The Jesse Vickers Family, Henry Co., AL

Others researching this line:
Eudora West,

Copied from the History of Henry Co., AL, by Mrs. Marvin Scott.

Jesse and Mary Holley Vickers Bible in possession of Mrs. Myra Vickers Fain, Headland, Alabama.

Jesse Vickers, b January 13, 1847. Mary A. E. Holley, b October 17, 1849. Jesse Vickers and Mary A. E. Holley were m 1866.

Phoebe Ann Vickers, b July 16, 1867.
Lucy Lenora Vickers, b February 17, 1870.
Jesse Wyatt Vickers, b May 1, 1872.
Green Marion Vickers, b December 28, 1874.
Lucy Ann Tallulah Vickers, b February 4, 1877.
Mamie Eudora Vickers, b May 23, 1880.
James Nathiel Vickers, b November 23, 1882.
Docia Lee Vickers, b December 29, 1884.
Ella Bertie Vickers, b June 5, 1887.

Deaths: Jesse Vickers d July 21, 1914.
Mary A. E. Vickers d July 18, 1927.

Grand-children in Headland of Jesse Vickers. Children of Wyatt Vickers (1872-1913) and wife, Sallie (1876-1936).

Myra Vickers, b in Headland, m Homer Fain. Son, Byron m in England, Jean; Wanda, m Ted.

Max Vickers b in Headland, m. Bernice Collins - son, Gerald.


From Eudora West:

I'm glad I recognized your e mail address or I might not have looked at your page. I am not related to anyone in Toccoa. I was born in Barbour County, AL, grew up in Albany, GA, and moved here in 1989. I do have a son John West, but not the Jon West here.

I am very interested in finding Jesse's ancestors. He is as far back as I know. I am just beginning researching this line. I have been working on Lees, Jernigans, and Parmers. I have been to the LDS library in Atlanta and plan to return soon. They have great genealogical information.

I do have another child listed for Jesse and Mary. Annie is Phoebe Ann Vickers Wright. The one not listed is Lonie who married a Craddock. I don't have any more facts than you do on their children other than my grandmother. But I do plan to get this.

Mamie Eudora Vickers b. 23 May 1880, d. 23 September 1963, buried in Belcher Bethel Baptist Church Cemetary in Barbour County. She married Lehman Augustus Lee 27 Nov 1903. Lehman born 27 March 1877, died 12 Aug 1943.

Their children:

1.  Walter LeGrande Lee (my father) b. 28 Jan 1906 in Barbour Co., AL d. 7 May 1964, buried at Belcher Bethel. Married Rubye Grace Jernigan 24 Dec 1929. Rubye was born 4 Dec 1909 in Barbour Co., AL.
        1. Edward LeGrande Lee b. 15 July 1936 in Barbour Co., AL. Married Willa Janet Green 15             Dec 1957 in Dawson, GA.
           1. Edward LeGrande Lee, Jr. b. 19 Sept 1959 in Dawson, GA
James Carlton Lee b. 19 Mar 1965 in Greensboro, NC  
Debra Janet Lee b. 8 Mar 1969 in Greensboro, NC (None of Edward's children are                married)
        2. Jan was born 1 June 1937 in Dawson, GA.
        3. Eudora Ann Lee b. 25 Oct 1938 in Barbour Co., AL. Married Richard Howell West
           Aug 6, 1961 in Albany, GA Divorced 3 March 1980
           1. Richard Todd West b. 16 Dec 1963 in Dawson, GA Married Cheryl Lynn Ray 13 Dec                1987 in Edison, GA Cheryl was born 19 Sept 1967 in Cuthbert GA
               1. Matthew Todd West b. 14 March 1995 in Albany, GA
Allison Kaye West b. 11 Aug 1969 in Albany, GA Married Larry Keith Worsham 25                    July 1992 in Edison, GA Keith was born 21 Feb 1966 in Bainbridge, GA (twin)                    1. Weston Lee Worsham b. 28 July 1996 in Atlanta, GA
John LeGrande West b. 13 July 1971 in Albany, GA Married Tasha Nicole                        Singleton 5 June 1993 in Dawson, GA Tasha was born 23 Aug 1973
                       1. Taylor Ann West b. 15 Oct 1994 in Albany, GA

