Joshua and Harris Vickers Family

NC to GA to FL to TX

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Lucy Vickers Grisham,

Barbara Boynton, of Tallahassee and Crawfordville, Florida


Joshua Vickers Family /Florida to Texas

Harris Vickers of Sabine County, Texas



References: 1845 Letter from Ezekiel Vickers to Harris

1830 Census of Henry co. Alabama

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Deed Record Irwin co. Ga 1827

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Indian Wars Records of Florida Territory

Family History of Barbara Boynton of Crawfordville, Florida

Family History  of Louise Gear of Ringgold, Louisiana

Family History of Betty Schladensky.

Letters from direct descendants of Georgia and Florida Vickers Families

Census Records of North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida


Joshua Vickers- was born about 1780-1790, probably in Edgecombe Co. North Carolina and died maybe about 1828-9 in Florida.  He is my gggrandfather.   He was married to Martha “Patsy”, possibly Harris, about 1808 or 1809, probably in Washington County, Georgia. Since courthouses were not established in every county at the time, marriage records did not always get registered. But he was part of a group of people who were not afraid to make changes in their lives.  Most of the early history I have on him is

an estimate and has not been proven due to the lack of records available at the time.


Joshua may have been son of Joshua Vickers I of Edgecombe Co., son of John Vickers, and wife Mary who was born about 1750-70 in Edgecombe County- I believe this older Joshua was married to Mildred “Millie” Hatcher- daughter of William Hatcher and wife Mary (Boykin)?  of Johnston Co. N.C.  (**will of William Hatcher.) Of course this has not been proven, but Joshua and Patsy named a daughter Mary Mildred, sister to Harris, and Harris named a daughter Mary Mildred also. (For Millie and her mother Mary?)


The older Joshua was in Washington County, Georgia in 1786, which was one of the first primary counties of Georgia before they were divided up.  He would have been 30-40 years old here. He obtained a land grant of 200 acres in Washington County and another in 1792 for another 200 plus 100 acres. In 1793 he and Drury Vickers are listed as being in Capt. Parrott’s Company Muster roll in Washington County. (Joshua Jr. would not have been old enough at that time??)  This Drury I believe to be the older one because Montgomery County was created that year from Washington County and Drury Vickers was already in Montgomery County by 1804 along with Gideon Yelvington (former husband of Beady Hatcher) on a jury list.  He appears again in the Land Lottery 1805- Montgomery County with Gideon Yelvington and Joel Vickers. Drury may not have been a brother to Joshua I, necessarily; he could have been his cousin.  Families stayed close back then.     



The younger Joshua was in the 1818 Tax Digest of Twiggs County along with Sarah, Wiley, Drew, Young, Jacob, Jesse and William Vickers. He would have been married at this time with at least three children.

**1818 Tax Digest District #23 Twiggs Co. Ga. 101 ½ acres land – Joshua Vickers


**Joshua Vickers Jr. drew land in Irwin Co. Ga. in the 1819-20 land Lottery and sold this  land in 1827 to William Duggar of Thomas co. Ga. Deed recorded in Deed Bk A-1 pp 246-247.

…”Know all men by these presents that I, Joshua Vickers, for and in consideration of the sum of fifty dollars in hand paid lawful money of the United states, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, I have granted, bargained and sold by these presents, do give grant, bargain and sell unto William Duggar ,Jr. of Thomas Co. Georgia, rights, title and interest in and to all that tract or lot of land containing four hundred and ninety acres situated, lying and being in the fourteenth district of Irwin County in the state of Georgia, which said tract or lot of land is known and distinguished in the plan of said district by the number one hundred and forty seven (147), having such shapes, forms and marks as appear by the plat of the same hereto announced, to have and to hold, the said tract or lot of land together with all the singular rights, members and appurtenances thereof, whatsoever,  unto the said William Duggar, Jr., his heirs and assignees, for own proper use, benefit and whom forever in fee simple- tract of land conveyed by George M Troup, then lay in the district and county first mentioned and which now lies in the county  of Thomas in the state aforementioned. Now I, Joshua Vickers, in the county of Leon, in the Territory of Florida, for and in consideration of the premises first mentioned, have given, bargained and sold and by these presents, do give, grant, bargain and sell the same unto the said William Duggar, Jr. and his heirs and assigns forever from each and every claim whatsoever. In writing whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty seventy day of November, one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven. …”

Signed, sealed and delivered in presents of Mr. William Allison McRae, Theophilas Hardie and Benjamin Manning.  Entered this day, October 19, 1829


Malcolm Ferguson CSC                                             Joshua Vickers


Temporary will:

Joshua Vickers made a temporary will in Henry Co. Alabama in 1823 that listed part of his children at that time and this land.  

“ This indenture made this eighth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and twenty three between Joshua Vickers and his three sons, Harris, Ezekiel and Simeon Vickers,

“do for and in consideration of the good will, natural love and affection I bear my three sons, Harris, Simeon and Ezekiel Vickers, I do freely give unto them the following property to wit:

“six head of horses, one hundred and fifty head of cattle and one hundred head of hogs, four feather beds and furniture and the balance of my household and kitchen furniture, one lot of land lying and being in the state of Georgia, and in Irwin County.

 Lot #147 in the 14th District, also one Negro girl named Fanny, about eleven years old which I the said Joshua Vickers have freely given unto my three sons above mentioned, the above named property to be equally divided between them and their assigns free and clear  from the lawful claims of any person or persons.

In Witness whereof, I the said Joshua Vickers have hereunto set my hand and fix the seal the day and year first mentioned above. -  Signed, Sealed and Delivered   Joshua Vickers

This indenture was signed by Drewry Vickers and Lewis Deal, J.P.

Personally appeared before me, Lewis Deal and James Ward, two of the J.P.s for said County of Henry and Drewry Vickers made Oath that he saw Joshua Vickers assign this as his deed of gift and also at the same time he saw Lewis Deal assign as the other subscribing witness.                                     Signed:  Drewry  (X ) Vickers

Sworn to before

Lewis Deal, J.P.

James Ward J.P.


