The Vickers of Maryland
(with Massachusetts roots)

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From Joseph Price:

Kelly, do you have any information on Ann VICKERS born about 1768 in Dorchester Co., MD? She died before 1836. I would like to find the names, etc of her parents.

Do you have any information on the VICKERS listed in the following two family group sheets? If so, I would be delighted to receive it. Please feel free to add them to your web data.

Joe Price, Prof. Emeritus of Physics
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HUSBAND: Thomas Vickers
Born: circa 1666
Died: circa 1727 Prob: 13 Jan 1727/8 Dorchester Co., MD [1]


Name: Thomas Vickers [2]
Born: circa 1700
Marr: circa 1724 To: Ann ( Vickers ) [3]
Died: before 1763 Talbot Co., MD


[1] Will dated 10 Nov. 1725-6. Jane Cotton & Roberta Henry, The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Genealogical, Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1968, Original Pub., date 1920,       975.2,S2c,1968, in custody of Family History Center, SaltLakeCity, UT.
[2] PREROGATIVR COURT (Accounts) 50, pp. 191-192 estate of Edwd. Vickars, 6 December  1763
[3] Ann married Peter Garon.


VICARS, in Cornish British Vicar, a sovereign lord. Vicar the incumbent of a benefice; one who performs the functions of another. Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 by Frank R. Holmes.

HUSBAND: William Vickers
Born: circa 1691
Marr: circa 1716
Died: circa 1750
Other w: 1725: Ann (Vickers)

WIFE: Elinor Hebb [1]
Born: circa 1695
Died: before 1724
Other h: 1710: John Keld

REFERENCES: [1] Jeanne Church, Zephyr Cove, NV 89448.


One Vickers Branch from Maryland to Kentucky

My ancestor, Moses VICKERS, was born in Queen Anne's County, MD in 176?, married Mary CARSON, and died in Campbell County, KY in 1819.

Their son Eli VICKERS was born KY in 1799, married Elizabeth THOMPSON, and died in Kenton County, KY in 187?.

Their son William T. VICKERS was born in KY ca. 1823, married Mary Catherine KROUT, and died in Covington KY in 1883.

If you are related to this branch of the VICKERS family I would love to hear from you.

Neil Anthony


From Vernon Easley:

3. REF: Joshua Vickers (File 13) As I mentioned earlier, I started sorting my material for the lines of George Vickers of Hull, MA and later MD., and Ralph of Isle of Wight, VA. Please pass the following to David Millican as his email was not in the file.

David Millican wrote in part: "Another potential clue is the fact that one of Benjamin's children was named Lydia, a not common name. If we go back to the Md. Vickers, we find a George Vickers b. 1713, whose wife was Lydia Tower, they had a son Benjamin b. 1742, who married Rachel Roberts. However, there is no record of a Benjamin or a Harrison born to this couple, just an Ann who m. Thomas Beck. . I'll send you all the group sheets that I have on my side of the Vickers'. At least it'll add to your library."

I just put this tree together, it didn't copy over well, but yes, Benjamin, son of George Vickers and Lydia Tower DID have a son named Benjamin (no Harrison though that I could find)...I found this in the book: "Old Kent: THE EASTERN SHORE OF MARYLAND;" with an introduction, by George A. Hanson, M.A.; Regional Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1967. Pages 334-337. The book is located in the Atlanta Public Library, fourth floor, genealogical research room.

Descendants of George Vickers

1 George Vickers 1713 -
.. +Lydia Tower 1713 -
..2 Jesse Vickers 1737 -
....+Jennie Clothier
....3 Benjamin Vickers
....3 Celia Vickers
....3 Milly Vickers
....3 Sarah Vickers
..2 Abner Vickers 1740 -
....3 Asa Vickers
....3 Rosa Vickers
..2 Benjamin Vickers 1741/42 -
....+Rachel Roberts
....3 David Vickers 1765 -
....3 Ann Vickers 1767 - 1839
......+Samuel Beck
....3 Elizabeth Vickers 1771 - 1832
....3 Joel Vickers 1774 - 1860
......+Ada Beck
......4 Geraldine Vickers
........+Charles Jessup
......4 George R. Vickers
........+Elizabeth Williamson Wilmer
........5 Joel Vickers
........5 Ada Vickers
........5 George Vickers
........5 Samuel Roberts Vickers
........5 William H. Collins Vickers
......4 Benjamin Albert Vickers
........+Mary I. Foreman
........5 Benjamin Albert Vickers
........5 Annie Vickers
........5 Robert J. Walker Vickers
........5 Geraldine Sarah Vickers
........5 Mary Vickers
........5 Frances Vickers
........5 Charles Jessup Vickers
........5 Geraldine Vickers
....3 Samuel Vickers 1776 - 1802
....3 Benjamin Vickers 1778 -
....3 William Vickers 1783 - 1865
....3 Sophia Vickers 1786 -
....3 John R. Vickers 1787 - 1811
....3 Mary Vickers 1781 -
......+William Voss
......4 Elizabeth Rachael Voss
......4 Hester Ann Voss - 1840
........+George Barton
........5 George I. Barton
......4 Mary Jane Voss - 1852
........+James W. Phillips
........5 Wealthy Anne Phillips
........5 Hester Ann Phillips
........5 Geraldine Phillips
........5 Mary Jane Phillips
........5 John W. Phillips
......4 Sophia V. Voss - 1832
..2 William Vickers 1745/46 -
....+Margaret Bordley
....3 James Vickers 1776 - 1818
......+Ann Davis - 1827
......4 William Vickers
......4 George Vickers 1801 -
........+Mary Mansfield
........5 George Jefferson Vickers 1826 - 1864
........5 James Mansfield Vickers
........5 William Albert Vickers 1831 - 1832
........5 William Albert Vickers 1834 - 1874
..........+Mary Emma Boon
..........6 George Smith Vickers
..........6 Percy Bates Vickers
..........6 James Boon Vickers
........5 Benjamin Clothier Vickers 1836 - 1862
........5 Annette Tower Vickers 1839 - 1842
........5 Harrison Wilson Vickers 1841 - 1842
........5 Annette Tower Vickers
..........+John Henry White
..........6 George Vickers White
..........6 John Cleveland White
..........6 Mary Clara White
........5 Harrison Wilson Vickers
..........+Jennie Yates Barber Shemwell
..........6 Mary Barber Vickers
..........6 Jennie Vickers Vickers
........5 Polly Vickers 1848 - 1848
........5 Mary Clara Vickers
..........+Jefferson Rives 1847 - 1874
....3 Mary Vickers
......+Richard Ayres
......4 Elizabeth Ayres
....3 Jesse Vickers
......+Mary Redgrave
......4 Jesse Vickers
..2 George Vickers 1747 -
....+Margaret Price
....3 George Vickers
....3 Abraham Vickers
....3 Sarah Vickers
......+Thomas Bishop
......4 Thomas V. Bishop
......4 Charles Bishop
....3 Margaret Vickers
......+John Hurtt
......4 Margaret Hurtt
....3 Rebecca Vickers
....3 Thomas Vickers
......+Maria Edes
........4 John R. Vickers
........4 Margaret Vickers
........4 Mary Francis Vickers
........4 Annie Vickers
........4 Thomas Vickers
....3 Samuel Vickers
......+Miss Hardcastle
......4 John Thomas Vickers
......*2nd Wife of Samuel Vickers:
......+Miss Roberts
....3 Martha Vickers
......+Darius Dunn
....3 Elizabeth Vickers
......+Jeremiah Glenn
......*2nd Husband of Elizabeth Vickers:
......+Christopher Goodhand
..2 Lydia Vickers 1749 -
....+Jacob Shaffer
....3 Barbara Shaffer
....3 Elizabeth Shaffer
..2 James Vickers 1752 -
....+Avis Rollison
....3 Ella Vickers
....3 Elizabeth Vickers
......+John Atkisson


