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David Joel Vickers,

Missouri Vickers:

My name is David Joel Vickers. I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I just came across your page and did not notice mention of any Vickers living in the Mid-west. My grandfather's name was Ralph DeWitt Vickers. He was born in about 1896. I can get detailed information regarding his family and their arrival in Southern Missouri. Also, he had a brother named Benjamin who lived in Kansas. My father's name is John Benjamin.

Let me know if you are interested in any of this family's genealogy. One of my uncles did extensive research in the 1960s and 1970s.

I thought it was interesting that our families shared similar male names.

Your page is very interesting.

Thanks, and regards.

David Vickers (816)361-6951


Hi, David! Thanks for your note. Yes, I would be interested in the "Mid-West" Vickers. Can you find out from your uncle where your clan came from when they came to Missouri? The reason I ask, is because the Vickers came to the US quite early it seems, to the MD/VA area. Early on as the family grew, they moved southward and westward. (There is, however, an early branch of Vickers in PA). Anyway, your mid-west Vickers branch in all likelihood came from part of the Southern group as they pushed westward. Check particularly the Working Files on JAMES & ELIZABETH VICKERS, NC to TN to IL, and the JOHN & NANCY VICKERS, VA to TN. They are a couple of early lines that we know about that were moving your direction. Let me know what you come up with after checking with your uncle. Cordially, Kelly

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