2. Floyd Green Lee b. 3 April 1909 in Barbour Co., AL. d. 13 March 1972. Married Mary Cameron. Children: Robert Lee, Patricia Lee, James Lee, Judy Lee

3. Burness Clinton Lee b. 9 Dec 1911 in Barbour Co., AL. d. 12 Dec 1980. Married Lillian Sowell. Children: Joyce, Clinton

4. Mildred Loraine Lee b. 18 July 1915 in Barbour Co., AL. d. 17 Oct 1918

5. Jesse Hilton Lee b. 3 Oct 1918 in Barbour Co., AL. Married Doris Meredith. Doris born 7 March 1920 Children: Larry Lee (died before first birthday), Hilton Lee b. 10 June 1943

6. Gus Edison Lee b. 17 Dec 1921 in Barbour Co., AL. d. 17 July 1923

I am in the process of sending data sheets to my cousins so that I can get the information I need. Wish me luck. My Uncle Hilton (the only living child) has the Lee family bible. When I return to Albany, I am going to look at it closely.

I recently went to Barbour Co. and went to several cemetaries. I need to go back and go to Henry Co. cemetaries.

If I ever complete this task, I will send you an update. Meanwhile, share any data you have on the older Vickers. I hope you can understand my method of recording these relatives. If you can't, I will try to do better. (Like drive across town and give you a hard copy)

Eudora West 109 Fern Valley Dr. Toccoa, GA 30577


Henry Co., AL 1829, Henry Co., AL Records: Census Records, vol. 1, by Helon H. Cutler, p. 8. Ezekiel Vickers
Harris Vickers
Joshua Vickers
Simeon Vickers

1830 Henry Co., AL Census
p. 312, Joel Vickers, 1M60-70, 1M15-20, 1M10-15, 1M5-10, 1F50-60, 3F20-30, 1F15-20.
p. 312, Jacob Vickers, 1M50-60, 1M20-30, 1F50-60, 2F10-15, 9 slaves.
p. 312, Stephen Vickers, 1M20-30, 1F20-30.
p. 324, Samuel Vicars, 1M30-40, 1M-5, 1F20-30, 3F-5.
p. 324, Young Vicars, 1M40-50, 1M5-10, 1F40-50, 1F10-15, 2 slaves.
p. 324, Riley Stokes
p. 325, Elizabeth Hatcher
p. 326, Jesse Vickers, 1M20-30, 2M5-10, 2M-5, 1F50-60, 1F20-30.

1840 Henry Co., AL Census
p. 154, Martha Vickers, 2M20-30, 1M15-20, 1F60-70, 1F20-30.
p. 157, Martha Vickers, 1M50-60, 2M20-30, 1M15-20, 1F70-80, 1F20-30, 2 slaves.
p. 173, Jesse Vickers, 1M30-40, 1M15-20, 1M10-15, 1M5-10, 1F30-40, 1F5-10.


Posted by Lucy Vickers Grisham on

Henry Co. Alabama Records- Jesse Vickers
And other Vickers Connected- from Georgia

Born 1799-1800- North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia?
Will date, 18 Jan 1869- Henry co. Ala.
Lived Irwin Co. Ga. next to Wiley Vickers and Montgomery Co. 1830.

Married 1. Nicey? and 2. Harriet Morris Aug 28, 1860.

Ala. Genealogical Register- Vol 8- 1797- Ala. Census according to the Spanish- John Boykin, Francis Boykin and wife, Richard Vickers and wife- Before Alabama became a State Territory- Probably still Florida at that time. The Boykins were relatives to the Vickers family and the Hatchers.( Don’t know who this Richard Vickers was.)

