James Vickers -- Jackson Co., FL

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My g-g-grandfather James Vickers was born in GA about 1799. By the mid-1820's he had migrated down through GA to Jackson Co., Territory of FL. He married there in 1840 to Sarah "Sallie" Pelt, and died there in 1864. I have been trying to find which Vickers family in GA he belongs to. In order to do that I am researching ALL (Whew!) the Vickers families in GA after the Revolution. See also The Stories: James and Sallie.

As of yet I still don't have a solid connection made but I do have quite a bit of info on the Vickers in GA, AL, and FL (and a little on them in NC like John's will, 1784, Edgecomb Co.)

So far I have found that there appear to be two branches of the Vickers in GA. Possibly (probably) related, but still two branches as far as their migrations are concerned. One branch which appears shortly following the Revolution, shows up in Montgomery, Washington, and Burke Co's. This branch migrated down through central GA to south GA (Laurens, Twiggs, Pulaski, Irwin, Lowndes), and then westward to the n. FL counties and southeast AL counties. This is the branch that my James is a part of (I think). The other branch began a little later (1790's) in Wilkes, Ogelthorpe, Clarke, Walton Co.'s, and moved Westward through the Atlanta area and over into the central counties of AL.

I have a good bit of material on these families in these migrations but haven't been successful placing my James yet.

As for more details on my James:

1) The 1850 Jackson Co., FL census lists James as 52 years old--born 1798, in GA. The 1860 census list James as 60 years old--born 1800, in GA. So we have his approximate birth year and state. (I'm not certain why, but cousin Shirley feels he was born 1802). My guess is late in 1799, reason to follow below.

2) He first shows up in Jackson Co., Territory of FL, in the 1820's: In 1826, the "Vickers' Store" is listed as a voting precinct (in his neighborhood). James himself is listed in December of 1826 on a muster roll of the Florida militia (along with a John Vickers) of Jackson County. In December of 1827, his name appears on a petition to Congress by the inhabitants of Jackson Co. Then in January of 1828, his name appears on another petition to Congress.

3) Tax Records of Jackson Co., FL for 1826 show a John Vickers; 1828 shows John and James Vickers; 1833 shows Joshua and James Vickers; 1834 shows John, Joshua and James Vickers; 1835 shows just James Vickers; 1838 shows James and John, but John is "failed" or absent, i.e. gone. The 1830 Census show only a Joshua Vickers with 1 female 40-45, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 5-10, 2 males 0-5, and 1 female 0-5. I do not know the relationship of this John and Joshua Vickers to my James Vickers. Given their proximity there can be no doubt they are family. James continues to be listed in Jackson Co. tax records for the years 1844, 1847, 1849, 1850, 1856, 1857, 1858, and 1859. So he is there, even though he is not found in the 1830 or 1840 Census of Jackson Co.

4) In 1840 James married Sarah "Sallie" (Van) Pelt and they began their family. Their children were: Nancy, b. 1841; James Linton, b. 1843; Burton J., b. 1846; Sophronia "Rony" Ann, b. 1850; Sarah A., b. 1853; Jacob, b. 1855 (my g-grandfather); Josephine "Josie" Frances, b. 1857; and Charles H., b. 1861. James and his children are also listed in the Jackson Co. Children's Census taken 1858 and 1859.

5) I have a deed dated 1849 where Sallie's father dies and James Vickers and his brother-in-laws sign the deed to dispose of his property. On this original deed it appears a "J." is written above/in-between his name on the deed--hence I assume James J. Vickers. James died about July of 1864 just as his son James Linton is returning from the War. (Shirley Ammons is James Linton's grand-daughter; I descend from his younger brother Jacob).

6) Two rather different name occurances have cropped up that might seem to provide some clues: My grandfather's brother, John Bunyan Vickers, was born 1881 in Jackson Co., FL and died there in 1926. On the 1900 Census of Jackson County, there is a John Bunyan Vickers & family, born 1855. He's not there before then and not there after. My guess is that my great-uncle was probably named after him. If I knew where the older one fit in, this might help to tie our family to another Vickers family, and make things easier. Another name occurance is that my grandfather also had two other siblings: Malzie, b. 1890, and Lewie, b. 1904. Now Lewie I could see as a fairly common name, but I don't think Malzie was common anywhere at any time! According to Huxford, Drew Vickers had a son Lewis Vickers (1805-1880) that named two of his children Molsy (Malzie?) b. 1837 and Lewis (b. 1843). With both names occuring in proximity like that it would almost seem possible that my g-grandfather Jacob Vickers could have named two of his children after the older set--perhaps his cousins or something. I don't know. . . just reaching I guess.

