John/Vicars/Vickers, Gloucester Co., VA

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John Vicars- Gloucester Co. VA and Possible Connection to Rev. Thomas Vicars


John Vicars of Gloucester, who was born before 1660, was transported to the Colonies on Nov 29, 1674- listed as head right with 179 other persons, by Mr. James Harrison, John Rowzee and the daughters of the Mott Brothers, George and John. (Cavaliers and Pioneers Patent Book No 6, p 159)  Harrison, Rowzee and the Mott daughters received 9,019 acres land for transport.

Note: It is said that this John Vicars may also have been a son of Rev Thomas Vicars of Gloucester - though no children have been found for Thomas other than Martha- whom he had with Dorothy.

We do know that this John was a nephew of George and John Mott – which if that is the case, his mother would have been a sister to George and John Mott.


John Vicars was also a Minister- and referred to as Parson.  He married Elizabeth Waight about 1675, d/o John Waight who lived on a patent of land on the lower side of Golden Vale Creek, St. Mary’s Parish. ** Golden Vale Creek is identified as being on the South side of theRappahannock River, about 2 miles from Port Royal. After death of John Vicars, Elizabeth remarried to Peter St. Leger.

John Vicars had inherited 10 years use of the land and equal division of the estate, from his Uncles George and John Mott on Muddy Creek, lying in the freshes of Rappahannock River, formerly land of Richard Whitehead - Upper Precincts of Rappahannock Co. (later Richmond Co).

John and George Mott had given John Vicars, 400 acres land, which later fell into King George Co., which he left to his son Nathaniel Vicars- and who later sold to Thomas Taylor and by him to his son Benjamin Taylor, who sold to Edward Turbeville.  Land beginning at Lamb’s Creek back line of the older dividend formerly belonging to the Motts and at a corner of Peter Gallion, deceased, and since belonging to Alexander Doniphan, deceased, near the Wolf Pit-

Turbeville sold to John Champe, this described land,  for 2500 pounds tobacco and Cask- Court of Nov 5th 1736- Deeds of Lease and Release-      


John and Elizabeth made deed to sell 100 acres of the land her father left her by his will, to William Smith, described as part of a parcel lying back of land that had been sold by her father to James Jackson- John and Elizabeth signed this deed in December of 1679 in the presence of James Harrison and James Amy- They appointed James Harrison as their attorney to acknowledge this sale to William Smith for them, in May of 1680. The sale was witnessed by John Powell and Daniel Marriott. Old Rappahannock Co. Deeds and Wills- 1677-1682- pp 273-274.

John Vicars also witnessed a land sale by John Mott and Elizabeth, widow of George, in May 1674-   

Stafford co. VA- Court Min. 1680- mentions John Vicars in sale to him by Jacob Lee – live- stock, for which he had to make payment on- testimony of Thomas Ward- Nov 10, 1680-

King George Co.VA Deed Bk- 2 p47-49-

King George Co. VA Deed Bk 1735-1752- finds lands of John and George Mott falling into that county which was formed  in 1720 from Richmond and Westmoreland Counties- Indenture between Edward Turbeville and John Champe, both of King George-  sold 150 acres land in Brunswick Parish – which had been part of 400 acres  land deeded to John Vicars, by John and George Mott, and then to  John Vicars’ son Nathaniel Vicars,  who sold it to Thomas Taylor, whose son Benjamin Taylor sold to Edward Turbeville- land beginning at a branch of Lamb’s Creek, back of the line of an older dividend that had belonged to the Mott brothers, and to the corner of Peter Gallion’s line- deceased  and since belonging to Alexander Doniphan – husband of the daughter of George Mott, also now deceased, near Wolf  Pit- for 2500 lb tobacco and cask. – Wit: George Gray, E. Turbeville, John Goodall and Sacheveral Norman. Nov Ct. 1736    


Old Rappahannock Co.Va- Deeds and Wills- 1677-1682-

John Waight was mentioned as an early Planter in Rappahannock Co. along with John Prosser, Robert Richardson and Thomas Pannell who came before the court in that County to prevent the land to prevent the nullification of the land and property of one Thomas Farrell from being confiscated and deemed escheat land, which happened many times at that period in history.