Craven Co. N.C. 1800- Census mentions: Joel, John, John Sr., Jordan, Joseph and Josiah Vickers.
Craven Co. and Jones Co. N.C. Taxables 1769- John Vickers with 1 white male, 6 black males and 6 black females.
Joel Vickers- b @1765- Died 1835 in Henry Co. Ala. In same County, Joshua, Jacob, Jesse Vickers. Joshua Vickers who went to Leon Co. Fla. made temporary will there in 1823. (my ancestor).
Joel Vickers b 1805 in Ga. died 1873- in Ala. Married Susan- b 1821- in So. Carolina

Ref: 1818 Twiggs Co. Tax Census
Henry Co. Ala. Wills and Estate Records- Courthouse
1821 Land Lottery of Ga. - Lot#6 Sect 1 of Henry Co. Ga.
1827 Montgomery Co. Ga records
1830 Lowndes Co. Ga. Heads of Family
1 male 15-20, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 30-40.
**Mark and Brand Registration for Jesse Vickers- Decatur Co. Ga. 5 May 1827.
Butts co. Deed Bk- A p 380- Dooly co. Ga. 23 Nov 1825 - Jesse Vickers by his attorney William H. Goldsmith, Twiggs Co. Ga. and William Pressley, Henry Co.- for $60.00- 202 ½ acres in 1st Dist. Dooly Co. Ga. Ref: Ga Genealogist Vol 42

1850 Ala. Census shows living in house with Jesse and Nicey- James J. Murphy age 22 and Elizabeth age 19- (He son of James Murphy and wife Nannie Blackshear or Nancy Irwin? Burke co. Ga.)

1. Hatcher- b @1818- married Lucie Price b 1817- Ga.
2. Young John- Married Lovice Mahala Dominy- 27 Nov 1865, had Jesse and Mandy
3. Joshua- b @1826- married 1851 to Mary Price – (1850 Ala. Census- Eliza Vickers in household with them- age 60- b S.C.)
4. Sarah- Married Robert G. Sowell—(Sowells of Bertie Co. N.C. 1757 Taxables)
5. Lucy A.- a minor
6. Bryant- (by Harriet)-
Elijah- (by Harriet)-
Vicey- a minor
James- b 1829- Married Jan 31, 1850 to Elizabeth Hutto- and died 1861- CSA?
Hutto Family of Abbeville, South Carolina.
10. Edward C.- ?

17 Feb 1849- Deed- Jesse Vickers and wife Nicy- for $400- paid by Joshua Vickers
W ½ of NW ¼ Sect 24T8R27
SW ¼ of NE ¼ Sect 23T8R27
NE ¼ of NE ¼ Sect 22 T8R27
In district of lands subject to sale at Sparta, Ala. South and East of Cooper Creek- taking run of Creek up to Whitmore Price’s land.

Jesse deeded to Young Vickers for love and affection- one Negro girl named Harriet- 6 years old-15 Mar 1849- Signed by Jesse- Wit: James Murphy and Sarah Vickers.

Deed – 7 Dec 1853- Jesse Vickers for love and affection of son Young Vickers- 9 years and 11 mos. old- gave Negro boy, Jake about 14 years old until son becomes 21 or at death- Wit: Edwin Mayo and Robert G. Sowell.

**Mayos of Edgecombe Co. N.C. Micajah Mayo Estate- mentions wife Bethia Sherrod- daughter of John Sherrod- 2nd wife- Nancy Pippen (or Phippen)- Daughter of Joseph Pippen – Rev war Soldier- 12 Aug 1822- Deed Bk 17 p 501.
Edwin Mayo- married Polly Ann Hatcher- 1809- Pulaski co. Ga. Gideon and Dewey Mayo of Albemarle Co. N.C. Edward Mayo witnessed will of Richard Pope, his brother-in-law- Pasquotank Co.
Joseph Mayo- of Edgecombe mentions son Samuel.
Bible Records of John G. Sherrod- Edgecombe Co. Bible records- mentions daughter Sarah Ann- b Dec 2, 1823- married a Purvis- She died Mar 7, 1858.
Marriage of E.C. Echols to M.J. Murphy Jan 7, 1861- at residence of James Murphy.

Marriages of Henry Co. Ala. - Jonathan Jowers- to Rebecca Vickers- Mar 10, 1850
Mary Vickers- to David Crimm- Oct 10, 1833

Dothan Alabama – Houston co. Tombstone inscriptions:
Finetta Vickers- b 21 Nov 1850- Died 19 Dec 1903
Eliza Fatima Vickers- wife of H.L. Holmes born Jan 19, 1853- died Feb 17, 1938.