In my narrowing the field awhile back, I was almost sure James came from Hardy Vickers. I about went straight to heaven when I finally got Hardy's family info and saw a son James J. (but born 1806), then was let down as I realized this was the wrong James J. (different wife and all)! There really are too many James floating around in this time period! I can feel sympathy for fellow genealogists with Smith and Jones in the family!

Then I zeroed in on Joshua Vickers that left his will in Henry Co., AL in 1823, just over the state line. But his three sons were Ezekiel, Harris and Simeon, not the James, Joshua, and John that show up in Jackson Co., FL.

As I mentioned before I have quite abit of material I've collected on the GA, AL, and FL Vickers trying to piece everyone together, looking for migration and name patterns, relationships, etc. that will help me to find James' family. There are distinctly two migration patterns and I know that my James is tied in with the Vickers that moved down through central & south GA from Burke and Washington and Montgomery Counties, and then into west FL and southeast AL.


“For the council election of 1825, Jackson County was divided into two election districts. . . . There were only two preceincts in the district; one at Vickers’ store where Owen Williams, Henry O’Neill and Doctor Desha were judges. . .” Jackson County, Florida -- A History, p. 28, by Jerrell Shofner

“. . . was the account of J. J. Pelt who operated a country store and purchased his goods from Baker. Between August 15, 1870 and May 27, 1872, Pelt purchased dozens of items to stock his own store--ranging from tobacco, whiskey, and candy to shoes, clothes, and ticking to quinine, strychnine, and sulpher to miscellaneous hardware, and even including violin strings and a Jew’s harp. But, like so many merchants at the time, Pelt was unable to collect from his customers and, therefore, could not pay Baker.” Jackson County, Florida -- A History, p. 305, by Jerrell Shofner


In the basement of the Jackson County Courthouse in a box marked “Important-- Territorial Records” I found the original Children’s Census’ for the years 1858 and 1859. Also, there is the original 1825 and 1838 Jackson County Census. Apparantly these census records were made at the discretion of Jackson County and were not actual Federal Census’.

From the Jackson County Courthouse:

Jackson County Children’s Census, June 26, 1858

Name                  Boys     Girls
Seaborn Pelt          2           2
Jas. Vickers           2           2

Jackson County Children’s Census, 1859

Name                  Boys      Girls
Seaborn Pelt          5            2
J. Pelt                    8            1
Jas. Vickers           2            2


Jackson County Census, August 1, 1825

John Pelt
1 male over age 21
3 males under age 21
1 female over age 21
1 female under age 21
6 total whites
1 total blacks
7 total inhabitants

Jackson County 1830 Federal Census:

Joshua Vickers
1 female 40-45
1 male 15-20
1 male 10-15
1 male 5-10
2 males 0-5
1 female 0-5

Jackson County Census, April 25, 1838:

Name                       White Persons     Slaves       Free Men Colored
Urbane McCrary                3                   -                       -
A. V. Pelt                           5                   2                       -
Jonathan Pelt                      4                    -                       -
Wm. Pelt                            4                    -                       -
J. Pelt                                 8                    2                       -

There did seem to be some missing pages from this original census. The absence of a name from the census records and/or tax records does not mean that the person was not there, i.e. that James Vickers is not on the 1838 census does not mean he was not there. In the tax records which follow, many times he and others are not listed consistently every year, yet we know they were there. The tax records for 1838 (date of above census), show both James and John Vickers as paying their poll taxes.

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1825:

John Pelt
1 slave subject to county tax
1 slave subject to territorial tax
county tax--$.75
territorial tax--$.50
total tax--$1.25

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1826:

John Pelt
1 white male subject to territorial tax
1 white male subject to county tax
paid $.50 tax

John Vickers
1 white male subject to territorial tax
1 white male subject to county tax
paid $.50 tax

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1828:

James Vickers paid $.50 poll tax
John Vickers paid $.50 poll tax
John Van Pelt paid $.50 poll tax

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1833:

John V. Pelt paid $.50 poll tax
James Vickers paid $.50 poll tax
Joshua Vickers paid $.50 poll tax

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records July 17, 1834:

James Vickers paid $.50 poll tax
John Vickers double tax, $1.00
Joshua Vickers double tax, $1.00
John Van Pelt

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1835:

John Pelt                40 acres/tax $.10/1 free white taxable male
Anthony V. Pelt      1 free white taxable male
John Van Pelt          tax $1.00/1 free white taxable male
James Vickers         tax $.50/1 free white taxable male

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1838:

Anthony Van Pelt      160 acres/value $800/$1.00 poll tax
John Van Pelt            40 acres
James Vickers           $.50 poll tax, paid
John Vickers              failed--$1.00 poll tax

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1837-1838, Supplement:

