Descendents of John VICKERS, Sr. of Orange County, North Carolina

Compiled by James Brandon Vickers
with the generous help of many of the Vickers ‘kin’

Others researching these lines:
James Brandon Vickers,


1.  John VICKERS, Sr.   John was born about 1725 in VA.  He was in Augusta County (Shenandoah Valley area), VA by 1757.  He moved to Orange County, NC some time in the 1770’s.  He is on the Tax List in 1779 in Orange County, NC, in which his taxable property is listed at £1165.161.   He is also noted “in a grant of 385 acres from the State of North Carolina to William Mebane entered in 1779 and granted in 1784 in which the surveyor noted that the grant included ‘the improvement where John Vickers lives’.  In 1785, William Mebane sold the land that had been granted to him to John Vickers for £501”. He was married to either Alice ______ or Polly _____, although there is no definite record of his wife’s name.  “If the Polly Vickers who is named in the records was John’s wife, then he was probably dead by May 1791"1 in Orange County, NC.  However, I have seen more sources listing Alice as John’s wife rather than Polly, so I am going to side with the majority.

2. Alice ______ was born in 1730.  She died in 1780 in Orange County, NC.  She was buried in 1780 in St Mary's Episcopal Cemetery, Orange County, NC.12  She is the earliest marked burial in this cemetery.12  (Note: her stone is almost illegible now and may say Alse or Alsey, not Alice).12

John VICKERS and Alice ______ had at least five children:

i. William Elias18 VICKERS was born about 1757 in Augusta County, VA.  He married Milligan GRISSOM on 8 Aug 1781 in Orange County, NC.  His taxable property was listed in 1779 as £400.  He moved to Wilkes County, GA in 1792 and then to Meriwether Co., GA.” He died on 5 Oct 1837 in Meriwether County, GA.1
See also Williams' file at William Vickers, VA to GA.

ii. John VICKERS Jr. was born ca.176013 in Augusta County, VA.  He and wife _____ had at least one child:

1. Elizabeth VICKERS.  Elizabeth was born about 1814.13  She married Fountain Benning THOMPSON ca.183513.  He was born around 180413.  They had eight children:13

i. Susan Jane THOMPSON13.  Susan was born 14 Mar 1837 in Oglethorpe County, GA.  She married John Augustus SMITH on 30 Nov 1854 in Newton County, GA.  John was born 16 Nov 1828.  Susan died 12 Apr 1902 in Corsicana, TX.  Susan and John had eleven children13:

1. Charles Benning SMITH.  Charles was born 15 Jun 1856.13
2. Henry Nathan SMITH.  Henry was born ca.1858.13
3. Alice SMITH.  Alice was born ca.1860.13
4. Nellie SMITH.  Nellie was born ca.1862.13
5. Martha Frances SMITH.  Martha was born 17 Jun 1865.13
6. Mittie Olivia SMITH.  Mittie was born 28 Sep 1867 in Tyler, TX.13
7. Walter Monroe SMITH.  Walter was born 14 May 1869.  His twin was Wiley, below.13
8. Wiley Randolph SMITH.  Wiley was born 14 May 1869.13
9. Katherine Elizabeth SMITH.  Katherine was born 29 Sep 1873.13
10. John M. SMITH.  John was born 16 Jul 1876.13
11. Annie Thompson SMITH.  Annie was born 17 Aug 1880.13

ii. John THOMPSON.  John was born ca.1840.13
iii. Emeline Izzadore THOMPSON.  Emeline was born 2 Jan 1842.  She married Edward F. MCMANAMAN on 9 May 1870.  They had at least one child, a daughter.13
iv. Joseph L. THOMPSON.  Joseph was born ca.1844.13
v. Martha E. THOMPSON.  Martha was born ca.1846.13
vi. Robert B. THOMPSON.  Robert was born ca.1850.13
vii. Elizabeth (Lizzie) THOMPSON.  Lizzie was born ca.1852.13
viii. Leonard Marbary THOMPSON.  Leonard was born ca.1856.13

iii. Riley VICKERS was born in 1761 in Augusta County, VA3.  He fought in the American Revolution1.  He married Mary COZART on 12 Sep 1791 in Orange County, NC1.  “Later that year he bought the majority of the land that John Vickers (note: Sr.) had earlier purchased from William Mebane1.”  He died in Nov 1835 in Orange County, NC1.  See also file on Riley and Mary Vickers, Orange Co., NC.

Riley VICKERS and Mary COZART had the following children:
1.    Jesse Hiram VICKERS.  Jesse was born ca.17951.  He married Ruth TURNER on 28 Dec 1812 in Orange County, NC1.  He died before 18531.  They had at least seven children:1

i. Henderson VICKERS.  Henderson was born ca.1818.  By 1850, he was in Choctaw (now Webster) County, Mississippi and living with his uncle, Riley VICKERS, Jr.1
ii. Calvin VICKERS.
iii. John VICKERS.  John was born ca. 1816.1  He died in Durham County, NC on 29 Dec 1915 at age 9912.
iv. Mary Adaline VICKERS.  Mary married William HOUSE on 30 Nov 1854.1
v. Elmore VICKERS.  Elmore married Caroline GARE on 5 Mar 1851.1
vi. MacKenzie VICKERS. MacKenzie married Willie RHODES on 7 Aug 1841.1
vii. Ruthy Jane VICKERS married Richard Henry PROCTOR on 4 Feb 1851.1

2. Hiram VICKERS.  Hiram was born in 1794.  He died in 1853 and left no children1.

3. Rachel VICKERS.  Rachel married Jesse CLINTON on 2 Aug 1825.  John VICKERS was the bondsman.  She died in 1868.  Rachel and Jesse had at least three children:

i. Mary Caroline CLINTON14.  Mary was born in 182514.  She was the first wife of Washington DUKE, who was the founder of American Tobacco Company and the benefactor, with his son James Buchanan DUKE, of Duke University (formerly Trinity College) in Durham, NC14.  They were married 9 Aug 184214.  She died in Nov 184714.  They had at least two children:14

1. Sidney Taylor DUKE.  Sidney was born in 1844 and died in 1858.
2. Brodie Leonidas DUKE.  Brodie was born in 1846 and died in 1919.

ii. Martha L. CLINTON2.  Martha was born 01 Aug 1838 in Orange County, NC.  She died 26 Feb 1913 in Durham, Durham County, NC.14
. William CLINTON2.  William was born in 1828 in Orange County, NC.14

