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Janis Gilmore,  rajanisg@earthlink.net

Revolutionary Pension File # R10939

[In addition to the transcribed pages below copied from the pension file, there were 4 more pages of pension application material that were too faded to be picked up by the copy machine. The only way to view that material will be to visit the National Archives.]

State of Illinois
Hamilton County} On this twenty-eighth day of March one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine before the subscribers two of the Judges of the County have [?] in and for said County at a special term of our said Court in open Court in and for said County personally appeared Elizabeth Vickers a resident of said County aged sixty-seven years who being duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the Act of Congress passed the 29th of July 1848 that she is the widow of James Vickers who was a private in the Revolutionary War in the North Carolina Militia in the Company commanded by Captain Harris and if not mistaken in a Regiment commanded by Colonel Williams in the latter part of the War with Great Britain and also a tour of three months as a Ranger under Captain Wallace--and she further states that she was married to the above mentioned James Vickers sometime in October seventeen hundred and ninety-nine in Seveir County in the State of Tennessee by Esquire Andrew Cowen and by a [License?] and her name before marriage was Elizabeth Mowery--and that the said Vickers her husband died on the 20th day of May (1840) one thousand eight hundred and forty--that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the Services but that the marriage took place previous to the second day of January eighteen hundred Vis at the time above stated--she further swears that she is now a widow and that she has never before made any application for a pension.
                                                                                     Elizabeth Vickers (her mark)
Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year first above written
John G. Millspaugh
Henry J. Williams

A typed document in the file, not dated:

James Vickers R.10939
The date and place of birth and names of parents of James Vickers are not shown in the papers in the pension claim. The soldier married Polly Johnsom. The date and place of their marriage and the date of her death are not shown. He married October 18, 1799, in Sevier County, Tennessee, Elizabeth Mowery. She was born September 1, 1782; place of birth and names of her parents are not given. The soldier was living in White County, Illinois, about 1835. He died on May 20, 1840, in Hamilton County, Illinois. It was stated that he was a minister of the Baptist Church. On March 28, 1849, soldier’s widow, Elizabeth, then a resident of Hamilton County, Illinois, applied for the pension that might have been due on account of the service of her husband, James Vickers, in the War of the Revolution and alleged that he enlisted, date and place not shown, served in Captain Harris’ Company, Colonel William’s North Carolina Regiment, and in Captain Wallace’s North Carolina Company; that his service amounted to nine months, three of which was as a ranger and spy and that he was in a battle of the Savannah River, in which his horse was wounded. Elizabeth Vickers’ claim was not allowed, as she failed to furnish proof of service required by pension law. The widow stated that her husband, James Vickers, had seven children by his first wife, and that the oldest, John Vickers, was only eighteen months older than she. The names of the other children are not given and their is no reference to any children by soldier’s wife, Elizabeth Mowery Vickers, and no further family data. Very truly yours, A.D. Hiller, Assistant to Administrator


Dear Kelly,

While surfing I found your link for Vickers genealogy. It has been some time since I actively did reasearch on the Vickers line. My deceased first husband is descended from James Vickers and Elizabeth Mowery who married in Sevier Co, Tn in 1799. Their daughter Nancy Vickers married William Thomas Vickers in 1830 in McLeansboro, Hamilton Co, IL. This appears to be the same William Thomas Vickers that Bette Wilde is researching. I got stuck on him too. James had a 1st wife and 7 or 8 children by her, but I have minimal information on this. I alway had the sense that William and Nancy were cousins. Not ever able to prove.

[See also the file The Vickers of Illinois]

As I said, it has been some time since I have actively researched this line, but I am more than willing to share the information that I have, in return, of course, for receiving information.

What information do you need from me? I will go through my folders. I have many documents.