Jonathan Pelt
J.V. Pelt              Est. of 80 acres/value $800/8 slaves
Benjamin Pelt
A.V. Pelt            1 slave

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1842:

Anthony Van Pelt       80 acres
Jacob J. Pelt               1 slave, 1 poll tax
Washington Pelt          1 poll tax
Jonathan Pelt              1 poll tax

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1844:

Name                  White Males over 21      Slaves      Total
Jonathan Pelt                      1                                        .50
Washington Pelt                  1                                        .50
Jacob Pelt                           1                        5            3.00
James Vickers                     1                                        .75

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1847:

Jonathan Pelt  (40 acres)     1                                        .80
J.J. Pelt  (1 silver watch)     1                         4            2.63
James Vickers                    1                                         .50

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1849:

Name                    White Males 21-50      Acres     Slaves     Total Tax
Jonathan Pelt                        1                    40                              .96
J. Pelt                                   1                                     5             3.60
Jacob Pelt                            1                                     5              3.30
James Vickers                      1                                                       .55

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1850:

J.J. Pelt                                 1                                    5              3.30
Jonathan Pelt                         1                    40
James Vickers                     0/1                   80                              .33

The double figure written as “0/1” is indicative of the year James was born. I’m not sure of which number, the “0” or the “1” was listed first and then corrected (overwritten), but note the column specified the ages 21-50 and the year was 1850. My personal hunch is to trust the age of 52 in the 1850 Census, which would put James’ birth year between 1798-1800, probably late in 1799.

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1856:

Only one Vickers listed, no first name:

$300 cash on hand
carriages worth $10
$360 worth horses/swine/sheep
$30 household furniture/goods
Total = $700
County tax = .47
State tax = 1.17

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1857:

James Vickers
0 Males 20-50 years of age
$10 personal carriage
$400 horses, mules, asses
$40 furniture
Total = $470
State tax = .75
County tax = .30

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1858:

James Vickers
$10 Carriage
$300 horses, etc...
$40 furniture
Total = $350
State tax = .58
County tax = .29

Jackson County, Florida, Tax Records 1859:

James Vickers
$5 personal carriage
2 horses valued at $90
$100 cattle/swine/sheep valued at $375
$50 furniture
Total = $520
State tax = .87
County tax = .44

One note of interest is in the 1874 Tax Record. This was about 9-10 years after our James Vickers died, yet they continue to list his wife’s property under his name. Sometimes “Estate of” will be listed under the name. In ths case it is listed as follows:

James Vickers
1 Male over 21 and under 50 [I can only guess this is Jacob, age 19--James Linton was                                               married and Burton J. had died in the 1850's]
1 cattle/stock
8 Swine/hogs
$30 full cash value of animals
$20 value of personal property
$50 total animals/personal
$100 Aggregate value
$1.16 State tax
$1.15 County tax

Registry of Brands, 1849-1908, Jackson County, Florida:

Jonathan J. Pelt this day being duly sworn says that his mark and brand was recorded at the instance of wither his father John Van Pelt or Bryan Tripp; but does not recollect at what period: but that his father used it for twenty-two or twenty-three years before his death: which is as follows: a crop and split in the left and over square in the right ear. This January 11th 1850

Chester Pelt had mentioned to me that John Pelt and Jonathan Pelt were step-brothers, yet the above registry note seems to indicate otherwise; that is, unless their father’s name was also John.


December 4, 1850, Jackson County, Florida Census:

350/364 James Vickers 52   M Farmer  GA
              Sarah              27    F               NC illiterate
              Nancy               9    F               FL
              James                7   M               FL
              Burtin J.            4    M               FL
              Rony Ann         4m  F                FL

June 25-26, 1860, Jackson County, Florida Census:

James Vickers     60   GA Farmer $800p
Sarah                  30   NC
James                 16    FL
Sarah                   8    FL
Jacob                  4     FL
Josephine            2     FL


[Tallahassee, The Florida Intelligencer, Sept. 8, 1826]

July 23, 1826

“By William P. Duval, Governor of the Territory of Florida. In compliance with the provisions of the tenth section of the act of the Congress of the U. States, entitled “an act to amend the several acts for the establishment of a Territorial Government in Florida,” approved the 15th day of May 1826. It is hereby made known to the people of Florida, that on the first Monday in October next, the polls will be opened in the several precincts, and respective districts, as hereinafter designated, for the purpose of electing the thirteen members of the Legislative Council of the Territory, under the restrictions and qualifications, contained in the act of Congress above recited.
. . .
4th District--within the following assigned limits, “commencing on the western bank of the Chipola at its intersection with the Alabama line, thence down the Chipola to the mouth of Russ’s mill creek, thence up said creek to its head, & thence to the corner of Jackson County at or near Hickory Hill, and north and west with above recited line in Jackson County.
. . .
Two Precincts--1st Precinct--at Vickers Store, Judges: Owen Williams, Henry O'Neil and Doctor Desha. 2d Precinct--at Cains Store, . . .