4. Riley VICKERS, Jr.  Riley was born 20 Jan 1808 in NC.  He married Catharine LYNN on 22 Feb 1836.  Catharine was born about 1818 in NC.  They moved to Choctaw (now Webster) Co., MS, in 1847.  Riley died in Jun 1892 in Fannin County, TX3.  They had three known children:3

i. Mary Elizabeth Frances VICKERS.  Mary was born 03 Dec 1840 in AL.  She married William STARNES on 08 Nov 1860 in Choctaw Co., MS.  William was born 27 Jan 1839 to Jacob STARNES and Jane RUSSELL.  He died 18 Nov 1898 in Fannin County, TX.  Mary died 01 Feb 1933 in Fannin County, TX.  They had ten children:3

1. Tom Riley STARNES.3  Tom was born 30 May 1865 in MS.  He first married Susie B. WOODS before 1887 in Fannin Co., TX.  He remarried Letha Malinda BALLARD after 1906.  Tom’s first wife Susie died from burns received after her skirt caught fire while doing laundry.  Tom died 24 Apr 1942.
2. Henry Waltus STARNES.3  Henry was born 28 Jul 1870 in Walthall, Choctaw Co., MS.  He married Emma M. McDANIEL on 03 Nov 1892 in Bonham, Fannin Co., TX.  She was born 20 Mar 1875 in Bonham, TX and died 19 Jul 1965 in Tulia, Swisher Co., TX.  Henry died 09 Feb 1966 in Tulia, Swisher Co., TX.
3. Ida STARNES.3  Ida was born 04 Nov 1872 in Walthall, MS.  She married Henry Lee WALKER on 04 Jan 1894 in Fannin Co.  He was born 18 Jul 1872 in MS and died 28 Mar 1961 in TX.  Ida died 16 Apr 1963 in TX.
4. Emma STARNES.3  Emma was born 28 Dec 1874 in Webster Co., MS.  She married William Julius HILL on 29 Dec 1897 in Bonham, TX.  He was born 12 Mar 1876 in Webster Co., MS.  He died 11 May 1948 in Webster Co., MS.  Emma died 11 Feb 1971 in MS.
5. Hasa STARNES.3  Hasa was born 19 Mar 1877 and died 11 Oct 1884 in Fannin Co., TX.
6. James Cicero STARNES.3  James was born 25 Mar 1881 in Danner, Fannin Co., TX.  He married Johnnie Golden BUTLER on 05 Dec 1907 in Bonham, Fannin Co., TX.  She was born 10 Mar 1890 in? and died 05 Jan 1937 in Margaret, Foard Co., TX.  James died 06 Jan 1958 in Crowell, Foard Co., TX.
7. ? STARNES.3  Unknown.
8. Catherine STARNES.  Unknown.
9. Laura STARNES.3 Unknown.
10. Willie STARNES.3  Unknown.

ii. Martha L. VICKERS.3  Martha was born 30 Oct 1842 in MS.  She married ____ HOOKER.  She died 18 Jul 1896 in TX.  They had one child:

1. Robert HOOKER.  Robert was born Nov 1889.

iii. Susan A.T. VICKERS.3  Susan was born 08 Sep 1845 in MS.  She married ____ HARRISON.  She died 01 Apr 1926 in TX.

5. Mary "Polly" VICKERS.  Polly married William WARREN.  She died on 09 Jan 18361.
6. William VICKERS1.
7. John VICKERS.  John was born ca.18001.  He married Nancy RHODES on 23 Nov 18301.  He died in 18521.  There are eight possible children:

i. Malinda VICKERS.  Malinda was possibly born ca.18201.
ii. William Riley VICKERS.  William was born ca.18331.
iii. Moses VICKERS.  Moses was born ca.18351.  He married Sarah MENARD on 05 Apr 18581. They had one known child:

1. James VICKERS.  James married Henrietta COLE on 30 Dec 1880 in Orange County, NC1.

iv. Hiram VICKERS.  Hiram was born ca.18381.  He enlisted in the Confederate Army on 01 May 1861 at age 241.
v. John VICKERS.  John was born ca.18401.
vi. Mary VICKERS.  Mary was born ca.18421.
vii. Caroline VICKERS.  Caroline was born ca.18441.
viii. James VICKERS.  James was born about 1847 and possibly died before 18531.

iv. Charles VICKERS was born before 1774 in Augusta County, VA1.
v. David VICKERS, Sr. 1.


64.  David VICKERS, Sr.  David was born between 1776 and 1780 in Augusta County, VA or Orange County, NC (the family moved to Orange in 1779)1.  He was married to Elizabeth GWINN on 6 Apr 1800 in Orange County, NC1.  In the 1816 Federal Direct Tax List, he appears with his father-in-law Thomas GWINN1.  They were co-owners of 200 acres worth $400 near Ellerbee Creek1. He died after 1840 in Orange County, NC1.

65. Elizabeth GWINN.  Elizabeth was born to Thomas Gwinn and Mildred _____.  David VICKERS Sr. and Elizabeth GWINN had the following children:

1. Mildred "Milly" VICKERS.  Milly was born after 6 Jan 1801 in Orange County, NC.  She appeared on the census in 1850 in Orange County, NC. She died between 1870 and 1880 in NC.  Milly's great-granddaughter, Elizabeth Vickers (Mrs. Joe) BRINTLE, reported that Milly is thought to have married either a TRICE or a GREEN.  She also said that Milly's husband is thought to have died or disappeared on a trip to Fayetteville, and that Milly took back her maiden name.  Mrs. Brintle's brother, Theodore B. Vickers, said that he knows nothing certain about Milly's husband, but guessed Milly's husband may have been a RIGSBEE1Milly and her husband, whatever his name, had three children:

i. William Gaston VICKERS.  “Gaston” was born 16 Sep 1838.  He was a prominent educator and businessman in Durham, NCVickers Avenue in Durham is named for him4.  The land for Morehead Hill, one of the most prestigious areas for affluent Durhamites in the late 1800s, was built on land purchased from William Gaston Vickers2.  Eugene Morehead and George Watts, two prominent citizens, built homes there in 18802.  The area was then considered to be ‘outside the city limits’2.  He was married to Nancy CHISENHALL on 18 Aug 1859 in Orange County, NC1. He was remarried to Genora WOOD on 26 Aug 1883 in Durham County, NC1.  He died 23 Nov 1924 in Durham, NC1.
ii. Thomas D. VICKERS.  Thomas was born ca.18371.  He enlisted in the Confederate Army on 15 Sep 18621.  He died at a military hospital in Richmond, VA on 01 Mar 18631.
iii. Washington Marion VICKERS.  Washington was born about 1839.  He married Sarah Jane CHISENHALL on 05 Jan 1862. He went to Wake County with his cousin, William Duane VICKERS, Sr. to enlist in the Confederate Army.  They were assigned to the 56th Regiment, Company E, of the N.C. Infantry.  Both were sick in hospital in Goldsboro, NC on 22 Aug 1862.  Washington returned to duty in Nov/Dec 1862.  He was killed at the Battle of 1st Gum Swamp on 28 Apr 186310.