**At the time he made the deed of gift to his sons, Ezekiel would have been about 13 years old, Harris about 10 years old and Simeon about 8 or 9 years old. I am inclined to believe that he made this will as a precaution and a protection for his son’s inheritance.  The part of Alabama he was in at the time was still considered part of Florida Territory and until the boundaries were clearly drawn and established, he moved back and forth in the distance between Leon Co. Fla. and Henry Co. Alabama where a good deal of Indian Wars were stirring. The Seminoles were involved in trying to protect their lands from the Whites that came in to settle and therefore, a lot of dissention arose. Since the Land he drew in Irwin County was directly north of Henry County Alabama, it is understandable that he would make his way by there going southward. Relatives were there already including some of the Boykin family and some of the Bryants as well as other Vickers families.


Joshua was later listed in the 1825 Tax Census of Leon Co. Fla. with male over 21 and 9  males under 21, I female over 21 and three females under 21. 3 slaves.

Drew Vickers – listed with 1 white male over 21, 3 white males 21, I white female over 21, and 3 white females under 21.

Young Vickers- 1 white male over 21, 1 white male under 21- 1 white female over 21, and 1white female under 21-  

Drew Vickers- Single

Hatcher Vickers- Single

Thomas Vickers- Single


1830 Census of Henry County Alabama

Joel Vickers, Jacob Vickers, Stephen Vickers (younger one) Jesse Vickers, Samuel Vickers and Young Vickers.                                 


Old Sparta and Elba Land Office Records & Military Warrants 1822-1860, Alabama p 33

Young Vickers- Henry Co. Ala. June 1, 1836

Jacob Vickers- Henry Co. Ala. October 5, 1836

Joel Vickers- Dale Co. Ala. Dec 14, 1836

Hatcher Vickers- Henry Co. Ala. October 29, 1847

Jesse Vickers- Henry Co. Ala. May 1, 1849

Joel Vickers- November 10 1852


**Known brothers of Joshua- Young, Drury, (or Drew,) Jesse, Hatcher and possibly Wiley of Coffee Co. Ga. and sister Keziah, who had married Jacob Vickers, her cousin.


Other  draws in the Land Lottery records:

Pulaski County Ga.- Bk H p135-Sept.12, 1811-Joshua Vickers to Hatcher Vickers-both of Pulaski- 101 ¼ acres.


Letter sent to me by Barbara Boynton-2003- gives information on voting records of Leon Co.  

In 1826 Joshua Vickers voted at Pinder’s house (a hotel) in Tallahassee.

On May 2nd, 1831- Harris and Ezekiel Vickers vote at George Fisher’s house. This is where Drewery Vickers Ferry was in 1825, and near Joshua’s Leon Co. Land. November 7, 1831, Harris and Ezekiel vote again at George Fisher’s house.

June 7, 1830, house of Peter Ulrick, same place as Geo. Fisher’s later, #141 Ezekiel Vickers.

Nov 5 1832- House of John Kindrick- Harris and Ezekiel voted.

May 6, 1833- House of Geo. Fisher, only Ezekiel voted. Harris does not appear to have voted that election.


Children of Joshua Vickers and Patsy.


1. Ezekiel- born 1810-Washington Co. Ga. and died June 11, 1865- Concord-Gadsden Co. Florida Married February 11, 1834 to Arena Vickers, daughter of Bryant Vickers and wife Frances of Gadsden Co.   **Ezekiel came to Texas with Harris looking for free land which at that time was being given out by the territory of Texas by League and Labor- 640 acres each to an unmarried man. He went back to Fla. and gave Harris power of attorney to collect for him 1/3 league and labor land in his behalf. Record keeping was poor in the local counties at that time, some of them being misplaced or lost, and this was not accomplished until much later on. Ezekiel fought in the Seminole Wars 1837-8 **** Arena made pension application 1895- 


2. Harris C. - born 1812-Ga.-probably Washington Co .Ga.  and died February 26,  1874 Sabine Co. Texas. He married in Florida in 1832 to a girl named Winny Jackson, proven by marriage license and minister’s return sent me by B. Boynton of Tallahassee. We do not know what happened to his first wife. He came to Texas and married Sarah Ann Mason, daughter of James Mason and Elizabeth, of Alabama and South Carolina,  in 1837 as recorded in marriages of Sabine Co. Texas. Harris was in Texas by 1834/5 and is in the first census of Texas 1829-1836, as a single man living alone, a farmer, and was 25 years old at that time.


He received Head-right and Bounty grant of land in Burnet Co. Texas- (Bastrop and later Travis Co.) for 4,605 acres of land certified in 1838- He paid taxes on this land in 1846  $300 and he continued to pay until 1861 when he sold it for $14,000.00. (First Class Land Grant)

**Land sold to J.B. Gaines for $14,000.00-tract of land in Bastrop County but now in Burnet Co. Texas. 26 Labors granted to Harris Vickers by Government of Republic of Texas on 10th day of February 1846 as his head-right. Survey 9, on the East side of Colorado River.

January 6,1861- in presence of Richard W. Cotton, R.S. Blackburn, before me William Gallately- Notary of Sabine County, Texas.  


It appears he never resided on this land, but actually bought 650 acres land to homestead from original grant of James Mason, his father-in-law, at Isla, Texas on the Sabine River which is now across from Louisiana on Toledo Bend State Park. There he raised cotton, corn, sugar cane and sweet potatoes, and this became the original Vickers home-place in Texas. The post office of Isla was located on the Vickers land in a general store operated by James Augustus Vickers who served as postmaster as did his cousin, Clifford M. Vickers. Harris is listed on the 1837 Tax record (original Tax roll, as 1 Poll, 5 cattle, 1 horse and two people- indicating he and Sarah were married at this time. 