Mar 6, 1677-Deed- John Waight sold to Benjamin Hensley, 20 acres on Golden Vale Creek- Wit: Thomas Parker and Henry Berry.

 **Henry Berry may have been ancestor to Michael Berry who married into the family of Ralph Vickers in Anson Co. NC, (later York SC). 

John Waight was born about 1708- Wiltshire, England and died by Mar 3, 1679- will date and proved Sep 3, 1679- (Ref: Early Colonial Virginia)

“to daughter Mary Waight, the upper part of my land on the upper side of the Creek, and 100 acres of land more I give to Elizabeth Vickers, which lyeth back of that I formerly sold to James Jackson, and to my son Robert Waight, the remainder of the estate, the whole being 700 acres, and my daughter Mary to have timber of her brother Robert Waight’s land for her use in building  and what movable estate I have to be equally divided between son and daughters-  John and  Mary and my son Robert, to be at age at 18 years and I do make John Vickers and William Griffin my overseers to look after my estate until the one is married and other is at age, and the estate to stay in hands of John Vickers.- Witnessed by George Lodge, Stephen Feuell/Fewell - age 26 or thereabout.  Robert Waight sold land later to John and Elizabeth Smith Corbin Aug 10, 1696-

John and Elizabeth had at least one known child, but there might have been more:

a. Nathaniel N.- born between 1675 and 1686- Gloucester Co. VA and died before 1738 in Prince William Co. He appears in the Quit Rent Roll -1715- of Essex Co. – with 200 acres land in St. Mary’s Parish along with a William Viccary/Vicars who owned 50 acres of land, indicating he was a single man. **Nathaniel would have been probably about 40 yrs old at this time, with four persons in his household. 

Others who are listed in this Quit Rent Roll are:

John Armstrong, Henry and Joseph Baker, John Ball, Elias Blackburn, George Berry, Thomas Bryant, Richard Bush, John Cammack, Hugh Cary, John Catlett, Jr., Thomas Howerton, William Tharpe, Thomas Todd, Isaac Webb,  James Webb Sr. and Jr. , Richard Webb, Robert Webb, and Peter Rucker. **Most of these names have a connection to the later Vickers families. 


Jan 11, 1713/14- Essex Co. Wills and Deeds  p 179- Lease and Release- Nathaniel Vicars, planter, St. Mary’s Parish, sells to Andrew Harrison, Jr., of same parish, 100 acres bounded at the mouth of John Catlett, Jr.’s  Spring Branch and to Edward Evan’s line and over the top of a hill where Robert Waight did design to build his house and to land which Thomas Hilliard lives on  to Golden Vale Run – Signed by Nathaniel Vicars and witnessed by Robert Jones, and Robert Parker. Recorded on Feb 11, 1713

February 8th and 9th-  Andrew Harrison Jr. sells to Nathaniel Vicars- both of St. Mary’s  Parish, 100 acres land that had been a part of  a patent to John Prosser, deceased, on Golden Vale Creek adjacent the land of Richard Long- The deed was also witnessed by Robert Jones  and Robert Parker and recorded Feb 11, 1713.  Elizabeth Harrison, wife of Andrew Harrison, by John Battaile, her attorney, relinquished her dower rights to the land – Wit: John Rowe, and Michael Lawless- and recorded Feb 11, 1713-

June 9 and 10- 1713 - Nathaniel Vicars - St. Mary’s Co Parish, sells to Andrew Harrison, Jr. 100 acres adjacent land of Richard Long where he now lives , Edward Evan’s corn field- etc. Deed witnessed by Richard Long, Edward Evans and Augustine Smith.  Recorded June 11, 1713.

June 9 and 10- 1713- Andrew Harrison, Jr. sells to Nathaniel Vicars- 200 acres adjacent land of Mr. Buckner and that of Richard Long- also recorded Jun 11, 1713-

Quit Rent Roll for the Year 1715-Essex County, Virginia, Nathaniel Vicars, 200 acres.

Nathaniel Vicars appears to have later lived in what became King George Co. and Prince William Co. or else the land he owned may have fell into those counties.