Vernon Easley
PSC 79 Box 27015
APO AP 96364


Contributed by M. Coppley Vickers: The Sun Paper, Maryland Heraldry, Baltimore, MD “The Vickers Family Colonists to Massachusetts before 1637 and to Maryland about 1730” by Emily Emerson Lantz.

“The Vickers name is associated with the Colonial days of the province of Maryland, and since 1730 has been identified with the Eastern shore, but several generations of Vickers had lived in Massachusetts previous to the settlement in Maryland, about 1730, of George Vickers and his wife, Lydia Tower Vickers”

“James Savage, in his genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England, . . . speaks of EDWARD VICKERS, who was in New Haven in 1670, and who died in 1684. EDWARD and his wife HANNAH had four sons:


1. George Vickers (1st), of Hull, Mass.
Isaac Vickers, of Hull, Mass. (Freeman in 1680)
Israel Vickers, of Hull, Mass. (Freeman in 1675)
Jonathan Vickers, of Hull, Mass. (Freeman in 1678)

The names of all occur in the historical records of the State and in relation to military duty or local affairs.

II. GEORGE VICKERS (1st) of Hull, married Rebecca Phippeny, daughter of David Phippeny. In a deed dated April 20, 1679, George Vickers mentions his sons. His will was probated July 29, 1679, and his son, Jonathan Vickers, is named as executor. The children of George and Rebecca Vickers were:

1. George Vickers (2nd), of Hull, Mass. m. Lucy
Isaac Vickers, m. 1st: Elizabeth Cromwell Price (widow of Richard Price), 2nd: Lydia Jones
3. Jonathan Vickers, m. Suzannah, who was his executor, October 21, 1745.

III. GEORGE VICKERS (2nd), married LUCY and had the following children:

1. Silvanus Vickers, b. June 13, 1683, m. 1st: Mary Styles on Mar. 22, 1705 in Boston, 2nd: Anne     Newell on Dec. 11, 1718, and died soon after.
2. Hannah Vickers, b. Sept. 9, 1685, m. John Lobdell on May 23, 1704
3. George Vickers (3rd), b. Aug. 14, 1688
Elizabeth Vickers, b. March 7, 1693, m. Elijah Gerrish on Sept. 9, 1720
5. Lucy Vickers, b. Oct. 20, 1695, and died
6. Israel Vickers, b. Nov. 30, 1698, d. Jan. 28, 1699
Israel Vickers, b. Dec. 17, 1699, m. Judith Hersey on May 13, 1708

IV. GEORGE VICKERS (3rd), married ELIZABETH BINNEY on Dec. 11, 1710 and had the following children:

1. Mercy Vickers, b. Sept 14, 1711
2. George Vickers (4th), b. Nov. 12, 1713, married Lydia Tower
3. Sylvanus Vickers, b. April 10, 1736, d. April 21, 1736

V. GEORGE VICKERS (4th), married in 1730, LYDIA TOWER, b. May 1, 1713, and had the following children:

1. Jesse Vickers, b. Oct. 16, 1737, m. Jennie Clothier
2. Abner Vickers, b. Nov. 6, 1740
3. Benjamin Vickers, b. Jan. 26, 1742, m. Rachel Roberts
4. William V. Vickers, b. Jan. 8, 1746
5. George Vickers, b. Nov. 6, 1747, m. Margaret Price of Cecil Co., MD
6. Lydia Vickers, b. May 30, 1748, m. Jacob Shaffer
James Vickers, b. July 22, 1752, m. Avis Rollinson

VI. WILLIAM V. VICKERS, b. Jan. 8, 1746, m. MARGARET BORDLEY, b. Feb., 1739 and had the following children:

1. Capt. James Vickers, b. Feb. 22, 1776, d. 1818, married Anne Davis
2. Mary Vickers, mar. Richard Ayers
Jesse Vickers, mar. Mary Redgrave

VII. CAPT. JAMES VICKERS, b. Feb. 22, 1776, d. 1818, married ANNE DAVIS of Queen Anne’s County, MD who died in 1827. They had the following children:

1. William Vickers, who died in infancy
Gen. George Vickers, b. Nov. 19, 1801

VIII. GEN. GEORGE VICKERS, b. Nov.19, 1801, m. Jan. 5, 1826, MARY MANSFIELD, dau. of James Mansfield of Chestertown. They had the following children:

1. George Jefferson Vickers, b. Nov. 30, 1826, d. April 28, 1864
2. James Mansfield Vickers
William Albert Vickers, b. July 28, 1831, d. Oct. 17, 1832
4. William Albert Vickers 2nd, b. April 29, 1834, m. Mary Boon, d. April 30, 1874
5. Benjamin Clothier Vickers, b. April 29, 1836, d. at Memphis, June, 1862
Annette Tower Vickers, b. May 17, 1839, d. Sept. 30, 1842
Harrison Wilson Vickers, b. Jan 28, 1841, d. Oct. 11, 1842
8. Annette Tower Vickers 2nd, m. John Henry White
Harrison Wilson Vickers 2nd, m. May 22, 1873 Jennie Yates Bruce Shemwell, of St. Mary's     County, Maryland.
10. Mary Vickers, b. June 12, 1848, d. Sept. 12, 1848
11. Mary Clara Vickers, m. 1st: Jefferson Rives of Washington, DC, 2nd: Mr. Hartzog

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Maryland material from Charline Sims:

Maryland Information

Book: The Early Settlers of Maryland p. 477:
Name                    Liber         Folio            Remarks
Thomas Vigers         8             509            Transported 1665
John Vickers          18             329            Transported 1675
Francis Vickers      15             509            Transported 1677

Book: Maryland Genealogies - From the Maryland Historical Magazine. By Thomas L Hollowak. Volume II:  p. 288: William Vickers married Araminta Pritchett - 1/16/1800. She was the daughter of Edward Pritchett who died 8/18/1795. His will was probated 1/8/1796.

Book: Maryland Mortality Schedules - 1850-1860.
June 1, 1850 - Queen Annes's County. - St. Mary's District:
            Name                   Age    Birth Place             Month died        Cause
p. 102 Samuel Vickers      11         MD                         Nov.          Unknown
p. 103 Ann Vickers           27         MD                         Mar           Unknown
June 1, 1850 - Baltimore County - District 15th Ward
p. 151 Elizabeth Vickers     6 mos   MD                        Jun             Bowel Inflam.

June 1, 1850 - Baltimore - District 20th Ward
p. 161 Eliza Vickers           1          MD                         Aug            Dysentary

Book: Worcester County, Maryland - 1850 Census Isaac Vigus - 18

Book: Maryland - Worcester County - 1860 census
Fa Dist HH     Name               Age  Sex    Profession
1   NE 1873 Thomas Vickers   61    M      Farmer
2   NE 1873 Elizabeth Vickers 56     F
3   NE 1873 Hampton Vickers 20    M

1   NE 1902 Isaac Vickers       28    M      Farmer
2   NE 1902 Laura Vickers      23     F
3   NE 1902 Charles Vickers     3    M
4   NE 1902 Alice Vickers         1     F

Book: Maryland - Worcester County - 1870 Census
1 2 195 Isaac Vickers      38 M Blacksmith
2 2 195 Laura Vickers     30 F b. in Del.
3 2 195 Charles Vickers  13 M School
4 2 195 Carrie Vickers    10 F School
5 2 195 Charlotte Vickers 8 F School

1 2 88   Hampton Vickers 28 M Blacksmith
2 2 88   Eliza Vickers        65 F
3 2 88   Jennie Vickers        9 F  School
4 2 88   William Vickers      5 M

Book: Cemetery Records of Worcester County, Maryland p. 192 Elmer M. Vickers - b. 1886 - d. 1944 - Salem Methodist Church Cemetery - Clarke Ave, Pocomoke City, Maryland.

Isaac C. Vickers - son of Thomas - b. 1/27/1831 - d. 4/16/1898 - Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Snow Hill, Maryland.

James H. Vickers - b. 1909 - d. 1943 - Salem Methodist Church Cemetery, Clarke Ave. Pocomoke City, Maryland.

Laura Ann Nelson Vickers - wife of Isaac - b. 3/13/1838 - d. 3/1/1923 - Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Snow Hill, Maryland.

Laura James Vickers 0 daughter of Isaac - b. 4/15/1873 - d. 12/19/1882 - Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Snow Hill, Maryland.

Leila V. (Lillie) Vickers - wife of H. - b. 8/14/1889 - d. 12/22/1922 - Buckingham Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Berlin, Maryland.


From Bette Wilde on the Massachusetts clan that went to Maryland.,

Kelly: This is what I have copied so far. It is taken directly from the book, complete with spellings. Let me know if you need any more information about the below listed topics. I can try to get good photocopies and mail them to people if necessary. Hope this helps someone. Bette

VICKERS OR VICKERY FAMILY (Copied from the New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol XVIII pg 186-188) {Communicated by William H. Whitmore.} (Located at the Mexia, TX City Library)

"The account in Savage’s Dictionary is very meagre; the following sketch of the family, prepared from the records, will be found, I trust, tolerably complete.

GEORGE (1) VICCARS, VICARS, VICKERS OR VICKERY, of Hull, m. Rebecca, dau. Of David Phipeny (see Reg. VIII, 233). In a deed dated 20 Apr., 1679 (Suff. Deeds XIV, 291), he mentions sons George (2) and Isaac (2). His son Jonathan (2) was executor 29 July, 1679.

GEORGE (2) VICKERS of Hull, by wife Lucy, had Silvanus (3), b. 13 June, 1683; Hannah (3), b. 9 Sept., 1685, prob. M. John Lobdell 23 May, 1704; George (3), b. 30 Nov., 1698; Elizabeth (3), b. 7 Mch, 1693, m. prob. Elijah Gerrish 9 Sept, 1720; Lucy (3), b. 20 Oct., 1695, d 2 Aug. 1698; Israel (3), b 30 Nov., 1698, d. 28 Jany., 1698-9; Israel (3), b. 17 Dec., 1699. 5 Feb., 1716, this George, Jr., out of the love he had for his grandch. George and Mercy, children of his son George, gave them land by a deed recorded Suff. Deeds.