[Above reference found in the multi-volume Florida Territorial Papers, Florida State Archives, Tallahassee]


Muster Roll of Captain Mooring’s Company of Mounted and Infantry Volunteers of the 3 Regiment of Florida Militia called into service by His Excellency William P. Duval on the 12 December, 1826: (Jackson County)

James Vickers
John Vickers
Thomas Goffs, Quartermaster . . . .

I certify that this muster roll exhibits the true state of Capt. Mooring’s Company for the period mentioned and that the remarks set opposite the names of the men are accurate and just.

Chipola in the Territory of Florida this 5th day of January 1827, W. S. Mooring Capt., Com

Mustered and Countersigned this th day of Jan'y 1827, Jno. M. Pope, Col & Mustering Officer

[Found in “The Florida Territorial Militia” by David J. Coles, Florida State Archives, article in THE FLORIDA GENEALOGIST pp. 37ff, Winter 1989. The article givea a very good description of the militia and the circumstances which brought about their mustering at this time.


[Referred December 11, 1827]

“To the Senate & House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled-- Your petitioners having encountered insuperable difficulties in the location of the seat of Justice in Jackson County in the Western district of the Territory of Florida, whereby the greatest inconvenience has arisen and still exists, would pray your honorable body to pass a law authorizing them to locate their county Site upon the Sixteenth Section, Township Five, Range Eleven N & W & in support of this memorial would respectfully offer the following reasons-- That the said Sixteenth Section is the only place suitable for said location on account of water, prospects of health & general convenience, which is any way central to the population of said County-- That other situations which would be suitable are so remote from the centre that the inhabitants cannot agree to a location upon any of them, & that every effort which has been made for two years past to effect a location has failed-- That a location upon the aforesaid sixteenth Section will meet with the appropriation of a large majority of the citizens of the said Jackson County, & will effectually reconcile the jarring opinions & conflicting interests-- That two successive applications have been made to the Legislative Council which have proved abortive. That the last two Sessions of the Superior & County Courts of said County have been held on said sixteenth section, by universal consent, & to the general satisfaction of the citizens-- That there is already a village on said 16th Section, consisting of four stores, the offices of legal & medical men, clerks, sheriff & marshall & several private dwelling houses-- That is will greatly enhance the value of siad School lands, & produce a larger fund than by any other application of said lands-- And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray &c

. . . James Vickers. . .

Other names which may be familiar on the same petition include James Allen, James Ward, Thomas Goff, John Williams, Samuel Martin, Richard Martin, among others.

(RE: Thomas Goff: There is a Martha Goff listed in the home of Martin Vickers in AL in a later census, possibly a daughter who married a Goff, but this family is part of the other migration route and so these Goffs are probably not related.)



Webbville, which is mentioned in this petition, was formerly the County Seat of Jackson County, FL.

“Praying that a quarter of the Sixteenth Section reserved for the use of schools might be granted them in lieu of the one which they are entitled by law:

. . . James Vickers. . .

Other names which may be familiar on the same petition include James Allen, John Ward, Thomas Goff, John Williams, Samuel Martin, Richard Martin, among others.


Husband:    James Vickers
                  b. 1798-1800, GA
                  m. 1840, Jackson Co., FL
                  d. July, 1864, Jackson Co., FL

Wife:          Sarah “Sallie” Pelt
                  b. 1824, NC
                  d. October 14, 1896, Jackson Co., FL


1. Nancy S. Vickers
    b. May 17, 1841, Jackson Co., FL
    m. Nov. 11, 1858, Jackson Co., FL to Andrew Franklin McCrary, Sr.
    d. March 30, 1924, Jackson Co., FL

2. James Linton Vickers
    b. April 14, 1843, Jackson Co., FL
    m. (1st)  Dec. 29, 1864, Jackson Co., FL to Elizabeth Ellen Reddick
    m. (2nd) March 18, 1880, Jackson Co., FL to Carmelita Elizabeth Graddy
    d. Nov. 21, 1923, Jackson Co., FL

3. Burton J. Vickers
    b. 1846, Jackson Co., FL
    d. 1850's, Jackson Co., FL

4. SophroniaRony” Ann Vickers
    b. 1850, Jackson Co., FL
    d. 1850's, Jackson Co., FL

5. Sarah A. Vickers
    b. February 28/29, 1853, Jackson Co., FL
    m. August 6, 1877, Jackson Co., FL to Andrew Pink Jackson
    d. May 14, 1939, Holmes Co., FL

