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Will of James Vickers

Laurens County} In the name of God Amen. I James Vickers of said county and
            Georgia} state aforesaid being of advanced age and knowing that I must shortly depart this life deem it right and proper both as regards myself and family that I should make a disposition of the property which a kind providence has blessed me. I therefore make this my last will and testament hereby revoking and annulling all others hereto made by me.

Item 1st. I desire and direct this body be buried in a decent and Christian-like manner suitable to my circumstance and condition. My soul, I trust, shall return to that God who gave it.

Item 2nd. I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay by my executors here in after named as I am desirous that my creditors should not be delayed of their rights as their is no necesity for such delay.

Item 3rd. I give and devise unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Vickers with whom I have lived with in love for some several years past and at present in peace and quietness. Two feather beds and steads and furniture. Two good milch cows and calves. Two sows and pigs and one horse worth sixty dollars and one years provisions.

Item 4th. I leave to my beloved wife Elizabeth for and during her natural life time or widowhood the lot of land which I now live on and more better known by number three hundred and fifty eight (358) in the twenty-second dist. of Wilkinson. Also I leave her one thousand dollars or leave it in the hands of my Executor to laid? out for a negro or negroes to wait on and work for her during her life time or widowhood. This I leave to her in leiu of bower and at her death or widowhoood all the above loaned property to revert to my child Eugenia Missouri Vickers.

Item 5th. I devise to my daughter Eugenia Missouri Vickers a certain portion of land vz. number three hundred and twenty eight (328) and lot number three hundred and three (303), lot no. three hundred and thirty three (333) one half of lot no. three hundred and thirty two (332) it being the West Corner of said lot and part of lot no. three hundred and two (302) containing one hundred and fifty acres more or less of said lot. Also lot no. three hundred and fifty eight (358) which is loaned to my wife Elizabeth Vickers during her life time or widowhood and not to go into the possession of Eugenia Missouri Vickers or her guardian until the expiration of this time in all containing one thousand and fifty acres more or less and lying in the Twenty Second district of Wilkinson with all the rights and members appertaining thereunto belonging.

Item 6th. I give and bequest to my beloved daughter Eugenia M. Vickers my certain Negro Woman Mariah about forty years old, Stephen a man about fifty years, Randall Twenty Two years, Anna a woman twenty six years and her two children, Mary a girl nine years and Elefair a girl six years, my Boy Jeff about fifteen years, also my certain girl Lenor sixteen years and all my household and stock of every kind except what is disposed of in Item Fourth. Item 7th. The remainder of my property both real and personal wherever and whatever it may be with the increase of the said negroes. I desire for my beloved daughter Eugenia M. Vickers and her child or children for the disposal of any husband if so she should ever marry and should she depart this life without child or children the all within described property to revert back to Son Ashley E. Vickers and his children. I therefore appoint Ashley E. Vickers her guardian of person and property of my daughter Eugenia M. Vickers.

Item 9th. I constitute and appoint my son Ashley E. Vickers and John W. Allen my two full executors to this my last will and testament this 24th Sept 1853.

                                                         Signed in the presence of this date, James Vickers {LS}

Willam A. Rouse William Beal Willis Allen

Court of Ordinary Laurens County} November Term 1853

In person appeared in open court William A. Rouse, William Beal, & Willis Allen the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will who being duly sworn disposeth and say that they signed the foregoing will as witnesses & that they saw James Vickers sign publish and declare the same as his last Will & Testament, that he was of sound & diss? mind & memory.

Sworn to before me, William A. Rouse
F. H. Rowe, Ordinary
Willis Allen
William Beall

Recorded November 7th 1853.

[Laurens County, Georgia, Probate Court, Will 2, 1853, p. 82]


Husband: James Vickers
b.c. 1787
Wife: Elizabeth


1. Eugenia Missouri Vickers, b. Eugenia apparantly married later in life (06/20/1872) to Robert J. Smith in Laurens County, GA.

2. Ashley E. Vickers, Son, born August 4, 1817

Note that Wiley Vickers of Coffe Co., GA has a son Ashley Vickers, b. 1822 (Huxford), possibly named after this Ashley which might indicate a relationship between Wiley and James in Laurens.

The Georgia Black Book, vol. II, p.58, Southern Historical Press, records that Ashley Moy was adopted by James Vickers in Laurens County, GA and his name was changed to Ashley Vickers on December 21, 1833.


This would not be the James Vickers of Burke Co., GA that had a daughter Sarah that married H. P. Jones, although it could be his son-- i.e. Sarahís brother.

This would not be the James Vickers that m. Elizabeth Martin 03/03/1794 in Ogelthorpe Co., GA (was only 8 at that time).

This would not be the James Vickers that m. Elizabeth Lasseter 09/23/1817 in Clarke Co., GA, either, (I donít think).

This could be the James noted in Twiggs Co., GA in November term, Superior Court, 1815 as a Grand Juror. He would have been about 28 at that time. (Issue of Nov. 15, 1815)


Laurens County, Georgia: $200 REWARD by Gov. William Schley for apprehension of James W. Mercer of Pulaski County, charged with the murder of James B. White in Laurens County; has fled from justice. Age 25 years, about 6í tall, grey eyes, fair complexion. James Vickers in a supplemental reward published with the Governorís notice, says he will give $500 reward for the delivery of said Mercer to the jailor in Laurens County. Notices dated Nov. 29, 1836.

[Mercerís were in-laws with the Vickers family and it is possible that the James White was also related. Remember John of NC had a daughter Elizabeth who married a White and the White family is also noted as the Vickersí neighbors in Burke County.]

There could be some confusion between this James of Laurens, the James--brother of Edwin in Pulaski in 1818, and the James in Montgomery Co., AL with wife Catherine. The James of Laurens and the James of Montgomery canít both be Edwinís brother. Evidence for the Laurensí James being Edwinís brother is that their brother-in-law was Nathaniel Mercer and the Laurensí James puts out a reward for a Mercer in Laurens in 1836. He would have a personal interest here as the Mercer would be a family member or in=law (or out-law as the case may be). Evidence for the Montgomery Co., AL James as being Edwinís brother is Edwinís brother Thomas who married Piety Beaty in Laurens County and then moved to AL.


Census: 1830 Laurens Co., GA
James Vickers
1 Male 30/40
1 Female 40/50
1 Male 20/30
1 Male 15/20
1 Male 10/15

Census: 1840 Laurens Co., GA
James Vickers
1 Male 40/50
1 Female 50/60
1 Male 10-15

Census: 1850 Laurens Co., GA
James Vickers, p. 260
Ashley Vickers, p. 260


1850 Laurens Co., GA Mortality Schedule lists Mary Vickers, age 54 as died in October of 1850 in Laurens Co., GA


James and Ashley Vickers Family
I am beginning a search on James Vickers Family from Laurens County Ga. From his will written Sept. 1853, I find that he had a son Ashley E Vickers and a daughter Eugenia, my grandmother. Her mother was Elizabeth, evidently his 2nd wife, and much younger.  There is no middle initial for James, and I am interested in learning something of Ashley's life.  Are you related?  I am a beginner in searching, and want to use the internet as much as possible. Any suggestions? Thanks,  Frances M. Amidon, 315 Essex Ridge CourtSpartanburg, SC  e-mail: amidonf@home.com


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