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Family of Joseph Vickers- North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia


Joseph N. Vickers, born between 1760-70 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, son of John Vickers and wife Mary, s/o of Ralph.  He is said to have married Mary Hatcher, daughter of William Hatcher and Mary Boykin of Johnston County North Carolina. He settled first in the section of North Carolina that became Darlington, South Carolina and his neighbors were the Sessions, Kirbys and the Nettles family.**The Nettles family descends from Robert Nettles and Mary Vicars, d/o Thomas Vicars, of Gloucester/Rappahannock Co. Va. They intermarried with the Yelvington family.


Ref: South Carolina State Land Grant Vol. 43, p 362, June 15, 1798 and Vol. 50, p 434, Bk ZZZ

Joseph patented 500 acres land in Cheraw’s District, June 7, 1795, and on June 15, 1798, he patented 235 acres in Darlington District between Jeffrey’s Creek and Lake Swamp bounded by Joseph Nettles, south by James Kirby, east by Nettles and west by Jane Vickers. 

**This Jane Vickers is probably the grand-daughter of James Porter b 1722, Ireland, who lived in Rowan Co. NC., Iredell and Rutherford Co. NC.  Sons William and James were in the Rev; War. His daughter Keziah married Joseph Swan and lived Mecklenburg Co., NC, and his daughter Ann married John Swan and lived in York, SC. It is Ann and John’s daughter who married a “Mr. Vickers”, probably of the family of John Vickers and Ann Irwin of Rutherford Co. They lived next to each other in Rowan Co. Porters also married into the Young, Gray and Irvin families and are probably of the Porters who migrated to Florida and married into my Joshua Vickers family.

Marriage records of York Co. John Vickers married to Jane Swann, Feb 4, 1811. York Dist. South Carolina. 

 (Samuel Porter and James Porter Family History).  


He also patented land Cheraw District on Lake Swamp Feb 5, 1798, bounded by lines running NW-NE and NE by Edward Sessions land and Samuel Wadkins.


All this land probably totaled 910 acres which he had surveyed for him Aug 20, 1802, Darlington District bounded by Jane Vickers??, between Jeffrey’s Creek and Lake Swamp. He received this grant Sept 5, 1804. He evidently sold all of this land before moving into Georgia but I have not found records to indicate to whom he sold it. 


He was in 1800 Darlington Co. SC. census records along with his son Joseph, Jr. and his brother Stephen and Stephen, Jr. His brother Stephen acted as agent for their deceased brother, George Vickers’s distribution of estate, of Edgecombe Co.


He had children born in South Carolina as evidenced by land deeds. In Dec 22, 1793, I believe Joseph and Mary had these children, though this is not definitely proven:

1. Joseph Jr. may have been the oldest, migrated to Georgia

2. Thomas probably the one who married Piety Beaty, Laurens Co.GA, Feb 16, 1817. Probably related to Henry Beaty who married into the Lott family and was on the 1801 Petit Jury of Jefferson Co. Their children were:

a. James M. Vickers, b d  married Ann E. Miller Jan 24, 1838, Thomas Co. Georgia

b. Mary Beaty Vickers, b d

Piety married Joel W. Pope on Jun 8, 1848, Barbour Co. Ala. but is listed as a widow in the 1850 census of Montgomery Co. GA, with children:

            c. J.B., age 12 years

            d. J.H., age 16 years

** Joel Pope must have died between 1848 and 1850 and they had no children, so she moved back into Georgia to be with her children. 

Henry Beaty was in Jefferson Co. 1783

James Beaty was in Pulaski Co. 1782

Henry C. Beaty was in Irwin Co. 1880

Henry Beaty was in Jefferson Co. 1801 and Married Martha Ann Lott.


3. James. b 1790-1800, mentioned in records with his brother Joseph, to Georgia, is probably the James Vickers of Laurens Co. who married 1st. Mary Hobson, d/o Wiley Hobson, (named in will)  then  2nd. Elizabeth (Moye? )   **Mary was b 1795, died Oct 1849, age 54. They had two children, Ashley E.,(who married Janette, Twiggs Co. GA., and had two children: Ashley E., Jr. and Mark F. Vickers), they also had a daughter, Eugenia Missouri Vickers.  (Moye Family of Dobbs and Greene Co. NC., also Pitt and Beaufort. They were French Huguenots – descended from John Moye and Dorothy Wheeler.