6. Jacob “Jake” Vickers
    b. December 5, 1855, Jackson Co., FL
    m. February 5, 1880, Jackson Co., FL to Margaret Adeline “AddieO’Conner
    d. September 9, 1912, Jackson Co., FL

7. Josephine “Josie” Frances Vickers
    b. July, 1857, Jackson Co., FL
    m. November 25, 1881, Jackson Co., FL to James J. Adams
    d. June 28, 1908

8. Charles H. Vickers
    b. June, 1861, Jackson Co., FL
    m. May 5, 1881, Jackson Co., FL to Laura A. McIntosh
    d. tree fell on him about 1910, Graceville, Jackson Co., FL


1870 Census Jackson Co., FL:

Sarah Vickers 60 GA $500p
Sarah              20 FL
Jacob              16 FL
Josephine        12 FL
Robert (?)
         8 FL [I suppose this is Charles H., why the census recorder put Robert, who knows?]


Jackson County, FL Record of Estates, Book A:

Ransom Folsom listed as a buyer at an estate sale, January, 1841.

A. V. Pelt purchased 4 axes ($1.88¾), 1 plough hough ($1), and 1 work ox ($12) from the estate of Herbert Taylor, Dec. 12, 1839. p. 75 other names appearing as purchasers at this estate sale include James Williams (named in 1849 deed).

Signers of Notes as Credit, the Estate of Daniel D. Beach for $79.94: Emanuel Walford and JAMES VICKERS on July 14, 1841. p. 469.

A list of Accounts and Notes belonging to the Estate of Alexander F. Walcott, Dec’d, 5th Jan. 1837: Accounts: “VICKERS” $4.50, Recorded Nov. 25, 1841.


Elizabeth Pelt m. John Chestley Folsom 1835 in Jackson Co., FL
see John Vickers Burke Co., GA for more on relationship of Vickers, Folsom, Rountree

From Fran Vickers Kendrick, descendant of Charles H. Vickers, youngest son of James Vickers

Dear Kelly,
     I began researching my father's family about a week and half ago.  I was thrilled when I found your site.  Thank you so much for your hard work and for putting it on the internet free.  I am sending some information for you to add.  My grandfather was James Quincey 'Buddy' Vickers (born in Graceville, FL, April 1898) son of Charles "Charley" H. Vickers (born June 1861).

James Quincey 'Buddy' Vickers was born in Graceville, Jackson Co., FL, April 1898.  James died July 25, 1965 in Tifton, Ga.   He married Laura Edith Hendry on January 28,1928 in Shady Grove, FL. Edith was born December 29, 1910 in Shady Grove, FL and died in Tifton, GA.  Edith is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetary in Tifton, GA.

James Quincey and Laura Edith had the following children:
1.  Charles Howard (C.H.) Vickers born September 25,1928 in Shady Grove, FL.  C.H. died on January 15,1996 in Tifton, GA.  He is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetary in Tifton, GA.  C.H. married Mattie Ruth Cooksey in Tifton, GA. Ruth was born on January 19, 1930 in Tifton, GA.
Ruth and C.H. had two children:

1. Dereth Rose Vickers born November 6, 1949 in Tifton, GA. She married Steven Turner Gibson in March of 1968 in Eufaula, AL.
Derry and Steve have two children:
Allison Dereth Gibson born January 4, 1978. Allison married Lance White on June 21, 1997.
Johnathon Turner Gibson was born November 21, 1985.

2.  Marcia Fran Vickers born September 23, 1959 in Tifton, GA.  Fran married Wade Steven Kendrick June 10,1989.
Fran and Wade have two children:
Clint Vickers Kendrick born January 6, 1991 in Tifton, GA
Clark Spires Kendrick born June 17, 1993 in Tifton, GA

2.  Juanita Vickers born March 20, 1931 in Shady Grove, FL and died in Roanoak, AL. She is buried in Memorial Gardens in Tift County, GA.   She married Monroe Sims on July 16, 1955 in Tifton, GA. Monroe is also buried in Memorial Gardens in Tift County.
Juanita and Monroe had two children:

1.  Cindy Sims born in Tifton, GA.  Cindy married John Hodges in Roanoake, AL.
2.  Mike Sims born in Tifton, GA.  Mike married Pam in Cobb County, GA. They have one daughter from Pam's first marriage.