**Important Notes

Nathaniel Vicars had children apparently, but I have not identified them yet- They may be a part of the Vickers who appear later in Prince William Co. records- He was most likely the father of William Vicars, but not proven, - born before 1720 in Prince William Co. Virginia and died after 1738, who married Sarah Bayne, d/o Matthew Bayne and Eleanor Quisenberry, who was born in Westmoreland Co. VA. Stafford Co. was formed later from Westmoreland and bounded by Pr. William, Fauquier, Culpeper, Spotsylvania, Caroline and King George counties – and Charles Co. Maryland was just across the river from them. **Some people held land in both Virginia and Maryland at the same time.

***(Information taken from the research of Lisa Perry) - from the “1658-1758 Charles Co. MD Families- (the first 100 years) Wills, Court, Church, Land, Inventories and Accounts”)

Includes early Northern Neck VA, records for counties bordering the Rappahannock & Potomac Rivers.


Charles Co. Maryland records

The Bayne Family may have been of Yorkshire, England thru John Bayne- b 1585 who married Margaret Newton, and their son, Walter who married Eleanor Weston and John Bayne- b 1662- Charles Co. Maryland- who married Ann Warren.  There is probably also a connection between these and the family of those of Scotland, but this is not proven yet.


Some Emigrants To Virginia, Stanard, p.12, Middlesex Records

Thomas Baynes, - died 1709 possibly Middlesex Co., Virginia; of Middlesex Co., Virginia; Brothers: William & Christopher of Snape, Yorkshire, England.

James Bayne - married Mary French- 30 April 1814 Botetourt Co., Virginia, d/o William French-Ref: Botetourt VA Marriages *The French Family married into the Mason family of Stafford Co. VA

Thomas Bayne-born 1807, died 1832; married Sarah Leggett, who was born 1809 and died

1855 Ritchie Co., WV, married first to a Basnett or Bassett? and as a widow went to Ritchie

County with son, Thomas, in 1846.

Peter Bayne - of Scotland - probably born 1730-40? Wick, Caithness, Scotland- died 1823 – married?

a. Robert Edwin- b 1760 and died 1812- Greenville, SC-  married Rachel Sarah Fletcher- Their children:

 a. Richard Bayne- b Sep 13, 1789- of Baynesville, Westmoreland Co. VA died Nov 3, 1829- married Susan Pope, b Nov 30, 1794- d/o Lawrence Pope and Penelope Vigar who was widow of Jacob Vigar- Lawrence Pope died Jul 21, 1810 and his widow died Mar 12, 1826- He was s/o Humphrey Pope, emigrant to VA- Old Rappahannock Co. (Richmond) in 1656- In 1659 he patented land from Thomas Pope- 150 acres at Clifts, in what became Westmoreland Co. VA.  Humphrey married Elizabeth Haukings/Hawkins- d/o Richard Haukings/Hawkins, and he died 1695-  (Colonial Gloucester Co. VA Vol. I ) 

Children of Humphrey and Elizabeth:

            a. Lawrence- b d married Jemima Waddy Spence; widow of John Spence- of   Northumberland Co. VA- Jemima was the d/o Thomas Waddy and Ann Hull. They lived in Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co and he left a will recorded Mar 2, 1723-

            b. John- b d – married Sarah Mothershead, (a cousin), d/o Christopher Mothershead:


                        a. Lawrence- b 1740- died Jul 31, 1810- married three times- first to Jane Quisenberry, d/o Humphrey Quisenberry second to Frances Carter on Dec 30, 1790, and third to Penelope QuisenberryVigar, widow of Jacob Vigar, on Nov 22, 1793. She was the d/o Nicholas Quisenberry. 

Westmoreland Co. Early Marriages- include:

Nancy Quisenberry- d/o Nicholas, who married Alexander Moxley- Jan 13, 1789

Matthew Bayne- married Catherine “CatyHarrison- Aug 31, 1789

Jonathan Pigg -married Catherine Quisenberry- d/o Nicholas, on Feb 22, 1794.

George Quisenberry- married Jane Carter Pope- d/o Lawrence Pope, on Nov 27, 1809.

Benjamin White- married Mary Quisenberry- d/o William Quisenberry- Apr 26, 1813.

**Some of the Quisenberrys are found in Lincoln Co. TN.

Other Baynes Records:

1810 Census of Botetourt Co. VA lists:

George Bayne and Charles Bayne


Contributed by Lucy Vickers Grisham,



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