2. James VICKERS.  James was born about 18051.  He married Frances RHODES on 15 Apr 18361.  On 16 Nov 1836, James and his brothers David Jr. and George W. Sr. together bought two tracts of land from William and Elizabeth RHODES who were moving to Carroll County, Tennessee1.  These tracts were 239 and 169 acres (cost: $944.75)1.  On 20 Jul 1837, they bought another 238 acres from William Rhodes for $5951.  This land was on New Hope Creek in what is now Durham, NC1.  James died ca.18691.  James and Frances had several children:

i. Demarius E. VICKERS.  Demarius was born ca.1838.  He married Maturine C. HERNDON, Jr. on 12 Feb 1861 in Orange County, NC.  He died 19 Oct 18851.
ii. Melinda E. VICKERS.  Melinda was born ca.1840. She married George A. RHODES on 12 Oct 1861 in Orange County, NC1.
iii. Joseph VICKERS.  Joseph was born ca.1842/1843.  “He may be the Joseph Vickers, age 36, in the 1880 census of Orange County, NC”1.
iv. Penny Frances VICKERS.  Penny was born ca.18441.
v. Martha VICKERS.  Martha was born ca.1846.  She married Chesley Addison TRICE on 06 Jan 18701.
vi. James VICKERS.  James was born ca.18501.
vii. Columbus VICKERS.  Columbus was born ca.18501.
viii. Rhodes VICKERS.  Rhodes was born ca.18521.
ix. Mordecai VICKERS.  Mordecai was born ca.18541.

3. Mary VICKERS1.  Mary was born 10 May 1810.  She married Jesse RIGSBEE on 21 Jul 1831.  She died 23 Jul 1889.  She is buried in the Rigsbee family cemetery near Wallace Wade Stadium on the campus of Duke University.  Mary and Jesse had nine children:

i. Louisa RIGSBEE1.  Louisa married John Wesley BARBEE.
ii. Henry Jackson RIGSBEE1.  Henry was born 20 Nov 1832 and died 22 Dec 1861.  Tombstone calls him "benefactor of Durham's first free school".
iii. Martha Carolyn RIGSBEE1.  Martha was born ca.1834.
iv. Atlas Monroe RIGSBEE1.  Atlas was born ca.1838.
v. Elizabeth Frances Jane RIGSBEE1.  She was born 18 Dec 1839.  She married Chesley Page PICKETT.  She remarried Josiah Cruden ANDERSON.
vi. Ann Elizabeth RIGSBEE1.  Ann was born about 18431.
vii. Thomas Jefferson RIGSBEE1.  Thomas was born about 1845.  He was married three times.  He died in 1917.
viii. John Vernon RIGSBEE1.  John was born 08 Feb 1848.  He married Mary W. LEIGH.  He died on 22 Jul 1922.
ix. Emma RIGSBEE1.  Emma was born 18 Mar 1854.  She married Mark PICKETT on 13 Feb 1873.  Emma died on 07 Oct 1930.

4. David VICKERS, Jr1.  David was born ca.1812.  He was married to Penelope "Penny" Trice RHODES on 18 May 1837.  Penny was the daughter of William and Frances TRICE and widow of William RHODES IV (see #66, #67 below).  He remarried Rachel SHIELDS on 24 Sep 1868.  He died in 1875 in Orange County, NC.  David and Penelope had three children:

i. Thomas S. VICKERS1.  Thomas was born ca.1838.  Thomas' occupation was listed as "Physician" in the 1860 Census of Orange Co.  He was listed in his father’s household.  “When the city of Durham was chartered in 1869, Thomas was one of only four doctors in it”1.  He was probably married to Laura DAVIS on 15 Jan 1885 in Durham Co.
ii. Mary Anne VICKERS1.  Mary was born ca.1840.  She married John H. ANDERSON on 10 Jan 1863.
iii. Sarah VICKERS1.  Sarah was born ca.1842, and died sometime before her father's death in 1875.

32. 5.    G.W. VICKERS, Sr.
6. ??Thomas VICKERS1.  Thomas was recorded as living in 1831.
7. ??Riley VICKERS1.  Riley was born ca.1817.  He married Ann Maria ELLIS on 2/26/1846. They had at least one child:

i. Franklin VICKERS. See entry for "Sis" Vickers below.

66.  William RHODES IV signed a will on 28 Oct 1834 in Orange County, NC. He died after 28 Oct 1834 in Orange County, NC.  He was married to Penelope "Penny" TRICE on 4 Nov 1815 in Orange County, NC.  The RHODES line has been traced back to at least 1682 in Middlesex County, Virginia1.

67. Penelope "Penny" TRICE was born about 1797 in Orange County, NC.  She died on 9 Feb 1863 in Orange County, NC. The TRICE line has been traced back to at least 1673 in New Kent County, Virginia1.
William RHODES IV and Penelope "Penny" TRICE had the following children:

    i. Frances RHODES1.   Frances was born after 4 Aug 1815 in Orange County, NC.
33 ii. Malinda RHODES1.  She married George Washington VICKERS, Sr.
  iii. Willie T. RHODES1.
  iv. James W. RHODES1Moved to TN.
  v. Pleasant RHODES1.
  Moved to Arkansas before 1863.
  vi. William W. RHODES1.
viii. Zachariah RHODES1Moved to Mississippi before 1863.
  ix. Dennis RHODES1.


32.  George Washington VICKERS, Sr.  “Wash” or Washington (as he called himself in the 1850 US Census of Orange County) 1 was born 8 Oct 1808 in Orange County, NC8.  He died 22 Sep 1885 in Durham County, NC8.  He was married to Malinda RHODES on 27 Dec 1840 in Orange County, NC1.

33.  Malinda RHODES.  George Washington VICKERS and Malinda RHODES had the following children1:

16 i. William Duane VICKERS Sr..
ii. Rebecca Ann VICKERS.  “Becca Ann” 1 was born ca.1843 in Orange County, NC1.  She died after 1870, the last census in which she is recorded1.
iii. John A. VICKERS.  John was born about 1846 in Orange County, NC. John married Henrietta "Etta" PROCTOR on 25 Jan 18711.  He was a member of Yates Baptist Church1.  Both John and Etta were “quite ill from about 1905 on, and were cared for in part by their daughter Fannie Vickers Vickers”1.  Etta died at her daughter’s home at 511 Burch Ave, Durham, on 29 Mar 19151.  “John died at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, NC on 03 Jun 1925, having outlived all of his brothers and sisters and all of his children except Fannie” 1.  John and Etta VICKERS had seven children:

1. Annie Roberta VICKERS.  Annie was born ca.April 18721.  She married Robert Lee HUTCHINS on 08 Mar 18881.  She died on 24 Aug 19051.  They had ten children:

i. Andrew Newton HUTCHINS1.
ii. Robert S.HUTCHINS1.
iii. Maggie L. HUTCHINS1.
iv. Sarah Nellie HUTCHINS1.
v. Mable Flester HUTCHINS1.
vi. Della Artelia HUTCHINS1.
vii. John W. HUTCHINS1.
viii. Mary Estelle HUTCHINS1.
ix. Jack Herbert HUTCHINS1.
x. Charlie J. HUTCHINS1.

