years for picnics and camping outings. Before Dr. Vickers' death, he gained considerable property in Henry county.

It seems necessary to point out that Dr. Vickers began his practice at a similar time to many others who used the horse and buggy as the chief means of travel to and from patients homes. House calls were the custom of the day, and many modern day medicines were not available to him. He worked under these handicaps, as did his colleagues, and did a very creditable service to his patients in Henry County. It has been written that he was "recognized as one of the competent resourceful physicians and surgeons in Henry County, and enjoyed the confidence and esteem of his fellow citizens."

Dr. Vickers was a Democrat and served as a member of the City Council of Abbeville in 1910-12. He was County Health Officer for two terms from 1919 through 1927. He was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church, a Mason, and belonged to Dothan Commandery No. 25 K.T.; and Alcazar Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. of Montgomery. He was a member of the B.P.O. Elks of Dothan, Alabama and several other civic and fraternal organizations, such as the County Medical Association.

On July 19, 1911, Dr. Vickers married Miss Rosa Hawley at Abbeville. She was the daughter of Nathan M. and Martha Holley Hawley, but both parents were deceased. Mr. Hawley was a real pioneer of Lawrenceville where he was a merchant, and his daughter, Rosa, was a graduate of the Third District Agricultural School at Abbeville.

Dr. and Mrs. Vickers' children were named William Charles, Nat Hawley, James Austin, Loyd Jerome, and Martha Rose. It is unfortunate that we do not have the exact dates of events surrounding this fine family who lived with and served the fine people of Henry County. Because of the time in which Dr. Vickers practiced in the county--before and after the first World War--there must be many people in Abbeville and throughout the area who knew him personally and professionally, and can recall other facts about him and his work.


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James Vickers Henry County AL

Looking for information on James Vickers. Married Elizabeth Hutto 1/31/1850 in Henry County. Any information appreciated.       Bill Hutto

Repsonse from Lucy Vickers Grisham:

Jesse Vickers b 1799 Ga.- Lived Montgomery Co.Ga./Irwin Co. died @ 1864 Henry Co.Ala. Married first to Nicey ? b 1810 died @1850. Children:
Young J.- b 1840-44- married to Mahala Lovice Dominey- children Jesse and Mandy.
Sarah- Married Robert G. Sowell
Edward C. -
Joshua- b 1826- married Mary Price in 1851- children Hatcher, Irwin, Lacy, John, Sarah, Susan and Amanda.
Lucy A.-
James- b 1829- died 1858 Henry Co.Ala. Married to Elizabeth Hutto. children: Charles I., William J., Joshua, George J. Irwin Hatcher. James deceased and his children were recipients of his share of his father Jesse's estate in 1864. (Notice published in Henry Co. Register Newspaper)
Elizabeth signed receipt for children and she died in Nome, Florida. 1860 Census of Henry co. Ala. gives their birthdates between 1851 and 1857. William J. died Dothan, Ala. He married to Susan Askew- Sept 4, 1920.
The Hutto Family are from Abbeville, S. Carolina.

Jesse married 2nd to Harriet Morris and had:
Bryant and Elijah.
Jesse is in the 1818 Twiggs Co. Tax Census, Henry Co. Ala. Wills and Estate Records at the Courthouse, 1821 Land Lottery of Ga. (Lot #16 Sect. 1) 1830 Census of Lowndes Co. Ga. 1805 Land Lottery of Ga., and 1827 Montgomery Co. Ga. Records. Probably a brother to Wiley Vickers of Coffee/Irwin co. Ga.
Hope this helps you some- Lucy Vickers Grisham



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