SILVANUS (3) VICKERS m. Mary Styles, at Boston, 22 Mch., 1705 and deeds land 20 Aug., 1717. He m. Anne Newell 11 Dec. 1718 and died soon after. George (3) Vickers m. Elizabeth Binney 10 Dec., 1710, and had Mercy (4), b 14 Sept., 1711, and George (4), b. 12 Nov., 1713, m Lydia________, and had Sylvanus, b. 10 Apr., 1736, who died 21st of same month. Israel (3) Vickers m. Judith Hersey, 13 May, 1708, and had Elizabeth (4), b. 2 Nov., 1709. His wills, dated 17 Apr., 1710, mentions wife and one child. His widow prob. Married Nathaniel Gilbert 2 May, 1712.

Of JONATHAN (2) VICKERS, son of George, sen., I find that 28 Apr., 1701 being then of Monamoy in Barnstable county, he sold his lands in Hull. Perhaps from him came Capt. Jonathan Vickery of Boston, whose widow Susannah was exec. 21 Oct. 1745, and who then left a dau. Aged 6 yrs, Jonathan aged 4 yrs, Abigail aged 16 months, and had a son John-Guttridge Vickery, posthumous. His inventory mentions a farm at Truro.

Of ISSAC (2) VICKERS, son of George, sen., the record is more complete. He maried, 1st, Elizabeth, dau of Capt. Thomas Cromwell, and had Anna who m. Benjamin Loring 8 Oct., 1702, and d. 15 Aug., 1723, aged 47; and Rebecca who m. Samuel Binney 11 Nov, 1701. His wife was the widow of Richard Price, by whom she had sons Thomas, Joyliffe, and Richard, and dau. Elizabeth who m. Joseph Lobdell. In proof of this see deed dated 27 Feb., 1703, Suff Reg., XX, 44. Martha Ballard, widow, “inconsideration of receiving certain lands from Joseph Lobdell, mariner of Boston, Samuel Binney and Rebecca his wife, Benjamin Loring and Anna his wife, both of Hull; the said Elizabeth, Rebecca and Anna being the daughters of Elizabeth Vickere sometime Price, the daughter and heir of Capt. Thomas Cromwell,---sold to them another house also part of the Cromwell property, which was given to her by the will of John Joyliffe of Boston, who intermarried with Anna, the relict-widow of her father Robert Knight, and sometime the widow of said Cromwell.”

(see Reg., XII, 250) *Thomas Lombard is said by the Hull records to have married Elizabeth Vickery. The Boston Court records says Elizabeth Binney. It has, therefore, been thought that he m. Elizabeth (Binney), sister of Samuel B. and widow of George (3) Vickers. But the record on her tombstone is that she d. 21 May, 1787, vice 85 (not as printed in the Register, XII, 251, 19 June, 1825), which shows clearly that she was the daughter of Samuel Binney. The article on the Lombards contains several errors which will be hereafter noted and corrected. Other proofs are numerous----as a suit between Joyliffe and his wife’s gr. Children (Sup. Ct. I, 264, 7 Nov, 1699), viz: Joyliffe Price, Elizabeth Lobdell, Anna and Rebecca Vickers. But the case is clear. It is worth notice that SAVAGE does not mention that Richard Price’s widow remarried. His will (Suff. VI, 55), made at Nevis, 31 July, 1674, mentions his wife and four children. So also Jarvis Ballard is unrecorded ---- who m. Martha Knight, had Jarvis, b. 10 July, 1688; Edward, b 26 July 1691; Robert, b. 15 Oct., 1693; Katherine, b. 20 Apr., 1697. His widow m. John Balston 16 Mch., 1703. Is son Jarvis or Gervaise Ballard, Jr., in his will of 8 Mch., 1719 (Suff. XXIV, 15), mentions cousin Capt. Charles Ballard, cousins Jarvis B., Mary King, Margaret Wilson, Rebecca Dent, Sarah Revell, Elizabeth wife of Joseph Lobdell, Anna Loring, and Rebecca w. of Samuel Binney; also mother Martha Balston. His wife was Judith Pordage, whom he m. 15 Mch., 1715- 16. {Note, our recofds say John but the publications say Jarvis.}

To return after this learned disgression to ISAAC (2) VICKERS. His wife Elizabeth d. 14 Apr., 1697, and he m., 2dly, Lydia Jones, as is proved by a deed (Suff. Reg.), dated 19 Mch., 1723-4, by which Isaac Vickery and Lydia his wife divide with Lemuel Bosworth and Mary his wife, land which belonged to Thomas Jones and Bathsheba his wife, of Hull, parents of said Lydia and Mary. I do not know that he had issue by this marriage. He d. 4 Apr., 1726, and his widow d. 17 Feb., 1747. Her adm. (Suff. Wills, XII, 15), was her brother-in-law, Joseph Melton, of Hull.

There was also a John (1) Vickers of Boston who m. Sarah Croakum and had Sarah (2), b. 23 Apr., 1689; John (2), b. 12 Mch., 1689-90, m. prob. Elizabeth Perry 23 Mch., 1718-9; Mary (2), b. 4 Mch., 1690-1, d. soon; Samuel (2) b. 7 Aug., 1695 and was a mariner, 1717; Mary (2), b. 25 Aug 1697, m. William Binfield 29 Aug., 1717; and James (2), b. 7 July, 1703. He was alive 1703, when he sold land. By Suff. Reg., XXXIV, 67, we learn that, 13 Sept., 1717, his widow, only surviving daughter of Francis Croakum and Johanna, of Boston, sold land which her father bought, 9 Aug., 1649. 16 Aug., 1723 (Suff. Deeds XXXVII, 90), Reginald Odell and Mehitable his wife, Johanna Vickers, and Mary Binfield, widow, children of widow Sarah Vickery sell land. Odell m. Mary Prime 28 Apr. 1709, and Mehitable Truesdale 13 May, 1613; so probably Mehitable was twice married.

