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Hi Kelly,

Grady County Ga.--Tombstone inscriptions.

Vickers, Jane death: Age 57, wife of Nathan Vickers
Vickers, Nathan death: Age 64, husb. of Jane Vickers.

From Sidney Terry


Nathan died in 1847. With the age listed on his tombstone (64), Nathan would have been born about 1783


Distribution of Estate of Nathan Vickers, Decatur Co., GA

Appraisements and Sales 1834-1848 Book B Appraisement, pp. 274-280 Sale, pp. 281-293 Distribution of Negroes, pp. 298-300 Sale, p. 301 GA State Archives, Drawer 127, Box 9

There were six distributees:

1. Abraham B. Vickers, son of said Nathan Vickers
2. James M. Vickers, Deceased, son of said deceased, represented by William Y. Ponder, his     Executor.
3. James J. Lester, in sight of his wife, Penelope Lester, formerly Penelope Vickers
4. Dorian Bishop, formerly Dorian Vickers, represented by her trustee Green B. Moore (see the inquiry below on Green B. Moore)
5. Sarah Vickers, representative of Nathan N. Vickers, son of said deceased
6. James A. Harden, in sight of his wife Elizabeth Jane Hardin, formerly Elizabeth Jane Vickers

Property divided into six lots on July 21, 1848.

September 13, 1847, James J. Lester applies for appraisement of estate of Nathan Vickers, p. 308-9, Book A Wills, Decatur Co., GA

July 3, 1848, James J. Lester applies for leave to sell the lands and estate of Nathan N. Vickers, p. 330, Book A Wills, Decatur Co., GA

January 15, 1849, In appearing at the court on the application of Sarah A. Vickers for letter of Administration of the estate of Nathan N. Vickers, late of Louisiana, dec’d, that the said Sarah has given the usual . . ., p. 341, Book A Wills, Decatur Co., GA [This Nathan A. Vickers would be the son of Nathan Vickers. Apparantly he had moved to Louisiana and recently died about the time of his father’s death. Check the LA 1840 Census for Nathan N. Vickers. (kgv)]

Is appearing to the court that the return of James J. Lester, administrator on the estate of Nathan Vickers, dec’d for the year 1848, has been examined and appraised by the clerk, . . . that they be present and recorded. p. 344, Book A Wills

February 15, 1849, Sarah A. Vickers, administratrix of the will of Nathan N. Vickers, dec’d, along with James J. Lester and Henry Bishop? Court of Ordinary Administration and Guardian Bonds 1841-1856, pp. 94-95.


Daughter: Elizabeth Jane Vickers

Married: James A. Hardon, November 30, 1839, in Thomas Co., GA


Son: James M. Vickers

There is a James M. Vickers that marries a widow, Mrs. Mary Tooke (Maiden name possibly Polly Jones), with children, December 15, 1825 in Pulaski Co., GA. They are still there in the 1830 Census. It appears that this James M. Vickers, probably the son of Nathan Vickers, moves to Thomas Co., GA prior to 1838 where his wife dies. James M. Vickers then marries Ann E. Miller January 24, 1838 in Thomas Co., GA.

Huxford I:250:

“Mr. Seward was married 9/20/1838 to Francis Amanda Tooke, daughter of Arthur and Polly (Jones) Tooke who had moved from Pulaski County to Leon County, Florida, near the Thomas Co., GA line with her mother and step-father James M. Vickers. She was born October 30, 1822 in Pulaski Co., & died Thomasville, GA September 3, 1897.”

Pioneer Days along the Ocmulgee, by Chalker., p. 162 In reference to Pulaski County, 1821ff. “James M. Vickers helped to build a section of the River Road from the Irwin line to Hawkinsville in Pulaski County., GA (Clarkesville GA Public Library, GA 929C)

The Census of 1830 Pulaski Co., GA and 1840 Thomas Co., GA both show James M. Vickers to have been born 1800/1810.