3.  Winford James Vickers born July 3,1938 in Tifton, GA.  He married Ellen English of Stapleton, GA in Stapleton, GA.
Ellen and Winford have one child:

1.  Ivey Vickers born in Tifton, GA.

I will try gather the missing dates and send them to you.  My uncle Winford "Vick" says he is going to contact you.  My grandfather  James Quincey never talked much about his family.  My daddy told me that James (papa) had run away when he was 13. When James' daddy Charley died James (papa) went to live with his sister Jessie and ran away when he was thirteen.  He travelled around working building bridges. I believe my daddy said this is what brought him to Shady Grove, FL where he met and then married Edith (nanny). He never talked much about his family.  He did keep in contact somewhat but did not visit.  I think he did attend his sister Jessie's funeral.  Several years back my uncle Winford looked up or found Coy Toole who showed him where Charley and Laura were buried.  I understand that Laura died not long after James Quincey.  Do you have any information about her death?  I read somewhere on your site that you keep cousins updated, please add me to your list!

My mailing address:
Fran Kendrick
119 Gibson Road
Tifton, GA  31794

Thanks again for putting your research on the internet.  I was trying to hook us up to Ezekiel and Arena Vickers. I was excited when I found them but when I showed it my uncle he said it couldn't be right. Their son Charles H. Vickers lived too long and he reminded  me or remembered that James's dad had died young when a tree fell on him.  I was very discouraged and then I found your site and hit the jackpot.  I just wished my daddy was still living.  He always wanted to find out about his daddy's family and his grandaddy Charles H. Vickers that he was named after.

Thanks again,
Fran Kendrick


Contributed by Lucy Vickers Grisham



1784-1787- Johnston County Tax Census  (Johnston taken from parts of Edgecombe Co.)


Baker- Dempsey and James

Boykin- Solomon

Brady- John

Braswell- Jacob

Bryan- Asa, Blake, Hardy, John, John, Lucy,  (Harlot), Sarah, William, William, Arthur, Lewis and William.

Collins- Deal and George

Eason- John and Moses, Jr.  (**Eason Family is connected to my Stamps family and Greer family - Also, Obed Eason was married to  Penelope Rasberry- Edgecombe County N.C. who married after death of Obed, to James Scarborough as her second husband. )

Edwards- Elizabeth, Jacob, John, Joseph and Michael.

Garner (Gardiner, Gardner)- John Jr., John Sr., Joseph, Sr, and William.

Harrell-  Ethelred, Francis and Theophilus.

Hatcher- Jesse, John and William.  (Part of ours)-

Jordan- James and Henry

Mercer- William

Mills- George, Jacob and Thomas.

Moore- John and Randel

Powell- Isaac, Jeremiah, Nathan, Needham, and Steven.

Purvis- James and Jesse

Sowell- Clate

Strickland- Davis, Uriah and Benjamin

Tyson- Aaron

Van Pelt- John

Wall- Jesse and William

Wise- Thomas

Wooten- Jesse

Yelverton/Yelvington- Gideon, Jacob, Shadrach and Shadrach.

Young, John


Notes of Interest on the Van Pelts: 


John VanPelt was in Johnston Co. NC in 1784-87

Henry and John VanPelt were in Pitt County by 1790

Peter and Benjamin VanPelt were in Rockingham Co. Virginia in 1810

Abraham VanPelt was in Rowan Co. NC in 1838 and married into the Sherrill family (who are related to me thru marriage to my Lewis family)

John VanPelt –1775-1838 died Marianna, Jackson Co. Florida- married Christiana Taylor.

John VanPelt- 1768-Pitt Co.NC- married Louise Wingate.

John S. VanPelt- 1811- Rockingham, VA- married to Mary Miller

Henry VanPelt- 1829- married Julia Catherine Berry- daughter of Kinley Berry and Mary Catherine Foster- of Monmouth, NJ.  ****Point of interest here is that the Folsoms and the VanPelts both married into the Berry family of Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire. 

One of the VanPelt children came to Texas- Henry Manson VanPelt- b 1892- is in Kirbyville, Jasper Co. Texas- Jasper County is not far from Sabine County—Ha!


On the Lester Family:


There was a Moses Lester- b 1676- Henrico County, Virginia-( Same time and place the Hatchers were from.)

There was a Moses Lester b 1788- Halifax Co. NC- (taken from Edgecombe) originally was of Amelia and Brunswick Co. Va. S/o Claiborne Lester and Elizabeth.

There was Jeremiah Lester (2 of them) and Martha Lester in Pitt County NC in the 1790 Census.


Rockingham Co. Virginia- 1810 Census


Bryan/Bryants- Cornelius, Thomas, Benjamin, John and William Bryan Sr.