2. Fannie J. VICKERS.  Fannie was born ca.18731. She married her cousin T. Alonzo "Lonnie" VICKERS (see below).
3. John W. VICKERS.  John was born ca.1875/1876.  He married Jane COOK on 10 Jan 18971.  He died before 19271.   John and Jane had three children:

i. Hiram VICKERS1.
ii. Tom VICKERS1
iii. Mamie VICKERS1.

4. Richard VICKERS.  Richard was born ca.18781.  He married Ada GOOCH on 21 Jan 18981.  They had five children:

ii. Lona VICKERS1.  She married _______ PASCHALL.
iii. Myrtie VICKERS1.  She married ______BEESON.
iv. Earline VICKERS1.
v. Ollie VICKERS1.

5. Mary VICKERS.  She married James F. WILLIAMS on 27 Jul 19001.  They had one child:

i. Della WILLIAMS. She married ______ LATTA1.

6. Eunice VICKERS.  She married George GOOCH on 22 Oct 18991.  They had one child:

i. Roy GOOCH1.

7. Lillie VICKERS.  She married W.L. STRAYHORN on 03 Jul 19051.  They had one child:

i. Oscar STRAYHORN1.

iv. Julia/Juliet VICKERS was born in 1849/50 in Orange County, NC1. She married Southerland P. GOOCH on 13 Feb 18701.  Her name appears as “Julia” in her father’s will, but as “Juliet” in the 1860 census and on her marriage license1.
v. George Washington VICKERS, Jr.   George was born on 03 Jul 1852 in Orange County, NC1.  George married Frances "Fannie" Ann BARBEE on 21 Jan 18751.

“George… was a farmer and proprietor of Vickers Bar Room at the corner of Cook Road and Fayetteville Road.  The story goes that a wagon wheel was rolled from the bar room to Berea Baptist Church and the bar was one turn of the wheel too close to the church.  Therefore, the bar was closed.  It was told that his wife hollered and screamed with joy, and could be heard by the neighbors, who were a considerable distance away.  Part of the bar room was moved across the road and is now the front part of the home.”1
George and Fannie were, ironically, members of Berea Baptist Church1. He served in the Spanish-American War in the 1st NC Regiment, Company I.  He died on 01 Jan 1924 in Durham County, NC and is buried in the G.W. Vickers, Jr. family cemetery on Fayetteville Road in Durham, NC1.  This cemetery stands in the woods behind the family home mentioned above, which is still owned by Mack L. Vickers, Jr11.

George and Fannie had nine children:

1. Della Isidore VICKERS1.  Della was born 28 Oct 1875.  She worked in the family dairy and never married.  She died 22 Jul 1962.
2. Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth VICKERS1.  Sallie was born 21 May 1880.  She never married and was a public school teacher for 40 years.  She died 05 Jan 19511.
3. Bertha Leeter VICKERS1.  Bertha was born 28 Nov 1881.  She never married.  She worked in the home as a cook for the family.  She died 27 May 1956.
4. Claude Hiram VICKERS1.  Claude was born 28 Aug 1883.  His first wife was Sudie BARBEE.  He worked as a farmer on the family dairy farm.  He died 07 Aug 1968.
5. Walter Alvis VICKERS1.   Walter was born 17 Feb 1885.  He never married.  He died 10 May 1908.
6. John Buckston VICKERS.  John was born 28 Jul 18861.  He married Esther SHEPARD1. He worked at Fowler's Feed and Grocery1.  John was strong as an ox and liked to show off by lifting the ends of cars and other heavy objects into the air11.  This is apparently how he died on 01 Apr 19151.  His heart burst while showing off this way11.
7. Bettie Ann VICKERS1.  Bettie was born 12 Jul 18891She never married1.  She chauffeured her sister Sarah to school1.  She also handled the family's real estate1.  Mack Vickers, Jr. reports that she used to collect rent with a pistol strapped on her hip! 11
Lida Mae VICKERS1Lida was born 23 Apr 1891.  She never married.  She worked as a private secretary for W.J. Brogden, Associate Justice of the NC Supreme Court.  She died 13 Nov 1956.
9. Mack Lester VICKERS, Sr.1  Mack was born 07 Sep 1892.  He was married to Alma HERNDON.  He died 07 Jun 1967.  They had one child:

i. Mack Lester VICKERS, Jr.  Mack was born 16 Nov 1939.  He and his wife are owners of Vickers Clothiers in Durham, NC.  Mack married Juanita BRANTLEY.  They have two children:

i. Richard Alan VICKERS.  Richard was born in 1961.  He is married and has two children.11
ii. Aubrey Barrett VICKERS.  Aubrey was born in 1966.

vi. Joseph Hiram VICKERS.  “Hiram” was born about 1853 in Orange County, NC1.  He died on 15 Mar 1924 in NC1.  He was possibly married twice: first to Emma LEATHERS on 17 Jan 1886 and second to Ida Frances SMITH1.  He died 15 Mar 1924 and left no surviving children1.
vii. Narcissa/Cicero "Sis" F. VICKERS.  “Sis” was born about 1855 in Orange County, NC1.  She married Franklin VICKERS, son of Riley and Ann Ellis VICKERS, on 20 Dec 18741.  “Sis” died on 27 Jan 1923 in NC1.  They had one son:

i. Albert VICKERS1.


16.  William Duane VICKERS Sr. was born in 1841/42 in Orange County, NC1.  He fought for the Confederacy in the War Between the States.  He served in the 56th Regiment, Company E and F, of the NC Infantry between 1862 and 186510.  He enlisted on 18 Jul 1862 in the CSA and surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia on 09 Apr 186510.   He died about 1899 in Durham County, NC1.  He was married to Ophelia MASSEY on 28 Nov 1860 in Orange County, NC1.