There was also a Benjamin (1) Vickery of Hull, who m. Dorcas -_____ and had
Joseph (2), b. 4 Jany., 1690;
Benjamin (2), b. 3 Mch., 1603, d. 24 Apr., 1712;
Lucy (2), b. 20 Oct., 1695;
Thomas (2), b. 15 Nov., 1696;
Dorcas (2), b. 83 Mch., 1698;
Phebe (2), b. 20 Nov., 1701, d. 30 May, 1718;
Sarah (2), b. 11 Sept., 1705; and
Ichabod, b. 30 Oct., 1707.
His wife d. 30 Oct. 1717 and he m. 2dly, 7 July 1709, Mary Coon, and had
Mary (2), b. 10 Nov., 1710 d. 27 June 1712;
Benjamin (2), b. 18 Apr., 1714;
Robert (2), b. 18 May 1718. He d. 10 Jany., 1718.

JOSEPH (2) VICKERY m. Abigail, and had
Abigail (3), b. 17 Dec., 1707, m. prob. Thomas Wyate Feb., 1725;
Rebecca (3), b. 28 May, 1710; Hannah b. 3 Mch. 1713.

THOMAS (2) VICKERY m.Mary Ball 8 July, 1718, and had
Mary (3), b. 11 Feb. 1729, d. 17 July 1735;
Thomas (3), b. 22 Dec. 1722; Hebry (3), b. 12 Nov. 1724;
Dorcas (3) b. 14 Jany., 1727;
Phebe (3) b. 6 May, 1729;
Benjamin (3), b. 25 Dec., 1731, and three daus. named successively Phebe who d. young.

(Copied from the New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol XIV, pg 354)
Pg. 254: June - 1635; Transported to Bormoodes or Somer-Islands on Truelove de London (ship) Zeverin Viccars - age 19.

(Copied from the New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol XVI)
Pg. 44 Isack VICKERS worked one day as punishment for delivering spoilt corn to the Beacon and watch houses. March 9, 1673, Town of Hull, Mass.

(Copied from the New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol V)
Pg. 61 VICCARS, JO: aged 20 Passenger for Virginia July, 1635 on the Alice (ship.)

(Copied from the New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. XVIII)
Pg. 30 Dr. T. VICKERS - 2nd Surgeon at Military Hospital in Northern Department. Letter dated Mar. 9, 1777 showing his appointment with others.

(Copied from the New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. XXVII)
Pg. 247 John VICKERS had a son named Samuel who sold a house in 1717 to Mr. Gershom.


Contributed by Lucy Vickers Grisham,


England to East Jersey–Pennsylvania  and Maryland - Quaker Records 


Thomas Vickers- born in London, England

Died November 21, 1696 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. East Jersey- To America 1682- Penn Colony?

Vocation- Blacksmith


Married Esther Borden- sister to Francis Borden-

Bought land from Francis Borden- Shrewsbury- for £23 August 7, 1684

Thomas Hearse sold land to Thomas Vickers December 28, 1695 for £4 10 shillings - 2 acres Meadowland.


His will names children:

  1. John- born April 7, 1687- possibly in Pennsylvania- ** died in Dorchester Co. Md.
  2. Thomas Jr. - born June 11, 1689-90- **died Dorchester Co. Md.


  1. Abraham- born September 11, 1691- Married 1720 to Mary France- Died Bucks Co. Pa. 1756.
  2. Isaac- born June 3, 1693- Married to Eliza or Elizabeth- **died Dorchester Co. Md. 

Contents of Will-   to eldest son John, ½ land

                                    To Thomas ½ land

                                    To Abraham 10 pounds at age 21

                                    To Isaac- 10 pounds at age 21

Names brother (in-law) - Francis Borden, friend Thomas Worthly, and Thomas Hillborn- executors-


Richard Borden- born 1595-6- in England- died Rhode Island 1671- married 1625 to Jane or Joane Fowle or Fowler- born England- Children:

1. Francis I-   born England 1638---- 3rd child- died Jan 19, 1705-6- married to Jane Vicars, Shrewsbury, New Jersey.


Relationship on these not positively proven:

Thomas Vickers– b?  Died 1707-8- Dorchester Co. Md. Will date Feb 16, 1707-8 Married to Sarah- Children named:

      1. John- b before 1717- Married to Rachel Woodward, daughter of Joseph Woodward. John died 1717- Will date Jan 8. Proven Feb 10. She re-married to Henry Jones.  Will: John Vickers, planter, Dorc. Co. Jan 8, 1717 – only son John & heirs, entire estate and personalty including mare bought of Henry Branklin, – daughter Eliza- Nephews, William, Thomas and John Abbott, personalty- wife Rachel extx- and residue of estate- Test: Thomas Howell, John Miller and John Trego.  1717- Inventory of goods of John Vickers – signed by Mary Fisher and Thomas Vickers, brother to John.    1719 account of Rachel Vickers –last will and testament of John Vickers, late of Dorcester Co.- paid to Thomas Neville, Mary Fisher, Benjamin Woodward, George Plum, John Cullin and Sarah Evans. 

**In 1720- the account of Henry Jones and Rachel Vickers Jones, his wife, executors of the last will and testament of John Vickers late of Dorchester Co. who was the executor of the last will and testament of William Abbott of same county deceased, charged them as feloes with the balance of account passed by the said John Vickers in his lifetime on the estate of the said William Abbott. May 28. The Abbotts lived at “Blackwater”.   

      2. Thomas Jr. b    Died - Married?  

      3.  Sarah- Married to James Trego- He was born 1762- s/o Roger Trego and Sarah.

      4. Eliza- b d- Married to William Abbott- Children” William, Thomas and John Abbott.”

      5. Mary- b d – Married to Alexander Fisher- s/o Alexander Fisher and Elizabeth Winsmere.

      6. Ann- b d – Married to Edward Stokes- s/o James Stokes -1682-1710- who married to Ann Vickers before 1708. **James was the son of Peter Stokes and Ann Mason. 1630-1702. **Ann was the widow of Miles Mason-who receive in 1665- 150 acres land  to him and wife Ann and unborn child- on Mason’s Creek called Mason’s Vineyard, at head of Tar Bay. Sarah Mason, orphan, raised by Ann Mason and Peter Stokes, her second husband. Sarah married Thomas Shehawne. Mile’s home was “Teverton” at head of Fishing Creek, Dorchester Co. Maryland. 