J.T. Vickers- and Mrs. M.L. Askew- an unmarried woman, widow- married Feb 11, 1910- Bk 17 p 619- sold parts of Sect. 16 Houston Co. Ala. (son of W.J. Vickers).
W.J. Vickers and wife Susan J. Nov 9, 1917- Bk 33 p 94- sold to J.T. Vickers and B. R. Kelly- land at Kelly Springs.
W.J. Vickers- guardian of Polly Askew, W. H. Askew and Fannie Askew- Henry Co. handwritten note in old marriage book- T.H. Askew gave permission for his daughter to marry W.J. Vickers Jan 18, 1877. License was issued to W.J. Vickers and Susan Askew and marriage performed at T.H. Askew’s home on Jan 9, 1877.

Aaron Askew was in Edgecombe Co. His will dated 1771 lists Jesse, Moses, wife Martha, daughters Martha, Sarah, Pheraba, and Ann. ( Was Pheraba, George Vickers wife?)
W.J. Vickers died Dale Co. Ala. Deed Bk H p 473- October 24, 1894- states that for love and affection to my wife Susan Vickers and her heirs –all my property—Land of Blue Springs Creek, parts of Sect’s 32, 33, and 22.
Houston Co. Records- James T. Vickers- to adopted son Wiley Vickers- $100 w/b 1 p 255- 19 July 1823.

Notice published Henry Co.- Register Newspaper
Estate of Jesse Vickers- valued at $1,857.72- paid out $726.93 leaving 1,130.79. Hatcher, Young J. Vickers administrators.

1st – to Harriet Vickers- widow- from sale of personal property- $13.91- also 1/6 of proceeds of sale of land- $155.87- Total $169.78.
2. Hatcher Vickers- $106.77- his distributive share.
3. Young J. Vickers- $106.77- his distributive share.
4. Joshua Vickers- $106.77- his distributive share.
5. Sarah Sowell- wife of Robert Sowell- $106.77- her share
Lucy A. Vickers- a minor by her guardian- George P. Kinsey $106.77- his distributive share.
7. Bryant Vickers- a minor by his guardian- George P. Kinsey- $106.77- his distributive share.
8. Elijah Vickers- a minor by his guardian, George P. Kinsey $106.77- his distributive share.
9. Vicey Vickers- a minor by her guardian, George P. Kinsey- $106.77- his distributive share.
Edward C is not mentioned here. May have died young.
10. To minor children of James Vickers- deceased- to wit: Charles, William, George, Joshua and Irwin Hatcher Vickers, each the sum of $21.37-their distributive share in the said estate. And it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that the said administrators have advanced to the mother of said minors for their support for the year 1868, the sum of $21.37 each. It is therefore ordered by the court that said minors have and recover nothing more of said administrators.
Elizabeth Vickers signed receipt for children of James above. Elizabeth died in Nome, Florida.
1860 Census – Henry co. Ala-
Charles I- b 1851
William J.- b 1852- died Dothan Ala. Married Susan Askew
George J- b 1855
Irwin Hatcher- b 1857

Deed Mar 21, 1855- James Vickers to Jesse Vickers- $100 to secure property.
4/17/1856- James Vickers gave note to Hatcher Vickers on cotton crop.
3/11/1855- James Vickers gave to Hatcher Vickers, note on Cattle.

Ref; Material from Vivian Cates, Crockett, Texas
1850-70-80 Census and Records of Alabama.