17.  Ophelia MASSEY1.  William Duane VICKERS Sr. and Ophelia MASSEY had thirteen children:

 8 i. Joseph Hiram VICKERS.
ii. William Duane VICKERS Jr. was born about 1864 in Orange County, NC.  He died on 9 Dec 1941 in NC1.  He was a member of Lakewood Baptist Church1.  He married Ella PROCTOR in about 18901.  He may be the Private William Vickers who enlisted in the 3rd NC Regiment, Company H, to fight in the Spanish-American War15.  He remarried Mollie WOODS about Mar 19011.  They had five sons:

1. Andrew Jackson VICKERS7. He married ________.  They had at least one child:

i. Joel Ellison VICKERS7.  Joel and Elizabeth _____ had four children:

1. Joseph Scott VICKERS7.  Scott is a US Army recruiter in Wilmington, NC.  He lives in Whiteville, NC with his family.
2. Kenneth Wayne VICKERS7.
3. Robert Daniel VICKERS7.
4. Kevin Brett VICKERS7.

2. William Duane (W.D.) VICKERS (III?)1.
3. Clarence VICKERS1.
4. T. Brandon VICKERS1.
5. Otho W. VICKERS1

  iii. Martin VICKERS.  Martin was born ca.1866 in Orange County, NC1.
  iv. Virginia VICKERS. Virginia was born ca.1869 in Orange County, NC1.
  v. T. Alonzo "Lonnie" VICKERS was born 11 Jun 18708 in Orange County, NC1.  He married Fannie J. VICKERS on 04 Nov 18881 in Durham County, NC1.  He died 05 Aug 19078 in Durham, NC1 and is buried in the G.W. Vickers Sr. family cemetery near the corner of Pilot and Weaver Streets in Durham8.  According to Mack L. Vickers Jr., Fannie’s married name was “Fannie Vickers Vickers!”11  Fannie was the daughter of John A. VICKERS and Etta PROCTOR (see above).  Lonnie and Fannie had nine children:

1. Edgar T. VICKERS.  Edgar died 10 Mar 19271.
2. Fletcher M. VICKERS1.
3. Ernest R. VICKERS.
4. Marvin C. VICKERS1.
5. Bessie E. VICKERS1.
6. Lottie M. VICKERS1Lottie married ________ Cardey.
7. Nonnie L. VICKERS1.
8. Lonnie Wesley VICKERS1.
9. Essie VICKERS1.

  vi. Ida Melinda VICKERS was born about 1872 in Orange County, NC1.

Notes for Ida Melinda VICKERS:
My great, great grandmother's name was Ida Melinda Vickers Moring.  My information lists her parents as William D. Vickers and Ophelia Massey Vickers.  Any information pertaining to this family would be appreciated.   -  Kathy Tricarico,

  vii. George VICKERS.  George was born about 1873 in Orange County, NC1.
 viii. Lula VICKERS. Lula was born about 1879 in Orange County, NC1.  She married W.M. FERRELL 19 Jul 1893 in Durham County, NC1.  She died after 1944 in NC1.
ix. James R. VICKERS.  James was born about 1876 in Orange County, NC1.  He died after 1944 in NC1.
x. Minnie VICKERS.  Minnie was born ca.1879 in Orange County, NC1.  She married Edward BLACKWOOD on 29 Dec 1901 in Durham County, NC1.  She died after 1944 in NC1.
xi. Eva VICKERS.  Eva was born ca.1881 in Orange County, NC1.  She married ____ LYNCH1.  She died after 1944 in NC1.
xii. Zachariah B. VICKERS.  Zachariah was born about 18828 in Durham County, NC1.  He died 01 Dec 19548 in NC1.  Zachary and his wife had the following children9:

1. Floyd Grant VICKERS.  Floyd was born in 19198.  He died 5/04/19678.  He had no children9.
2. Lucius VICKERS.  Lucius and _____ had one child:

1.  Victor G. VICKERS had three children:

i. Mark VICKERS9.  Mark has no children.
ii. Sandra Charlene VICKERS9.  Sandra married David Haas. They have three sons.
iii. Ann Thomas (adopted) 9.  Ann married Alan Hahn.  They have one son, Nicholas.

3. Norman Baxter VICKERS.   Norman was born in 19078.  He died 8/09/19578.  He has one daughter, Barbara9.
4. Gladys VICKERS.  Gladys married Norman PROCTOR9.  They have no children.
5. Pauline VICKERS.  Pauline married Cecil WISENBAKER9.  They have one son.
6. Clifton VICKERS.  Clifton was born in 19188.  He died 2/29/19368.   He never married9.

xiii. Nettie VICKERS.  Nettie was born about 1884 in Durham County, NC1. She married Arthur HOLT on 24 Nov 19011.  She died after 1944 in NC1.


8. Joseph Hiram VICKERS was born 16 Jan 18608 in Orange County, NC1. He was a farmer.  He was a Primitive Baptist5.  He was married to Flora S. WHITFIELD on 13 Sep 1884 in Orange County, NC1.  He died on 25 Aug 19448 in Durham, NC.

9. Flora S. WHITFIELD.  Flora was born in 2 Nov 18688 in Orange County, NC1.  She died 21 Jul 19528.  Joseph H. VICKERS and Flora WHITFIELD had ten children:

i. Margaret VICKERS was born in 1885.  She died in 1973. She married A. Moody COOKE and had nine children5:

1. Rosa COOKE.  Rosa married Sam LATTA.  They had no children.
2. Brodie COOKE. Brodie married Nannie WHITE.  They have at least one son, _______ COOKE, who is a preacher.
3. Joseph COOKE.  Joe’s first wife died, he subsequently remarried and had two daughters.
4. Blanche COOKE.  Blanche married B.K. PIERCE.  They live in Harkers Island, NC.  They have at least two children.
5. William Bryant COOKE.  He is married and has some kids.  He made his fortune in real estate.
6. Oneida COOKE.  Oneida married _______ AIKEN.  They have several children.  They live in Creedmoor, NC.  They own a tobacco warehouse.
7. Edythe COOKE.  Edythe married Phil BROGDEN.  They have no children.  Edythe is a nurse in Durham.
8. J.B. COOKE.  J.B. died young.
9. Margaret (Margie) COOKE.

ii. Henry T. ("Bud") VICKERS.  Bud married “a big, beautiful, majestic woman5” named Dicie RIDDLE.  The 1910 US Census of Durham County lists his occupation as “motorman” on “electric cars” 16.  My guess is that this had something to do with trolley cars.  They had three children:

1. Hubert VICKERS.  Hubert was one of the founders of Vickers and Ruth Plumbing & Heating, Inc., of Raleigh, NC6.  He lives in Raleigh.
2. Eleanor VICKERS.
3. Helen VICKERS.