**Maryland Calendar of Wills- mentions  Benjamin Woodward, Will June 4, 1720- Dorchester Co. and wife Mary Stokes, daughter of Peter Stokes and Ann Vickers. -- “ Her daughter Mary Seward- ( from a first marriage)- son Benjamin- personal estate equally. Son Benjamin and heirs, 4 tracts of land.  Benjamin, son of brother-in-law, Thomas Pearson, and Thomas Abbott.”

Thomas Newton- June 16, 1704- To John Vickers, son of Thomas Vickers- and to James Trego- personalty. Wife Mary- Test: William Abbott, John Walker and Thomas Skinner.  

Abbreviated or abstracted will of Thomas Vickers-  Feb 16, 1707-8  (Interesting)

I, Thomas Vickers of Dorchester Co.:

“Unto my son, John Vickers”-- Plantation called “Harwick”.

“Unto my son Thomas Vickers”—Dwelling plantation “where on I now live.” 

“Unto my daughter Sarah Vickers”---a feather bed furniture and kitchen equipment and Bible.”

“Unto my son ___?___Vickers?? feather bed, plates, and suit of clothes. “**Does not say who this son is and why he did not receive land like his brothers unless he was an infant or illegitimate??  He mentions his daughter Eliza and children of Eliza, his other daughter Mary Fisher in the division of his stock. The majority of the estate went to the two oldest sons, John and Thomas and this son not mentioned any more.     


Records of Shrewsbury- Quaker Records, and Chester Co. Pannsylvania Historical Society

Abraham Vickers –born September 11, 1691- Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. East Jersey

November 21, 1733- bought land from John BrittainPlumstead Township- Bucks Co. Pennsylvania for £80,  187 ½ acres apart from 375 acres, which had been conveyed to John Brittain from Richard Hill of Philadelphia. Witnesses, John Carlisle, Nathaniel Butler, (Brittain?) and Elizabeth Carlisle-

Will dated 1756- Plumstead, Bucks Co. Pa. – probated August 19, 1756.

Married to Mary France-


  1. Thomas- born 1720-21- Shrewsbury, East Jersey- married Sept. 13, 1746- to Rebecca Dillon- died Dec. 30, 1793- E. Caln- Chester Co. Pa. 
  2. John-   died young
  3. Hester-   married to Alexander Foreman
  4. Peter- married to Ann Knight
  5. Jacob- married to Rebecca Knight
  6. Mary-   married Sept. or Oct. of 1761- to William Pennington- **Shows in Frederick Co. Va. Records—possibly Hopewell area that became West Virginia.
  7. Rachel- married to Isaac Dean
  8. Leah-   married May 29, 1760 to 1. Samuel Kester 2. Richard Painter
  9. Abraham- married October 17, 1765- to Margaret Reeder- Plumstead, Bucks Co. Pa.

Soldiers in American Revolution- Bucks Co. Pa-

Jacob Vickers-  Plumstead- 1775

Peter Vickers-                      1775

Solomon Vickers-                 1775

And those from Philadelphia City:

John Vickers- 2nd Battalion- 7CL- past age as per certificate- McLane’s Co. 1778


**There is a Solomon Vickers b 1730- Chester Co. Pa. and died 1798 . He married 1752 to Sarah Ann? - 1734-1800. Children were Rebecca b 1753 and died 1834 and William b 1755 who served in the Revolutionary War. Solomon appears in the 1776 Census of Dorchester Co. with 3 males 26-30, 1 female 30-40, and 1 female 60-70. I don’t have anything further on him.  


Thomas Vickers- 1st to become Quaker- born 1720-21- East Jersey married 1746- Rebecca Dillon-, daughter of Nicholas Dillon and wife Mary- Bedminster, England.


  1. Esther- June 9, 1747- Bucks co. Pa- married Dec 22, 1768- married William Michener- son of Mordecai and Sarah Michener.  ** (Novelist James Michener adopted and raised by the Micheners.) 
  2. John- born August 3, 1749   died young.
  3. Mary- born March 9, 1752- married to David Mendenhall, son of Joshua and Lydia Mendenhall of E. Caln.
  4. Rebecca- born July 1, 1754- married June 2, 1776- to Joshua Roman- son of Joshua Roman of E. Caln.
  5. Thomas- born March 8, 1757- married June 30 1779- to Jemima Mendenhall- was a minister.
  6. Rachel- born Sept. 6, 1759- never married
  7. Abraham- born Jan. 17, 1762- married to Mary Eastwick.  (Had son Peter who is said to have been in Botetourt/Rockbridge Co. Va. by 1777. and is in the 1830. Census there??) **Eastwick family of Braintrim, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. A Mary Eastwick b 1772- Philadelphia Pa. and died September 1809- married to Hendrick Lott, Sr. July 20, 1795- Luzerne. He was b 1770- and christened 1774- Dutch Reform Church- Southampton, Bucks Co. Pa. He died 1812. His father was Zephaniah Lott of Wyoming Pa., son of Leonard Lott and Mary. Hendrick had married Alice, Eltje, or Else Van Pelt of the Netherlands. She was baptized in the Swedish Church in Philadelphia, Pa. These are probably part of the Lott family of Wiregrass Georgia.    
  8. Mercy- born Jan 19, 1764- married Feb 26, 1787 to Abner Heston-


Extracts from Friends Records-Buckingham MM 1720-1803,

Bucks Co. Pa. Births and Deaths,


** Thomas joined Quaker Faith, Sept. 1, 1742- Buckingham MM   **He visited in MM in Maryland, Virginia and Carolinas in 1772. Quaker Records MM Records Buckingham.