Betty Wren writes:

JAMES M. VICKERS, WB-K, P 108, 1845-1849. Viewed copy of will at the Georgia State Archives on microfilm, 1987. writing hard to read but I believe he says his father was NATHAN VICKERS. [Hancock Co., GA??? or Thomas/Decatur?]

PLEASANT NIXON VICKERS born Monroe Go GA, son of JAMES M. VICKERS and ANNE E.. Other children HENRIETTA and JAMIE. PLEASANT NIXON VICKERS has a diary on microfilm at Georgia State Archives. He was among six companies of young men that volunteered for service in 1861, Thomas Co. GA. He married Anna Theis. Visited relations in Nevada Co, AR in early 1900's. [My father-in-law recalled this visit--Betty Wren]


Personal Name Index to the Augusta Chronicle.

Name                       Type         Event           Citation         Page    Column
Abraham Vickers     Other    07/26/1788   07/26/1788        3           2
James Vickers          SAL     11/09/1799   11/16/1799        3           4
John Vickers            Other    08/26/1790   09/18/1790        1           1
Wm. Vickers           Other     05/20/1799   06/22/1799       4           4  
Mrs. Vickers           Other     08/15/1789   08/15/1789       3           3
Jack Vickers            Other     02/04/1814  02/04/1814       3           4
Thomas Vickers      Other     02/04/1814   02/04/1814       3           4  
Vinson K. Vickers   Other     12/04/1822   01/16/1823       2           4
Nancy Vickers        OBIT      07/11/1828  07/23/1828       3           5
Hardy Vickers        Other       02/18/1822  02/18/1822       3           5
Nathan Vickers       Other      10/01/1817  10/15/1817        3          5
Nathan Vickers       Other     01/01/1818   01/07/1818        2          5
Nathan Vickers       Other     04/05/1819  04/05/1819         3          2
Nathan Vickers       Other      07/07/1819  07/07/1819        3          3
Nathan Vickers       Other      10/04/1819 10/04/1819         3          2
Nathan Vickers       Other      10/15/1819  10/15/1819        2          5
S. R. Vickers, Capt  LET       12/02/1826  12/02/1826        3          5  
S. R. Vickers, Capt  LET       01/01/1827  01/01/1827        3          5  
S. R. Vickers, Capt  LET       01/01/1828   01/01/1828       3          5


Nathan Vickers 1820 Census, Burke Co., GA, p. 30

Nathan Vickers 1830 Census, Leon Co., FL, p. 120 Nathan, age 40/50

Nathan Vickers 1840 Census, Decatur Co., GA, p.

Burke Co., GA NATHAN & HARDY VICKERS Admrs. of estate of JOHN VICKERS, dec'd will sell the personal property of the estate at his late residence on July 5th. (Adv. date May 14 1816. At same time they apply for leave to sell lands of the deceased.) NATHAN & HARDY VICKERS Admrs. SOURCE: THE GEORGIA JOURNAL.

Pulaski Co., GA HARDY & NATHAN VICKERS temporary administrators of ABRAHAM VICKERS, 20 Jan 1824, WM. LESTER Securties - $3,000. 1 Mar 1824 ADMS. of ABRAHAM VICKERS, Securties - Thomas Johnson, Furuy F. Gatlin. SOURCE: ADMINISTRATIONS, EXECUTORS & GUARDIANS 1810-1825.



Names and Abstracts From the Acts of the Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida 1822-1845, Revised Edition. William A. Wolfe, 1985, 1991. Florida State Genealogical Society. (Orlando Public Library DAR 975.9 Wol)

1825 Drury Vickers 1825 Session 4, p. 75/6. The right to establish a ferry across the Okelockony where the road leading from Tallahassee to the Georgia line crosses the River. Leon County.

1833 Nathan Vickers 1833 Session 11, p. 73. Appointed commissioner at Tallahassee for Union Bank of Florida.


Florida Land: Records of the Tallahassee and Newnansville General Land Office 1825-1892, by Alvie Davidson, 1989.