iii. Eulis (Eulie) J. VICKERS was born in 18895.  He worked for the American Tobacco Company (Lucky Strike) in Durham, NC5.  He married Minnie Jacobs*.  They had one son:

1.  Lee Elmas VICKERS5.  Lee was a graduate of Duke University and went to work for CBS radio and TV as a “Presidential announcer” (source: Lewis Vickers).  He lived in Miami, Florida and is now deceased.

iv. Jethro Rannie VICKERS was born in 18918.  He died 7/23/19698.  His first wife was Roxie A. Jacobs16 (*sister of Minnie Jacobs, above5).  She died in 19148.  They had four children:

1. Allie VICKERS5.  Allie was married at least three times and with one of them had nine children:

i. Roxie VICKERS5.
ii. A.C. VICKERS5.
iii. Ray VICKERS.  Ray is about 60 and is a career officer in the US Air Force.  He is married to Evon ____ and lives in Memphis, Tennessee5.
iv. Harold VICKERS5.  Harold was “giant of a man who was rough as a cob.”  His girlfriend left him to return to her parents.  He was shot and killed by his girlfriend’s brother when he traveled to the parents’ house to bring her back “come hell or high water”.  He may be the Roy Harold VICKERS who married Verdie Ethel SUMMEROUR.  His last known employment was as a self-employed electrician.  Verdie was born in 1935 in Dawson County, Georgia.  Roy Harold VICKERS and Verdie Ethel SUMMEROUR had one daughter:

1. Linda Diane VICKERS.  Linda was born in 1962 at Georgia Baptist Hospital, Fulton County, GA.  She is now Linda Diane PACELLI and is employed with the family business, North Cobb Heating and Cooling, of Acworth, GA.
Linda has two daughters:

i. Michele Charlsey MCMANIOUS, born in 1983.
ii. Samantha Aubree-May SMITH, born in 1997.

v. Carroll8 (Carol?) VICKERS.  Carroll was born 18 Aug 19418.  She was a fraternal twin with Harold5.   She died in infancy on 27 Dec 1941 and is buried in the G.W. Vickers Sr. family cemetery on Pilot St. in Durham5.
vi. Arnold VICKERS5.
vii. Donald VICKERS5.
viii. Beverly VICKERS5.

2. Thelma VICKERS5.  Thelma married Clarence CLARK.  He is now deceased.  She remarried Descah HICKS.
3. Cora VICKERS.  Cora married Felix Kemer ELLIOTT5,8.  Felix was born 2 Jul 1904 and died 24 Dec 19728.  They are both deceased and had no children5.
4. Flora VICKERS5,8.  Flora died at age 2 on 6 Oct 1913 and is buried in the G.W. Vickers Sr. family cemetery near the corner of Pilot and Weaver Streets in Durham.8

Jethro remarried Willie WINSTON5.  Willie was born in 1889 and died 17 Dec 19838.  They had two children:

5. Maurice VICKERS6. Maurice married Gladys UNDERWOOD.  After.  He died in 1981.  Maurice and Gladys had three children:

a. Kenneth VICKERS6.  Kenneth was born in 1937.  He married Ruth HUNDLEY.  They had four children:

1. Nancy Karen VICKERS.  Nancy was born in 1960.  She married John MALLORY of Rocky Mount, NC. They have one son, Nicholas. They live in Spartanburg, SC.  Nancy is a textile designer who graduated from NC State University.
2. Christopher Kenneth VICKERS.  Chris was born in 1961.  He married Janet PENDERGRAPH.
3. Mark Bland VICKERS.  Mark was born in 1967.
4. Eric Eugene VICKERS.  Eric was born in 1970.

b. Victor Ronald VICKERS6.  Ronald was born in 1939.  He was married to ____.  They are since divorced.  They had two children:

1. Angela VICKERS. Angela was born about 1961.
2. Todd VICKERS.  Todd married Donna _____.  They have a one-year-old child.

c. Phyllis Marie VICKERS6.  Phyllis was born in 1941.  She married Clyde Reeves.  They live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

After Gladys died, Maurice remarried Lois PIERSON6.  They had two children:

1. Thomas VICKERS6.
2. Curtis VICKERS6.

6. Lewis VICKERS5.   Lewis graduated from UNC in 1941.  He was soon drafted in to the US Army before World War 2 started.  He was stationed in Panama, San Francisco, CA and San Antonio, TX before being sent to Sudbury, Suffolk, England.  There he was lead navigator for a B-24 bomber squadron in the US Army Air Corps, which later became the US Air Force.  He flew 30 missions with the 8th Army Air Corps over France, Belgium and Germany “without a scratch.”  He was awarded the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service.  He became an accountant after the war and worked in New York City for 17 years.  He then worked for the Employment Security Commission and is now retired.  He owns a farm near Chapel Hill, NC.

v. Mattie VICKERS was born in 18938.  She married Felix W. GAINEY5.  They had no children5.  She died in 19878.  Felix was born in 1885 and died 19 Aug 19348.
vi. Roy R. VICKERS was born on 13 Mar 18958Roy worked for an electrical sign company5.  He was electrocuted on the job5 and died on 27 Jun 19168. He is buried in the G.W. Vickers Sr. family cemetery near the corner of Pilot and Weaver Streets in Durham.8
4. vii.        Mack Donald “Macdonald” VICKERS.
viii.  Percy D. VICKERS5.  Percy was born in 1900.  He never married.  He died in 1979.
ix. Mala O. VICKERS5Mala was born in 1903.  Mala married Walter MASSEY.  They had three children. She died in 1995.
x. Joseph Otis VICKERS was born in 1906.  Otis married Lessie Jackson5. They had no children.  He died in 1997; she is also deceased5.  Although their headstones are in the G.W. Vickers family cemetery, they are not buried there5.


4.   Mack Donald “Macdonald” VICKERS was born in 16 Jun 1897 in Durham, Durham County, NC.  He was the owner of M.D. Vickers Plumbing and Heating and was a farmer.  He died of a heart attack on 05 Nov 1970 in Elm City, NC.  He was married to Vessie Marie WELLS. Photo of M. D. Vickers.