3. Simeon- born 1813 and died in Florida after 1866. - He married 5 times-to:

1. Missouri - Died Feb 29, 1844, 2. Nancy Harris - died before 1850   3. Rebecca Gray  4. Frances Gloverby-  Mar 8, 1860 and finally  5. Ruth Jemison or Jameson July 26, 1866.  In the “Ezekiel letter it says that at that time, (1845), Simeon had “nary one” (children) but in 1846 he did:

Children of Simeon Vickers- by Rebecca Gray – 3rd wife-

  1. Susannah- b 1846-
  2. Adelaide-b 1848-

Children by Frances Gloverby- 4th wife

Sarah- b 1849

Martha- 1852-

Joanna- 1856- married J.F. Truluck, orphan who lived and worked for Simeon


4. Mary Mildred- born 1828-and died 1900 Concord, Gadsden Co. Fla. - married to Jordan Vickers- son of Bryant Vickers- Gadsden Co. Fla. In 1845-

5. Martha- born?  - Married to John Haney in Florida and had one daughter, Mary Adeline.

6. Uriah- born 1814? - Married Rachel Gray? –

7. Brice or Brinson- born 1822 married Aquilla Porter 1844-5-

8. Alfred- born 1815- died 1893 Concord, Gadsden co. Fla. Married to Matilda O’Brady sister of Solomon and John O’Brady.

9. Gadsea- probably youngest girl and she was living in the house with Martha in 1845.


At the time that Harris Vickers and his brother Ezekiel came to Texas, the area around Leon and Gadsden County was very poor.  Being young, they may have decided that they could come to Texas and claim head-right and bounty land and sell it to make money to feed their families. I am not sure where Harris met Sarah Ann Mason, unless he followed the Old Spanish Trail, coming into Louisiana from around Selma, Alabama where Sarah was born and following up to Sabine County. There was much talk at that time about Texas trying to free itself from Mexican rule and of course, being such a vast place, many people were drawn to the prospect of free land. Sarah Ann’s first cousin, Sarah Jane, married George Webb Slaughter, who was a courier to Sam Houston, being a circuit-riding preacher; he could carry this off without being suspect. He first settled in the area around Robeline, La. near Natchitoches.


Harris Vickers and Sarah Ann Mason were some of the first settlers of Sabine Co. Texas and resided near Milam, Texas at a place called Isla, near Milam and not far from San Augustine. They lived on or near the “Old Cart Road” or El Camino Real that crossed the Sabine River by ferry and went on to Nacogdoches,  Texas. This road was traveled at the time by the Spanish and French soldiers who went back and forth from there to Natchitoches, Louisiana and Robeline where there was a fort that housed them and many people came up the Red River to trade and barter goods. Cane River ran thru Natchitoches and fed the fertile cotton land there as well as the plantations that sprang up. Harris Vickers family would load up and go on wagons over to Robeline to trade, buy and sell goods to support their families. It is said that my ggrandfather would go with relatives at the age of 13 to help load and unload. He carried a rifle for protection.

It was also called “no man’s land” there because there was very little law, and many outlaws hid out in that territory where they were relatively safe. Travelers went in groups due to that fact because thieves and murderers roamed profusely. There were several tribes of Indians in that area and the Spanish and French soldiers integrated into these tribes and raised families.  Descendants are still there today. 


Children of Harris and Sarah:

  1. Austin Joshua- b Aug 25, 1838- Isla, Tx -   married to Susan Halbert, daughter of Joel Halbert Dec. 1, 1859.  Austin fought in Civil War and died at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, 1864- according to affidavit from Susan. It is said that the family sent a wagon to retrieve the bodies of Austin and Alfred to bring them home for burial in the family cemetery. I believe Austin is in the Mason cemetery at Isla.  She had one child by Austin, named Martha Emma who married to Joseph Neal. Emma is listed in deed 1878 for 195 acres land out of original head-right of Josiah Evans in Van Zandt Co. (recorded at courthouse in Canton, Texas) held in trust by Austin Vickers and then after his death by Harris Vickers. She is listed as grandchild of Josiah Evans. Estate records of relinquishment were recorded at Co.Clk. In 1878.

Susan re-married to James Galreith (Gov) Mason after death of Austin, and had children:

    1. James Galreith, Jr.- Nannie Russell?
    2. Mollie- married J.T. Wright
    3. J.L.- married Kate Alma Gallately
    4. Abbie Ola- married 1. Don C. Gallately and second to R.E. Harris
    5. W.H.- married Fay
    6. Carey- married to Pearl
    7. George J. - married Janie
    8. Norris Austin-


  1. Alfred H.-  born Dec 25, 1841- Isla, Tx. - Died Pine Bluff Arkansas, CSA-1864 married Frances Alford- daughter of Isham Alford. She remarried to John Allen after Alfred’s death. No children-
  2. Mary Mildred-born Aug 13, 1843-Isla, married Richard Bragg. They had two children, Alfred Henry and Susan Miranda who were raised by their grandmother, Sarah after Mary’s death.  Susan married to James H. Honeycutt.
  3. Jefferson Joseph- (J.J.) born Nov 11,1845 and died Feb 28, 1895- married to Sarah Elizabeth Bennett, (Big Ma or Betty) daughter of Charles Milton Bennett and Louisa Brazeale- (Brashall)-descended of Henry Brashall of England, and they both came from Laurens Co. South Carolina. The Bennetts were married to the Oldham family of Virginia. **Jeff Vickers is my ancestor-
  4. Volney H. (Volono)- died young
  5. James Augustus (Gus) -b. Jan 7, 1852 and died Dec. 20, 1910- married Mary Ella (Mollie) Bennett- sister to Betty


      1. Clifford Miranda- Sept. 9, 1879-   never married

      2. James Wallace- June 27, 1881- died October 1, 1883

      3. Stella- March 17, 1883- Married B.F. or Frank Arnold Dec. 17, 1914

      4. Lockie Laura- January 6, 1885- married D.E. or Ed Davidson Dec. 22, 1904

      5. Dollye V. - January 6, 1887- married Clyde S. Nethery Oct. 7, 1906

7.      Vera- April 25, 1890- single in 1922

8.      Clyde Augustus- March 23, 1892- single in 1922

9.      Leo Jefferson- October 19, 1895- died single

10.  Ottis Austin- Feb 25, 1897- single in 1922

11.  Charles Devoe- December 10, 1899- single in 1922

***Information taken from deposition regarding oil and gas lease June 2, 1922.


  1. Sam Houston-b Feb 1, 1854- d. Jan 9, 1948- married 1. Margaret Adams and then 2. Lena Meshell

He is in 1880 Sabine County Census- age 27, with wife Margaret age 28, and daughter Lena, age 3 and Harris age 1.

  1. Abby Jane- b. Mar 13, 1856- married Thomas R. Alford
  2. Flora Ann- b. Feb 5, 1858-. - Married T.S. Brittain (divorced shortly thereafter.)
  3. Sarah Miranda- born 1860 and died as an infant. According to Hollis Vickers she is supposed to be buried in the Old Vickers Cemetery at Isla.
  4. Charles Harris- b Aug. 25, 1864 died Feb 12, 1930. -   Married Caledonia (Kate) Bennett, sister to Betty. He was called Uncle Long Charlie. It was in his old house that the 1845 letter was found in an old trunk. The house had been long abandoned and was about to be torn down. The letter and Tax records of Jeff Vickers were taken to Hollis Vickers, a second cousin to me and he let me copy the letter before he died.