1090. HARRIS VICERS. (DUP) Feb. 6, 1827, 3 miles NNE Lake Jackson Station, Leon Co. Lot No. 6 Sect. 20 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and west.

118. BRYANT VICKERS. Dec. 25, 1826, 1 mile NE Havana, Gadsden Co. SE ¼ Sect. 29 Tp. 3 R. 2, north and west.

7667. BRYANT VICKERS. Oct. 5, 1838, 2 miles NNE Concord, Gadsden Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 17 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west. This receipt is in the form of an application for a duplicate, applied for by alleged owner of above tract, Aug. 24, 1849, and sworn to by claimant before H. R. W. Andrews, Register of Leon Co.

5019. ELIZABETH VICKERS. (and John Gamble) July 1, 1835, ¼ mile NNE Wacissa, Jefferson Co. E ½ SE ¼ Sect. 36 Tp. 1 R. 3, south and east.

2324. HARDY VICKERS. March 29, 1828, 2 miles NW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SE ¼ Sect. 17 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

16. HATCHER VICKERS. Sept. 12, 1826, near L. Jackson (town), Gadsden Co. SW ¼ Sect. 29 Tp. 3 R. 2, north and west. Rec’d $200.38 ¾ for 160.31 acres. R. K. Call, Receiver. By endorsement on back this was transferred Sept. 12, 1829, to Thomas Speight by Hatcher Vickers.

1927. JAMES J. VICKERS. (DUP) June 18, 1827, 3 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

2383. JAMES J. VICKERS. May 23, 3 miles N Centerville, Leon Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R.1, north and east.

3059. JAMES J. VICKERS. Sept. 22, 1829, 2 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3928. JAMES J. VICKERS. March 20, 1831, 3 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1. north and east.

1957. JAMES M. VICKERS. June 26, 1827, 3 miles N by W Bradfordville, Leon co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 4 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

1958. JAMES M. VICKERS. June 26, 1827, 4 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ NW ¼ Sect. 3 R. 1, north and east.

3143. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 1, 1829, 4 miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3145. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 3, 1829, 3 ½ miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3182. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 26, 1829, 3 miles S Meridian, Leon Co. Lot No. 3 Fractional Sect. 31 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and east.

5405. JAMES M. VICKERS. Jan. 14, 1836, 2 ½ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. NE ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3502. JAMES T. VICKERS. May 3, 1830, 2 miles NNE Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ NW ¼ Sect. 11 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

2521. JOHN L. VICKERS. Oct. 13, 1828, 2 ½ miles SE Concord, Gadsden Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 24 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

7801. JOHN L. VICKERS. Jan. 7, 1839, 1 ¼ miles N by W Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ SW ¼ Sect. 24 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

7807. JOHN L. VICKERS. Jan. 9, 1839, 2 ½ miles E Hinson, Gadsden Co. NW ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 25 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

2029. NATHAN VICKERS. Aug. 13, 1827, 3 miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3586. NATHAN VICKERS. Aug. 3, 1830, 3 ½ miles N by W Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 4 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5403. NATHAN VICKERS. Jan. 14, 1836, 2 ½ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ NE ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5404. NATHAN VICKERS. Jan 14, 1836, 2 ¾ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5410. NATHAN VICKERS. Dec. 16, 1836, 3 miles NW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 8 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

83. YOUNG VICKERS. Dec. 1, 1826, 2 miles SW Havana, Gadsden Co. NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R. 2, north and west. Transferred Dec. 1, 1826, to Stephen Browning. Teste: G. W. Ward, Register.


Inventory of the County Archives of Florida: Leon County (Tallahassee), 1941, p. 7.