 **Daugherty Co., GA, Feb 3, 1879.  Ashley E. Vickers, guardian of Mark Vickers of Laurens Co., property in 1st Dist. of originally Early Co., now Daugherty, Lots #107, 108, 110, 130, 131 and 132, known as Ben Hill place, 1,750 acres sold, Janette agreed, Ashley E. Vickers and Mark K. Vickers, her sons. 

Ashley Vickers name changed from Moye- Moz (Moize) to Ashley Vickers. Legitimized on Dec 21, 1833. He is listed in 1840 and 1860 Census in Lee Co. with 26 slaves. 

Col. Ashley Vickers instrumental in engaging teachers for Crosland Academy 1863—He owned large plantation near Montrose.

Ref: History of Twiggs Co. – Faulk and Jones

Roster of men who served at Twiggs Co. Fort War of 1812

Lt. Lovett B. Smith’s Co. Payroll dated Aug 7, 1813. Private James Vickers, Private Young Vickers and Col. Ashley Vickers.  

**Notice: “James Vickers, in right of wife, will sell in Feb 1832, “all the settlement of land on Turkey Creek in Laurens and Wilkinson Cos. Belonging to deceased (Wiley Hobson (Nov 16, 1830).”

Legal Notices from Southern Recorder Milledgeville, GA Wilkinson Co.  James Vickers, administrator in right of wife on estate of Wiley Hobson, “applies for leave to sell 1/3 part of Lot #217 3rd Dist. Marion Co., Lot #107 21st Dist. Harris Co. for support of Angelina Hobson, minor child of Wiley Hobson” notice dated Aug 18, 1835.

(Wiley Hobson was of Orange Co. North Carolina and is probably descended of Thomas Hobson and Hester Basse. of the Basse family in Isle of Wight Co. VA. (History of Nathaniel Basse).


**The will of James Vickers mentions wife Elizabeth with whom I have “lived in love for some several years past”, to my child Eugenia Missouri, my son Ashley E. Vickers and his children” —Ref: Will Bk 1, 1809-1840, Laurens Co. 1850 Mortality Schedule – Laurens Co. 


4. Edwin, who took sick and died in 1818. Pulaski Co. GA taken from Laurens, probably the youngest son who names all of these children in his will. He assigned Joseph Vickers and Nathaniel Mercer as executors of this will, but to Thomas, he assigned his assets to be disbursed as he designated.  


5. Mary, who married Nathaniel Mercer of Darlington Co. South Carolina migrated to Georgia and Nathaniel became Justice of the Peace in Laurens Co.


6. Milly, who married a Gardner or Gardiner.


**The Mercer Family was of Norfolk Co. Virginia and Edgecombe Co. NC. Dobbs Co (taken from Johnston) thru Thomas Mercer and Hester Moore. Nathaniel was son of Jesse Mercer and Millicent Horn of Dobbs, and Jesse Mercer moved to Darlington Co. SC where a Thomas Mercer received land in Cheraws  in 1785 and received pay for service in Militia during Rev. War.  Nathaniel had a brother named Needham and one named Silas who lived in Houston, Ga., and died in Jackson, Fla.   Levi Mercer was part of the family who settled in Wilkes Co. GA. This family was originally from Scotland.  Many of these migrating families are in the Dobbs/Greene Co. NC. early records (taken from Johnston Co.).


Joseph and Stephen both migrated into land ceded by the Creek Indians as the areas opened up. In Wilkes Co. GA. Ceded Land records, began as early as 1773. The Indians were forced to move and land was patented out as fast as possible by lottery in an effort to move people on to the areas vacated by the Indians. Some of those who took advantage of these lands were John Armstrong (of the South Carolina Armstrongs,)  John Autry, of Edgecombe Co. NC, Ethelred Bass, Drury Rogers, Edward Echols, John Grantham, Benjamin Folsom, and Thomas Wooten as well as the various Vickers families.