Much of this Vickers family information was provided by Estelle Rice Sherrod, a close cousin.

The Halbert families came out of Essex Co. Va. the Alford and Bragg families came from Oglethorpe and Hancock Ga.


Other children of Joshua and Patsy Vickers


Children of Mary Mildred and Jordan Vickers- (Jordan was the only literate on in the family at that time and it is he that wrote the letter in 1845 for Ezekiel and the rest of the family to Harris. It took a year to reach Harris in Sabine County, because it had to go by horseback and whatever other way it could to get to its destination.  Jordan was born 1817 and died 1890. 

  1. Jordan V- b. Sept. 8, 1852-d. June 19, 1934- married Emma Virginia Laing on March 4 1880 and married 2nd to Idella S. Barber- July 25, 1890. 
  2. Don Pedro Alonzo- married Mary Lou Vickers Jan 18, 1889
  3. Lafayette (Lal) Karallas- b Sept. 13, 1847-(twin) married Mary Ann Strickland
  4. Don Alban- b Sept 13, 1847-(twin) died October 14, 1928.married Florence J. Laing on Feb 8, 1887.
  5. Harriet- born about 1852
  6. Harris- b. 1846- married Amanda M Gray-June 11, 1871.
  7. Mary Ann Delaney- Nov 30, 1854- died June 6, 1916- married Nathaniel Brady on Mar 6, 1881- had son Harris Brady b 1882.
  8. Florence Scott Amedon- b 1858- died 1825- married Georgia A.? June 23, 1891.
  9. Crinbur Pinaglo- b? Married Susannah Vickers (maybe daughter Of Simeon?
  10. Sarah Ann Fezalwilda  (Aunt Wil) - born Aug 13, 1865- married Vernon Gandy Poppell July 1, 1883.
  11. Mary and Jordan are listed in the Agriculture Prod. Records with 60 improved acres and 20 unimproved acres- value $300-

There was supposed to have been one more child named Arringburgh a son- no one could spell his name on his tombstone so they put Orien Vickers? Don’t know if this is true.

**This information was sent to me by our cousin Barbara Boynton of Tallahassee, Florida who is a direct descendant of Bryant Vickers.  She and I corresponded for a long time in our quest to find the connection between these two Vickers families. We have done our best to document all information based on Bible records, census records, wills, land grants, and many family accounts from direct descendants of each of these families.


Children of: Alfred Vickers and Matilda:

  1. Delilah-b June 7, 1835-d-Apri 12, 1926 married William R. Laing
  2. Eveline- b 1840 d 1930- married James Bennett Perkins 1858. James enlisted in Civil War 8-14-1862 and was discharged Mar.  2, 1864- Her pension application said that he surrendered at Lake City 1865- He died Nov 10, 1885. 3.
  3. Martha Ann- b 1841-
  4. Ephraim- b   Dec 15,1838 died Apr 27, 1907- married Angeline Brady Nov 23, 1865- daughter of ___Brady and wife Mary. They had Mollie (Mattie?) and Ira-
  5. Sarah Ann- b 1844
  6. Annabelle b 1846-
  7. John (Joshua)- B 1847- married Virginia (Jennie)?
  8. Alfred, Jr.- b 1849- Married Maliscia Lugenia Finklea (Finkley).

Alfred served under Capt. Isham Johnson of the Fla. Regiment in the Seminole War and was discharged at Quincy, Fla.  in Aug of 1838- The 1870 Census lists his Mother Martha “Patsy” Vickers- age 90 living in his household.  


Children of Brice or Brinson and Aquilla:

  1. Emeline-          
  2. Nancy-
  3. Cynthia-
  4. Alfred-
  5. Mary-
  6. Frances-


On the 1845 Tax Role of Gadsden Co. Florida

In Ezekiel’s letter 1845- mentions “Fanna and Nancy”- Barbara Boynton found out more about these and sent me this information. Possibly Fanna was Fatama or Felima- who married Richard Moore 1842 Leon Co. and Nancy married to George Prince- 1840- According to Barbara, the Moore’s and Princes lived in the area near Ochlockonee River where Hatcher and Young Vickers owned first property in Leon Co. Fatama/Felima may have come back to Florida later on because she remembers going across the river with her grandmother to visit the Moores long ago.


Hatcher Vickers, believed to be a brother to Joshua, was born Aug. 21, 1771 maybe in South Carolina and died sometime after 1845- in Old Magnolia, Florida. He is in the 1825/1830 census of Leon Co. Florida and in the 1820 Census Irwin co. Ga.  The 1845 letter from Ezekiel calls him “Uncle Hatcher”.

It is not known whom he married, but his children were:

  1. Andrew- born 1823- married 1. ? And had 4-5 girls- He married 2. Mary Grantham Jan 1, 1849- and had one son named Andrew. Mary was born 1826 in N. Carolina and died Sept 29, 1897- Andrew died October 7, 1878.
  2. William-  - probably lived in Wakulla Co. near his brother Andrew
  3. Jack-
  4. Susan- married to a Grantham


Andrew lived in Wakulla Ca. Florida-and is in the 1860 Census of Wakulla Co.:

Andrew Vickers- 40- Ga.                                                                    

Susan- 10 Fla.                                    

Timothy-8 Fla.                                     

Mary-  6 Fla.

Sally-   2 Fla

Andrew-1 Fla

Elizabeth Sealy- 16 Fla.

Other children of Andrew:

Lee- b 1864

Louisa- b 1870

Nancy- b?


Others listed in Wakulla Co. for 1860:

Stephen Vickers- 65- N.C.-

Jane- 57- S.C.


Brice Vickers- 35- Ga.                                                

Aquilla              32 N.C

Emeline            14 Fla 

Sinthey 12 Fla                                                                                     

Nancy              12 Fla                                                                         

Alfred               10 Fla                                                                         

Ezekiel             7 Fla                                                                           

Arena               5 Fla                                                                           

Aquilla J.          2 Fla                                                   


1830 Jefferson Co. Fla Census

Drew Vickers- 2 males under 5

1 male 5-10

1 male 20-30

1 female  under 5

2 females 5-10

1 female 10-15

1 female 20-30


*Court Records 1842-Territory Fla.                                                                        

Vickers and William Smith, 15 days in jail for public affray


William Vickers- 30 Ga.                                               .