Peter Vickers- b 1727-Plumstead, Bucks Co. Pa- married to Ann Knight – ** Knight Family in early Rappahannock Co. Virginia records.    **Giles Knight—Gloucester Co. Virginia Land Grant – Aug 27, 1666- 400 acres on Milford Haven called “Eagles Nest” adjacent land of Abram English and John Smith, Rappahannock River- Western Branch. For transport of 8 persons to Colony.  Don’t know if there is a connection?? 


1. Sarah- 1754- married David Beans- son of Matthew Beans- 1775

2. Rebekah-1753- Doylestown, Bucks Pa. Died Sep 12, 1834- Philadelphia, married John Preston- Feb 22, 1774 – He was the son of John Preston Sr. Their children:

            1. Zenas- b 1775

            2. John- III- b 1776 died 1838- Married Lucinda Tansil- Had 13 children. 

3. Amos- b 1779- To Baltimore Maryland Dec 2, 1799 – left will there in 1801- (Index of Wills 1684-1850- Bucks Co. Pa.)

            4. Moses- b 1781

            5. Sarah- b 1784

            6. Peter- b 1786

            7. Amie- b 1788

            8. William- b 1790

            9. Jonas- b 1792

            10. David- b 1795

3. Mary- 1756- married Moses Coates- 1777- son of Samuel Coates

4. Elizabeth- married 1778- to Eli Packer- son of James and Rose Packer, Uwchland.


Abraham Vickers- married 1765 to Margaret Reeder as his 2nd wife- Died Fairfax Co. Va.


  1. Mary- Born Bucks Co. Pa- to Fairfax Co. VA (She may have been by first wife).
  2. William- Born Bucks Co. Pa. – married Ann Reeder- (First Cousin) - Was in Goose Creek MM- Fairfax Co. VA.  
  3. Susannah-

**William and Ann disowned by Quaker Faith due to their marriage


Thomas Vickers- born 1757- Bucks Co. Pa Died E. Caln- Chester Co. Pa. Married Jemima Mendenhall- 


  1. John- born Aug 8, 1780-Bucks Co. Pa. - married June 10, 1803 to Abigail Paxson- daughter of Joseph Paxson and Mary of Sadbury. She died 1818. He died April 24, 1860. Children b Chester Co. and Uwchlan:

1. Martha- b Nov 28, 1808- died young on July 18, 1811

2. Ann- b Feb 26, 1810- died Nov 26, 1870- Married Samuel Painter- Oct 17, 1839- Delaware, Birmingham Twp.

3. Joseph- b October 1, 1811- died Feb 4, 1864- married Elizabeth


1. Jonathan- Mar 8, 1838

2. Joseph P/- Mar 8, 1840

3. Eugene- b Dec 9, 1841

4. Elizabeth Ann- b June 30, 1845

4. Jonathan- b October 16, 1804- died July 8, 1824- at age 20 yrs.

5. Jemima- b Jan 31, 1806- died? She married Nailer Webster.

6. Mary H.- b Aug 4, 1807- died 1890- married James B. Brooks

7. Aaron- b June 10, 1813- died May 23, 1880

8. Abigail C. – b April 21, 1815- Uwchlan- died Dec 18, 1900- married Mr. Taylor

9. Paxson- b July 13, 1817- Uwchlan- died October 22, 1865- married Ann Thomas Lewis on Sept 8, 1840- she died Nov 28, 1882.   

  1. Joshua- born 1783- Chester Co.- died 1807
  2. Martha- born 1786- Chester Co.- married June 10, 1807 to William Milhous, Jr., son of William Milhous and wife Hannah.
  3. Ziba- born 1787- married 1811 to Lydia Kersey- daughter of Jesse Kersey and Elizabeth-
  4. Thomas- born 1791- married 1. Ann Forsythe 2. Hannah Harmer
  5. Isaac- born October 10, 1792 E. Caln, Chester Co. Pa. - married Abigail Nixon b Mar 19, 1792- Milford, Bucks Co. Pa.- daughter of Samuel Nixon and Susannah Roberts. Children born in Chester Co.:

1. Edwin- b Aug 12, 1814-

2. Samuel Nixon- b Mar 3, 1817-

3. Thomas b Feb 27, 1823-

4. William M. – b May 25, 1821

  1. Jesse- born 1795- married Margaret Penrose-  Horsham MM-
  2. Rebecca- born 1799- married 1. Evan Lewis 2. John Packer     Plymouth MM


**Some of these families migrated into Indiana and Ohio and formed Meeting houses there.  The Lester Family was in Quakerstown, Bucks Co. Pa. and married into the Nixon Family- Shipley Lester married to Margaret Nixon, daughter of Samuel Nixon and Susannah Roberts of Richland MM, in Bucks Co., about 1791- Their children moved into Delaware Ohio, Kansas, and Indiana. I do not know if these were the same Lesters who show up in the Southern states or not.  


****President Richard Nixon is descended through Joshua Vickers Milhous and wife Elizabeth Price Milhouse, Franklin Milhous, and Almira Burdg and Nixon’s mother Hannah Milhous.   Reference book: “The Nixons: An American Family”.

Reference:  Presidential Pedigrees- by Gary Boyd Roberts’s, Projects Director of the New England Hist. Gen. Soc.  in Boston,  Mass.


Richard Vickers- b in Pennsylvania April 15, 1786- died in 1822 in Greenplain, Clarke Co. Ohio- (He was in Ohio by 1806) He married to Celia?  She re-married to James Anderson after death of Richard on September 12, 1827. **I don’t know Richard’s relationship with the other Vickers branches yet.  


            1. Joshua- b April 16, 1794-

2. William- b April 16, 1796- Married to Ann Beauchanp- d/o William and Amelia- Clark co. Ohio.

3. John- b July 10, 1798-

4. Amelia- b October 3, 1800-

5. Joseph- b May 7, 1803

6. Mary Ann- b June 15, 1808- Married a Larkins.

7. Sarah- b October 12, 1810- died April 5, 1811-

8. Ruth- b Dec 11, 1812 and died 1850- Married 1.? Anderson and 2.  Paulin or Paulding? **(Some of the Paulin/Paulding family is in early Rappahannock Co. records with the descendants of Richard Anderson.)