***Between 1808 and 1815, Wilkinson County shows:  Hatcher Vickers, Hardy Vickers, Joshua Vickers, Abraham Vickers, Stephen Vickers, Joseph Vickers, Thomas Vickers and James Vickers. (I believe that Thomas and James were children of Joseph) 


Deed Bk H, p 137, 1814, mentions Hatcher Vickers of Laurens Co. (Uncle Hatcher)

Book G, p 370, Aug 6, 1811.,  Z. Cowart deeded to Joshua Vickers of Laurens Co.

p 135, Deed dated Sep 8, 1811, Joshua Vickers to Hatcher Vickers, both of Laurens. ***These are my family who both migrated into Florida later.


Wilkinson/Laurens Co. Ga. records 1805-6 show Joseph on the first grand jury of Laurens County.

Land deeds also show his transactions:

  • Joseph Vickers bought land July 24, 1806 from Mr. Samuels in Wilkinson, Co. Lot #17, 2nd District.
  • Nov 2, 1807, Mr. Embry of Oglethorpe sold to Joseph Vickers of Laurens, Lot #35, 2nd  District.
  • Dec 7, 1807, John Burt of Tattnall Co. sold to Joseph Vickers Lot #368 2ndDistrict. ***Joseph deeded this Lot to James Vickers on Sep 16, 1808. (father to son?)
  • Mar 19, 1808, Thomas Parsons of Jefferson Co. deeded to Joseph Vickers of Laurens. Lot #384, 22nd District.
  • Deed Bk A, p 235. Jan 6, 1809. Sion Davis deeded to Joseph Vickers Lot #273, 22nd Dist. bounded by Lots #268,274,298 and 272 on waters of Palmetto Creek. Wit: Stephen Vickers, Wm Hawthorne and Alexander Blackshear. J.P. Recorded June 28, 1810. 
  • Jan 14, 1811. Goodson deeded to Joseph Vickers, Laurens Lot 397. 22nd District
  • Note of interest--On October 26, 1811, Joseph Vickers sold to Hicks apparently all of his land holdings which consisted of: Lot 17 of 22nd Dist, Lot 35 of 22nd Dist, Lot 36, Lot 16, Lot 384, Lot 397, Lot 3, Lot 9, in 22nd Dist, Lot 10 in 22nd Dist. He also applied for passport through Indian Nation to Western Land with son who was married and had children, and he had 12 slaves.


**At this point, no one knows where he went or when he died. It seems, however that nothing else shows up in the Georgia records on him until 1815, and I believe all of the deed records from that time on apply to the sons, Joseph, James and Thomas. .

**There was a notice in the newspaper “Louisianan,” dated May 29, 1819, State of Louisiana, Parish of East Feliciana to the public a deposition before William Kirkland, Justice of the Peace of that Parish of Joseph Vickers, John Dreher and Burel Hall, in regard to a charge of theft of 10 Negroes by Charles Ingram made by Evangelist Edwards. Witnesses of theft being Jack Land and Daniel Morgan. Dated Jan 25, 1819.  Possibly this may have been Joseph Vickers, Sr??  


Note **A Joseph and James Vickers appear in a suit involving 15 slaves belonging to Mr. Elizabeth Vickers, evidently widow of Elias Vickers, Hinds Co. Mississippi in 1841 by Sheriff’s sale against Elias Vickers.  A John Vance paid the sum of $3,050 for them. This Elias Vickers is thought to have been a son of Joseph, but the will of Edwin Vickers does not mention him, nor does he show up anywhere except possibly in Laurens Co. marriage records as having married to Elizabeth Gibbs in 1811- He later marries Eliza Ann Cobb, 1815. One reference has Elias Vickers birthdate as 1775?? But if he was the one in Laurens County who married Elizabeth Gibbs, he would have been 36 years old??? He is found later in the Marion County Mississippi records, which is right in the tip of the boot of Louisiana very near East Feliciana Parish. Among those who were in the 1830 Census of Marion County along with Elias were William, Arthur, Luke, Joshua, Nathan, Robert, Simon, Solomon, William and John Lott, and James McGowan.