5.  Vessie Marie WELLS was born in Nash County, NC in 1913 to John Rufus WELLS and Emma Blanche WINSTEAD17.  She had several brothers and sisters, including Gertie, Ruby, Irene, Mattie, Cleveland and John L. 17. M.D. VICKERS and Marie WELLS had the following children:

i. Marvin Eugene VICKERS. Gene was born in 1933 in Wilson County, NC.  He married Fumiko Izumi.  She was born in 1925 in Osaka, Japan.  They had two children, Ray and Debbie.  He later divorced Fumiko Izumi and married Kiyoko Medoruma.  Kiyoko was born in 1933 in Chatan, Okinawa, Japan.
ii. Franklin Delano VICKERS.   Frank was born in 1937 in Nash County, NC. He married Lurlene PRIDGEN in 1957.  They had two children together, Marty and Sandi.  Lurlene and Frank divorced in 1966.  He then remarried Frances MOSS, who was born in1941 in Rocky Mount, NC.  They lived in Charlotte, NC.  Frank was one of the premier restorers of classic Lincoln and Mercury cars in the U.S. until his sudden death from a heart attack in 1997.
iii. Carolyn Marie VICKERS.  Carolyn was born in 1939 in Nash County, NC.  She married Richard TANK in 1959.  Dick was born in 1931 in Winnebago, Minnesota. They were later divorced.  Dick died in 1998.
iv. Harold Donald VICKERS was born in 1940 in Nash County, NC.  He married Carolyn Sue KELLER in 1965 in Mocksville, Davie County, NC.  Carolyn was born in 1940 in Davie County, NC.
v. Joseph Edward VICKERS.  J.E. was born in 1941 in Nash County, NC. He married Susie WHITLEY in 1980.  Susie was born in 1942.   J.E. and Susie live near Elm City in Nash County, NC.
vi. Cordell VICKERS.  Cordell was born in 1942 in Nash County, NC. He married Brenda Sue HUGHES in 1965. Sue was born in 1946 in Johnson City, Tennessee.
vii. Eleanor Marian VICKERS.  Marian was born in 1943 in Nash County, NC.  She married Terrance Hollis IRISH in 1999.  Terry was born in 1942 in Bath, Maine.
viii. James Buchanan VICKERS.  Jimmy was born in 1945 in Nash County, NC.  He married Patsy Eileen BAKER in 1970 in Rocky Mount, Edgecombe County, NC.  Patsy was born in 1947 in Wilson County, NC, to Moses and Annie BAKER.  They live in Edgecombe County, NC.  Jimmy has been a parcelman for UPS for 30 years, and will retire in Oct 2000.  Patsy is the Director of Technology for Edgecombe County Schools.
ix. John Robert VICKERS was born in 1947 in Nash County, NC.  He married Rita SCHMIDT in 1971 in Ramstein, Germany.  Rita was born in 1948 in Landsberg, Bavaria, Germany.
x. Brenda Kaye VICKERS.  Brenda was born in 1948 in Nash County, NC.  She married Jerry Ernest WILLIS, who was born in 1943. They are since divorced.
xi. Harry Truman VICKERS.  Truman was born in 1950 in Nash County, NC.  He married Sandra Lynn WILKINS in 1981 in Nash County, NC.  Sandi was born in 1954 in Baltimore, MD.
xii. Patricia Ann VICKERS.  Ann was born in 1951 in Edgecombe County, NC. She married James Richard HAMMOCK in 1985.  He was born in 1956 in Roanoke, VA.  They are since divorced.
xiii. Mary Frances VICKERS.  Frances was born in 1953 in Rocky Mount, Nash County, NC. She married Franz William BEYER, Jr. in 1978.  She remarried Matthew Wendell RILEY in 1998.  Matt was born in 1957 in Washington, DC.
xiv. Jerry Wayne VICKERS.  Wayne was born in 1954 in Rocky Mount, Nash County, NC. He married Sherry Ann HOOKS in 1985. She was born in Waynesboro, PA in 1960.


1. Marvin Eugene VICKERS. Gene Vickers and Fumiko Izumi had the following children

i. Debra Kay VICKERS.  Debbie was born in 1956 in Sagamihara, Japan.  She married Neil GOLDBERG.
ii. Raymond Glenn VICKERS.  Ray was born in 1957 in Rome, New York.

2. Joseph Edward VICKERS. J.E. VICKERS and Susie WHITLEY have no children.
3. Eleanor Marian VICKERS.  Marian VICKERS and Terry IRISH have no children.
4. Carolyn VICKERS.  Carolyn VICKERS and Dick TANK had the following children:

i. Michael TANK was born in 1960 in Minnesota.  He married Kristen Kathleen DODD, who was born in 1962 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  They have two children, Madison Jennifer TANK and Mackenzie Kathleen TANK.
ii. Robin Marie TANK.  Robin was born in 1965 in Minnesota.
iii. Tracy Jill TANK.  Tracy was born in 1973 in Minnesota.

5. Franklin Delano VICKERS.  Frank VICKERS had two children by his first marriage to Lurlene PRIDGEN:

i. Martin Wade VICKERS. Marty was born in 1959.   He died in 1992.
ii. Sandra Jean VICKERS.  Sandi was born in 1958 in Rocky Mount, NC.  She married Anthony Lynn LAYTON.  They had one child, Anthony Lynn LAYTON Jr. (deceased).  She remarried Paul SMITH. They had two children, Jennifer Lauren SMITH (“Jennie”) and Jeffrey Adam SMITH (“Buddy”).  She remarried Dale Wade FERGUSON on in 1985.  Dale was born in 1955 in Ironton, Ohio.

Frank VICKERS and Frances MOSS had two children together, both of whom died in infancy.  Without going to the cemetery in Nashville, NC, where they are buried, I cannot list their names.

6. Cordell VICKERS.  Cordell VICKERS and Sue HUGHES have no children.
7. Brenda VICKERS.  Brenda VICKERS and Jerry WILLIS have two children:

i. Mark Anthony WILLIS. Mark was born in 1967.
ii. Hilton Dean WILLIS.  Dean was born in 1971.

8. Harold Donald VICKERS.  Harold VICKERS and Carolyn KELLER have one child:

i. Kelly Susanne VICKERS.  Kelly was born in 1969 in Concord, Cabarrus County, NC.  She married Brian Yates GODFREY in May 1990 in Harrisburg, Cabarrus County, NC.  He was born in 1966 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC. They have two children, Matthew and Alex.

9. James Buchanan VICKERS.  Jimmy VICKERS and Patsy BAKER had the following children:

i. James Brandon VICKERS.  Brandon was born in 1970 in Rocky Mount, Nash County, NC. He married Joanne Marissa BANK in July 1998.  Joanne was born in 1974 in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa, to Abraham Hoffbrand BANK and Berenice Reay BANK.  Brandon and Joanne live in Edgecombe County, NCBrandon is a product designer for Emco Wheaton Retail Corporation, a leading manufacturer of gasoline nozzles and other service station equipment. Joanne is currently on leave from her position as an administrative assistant for Centura Bank’s TechDev Division.  They have one daughter, Chloe.
ii. Amy Marie VICKERS.  Amy was born in 1975 in Rocky Mount, Nash County, NC.