Amanda E. -     18 Ala.

Jackson -         1 Fla.


Washington Vickers-  35- Farmer- Ga

Malinda-                      35 N.C.

Alman S.Q.                  14 Fla

Mary A.E.                    11 Fla

Robert                          10 Fla

Polly A. H.                   8 Fla.

Alfred                           4 Fla

Sarah                           2/12 Fla.

Information gathered from the Grantham family from Jack Grantham of Dallas, Texas, and Lewis Vickers of Coffee Co. Ga.


Hatcher made deed in April 1814- for land-- ½ of Lot #245-- in the 20th District of Wilkinson, Now Pulaski- Ga.   Deed Bk- H- Page 137- to Humphrey Posey. Signed by Hatcher and witnessed by Elijah Holmes and Benjamin Mitchell. This was land sold him by Brother Joshua in 1811- 101 ¼ acres #245- bought from Green Willis- 1811.


United States Troops St. Johns, Florida- (in 1821 Florida was organized into two territories, Escambia and St. John’s.)

Leon Co.

James L. Vickers, Stephen Vickers, Hatcher Vickers, Hardy Vickers, John Vickers, Patsy Vickers, Briant Vickers and Nathan Vickers. 


Hillsborough Co. Fla. 1850 shows Richard A. Vickers- 6 improved acres land $100

John Vickers- 8 improved acres $300

Mortality Schedule – years ending June 1, 1850- Hillsborough Co.Fla- shows Loney A. Vickers- age 2 female b Fla Burned – died April 1850.

Jefferson Co. Fla. Shows- Stephen Vickers 20 improved acres- $100

Jefferson co. Fla.- shows Jane Mills  - md. Stephen Vickers April 24, 1849.  ??

Santa Rosa Co. Fla. shows- Drew Vickers


1850 Jackson Co. Fla.-   

James Vickers- age 52- Georgia                   

Sarah- age 27- N.C.                                       

Nancy- 9- Fla.                                                 .

James- 7- Fla.                                                 

Burton- 4- Fla.                                                

Ann- 11/12- Fla.                                                                     


Joshua Vickers-

1 male 15-20                           

2 males under 5                                               

1 male 5-10

1 male 10-15

1 female under 5

1 female 40-50-


Andrew Franklin McCrary- 6-3-1838 to 3-28-1916 Jackson Co.Fla.

Widow- Nancy Vickers McCrary- Jackson Co. Fla-  Married  11-11-1858

Application filed 4-5-1916 Graceville, Fla

Enlisted Dead Lakes Fla.

Also Madison, Fla. Discharged Marianna, Fla. Not with Co. Having been detailed about 10 days after enlistment to help buy Cattle and drive them to Eufala, Fla. Serving in that capacity until War ended. 1907- application denied, 1913. Not approved til Dec 1915 due to charge of desertion eventually disproved. 1913


1860 Hillsborough Co. Fla. Census                          

Sarah Vickers-30-Ga.                         

Mary- 12-Fla.                                                 


Jane-6-Fla.                                           .


Columbus- 2/12-Fla.


Hillsborough Co 1870 Census

Samuel Perry-59-S.C.

Margaret- 58-S.C

Julia E- 21- Fla.

John Vickers- 8- S.C


1860 Tampa Fla. Census                  

Elizabeth Vickers-40-Ga.                    






1830- Alachua Co. Fla.

Aaron Vickers

1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40

1 female under 5

1 female 5-10

1 female 10-15

1 female 20-30


“The First Settlers of Texas- Sabine County”, by Gifford White, which contains land grants and Tax rolls, shows –Petition to congress by Citizens of Sabine co. for correcting fraudulent land claims, signed by Harris Vickers.

He received one League and Labor land in 1834.

He paid poll tax on himself and brother Ezekiel in 1839. And he is shown in the 1840 census of Texas.

Harris was a member of Sexton Chapter, Masonic Lodge 251 located at San Augustine, Texas that is recorded at the Masonic Grand Lodge Library and Museum of Texas, in Waco, Texas. His name however is spelled Harrison in this case. It appears that somehow there was an error here, because nowhere else is he listed as being named such. Affidavits in the Sabine county courthouse, name him clearly as Harris or H.C. Vickers, and his original marriage license lists him by that name as well as his father’s will. (Possibly named Harris Charles Vickers). Affadavit given by Mrs. Susan Mason for proof of heirs of Harris Vickers dated 1922.   


Harris purchased land from his father-in-law in 1855 from the original portion of land granted to James Mason. James Mason, his older brother John and younger brother William came to Sabine county from Shelby Co. Alabama about 1829-36 along with their Mother who was Anna Cole of South Carolina. Job Mason, their father, had died about 1828-9 and is buried in Shelby County, Alabama per will.


1866 Sabine tax List shows:

Harris Vickers paid taxes on – 800 acres bought from James Mason

                                                50 acres bought from Harmon Fraser

                                                300 acres bought from A. Waters

5 horses, 45 cattles, 21 sheep- 1 poll tax


1855 Sabine Co. Tax List:

Harris Vickers  640 acres James Mason Head-right- (4428)- at {Patroon)        1 poll

Paid taxes on 4000 acres Travis County, formerly Bastrop Co.  Where he received his head-right.


Harris is listed in the 1850 census of Sabine Co. Texas:

#124    Harris Vickers-38-Ga. Farmer-$2,500

            Sarah-              28 Ala.

            Austin, J.          10 Tx

            Alfred H.          8 Tx

            Mary M-          6 Tx

            Jefferson           5 Tx

            Volney H.         1 Tx


In the 1860 Census he is listed as:

            Harris Vickers- 47- Ga.

            Sarah- 37 Ala.

            Alfred H.          17 Tx

            Mary M. -        16 Tx

            J.J.                   14 Tx

Augustus-         8 Tx

            Houston           5 Tx

            Abby. Jane       4 Tx

            Flora                2 Tx


1880 Census- lists:

Sarah Vickers- 60 Widow-Ala

Charles H.        15 Tx

Alfred Bragg- 12- Grandson- Tx

Susan Bragg-10 Granddau.- Tx


Ezekiel Vickers appointed Harris Vickers as lawful attorney in the settlement of his land claim in Texas. #484-1/3 league of land-1835. Certified.