**Elias Vickers had a son Redding Vickers, who married to Sarah Norris, d/o Samuel Norris and Ann Poirier of Natchitoches , LA.   It is said they married in Caddo Parish (Shreveport) but Natchitoches, LA  is in Natchitoches Parish, not too far away.


**In an article about formation of The Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1819, in Covington Co. Mississippi, Elias Vickers is listed with wife, Elizabeth Allen and is associated with the families of Esau Bass and wife, Isaac Polk and wife, John Berry and wife, John Bass and wife, Luke Polk and wife, Jacob Willis and wife, Simon Robbins and wife, and John P. Martin.  Church records on Ebenezer Baptist range from 1819 to the 1860s. In researching this information, I found that the Bass/Basse family originated in Isle of Wight Co. Virginia and was married into the Lanier, Bryant and Hobson family. The Polk family was the same ones related to President James Knox Polk who was born in Mecklenburg Co. NC, who married Sarah Childress in Tennessee and she was related to Elijah Vickers’ wife who also was a Childress.


In February of 1833, a deed was made by Elias Vickers and his wife Elizabeth of Hinds Co. MS to John Allen of Covington Co. MS for $1500, for a section of land.  Wit: M.C. Carter, William W. Carter and A.G. Moore, J.P. who proved deed.


Deed Book E, p 75 May of 1815, Stephen Vickers (who?) deeded to Joseph Vickers Lot #239, 22nd District  which consisted of 202 ½ acres in Wilkinson, Laurens Co. Witnessed by Ephraim Phillips and Nathaniel Mercer, J.P. (Was this Stephen of Florida?) ***In October of 1818 Thomas Vickers sold ½ of Lot 239 , 22nd Dist.

**On Jan 18, 1823 Joseph Vickers, Jr? sold the other ½ of the same Lot 239 to Moses Tison/Tyson. 

Question If the Lot #239 was deeded to Joseph, what right did Thomas have to sell a portion?


Deed Book E, p 76 Jan 2, 1815, John Claghorn, Pulaski Co. deeded to Thomas Vickers, Laurens Co. 22nd Dist, 50 acres part of Lot #176 to be laid out in SW corner in square Witnessed by Mary Mercer , and Nathaniel Mercer. J.P. Recorded Mar 8, 1816.


Ref: Superior Court Minute Book B. Laurens Co. Georgia.

** In 1818 Thomas, Stephen and Joseph Vickers were called before the Grand Jury in Laurens for “public affray with a man named Parramore and failure to keep the peace.”  (Probably William H. Parramore who was the head foreman in the trial of Hatcher Vickers for hog stealing??? 1819)

**The Stephen Vickers here may have been son of Joel Vickers or the younger Stephen who is in Florida records???

**I do not think the Joseph in the affray with Parramore was the Joseph Senior, as he would have been an old man at this time.


In the 1819-20 Lottery, Joseph Vickers got 2 draws (as a married man) Laurens Co.  Capt Ross’s Dist.

Stephen Vickers was also in the 1819 Lottery Capt. Jones Dist. 

On Dec 25, 1819 Thomas Vickers sold to J. McDonald 50 acres of Lot #268, Laurens Co.

On Jan 11, 1824 Monroe Co. Georgia Joseph Vickers sold to J. Grant 202 ½ acres of Lot #156, 4th Dist. Monroe Co. GA

Ref: Laurens Co. Georgia Superior Court, Minute Book A, p 210, p 9-118 a suit between Edmund Vickers, plaintiff versus Joseph Vickers, defendant case for use of Thomas Vickers. (I do not know what this is about or who this Edmund was ?)


This information, of course, is based on a good deal of guess work and speculation. I am sure that some of this may not be correct so feel free to make corrections where necessary.


Joseph Vickers may have migrated westward in the hopes of saving his ownership of his slaves but then maybe not. The Civil War was a long way off at that time, but there were some in the Mississippi Territory who had gone there with that intention, such as the Boykins and William Roundtree.  Perhaps he will show up in another state somewhere.


Lucy Vickers Grisham, September 2007,




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