1810 Accomack Co. Virginia Census

St. George’s Parish:

Belote Family-   James Sr., James Jr., Hancock, Peggy


Accomack Parish:

Belote- Caleb and Jesse


1738 Prince William Co. Va Rent Roll:  (created from King George and Stafford Co. 1731.)


Thomas Berry- Hanover Parish- of the Portsmouth, Rockingham N. Hampshire group-


And lists the “Vicars Orphans”----


Kelly- here is some more research that I have found.  The Prince William Vickers (listed as orphans) - do you know if these belong to John Vickers and wife Alice,  or are these another group?   I have the feeling that these belong to one of the other children of John and Ruth Vickers of Isle of Wight County.

We really don't know much about these.


Did you know that the Van Pelts - Netherlands to Philadelphia and Bucks Co. Pennsylvania married to the Lott family?

There was an Alice Van Pelt b 1758 who married to Zephania Lott, Sr. Jan 18, 1773- Swedish Church, Philadelphia Pennsylvania-

What do you want to bet that those Lott family are related to the Georgia ones?


Did you know that some of the Pelts/ Van Pelts- married to the Gwaltney family who were married to the Boykins of  Isle of Wight Va. ??


Funny, I had not thought of  the Gwaltney's but apparently they traveled with the families to Pitt Co. North Carolina.


Franklin Gwaltney married Caroline Pelt in Pitt County, North Carolina. (Craven Co).


The Gwaltneys also married to  some of the Holliman family  (Edgecombe Co. N.C. and Southampton Co. Va.) and the Walls (who married Boykins)-  Some others married to the Cofer family of Isle of Wight Va. and the Cofers married my Moodys.  I never knew that.  



Contributed by Lucy Vickers Grisham




No, I did not know there were Pelts and Vickers in the same vicinity together in 1810 in VA.  Thank-you! This is very interesting to me and definitely a trail I want to follow up.  My James Vickers just "shows up" in Jackson Co., FL about 1819-1820 and serves in the militia for some time and has a store on the Chipley-Graceville road by 1826.  John (Van) Pelt is first recorded in Jackson Co. in 1825.  Then by 1838, there is an additional John Pelt (prob a son), Anthony, Benjamin, Washington, and William Pelt (possibly either sons and/or other relations recently arrived).  Although my James is recorded as having been born in GA about 1799 (which would be prior to the 1810 VA Census), the fact that these families are together in both VA and FL at these times, may indicate a prior relationship in VA.  James married Sallie Pelt in 1840 when he was about 40 years old (she was around 17-18 I think) in Jackson Co (perhaps there was a shortage of eligible women with these few early families and he had to wait until one came of age!).  Thanks for the tip!


You know, if I am not wrong, Peter Vickers, son of Abraham of Bucks Co. Pa who married the Knight, is said to have gone to Rockingham Co. Va. also. Will have to go back over this mountain of notes again to see. You will find the Knight  family sprinkled around in Georgia and Florida  too.   






Kelly, do you have this information?   The Mercer family is connected to several lines of the family and are related to the Masons of Virginia-  



**Listed at that time in Jackson Co. Florida is the family of William Pelt b 1850- Bristol, Liberty, Florida and his wife Mary Jane Mercer- b 1882- Jackson Co. He was s/o William Seaborn Pelt and Elizabeth Pippin- s/o John Van Pelt and Christiana Taylor-

Mary Jane Mercer was the d/o Thomas Mercer and Rebecca King- Marianna, Florida. Listed children Of William Pelt and Mary Jane:

            a. Martha Jane-a b 1878-1963-

            b. William Jesse- b 1874- 1901

            c. Flora Phena- b 1888

            d. Mary Ella- b 1892

            e. Andrew Jackson- b 1871-1929

            f. Lillian Missouri Ivan- b 1890- 1955-

            g. Mattie Lee- b 1885-1966-

            h. Bettie- b 1884-died as infant’        

            i. Florence Rosetta- b 1875-1919-

            j. Lola Mae- b 1896

            k. Margaret- b 1881-1971-  

 A Thomas Rhodes Mercer -1809-1890- b Georgia- married Susannah Jane Roberson- 1845- Jackson, Florida.






I wanted to ask you about your James Vickers and Sarah Pelt.  You have a James Linton Vickers . . .

Have you checked to see why the name Linton is used?  Reason I am asking, is because the Linton family was intemarried with the Lewis Family of Virginia, and old Moses Linton of Camden NC and Davidston Co. TN, had a son Hezekiah who married Lucy Upton—probably related to the Upton who was married to the Stearns, connected to Wiley Vickers group of Coffee Co. Georgia.  (Paulks and Stearnes later spelled Starnes).


    There was a Benjamin Linton who married Rebecca Roundtree in Bulloch Georgia, and a James A. Linton who married a Sarah Young.     Jesse Linton married Hagar McGehee—Madison Co. Florida.  The McGehees were of Louisa VA and connected to my Cole family who migrated from there to Louisiana and settled in Winn and Caldwell Parish. (my ggggrandparents). The McGehees also were intermarried with the children of Hardy Nixon Vickers.