The State of Florida—Gadsden County…know all men by these presents that I, Ezekiel Vickers of said State and county, have this day constituted and appointed and by this presents do constitute and appoint Harris Vickers of Sabine County and State of Texas, my true and lawful agent and attorney in fact for men and in my name and stead of apply for me and obtain from the commissioners of the General Land Office of the State of Texas, a patent for my head-right certificate of one-third league of land and the land that may be secured by its location of and to do and perform any and all things in my name that may be necessary to the location, surveying and patenting the same. The said Harris Vickers is hereby further fully empowered and authorized to sell, alien and convey the said certificate on the land that may be secured by virtue of its location as my agent and attorney, in the same manner as I could do were I personally present and I, the said Ezekiel Vickers do hereby bind myself to recognize all his, my said agents acts, relative to the location, surveying and obtaining the patent for or selling my said head-right of one-third league of land as valid as though performed by myself personally.   

Witness:                                               Given under my hand and scroll by way of seal        

E.C. Love                                            this 9th day of January, A.D.1852.     

Amos Newton                                      Ezekiel  (X) Vickers – signed by his Mark


State of Florida-

County of Gadsden                             I, E.C. Love, Judge of Probate in and for Gadsden County do hereby certify that the within deed was this day signed and sealed and acknowledged in the presence of E.C. Love and Amos Newton subscribing witness, by Ezekiel Vickers. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of my office this 9th day of Jan. A.D. 1852.


Letter from J.S. Noble to Hon. J.H. Speights- Dec 19, 1838

Huntsville, Texas


Dear Jim-                   

 Enclosed please find the head-right Certificate of Ezekiel Vickers that was issued by the board of L. Commissioners of Sabine County sometime in 1838 but of which there is no complete record in Sabine County. The matter was consequently passed over by the traveling board L. C. without remark. The matter was brought to my notice by Harris Vickers of Sabine County whom you know, and upon examination I found it to be a valid claim against the gov’t of which there is now abundant testimony in Sabine County and undertook for his accommodation to procure relief for him by petitioning the Legislature.  And at that time I expected to visit Austin during the present session but failing to do so I beg leave to place the papers in your hands and ask you to take such course in regard to them as your judgement may dictate.

I enclose the original Certificate issued to Ezekiel Vickers, a Certificate from under the hands of W.B Frazer Esq. Former Co. Clk. & as to the incomplete record & the testimony of Jas. Mason and Wm. Mason (both of whom you know) taken before Judge Oliphant during his official term as to the validity of the claim the testimony of Webb Slaughter, Mr. Crenshaw and numerous others could have been obtained if deemed necessary – I also enclose a general power of atty from Ezekiel Vickers to Harris Vickers. 

I hope it may meet your convenience to place this matter before the Legislature and aid in obtaining the relief for Mr. Vickers to which he evidently entitled.

The absence of the complete record in the office of the County Clk is accounted for this way. Mr. Harris, who was clerk at the time of the issuance of the above Certificate kept the records of the acts of the B.L.C. at that time upon loose sheets of paper for want of a bound book (as I have been informed).

After his death the Co. Com. Court finding the records of the County as well as those of the B.L.C. in a confused condition they employed our old friend Charley Williamson to collect such of the scattered records as he could find and transcribe them which he accordingly did and they now appear there in his hand writing--- It is presumable that the record of the issuance of the Vickers head-right was lost in this way.

By examining the Certificate you will readily recognize the signatures Wm. Harris, John Boyd and John McRae, all of which I presume you are acquainted with.

If you should fail to procure a relief bill, please preserve the papers and return them to me.

                        Hoping you health and prosperity

                                    I have the honor to remain

                                    your friend and obt. Servant

                                                J.S. Noble

                                                Of Kemp Kaufman Co. Texas



In 1840, a formal letter was written stating that the record on this claim was incomplete or could not be found, indicating the poor condition of record keeping as most of the claims were written by hand on loose paper with no formal style of filing.  


State of Texas- County of Sabine—I, C.K. Blanchard, Clerk of County Court in and for said County, do hereby certify that I have examined the record in my office and am unable to find in the book purporting to be the records of Land Certificates of the first class, whereby the board of Land Commissioners, the entry of certificate granted to Ezekiel Vickers, excepting the name of Grantee, Ezekiel Vickers,  #484 in the index of said book of records of Land Certificates of 1838. And I further certify this the following is the closing remarks in certificates of the traveling board of Land commissioners in and for Sabine County, Texas (Vis)-

The foregoing claims (there being four entries and parts of entries erased) on this and eight preceding pages were examined by the board and recommended to the Commissioners of the General Land Office for Patents. The Commissioners found the record of the first class board detached sheets in consequence of which the numbers appear irregular and the dates have been rarely found. Some of the numbers did not appear upon the records, which induced us to believe part of the records is lost. One Certificate issued to _____F. Pace, administrator for William Pace, #308 for one league and labor, which was produced to the Board, did not appear upon the record though it is believed to be a genuine claim and recommended for patent July 7, 1840.

Signed                                                             Signed:

Sam S. McMahan                                            H.W. Augustine

M. Parker                                                        E.B. Noble

Isaac Lowe

Attest- Walter Hinckley C.C.C.         

To all of which I here to sign my name and affix my seal of office this 22nd day of October, A.D. 1855- C.K. Blanchard, Clerk County Court S.C.


State of Texas

County of Sabine        I, William B. Frazier, Clerk of the County Court, in aforesaid Co, do hereby certify that there is an incomplete record of the issuance of the head-right

Certificate of Ezekiel Vickers for one third of a league of land by the Board of Land Commissioners for Sabine county of which said certificate if numbered ___dated ___.

In this that the names of the witnesses by whom said Vickers proved his citizenship do not appear of record, also the date of the issuance and the quantity of land to which he is entitled- the only entry made in said book is Ezekiel Vickers #484, which is in an incomplete index which is part of said book. 