9.  Elizabeth- b April 19, 1816

10- Emily- b April 19. 1816  (twins) 


Dorcester Co. Maryland Co. Wills

Isaac Vickers- Will date 1703-1707-Dorchester Co. Md. -Married to Eliza or Elizabeth- Records of Wills in Annapolis, Md. Liber 12, Folio 180 pp180-183.


            1. John- b Jan 25, 1692-3- Married to Mary Beckwith- d/o Henry Beckwith and Mary Warner, d/o William Warner.

            2. Isaac, Jr.- b Mar a5, 1699- 00-

            3. Sarah- b April 6, 1687-

            4. Eliza- b Mar 17, 1688-9

            5. Frances- b Sept 22, 1697-

            6. Anne- b Feb 28, 1702-3

Reference: Early Settlers of Dorchester Co. and their Lands

Clark’s Creek- Small Creek located on south side of Little Choptank River above Smith’s Cove unnamed on present map- later called “Vickers Creek” after Isaac Vickers who obtained part of “Preston”.  Description:

Preston- 500 acres belonging originally to Richard Preston’s survey December 29, 1662. map 12. At head of little Choptank River. 175 acres belonging to Isaac Vickers and named “South Preston”- and 334 acres in possession of David Peterkin and called “North Preston”  **These Prestons were probably related to the same Prestons who married into Peter Vickers group.

Abbreviated or Abstracted Will of Isaac Vickers:

“I, Isaac Vickers-- 

“Unto my son John Vickers- gun, steelyards, and mill when he comes of 21 years of age, and if he should die without issue, to my son Isaac”.

“Rest of my goods and chattels I give and dispose to be equally divided between all my children when John comes of age unless my daughters Sarah and Eliza should marry before then, they should have their equal share of my cattle. If John should marry before he comes of age 21, then and equal dividend shall be made of all my goods and chattel.”

“I will that my daughters be of age at 16 years, my son John of age at 21 years, my son Isaac of age at 18 years”

“I will that my children be kept on my dwelling plantation until my son John shall come of age 21 years old , without he marry or die before he shall come of that age. “

“I do ordain, constitute and appoint Thomas Vickers  and Anthony Taylor Sr., Guardians and Executors  in Trust and giving and granting them  full power to see that this my last will and testament is duly formed and executed, etc. “  

Signed before Roger Woolford- 1707- in the proveup of this will- Dorchester co. Md.    


Early Dorchester co. Maryland records:

Henry Beckwith- b 1619- Virginia- son of William Beckwith- Came with Capt. John Smith to America on the ship “Phoenix” **Further information on him in the “Stephen Gary of Maryland” site on the Internet.


1. Henry Jr.-  who married Anna Mowbray- daughter of William and Mary  Mowbray. (Isle of Wight, Surry or Sussex Co. Va.??) He was left a small bequest in his father’s will “if he should ever return 

2. Mary- married John Vickers- son of Isaac and Eliza Vickers (Surety of Henry’s will)

            3. Margaret- Married to Thomas Cooke. 

            4. Charles- Owned “Refuse Neck” and 150 acres of “Stewart’s Place”

5. Nehemiah- remainder of “Stewart’s Place”- may have married to Mary Thomas.

            6. Elizabeth- married John Taylor (Per will of Henry)

All of these children are listed in will of Mary Warner Beckwith, Jan 24, 1756. and are in the Final Distributions of Dorchester- Liber 2. 


Maryland Indexes of Land Grants in Dorchester Co. Maryland- 1783- List


John  Vickers- “William Purchase”- 100 acres DO Upper District Hundred

John Vickers- “Harpers Purchase” – 100 acres DO Upper District Hundred

Solomon Vickers-  Upper District Hundred

John Vickers- 200 acres Upper District Hundred

Thomas and Elizabeth Harrington – DO Middle District Hundred

Col. Ezekiel Vickers- DO Lower District Hundred

James Vickers- Lower Dist. Hundred

Moses Vickers- Lower Dist. Hundred

Thomas Vickers- “ Vickers Chance” - 420 acres

Thomas Vickers-  420 acres

Thomas Vickers III-  ??

Thomas Vickers IV- “Vickers Priviledge”- 8 ½ acres

Thomas Vickers IV-   “Wheelers Addition”- 4 acres

Thomas Vickers Jr.- 12 ¼ acres

William Vickers- “Vickers Chance”- 57 acres

William Vickers  II-  79 acres

William Vickers II- “PawPaw Thicket”- 12 acres

William Vickers II- 103 acres (of Sarah)

William Vickers II- 67 acres

William Vickers II- “Dorsey’s Range”- 36 acres


Connecting families to the Virginia Vickers branch who are recorded in Maryland records:

The Trice Family

The Smoot Family

The Eason Family

The Ball Family

The Harrington  Family

The Mullican/Millican family of Talbot Co.  St. Peters Parish.


Contributed by Lucy Vickers Grisham,


Hi, I am researching Isaac Vickers of MD and I have further info to add to your website that might help others.

Isaac C. Vickers 1831-1898 married Laura Ann Nelson 1838-1923 (daughter of Levi Nelson and Charlotte Hazzard Nelson). Laura Ann born in Snow Hill, MD. Their children were

Charles Curtis Vickers 1857-

Alice Vickers 1859-

Charlotte (Lottie) Elizabeth Vickers 1862-1939

Martindale M Vickers 1870-

Laura James Vickers 1873-1882

My great great grandmother Charlotte Elizabeth Vickers married Daniel Jefferson Elliott 1862-1931 and they lived in Salisbury, MD. My father is living in their house.

I have photos of many of these people and records to substantiate this information.

I am looking to trace ancestors back further than Isaac. Thanks,
Sharon White Hove



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