Elynn Boss, bossgen_1@wildblue.net

Elynn has copies of the following documents:


1. Marriage License - William W. Faries to Miss Laura O. Vickers 24 Jul 1890 Hamilton, Co, IL
2. Marriage License - Miss Laura Vickers to Nick Music 27 Apr 1923 Poinsett Co, Ar
Marriage Record - Guy Vickers to Nancy E. Rogers 1 Feb 1872 Hamilton Co, IL
Deed - James and A.L. Vickers to Joseph M. Blake 26 Oct 1871 Hamilton Co, IL
Deed - James Vickers and wife to William L. McKenzie 8 Aug 1872 Hamilton Co, IL
6. Marriage License - William Vickers to Nancy Jane Vickers 26 Aug 1830 Hamilton Co, IL
Will - James Vickers 23 Apr 1840 Hamilton Co, IL
Affidavit to will of James Vickers by Elizabeth Vickers 13 Oct 1840 Hamilton Co, IL
9. Pension (Revolutionary War) application filed by Elizabeth Vickers, wife of James Vickers 28       Mar 1849 and 17 Oct 1853
10. Marriage License - Mr. John H. Vickers to Miss Alvira Jane Mayberry 5 Mar 1857 Hamilton       Co, IL
Marriage License - Mr. Oscar Vickers to Miss Lizzie Bennett 15 Jun 1899 Hamilton Co, IL
LDS Family Group Sheet - Thomas and Mary L Vickers and family
13. Deed - Jacob Trout to Thomas Vickers 19 Apr 1847 Hamilton Co, IL
Deed - Thomas and Polly Vickers to John M. Vickers, John N. Story and James A. Mayberry 17 Sep 1858 Hamilton Co, IL
Marriage License - James A. Wheeler to Miss Laura A. Vickers 15 Apr 1891 Hamilton Co, IL
Petition of Letters of Administration for the estate of William Vickers 28 May 1874 Hamilton       Co, IL
17. Deed - John Trout to William Vickers 17 Nov 1836 Hamilton Co, IL
Pension (Mexican War) request of Nancy Jane Vickers, widow of William Vickers 17 May       1895 Hamilton Co, IL
19. Birth register - female Vickers, dau of Elizabeth Bennett and Oscar Vickers 31 Jan 1902       Hamilton Co, IL
Will/probate - Thomas Vickers 3 Oct 1857 Hamilton Co, IL filed 20 Aug 1860 Hamilton Co,       IL
21. Death certificate - Oscar Vickers 21 Feb 1951 Stoddard Co, Mo
Death certificate - Nancy Elizabeth (Bennett) Vickers 6 Feb 1945 Stoddard Co, Mo
Funeral Record - Oscar Vickers 21 Feb 1951 Stoddard Co, Mo
Funeral Record - Nancy Elizabeth Vickers 6 Feb 1945 Stoddard Co, Mo


I decend from Thomas Vickers & his 1st wife Mary ? of Hamilton Co., IL.  I know that they were both born in TN, at least according to the 1850 Census, as were 8 of their 10 children.  The other 2 were born in Hamilton Co., IL.  By the 1860 Census Thomas was married to Polly ?, I have no idea when or where Mary died or when or where he & Polly married.  Polly T. was listed as the mother of his children on the graves in the Big Hill Cemetery, but by her birth date on her stone there is no possible way she was the mother of these children as she would have been a young child herself at the time.
I'm at a loss as to were to look for this info.  I've checked the death records at the Hamilton Co., IL Courthouse & have found nothing.  I've also checked the Illinois State Marriages for 1823 - 1900 & have came up empty handed.  I'm also unsure as to  where in TN Thomas came from.  I've been told by someone else working on the Hamilton County Vickers' that he had came Stewart County, but have not been able to prove this, as the Courthouse in Stewart Co., TN was burned during the Civil War.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much.
Vicky S. Vickers Parrin, parrine@htc.net




            I descend from James Vickers and his first wife, Polly Johnsn, through their daughter Margaret Vickers (1783 – 1843), who married George McKenzie. The daughter of George McKenzie and Margaret Vickers, Margaret Ann McKenzie, married Joel Franklin DeBoard. Joel Franklin and Margaret Ann DeBoard were my mothers paternal grandparents.

            I have just received and am transcribing the primary documents on the Revolutionary War Pension file of James Vickers.

            I see that you have a great many documents – just wanted to make contact. Of all of my lines, this is one that I have not really looked at. (Until now.)


Janis Gilmore,  mailto:rajanisg@earthlink.net


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