In testimony whereof  I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of my office on this 20th day of December S.D. 1850.            William Frazier-Clerk County Court Sabine


Affidavit of James Mason as to Ezekiel’s citizenship :

State of Texas

Sabine County                         I, James Mason, citizen of the County of Sabine in the State of Texas do hereby swear that I know Ezekiel Vickers. He arrived in the county sometime in the year A.D. 1835. And he was a resident citizen of Sabine County in the Republic of Texas in March A.D,. 1836- and remained there some years afterward until sometime in A.D. 1837- He was a single man and he performed all the duties required of him by law as a citizen of the Republic of Texas whilst he resided here, he did not aid or assist the enemy of the Republic and he did not abandon the country to avoid the participation in the struggle for independence.

Before me this 22nd day of October A.D. 1855- James Mason

I further certify that James mason is a creditable citizen- to all of which I hereto sign my name and affix my seal of office this 22nd day of October A.D. 1855 

C.K. Blanchard Clk. County Court Sabine County

**Note**Further affidavit was made by William Mason, brother to James stating basically the same thing on the 29th of October.  J.S. Noble of Kaufman Co wrote a letter to J.H. Speights concerning the head-right of Ezekiel Vickers, which included the testimony of various witnesses and the general power of attorney of Harris Vickers in the hopes of proving the claim.  Later Harris made bond to one James Ferguson for $1000 for the sale of the land in 1846- If such claim could be validated and a true location and survey made in Sept and December 1846- but if the land was never located or validated, he could not have made a legal sale of such. Apparently Ezekiel never received any compensation for his service to the Republic of Texas or if he did, I do not have record. 


Children of Ezekiel and Arena- all born in Florida----

  1. John – b 1836- Fla. Married Savannah (Senie) Gray
  2. Patrick-b-1838- Fla.- married?
  3. Andrew J.-b Dec. 7,1841 died Nov 26, 1897- married Hattie? B. 1859-1936- Hattie remarried to A.F.Hand on Aug 30, 1899 after death of Andrew and is buried at Sunnyvale Cem. Gretna, Fla.
  4. Sarah Ann Elizabeth-b. July 27, 1843- Fla.- died Dec 13, 1922- Married Paul Weakley.
  5. Leatha Missouri-- b. 1845-
  6. Martha   -b 1846-
  7. Dora Ann—b 1848- married A.J. Johnson (Andrew)- Jan 21, 1869
  8. Finetta Virginia- (Nettie)- b July 27, 1847-died Nov. 12,1924 buried in the Vickers Cem.  Gadsden Co. Fla.  Never married
  9. Narcissus- (Sis)- b. May 8 1857- died July 25, 1925- is buried Vickers Cem. Gadsden Co. Never married
  10. Arena V.-b 1852- -
  11. Charles H. b Aug. 4, 1855- died Aug 2, 1932- married to Sallie Johnson b 9/19/1860 d. 10/27.1945

 Patrick served as Pvt. Co. D 2nd Fla. Cav. CSA.

John served Pvt. Co D 2nd Fla, Cav.  CSA Lesley’s Co. 1856

Andrew J. served Pvt. Co. F. 1st Reserve Fla. Inf. CSA

**This information collected and sent to me by Barbara Boynton of Tallahassee Fla. From Bible records, census records and word of mouth history.  I have Photostat copy of Arena’s widow’s Application for Pension in the Indian Wars.


Martha Vickers-and John Haney ----I have no more on her family except for the Gadsden Co. Voters list if the first Statewide Election on May 26, 1845- when Florida was officially made a state. It lists the names of William Haney and Owen Haney as voters.


Uriah Vickers- and Rachel  (Gray)-

Children- Margaret- 1839

Mary Ann- b. between 1845 and 1850

Elizabeth b- 1845/6

Polly Jane- b 1848

Finetta- b 1851-

Jason W. b 1859-60

1850 Census shows living in household with Uriah and Rachel- Nancy Vickers- age 33, son Morgan age 3, and son John age 1. Uriah went to Alabama and is listed in the 1860 Census there.  I have Photostat copy of Uriah’s Declaration of Surviving Officer & Soldier- dated 1855 for anyone who is directly connected with this family.

Uriah must have died by or before 1870- as the 1870 Census of Decatur Co. Ga.  West side of Flint River- House #42- lists

Rachel Vickers age 53- widow

Margaret- 31- Fla

Polly Jane- 22, Fla

Finetta- 19, Fla

Jason- 15, Fla


Nathan Lovett- age 33- Fla- husband of Elizabeth

Elizabeth- age 23- Fla

Ida- 2 mos. Fla

Henry co. Ala- Dec 1858- note to W. Wood due on cotton crop and corn to be delivered in Woodville, Ala. By Dec 1858- by Uriah Vickers.

Note by Uriah Vickers to Wm. Wood 5-12-1858- for $112- 140 acres Sect 26, T3R28 Henry co. Ala.

Jason Vickers b 1859-60- died 1920- near Gordon Ala. His home place was within ¼ mile of the Pleasant Hill Cem. And at one time he owned a large amount of property in that vicinity. Jason married 2 times to sisters named Cloud.

  1. Don’t know first wife’s name-

Children:  Mollie- married a Gilbert – lived in Howey-in-Hills, Fla.

Casz- b- Nov 11, 1877-d Mar 7, 1962- Brinson Ga.- married to 1. Lizzie 2.   Jennie 3. Luzetta?

Victoria- married a McNeal

By 2nd wife, Eliza Cloud-


                  Andrew- b Mar 22, 1892- died Oct. 18, 1975


                  And a girl who died early

They are buried at a cemetery near Gordon Alabama, Houston, Co.

Information sent me from Barbara Boynton from a Mrs. McNeal- descendant.


My great grandfather was Jefferson Joseph Vickers- (J.J. or Jeff-   born Nov 11, 1845 at Isla, Tx. – He was County Commissioner 1889 –90 and 1893-96.   He is buried in the old Vickers Cemetery at Milam, now located in a spot preserved by Ross Vickers in the woods. The headstones are still there for some of those buried here, but many of them have disappeared and no one is quite sure who was buried there.