“On March 22, 1832 the county court appointed Presiding Justice Benjamin Chaires and Justices Turbott R. Betton, Thomas M. Bradford, NATHAN VICKERS, and Henry B. Bradford as commissioners to receive proposals for, and to contract for the building of, a courthouse on the courthouse square in Tallahassee. The commissioners were authorized to adopt a plan for the building, to determine its cost, and to permit the contractor’s “to make brick for the said Courthouse on the land belonging to the county.” [Minutes of Territorial County Court, p. 408]


Kelly, I ran across the below mentioned excerpts from your Vickers Family Tree and I'm really curious as to what the relationship of Green B.(Berry) Moore was to the Vickers family? My GGG Grandfather was Green Berry Moore b. 1800 in Burke County, Georgia and I have had no luck in finding his roots. I have his descendents down to present time. I thought you may be of some help as your family tree seems to be so comprehensive.

"4. Dorian Bishop, formerly Dorian Vickers, represented by her trustee Green B. Moore" "1847 Dorian Vickers - 1847 - Dorian Vickers Bishop was represented by her trustee, Green Moore in the distribution of Nathan Vickers' will, her father."

"1823 Green Vickers - on 2/12/1823 m. Sarah Sessions in Wilcox Co. Al.

1824 Green B. Vickers - on 1/27/1824 m. Betsey Lindsey in Lauderdale Co. Al.

1830 Green Vickers - 1830 - noted on Dallas Co. Al census 1830 - (may be son of Thomas Vickers, Sr and wife Sarah)

1850 Green Berry Vickers - 1850- noted on Lauderdale Co. Al. 1850 census. (may be son of Thomas Vickers, Sr and wife Sarah)

1874 Green Marion Vickers - b. 12/28/1874 in Henry Co. Al. - son of Jesse and Mary Holley Vickers - information from Jesse and Mary Holley Bible."

Thank you so much for your time,
William Francis (Bill) Moore,


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Title: Nathan Vickers/James Vickers- Laurens Co. Info.

Mercer History, Submitted by Joyce Poole- Augusta Ga. 1982.

Thomas Mercer- wife Hester Moore Mercer- Norfolk co. VA- He b. 1695-1749 s/o Christopher Mercer and wife Miss Hall- Lower Norfolk co. Va. S/o Thos. Mercer and Katherine Biggs.
Son, Thomas b 1730 Craven co. N.C.- First to Currituck Co. and Nash Co. N.C.
Malachi Mercer- b 1765- s/o Solomon Mercer and Sarah Baxley- d 1796- married to Elizabeth ?- Bladen Co. N.C.
Thomas Mercer- 1758-1831- Darlington S.C.- s/o Thomas Mercer and Sarah- married Sarah Windham- @1785 Darlington, S,C.

Family of Nathan Vickers- Information from family Bible printed Brookfield, Mass- by E. Merriam and Co. for the Booksellers- 1802- New Testament.

Front Page- James Vickers
Second Page- Nathan Vickers and Elizabeth Jane Vickers- 1836
4th Page- Nath Vickers, Nathan Vickers, James Vickers Book (as it is written)

Children listed last pages:

James M. Vickers- was borned January the 9th 1804
Elizabeth Vickers- was borned May the 3 day 1805, deceased August the 30 1813.
John B. Vickers was borned February the 12 day 1807 deceased August the 5 1814
Penelope Vickers- was borned February the 13 day 1809.
Nathan N. Vickers was borned February the 10 day 1811.
Pleasant Vickers was borned July the 3 day 1813 deceased September the 15 1814.
Abraham Vickers was borned December the 18 day 1815.
Alraeca Dorian Vickers was borned February 28 in the year of our Lord 1818.
Elizabeth Jane Vickers was borned the 11 March in the year of our Lord 1820.
Tenth child was borned May 31 1822 died Sept 18 1822.
Last page had July 3rd day and next page has 1814 written in middle of page.
Back corner written Nathan N. Vickers

Nathan Vickers Family- Continued****
B 1783- died May 27, 1847- Married about 1803- to Jane ? b 1784- died March 11, 1841. Cairo, Grady Co. Florida Lived in Decatur Co. GA., Burke Co. Ga. and Leon Co. Florida. He was son of James Vickers and Penelope Murphy. (Burke Co. She a widow in the 1820 Census of Burke Co. with 1 female under 10 and she over 45. She was probably the daughter of Michael Murphy whose will date Nov 9, 1799 Burke co. Ga. )
Nathan is in the 1838-9 Tax Digest of Decatur co. Ga. 1 poll, 24 slaves, Lot #77- 638 Acres 16th district 150 acres and 1 carriage.