10.  John Robert VICKERS.  Bobby VICKERS and Rita SCHMIDT have the following children:

i. Pamela Denise VICKERS.  Pam was born in 1971 in Landstuhl, Germany.  She and Edward Eugene NOBLES had two children, Jeron O’Neal NOBLES and Vanessa Renee NOBLES.
ii. Jennifer Ann VICKERS.  Jenny was born in 1976 in Clovis, New Mexico.

11. Mary Frances VICKERS.  Frances VICKERS and Bill BEYER had one child:

i. Franz William BEYER III.  Franz was born in 1980 in Raleigh, Wake County, NC.

12. Harry Truman VICKERS.  Truman VICKERS and Sandra Lynn WILKINS  have one child:

i. Tina Renee VICKERS.  Renee was born in 1980 in Edgecombe County, NC. Renee and Louis Burton BOONE, Jr. were married in May 2000.  Louis was born in 1977 in Nash County, NC.

13. Patricia Ann VICKERS.  Ann VICKERS and Rick HAMMOCK had one child:

i. Ashley Blair HAMMOCK.  Ashley was born in 1986.

14. Jerry Wayne VICKERS.  Wayne VICKERS and Sherry HOOKS have the following children.

i. Lindsey Brooke VICKERS. Lindsey was born in 1989 in Whiteville, NC.
ii. Eric Wayne VICKERS.  Eric was born in 1992 in Whiteville, NC.


1. Anthony Lynn LAYTON, Jr.  Anthony was the son of Sandra VICKERS and Anthony LAYTON.  He died in infancy in 1974.
2. Jennifer Lauren (“Jennie”) SMITH.  Jennie is the daughter of  Sandra VICKERS and Paul SMITH.
3. Jeffrey Adam “Buddy” SMITH.  Buddy is the son of Sandra VICKERS and Paul SMITH.
4. Mackenzie Kathleen TANK. Mackenzie is the daughter of Michael TANK and Kristen DODD.
5. Alexander Yates GODFREY. Alex is the son of Kelly VICKERS and Brian GODFREY.
6. Jeron O’Neal NOBLES.  Jeron was born 13 Jan 1995 in Tucson, Arizona to Pamela VICKERS and Edward NOBLES..
7. Madison Jennifer TANK.  Madison was born 12 Aug 1995 in Jacksonville, FL to Michael TANK and Kristen DODD.
8. Matthew Thomas GODFREY. Matthew is the son of Kelly VICKERS and Brian GODFREY.
9. Vanessa Renee NOBLES.  Vanessa is the daughter of Pamela VICKERS and Edward NOBLES.
10. Chloe Anne VICKERS.   Chloe is the daughter of James Brandon VICKERS and Joanne BANK.


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2. Renee Woods Roderiques of Los Banos, California, formerly of Durham, NC (my sixth cousin by Vickers line and half seventh cousin once removed by Rigsbee line). e-mail:
3. Kay Cockrell Kazmir of Austin, Texas (a distant cousin). e-mail:
4. Richard F. Pickett of Abingdon, Virginia (my fifth cousin once removed). e-mail:
5. Lewis Vickers of Chapel Hill, NC (my second cousin).
6. Kenneth and Ruth Vickers of Chapel Hill, NC (Lewis’ nephew). e-mail:
7. Joseph Scott Vickers of Whiteville, NC (a cousin). e-mail:
8. Durham County Cemetery Survey (Online:
9. Victor G. Vickers of Raleigh, NC (a distant cousin).  e-mail:
10. Rosters of NC Troops, Vol. 13, page 646.
11. Mack L. Vickers, Jr. of Durham, NC (a distant cousin). e-mail:
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14. Duke University Archives website (
15. RootsWeb list of NC Spanish-American War veterans:
16. 1910 US Census of Durham County, Patterson Township, NC.
17. Marie Wells Vickers of Elm City, NC (my grandmother)
18. Waneta M. Vickers of Wichita, KS (a distant cousin). e-mail:

        You may also be interested to know that the cemetery data from Durham County, NC is now online at  By my count, there are over 120 Vickers burials listed in Durham.  Our family cemetery is listed there (incorrectly) as the C.W. Vickers family cemetery.  The man they have listed as C.W. is actually George Washington Vickers, Sr.  The cemetery listed as G.W. Vickers is that of Geo. Wash. Vickers, Jr. and his family.  GW Jr's grandson Mack Vickers Jr. owns a mens' clothing store in Durham named Vickers Clothiers. There are many Vickers in the Durham area and one of the streets in part of the "old money" section is named Vickers Avenue (for William Gaston Vickers).

    Sources that are not annotated within this text are to be considered researched by me.  If anyone reading this has any questions or corrections on the sources (you know who you are), they may contact me at the postal address or e-mail address below.  I really believe in giving credit to those who have worked much longer and harder than I have, and have consequently made my research easier.
    Special thanks are also due to Renee Woods Roderiques, Richard F. Pickett, Kay Cockrell Kazmir, and Lewis, Kenneth and Ruth Vickers, and all of my VICKERS family.   I really appreciate your help and patience.
    I hope that everyone enjoys reading the fruits of my labor and that of the other sources named.  If any distant cousins find “missing links” in this document, or want to add to this material, please feel free to contact me.

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Contributed by Lucy Vickers Grisham,


Augusta Co. Virginia and Orange Co. NC- Vickers Family

Note **(This material taken from the Rigsbee Family Information in Durham NC).


John Vickers- b about 1725- in either Pr. William or Augusta Co. Virginia-

He was married to Alse or Alice Riley? b 1730 and died 1780 Orange Co. NC, after 1745 in Virginia – John died before May 1791.


The Riley Family of County Cavin, Ireland of the Clan O’Reilly.

Solomon Riley- b about 1680- immigrant-brother to Miles and Garret Riley who came on the Bonaventure in 1663- Rappahannock and Essex Co. VA- (Ref: Irish Immigrants to VA)

His son Ninien Riley- b Mar 18, 1726- England- of Pr. George Co., Montgomery, MD. He married Elizabeth Taylor, d/o James Taylor, in MD.

Ninien’s children were born in Frederick MD

            a. Garrard- Rev. War Soldier -b May 20, 1766- Frederick, MD- died 1832- Bloomfield IL- married Frances Wright, d/o John Wright and Ann Williams,(d/o Jonas Williams and Honor Morgan).

            b. Eliphaz- b d


**Other immigrants were:

Richard Riley-1649, John Mullins-1652, Thomas Reley/Riley-1654, and Ann Ryley/Riley- 1653.


Other Records:

Rileys and Van Pelts:

John Riley- Rockingham Co. VA- Married Hannah (Ann) Van Pelt on Dec 19, 1853- Winchester, Frederick Co. VA.  




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