He and Betty Bennett had these children:

  1. Volney Harris- b. Aug. 26, 1870 Isla- died Jan 2, 1916- Hornbeck, La.- Was Postmaster at Hemphill, Tx.   Married 1. Blanche Williams and had three daughters, Marguerite who married Verdie Pittman and lived in Palestine, Tx. for a long time. Bonnie, who married an Ener and lived at Jasper, Tx and Sue, who married to Jack Greer.  He married 2nd to Mattie Tabitha Cole Coleson- about 1909- She had been divorced from her first husband and had two children, Walter Burton and Bessie Mae Coleson. They had three sons together, Volney Jefferson, (my father), William Claude and Vincent Harold.  Volney Harris died at age 45 years from pneumonia.  
  2. Charles Augustus- b. May 5, 1872- died Dec. 31, 1941- he never married
  3. Abney Fletcher- b. Mar. 17, 1874- died Feb 17, 1946- “Uncle Ab” married May Harrell. They had Rodney and Purl-
  4. Vance Evans- b. May 16, 1878- died May 17, 1945 – married Feb 12, 1899 to Jo Ann Reeves. Children were Lillian, Belva, Callie, Alif, Paul, Ross Evans, Mary Lou, Elaine and Vance, Jr. 
  5. Burnis Jefferson- b Dec. 21, 1880- died 1975- at Hemphill, Tx- married Mattie Lou Honeycutt.   Had* Hollis Jefferson, Katie Laura and Zola Pearl.
  6. Jennie J. - b. June 30, 1882- died Feb 1902- married George Washington Alford, son of B.T. Alford. George remarried to Clara Chambers after death of Jennie.
  7. Mary Louisa- (Aunt Lou) b. May 7, 1886- married to 1. Dick McGown 2.  J.P. Harvey – Had adopted son Jack Swanner
  8. Anna Pearl- b. May 4, 1888.- died Dec. 29, 1984- in San Augustine, Tx.

Married to William Glaze Smith. She was a schoolteacher in 1911. They had Hugh D., Bettie Belle- and Mary Love.

  1. Tom Bennett- b. Aug 8, 1890- died 1954- married to Iva Alford.  They had Pauline, Johnny Bell, Frances, Elwyn, and Charles Nay.  


My father was Volney Jefferson Vickers born October 31, 1910 in Hemphill, Texas and died January 29, 1910 at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston- He married to Eunice Maurice Rains, daughter of Dueroy and Katie Irene Rains of Pleasant Hill, La. on September 20, 1933.  He was born first son of Volney Harris Vickers and Mattie Tabitha Cole, daughter of James Monroe Cole and Ailsey West. .

William Claude born 1912- 2nd son of Volney Harris. Married to 1. Faye Atkins and 2. Elizabeth Lewing. He had Barbara Faye, Penny Claudette, Charles Harold and Betty Lou. He lived at Pineland, Texas and is now deceased.  

Vincent Harold, the 3rd son, died at age 15-16 of an ear infection.


COPY OF HANDWRITTEN LETTER FROM EZEKIEL VICKERS TO HIS BROTHER HARRIS VICKERS, PENNED BY JORDAN VICKERS IN THE YEAR 1845 FROM GADSDEN COUNTY FLORIDA ---written on a large piece of paper and folded into envelope size and sealed with a wax seal.


Addressed to:  Mr. Harris Vickers, Republican of Texas Sabine County Milam Post Office   


October 8th 1845


State of Florida Gadsden County

Dear Brother,

I embrace the opertunity of wrighting you a few lines to inform you that myself and family is all in good helth hopeing these few lines may find you all the same all of the relations is well So fair as I no there is nothing new with us more than there is a grate talk of the ware in your country   times is hard with us, money scarse and produce low  cropes in our settlement is tolable fair oweing to the sevear drought we had and some of the seround country has not made bread scarsely. I believe I the riter  have nothing more than family affairs at present to relate   there has bin no deathes  in the relations since I rote last Nov but little sevear sickness thank God  for his kind mercies   ondely Simeon wif  he have this misfortune  to loose his wif  She departed this life the last day of February  last.   I don’t now that I have rote since he was married, if not, he had a widow by the name of Nancy Haris.  Mother is in as good or greter health than she has bin for several years  Martha is married  She had a man by the name of John Haney.  They was married 22 of last Oct.  they have a fin daughter they call Mary Adeline. Bryca is married he had a girl by the name of Equilea Porter  they married in April last I the riter must inform you that I had your sister Mary  we was married 5 of Janua last. Gadsea is yet single and her and mother lives to themselves. Sarah is married  She had a man by the name of Walter Walsh. She has a son and calls him Brant- Uriaher has two children  Mary ann and Margaret.  Alford has six,  Delilea, Eveline, Martha Ann, Sarah Ann, Eason, Annabela- I have five, Patrick,John, Andrew, Sarah Ann Elizabeth and Leafea Missouria.  Simeon had naming one(?)  me and Bryca is living on the land that we got from Howard and Mother and Alford is on the place she got for temp (?) and Uriaher and S imeon  on Publick land.  Uncle Hatcher three sons and Susan is down about Old Magnolia yet doing as usual. I fear Uncle Drew’s widow  and her man lives at a plase 3 miles below Magnolia cald New Port  Fatama and Nancy is married   Nancy and her husban lives in New Port and Fatama and her man is gon to Alabama   Fanna is just nocking about amoung the rest. Vinson and Jackson kild a man last Dec and has bin in prisen ever since till about a month ago they got out.

The relations in Alabama was all well and doin well the last heard from them I expect you have heard that Uncle Young had the misfortune to lose bouth of his children. I have nothing  more at present  so I must close  by ascribing  myself your most affectionate brother on till death.                                                 Ezekiel Vickers to Harris Vickers

Rote by your most affectionate

and well wisher  on til death

Jourdan Vickers


But it is badly done but mabe you

can make it out.


P.S. I rec’d your kind letter dated March 5, ‘43 after being a little over a year on the way with great plasure I want you to rite me all that you can about my land and what the chance is of saving it  is or no  I want you to rite without dela and let me no what the times is in your country   direct to China Hill  Gadsden County  I remain your on til death.

                                                                                     Ezekiel Vickers


** Vinson Vickers married to Rachel Holly- Gadsden Co. Fla. December 25, 1850.


For the most part, the older Vickers members of my family were not interested in their heritage when I began this search. Thank goodness for those who were, and who shared what they had found on the family with me. Thank goodness for Barbara Boynton who did much research from her end of the country and sent it to me- I am still putting it together and I have many old documents from Vickers families of almost all the branches of the family. If anyone would like to have them, I will be willing to send them to you. I am running out of room to store them.   Let me know.


Lucy Vickers Grisham





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