Joshua Vickers- b 1826- Lawrenceville, Ala. Died after 1870- Trinity Co. Texas- buried Pennington Cem. Trinity, Texas- son of Jesse and Nicy. Married Jan 16, 1851 to Mary Price, daughter of Irwin Price and Susannah. Mary was born Nov 25, 1832.
1. Martha- b 1854-6- Ala. Married Robert P. Teal
2. Hatcher J.- b Jan 22, 1852- Ala. Died July 1, 1893- shot by Negro- buried in Sardis Baptist Church Cem. Henry Co. Ala. Married 1877-8 to Phoebe Catherine Fondren (Aunt Doll) - One reference says that H.J. Vickers was buried at Piney Grove Cem. Along with Jesse Y. Vickers? William DeWitt Vickers also, 1805-1845. ?
3. Irwin- b Oct 28, 1856- Henry Co. Ala. Died Sept 7, 1943- married Elender Smith. They are buried Corinth Cem. Houston, Texas.
4. Sarah- b 1861-
5. Susan- b Mar 30, 1862- Ala. Married 1. John Edward Fondren and 2. John R. Dominy. She died April 25, 1945 and is buried Pennington Cem. Trinity, Texas.
6. Mary- b 1871
7. Amanda- b 1873-

Blackwood Cem.
M.E. Church- Elizabeth Vickers- 4/16/1870- 12/3/1936.
Abbeville Cem. Dr. William Charles Vickers b Jan 1882- died 1936- Wife Rose Hawley-
Had sons Charles and Austin Vickers.
C.C. Vickers- b 1914-d 1915- Infant son of W.H. Vickers.

Barbour Co. Ala records- Maggie White of Bush- married Jesse Vickers of Lawrenceville, Ala. On Oct. 27, 1901- by Rev. J.W. Malone.

Joshua made deed to Littleberry Price in Oct. of 1850 for 150 acres land in Henry Co. Ala.
Samuel R. Buffalow gave note on corn and cotton crop to Joshaua Vickers- Mar 19, 1850 to secure $70.00 note owed by Buffalow to Joshua Vickers.

Hatcher Vickers- b 1818- Twiggs co. Ga.
In 1870 Census of Henry Co. Ala.
Son of Jesse Vickers and Nicy-
Married Lucie Price b 1817 Ga.
1. Drew- b 1849- Ala.
2. Sarah e- b 1853- Ala. Married William H. Ward.
3. Eliza- b 1859-
4. Mary- b 1863-

Nov 19, 1875- Deed between A.B. Price and wife Lucy- land sold to Hatcher Vickers- Jan 7, 1882- A.B. Price and wife Nancy, sold 120 acres to H.J. Vickers

Jesse Vickers Jr.- b Jan 13, 1847- Ga? died Jan 22, 1921- Headland, Ala. Buried Sardis Church Cem. Ala.
Married Mar 29, 1866 to Mary Ann Elizabeth Holly. B October 17, 1849 and died Jan 16, 1927-
1. Phoebe Ann- b July 16, 1867- Ala and died Jan 15, 1935.- married George Levin Wright- Their children: Levin Asbery- b Oct 23, 1889- Aug 9, 1895- about 6 years old, Sallie died 1951 married James Creel- son of Daniel Webster Creel and Amanda Strickland Creel. Wright’s Cemetery shows: George Levin Wright- Mar 27, 1860-Feb 21, 1934. Levin a. Wright- Oct 12, 1818- Feb 18, 1887, Mattie b Sept 27, 1823 died Feb 7, 1890. Tabitha J. Wright, daughter of above-
2. Lucy Lenora- b Feb 1870- Ala.
Jesse Wyatt- b May 1872- Ala. Died 1913- Buried Piney Grove Baptist Church Cem- Ala. Married Sallie L. ?
4. Green Marion- b Dec 1874- Ala. Married S.A.?
5. Lucy Ann Tullah- b Feb 1877- Ala.
Mamie Eudora- b may 1880- Ala.
7. James Nathaniel- b 1882- Ala.
8. Ella Bertie- b 1887- Ala
Infant?- b July 7, 1892-

Mount Zion Cemetery- between Lawrenceville and Edwin, Ala. Buried there:
Pet- daughter of Green Marion- and S.A. Vickers- b Oct 21, 1902 died May 14, 1904-
Robert Wyatt Vickers b July 20, 1918- died Mar 29, 1920
Mary Myrtle Vickers- infant daughter of J.S. and Minnie Vickers- Dec 8, 1924- Jan 19, 1925.
Lillie C. Vickers- wife of Ross Holmes- Jan 15, 1901- Jan 20,1931.


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