    Anyway, I was curious because many people named their children after a relative.


I am also including here something from Barbara on what happened to John Ray Vickers, son of Thomas Vickers and Sarah Ray-Hancock Co. GA.  We were wondering where he was buried, etc.   


She says:

"I have large file on that Thomas Vickers (RS) as I corresponded with an Alice Warrick, w/o Therman Warrick who was a descendant of Thomas (RS) and did a lot of research on that family in Barbour Co, Ala many years ago.  Just recently I have gotten some info that presumably explained what happened to John Ray Vickers, Sr. who was in Florida.  The story went that John Ray and a son were traveling somewhere in Santa Rosa County, Fl when John Ray developed an infection in his foot from new boots he had bought.  He got sick and died and the young son buried him beside the road where they were.  It was too hot to carry his body on to their home to bury him-sometime in August.  This was supposedly somewhere near Milton, Florida.  I thought it an interesting story as the same thing happened with my 3rd g. grandmother-she was buried by the side of the road somewhere here in N. Florida."


Anyway, that may explain why some thought he was in Alabama and some thought he was in Florida.


Let me hear from you

Thanks, Lucy 




March 29, 2011:

The following section is from The Descendants of James and Sallie Vickers.  After this section is some additional material from Edwin Vickers, a descendant through James Tolbert Vickers.


 25. William Lumpkin 'Will'3 Vickers (James Linton2, James1) was born in Jackson Co., FL February 24, 1873. William died July 9, 1962 in Panama City, Bay Co., FL, at 89 years of age. His body was interred July 10, 1962 in Panama City, Bay Co., FL.

He married twice. He married Emma Tolbert-Holley 1896. He married Laura Holley in Chipley, Washington Co., FL, April 23, 1911. Laura was born in Coffee Co., AL 1878. She was the daughter of John Calvin Holley and Sophronia McDuffie. Laura died 1934 in West Bay, Bay Co., FL. Her body was interred 1934 in West Bay, Bay Co., FL. Laura died 1934 in West Bay, Bay Co., FL. Her body was interred 1934 in West Bay, Bay Co., FL.

William Lumpkin 'Will' Vickers and Emma Tolbert-Holley had the following children:

child158 i. Zeffie4 Vickers was born in Washington Co., FL. She married Fred Osteen.

child159 ii. James Tolbert Vickers was born in Washington Co., FL July 1899. James died October 13, 1987. His body was interred October 1987. He married Mary Nell Mercer August 28, 1926.

William Lumpkin 'Will' Vickers and Laura Holley had the following child:

child160 iii. William Calvin 'Willie' Vickers was born in West Bay, Bay Co., FL January 10, 1913. He married Mary M. Whitaker October 20, 1932.



From  Edwin “Win” Vickers:

            I am the son of James Marvin Vickers, the son of James Tolbert Vickers and Mary Nell Mercer.  I am having trouble with my grandfather’s mother.  I had it listed as Emma Tolbert.  I have received notice that she may have been married before marrying James Lumpkin Vickers.  The name Holley comes up.  I also see James Lumpkin married a Laura Holley.  Was that Emma Tolbert Holley’s sister?  Thanks for the web site.  I’m new to this.

            I have James Tolbert Vickers birth as 7/19/1897.  You have it as 1899.  I would also like to add information to your page as my father James Marvin Vickers is not listed.  Is that possible?

            My grandfather James Tolbert Vickers (i625) was born 19 July 1897 in Jackson County, Florida.  He died 13 Oct. 1987 and is interred at Evergreen Cemetery in Panama City, Florida.  He married Mary Nell Mercer and had one son, my father, James Marvin Vickers.  Marvin was born 8 July 1927 and died 15 June 1957 in a drowning accident in Lake Blackshear, in Crisp County, Georgia.  He is interred at Greenwood Memorial Cemetery, in Panama City, Florida.  He married Ellender Ann Daughtry and had one son, me, Edwin Boyd Vickers born 28 July 1955.  I married Lori Beth Zwicke of New Orleans, Louisiana, 25 Nov 1978 and we have two sons, James Joshua Vickers born 1 Nov 1984 in New Orleans, and Andrew Thomas Vickers born 16 June 1986 also in New Orleans.  James Joshua Vickers married Kristy Hollese Hicks of Belle Chasse, Louisiana and has two daughters, Aven Hollese Vickers born 8 May 2007 in Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana and Harley Quinn Vickers born 10 Feb 2010 also in Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana.

            Thank you for your help and hard work for the Vickers family.

Edwin “Win” Vickers




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