In the 1820 Census of Burke Co. Ga. 2 males under 10, 2 females under 10, 1 male 16-18, 1 female 10-16, 1 males 16-26, 1 female 26-45 and 1 male 26-45. Appointed Justice of Peace, Leon Co. by the Gov. in May 1832. They are both buried at the Tired Creek Methodist Church Cemetery. Leon Co. Fla.

His children:
1. James M.- b 1804- married to Mrs. Mary Jones Tooke, widow of Arthur Tooke, his cousin- Leon Co. Fla. (of Hardy Nixon Vickers family).
2. Elizabeth died young
3. John B. died young
4. Penelope- b 1809- married to James J. Lester April 10, 1827. Leon Co. Florida.
5. Nathan N.- married Sarah A. ? Decatur Co. Ga. died 1849- had one child- James Hardy Vickers.
6. Pleasant- died young
7. Abraham-
Alraeca Dorian-
9. Elizabeth Jane-
10. Last child born 1822 and died 1822.
1820 Census- Burke Co.- Frederick Vickers, Nathan Vickers.

Indenture Aug 2, 1814- Henry P. Jones- Burke Co. sold to Penelope Vickers of Burke- 107 acres land- “being my part belonging to James Vickers, deceased as one of the heirs.”situated in Burke Co. Recorded May 13, 1845.
Bk 4 p 255- Jan 12 1830- James M. Vickers- Pulaski- as attorney for Nathan Vickers- Terr. Of Fla. to William Sapp- $216- Lot #242- 202 ½ acres 20th Dist Wilkinson, now Pulaski- Wit: Washington Lancaster and Luke Sapp.

1850 Census of Leon Co. Florida-
James J. Lester b 1802
Penelope – b 1809
Nixon- b 1830
John- b 1836
James b 1840
Middleton- b 1847
Melvina- b 1848

James Vickers- Burke Co. Ga. Headright and Bounty Grant- Bk SS5 p 614
200 acres 1789
150 acres 1796

Bk J. p 363- Dec 26 1826- Nathan Vickers of Pulaski $200 for Lot #15 8th Dist Dooly Co. 202 ½ acres. Wit: Silas Lester, Alfred I. Lester. Same Lot sold to James Vickers.

Nathan bought Lot #101 in Northern addition of the City of Tallahassee, Fla. Leon co. for #131 in 1826. Bk G. p 362 Nov 29, 1823.

Deed from Jesse Cox – Jones Co. to Nathan Vickers of Burke Co. for @200- 202 ½ acres Lot #164-8th dist of Dooly- Land drawn by James Reuton.

Lot #7 in 8th Dist of Dooly- now Pulaski, 202 l2/ acres deeded by Nathan of Territory of Florida to William Winborn of Pulaski- Wit: J.M. Vickers and W.B. McGehee.

Headright and Bounty Grants:
John Vickers- Burke Co. Ga.- Bk RRR p 256- 300 acres 1789
John Vickers- Burke Co. Ga. Bk RRR p 285- 200 acres 1789
John Vickers- Burke co. Ga. Bk RRR p 473- 100 acres- 1790.

Elias Vickers- married Elizabeth Gibbs- March 27, 1811. Laurens Co.
Not sure who he belongs to.

There is a James Vickers b 1790-1800- lived Laurens Co. married first Mary Hopson, daughter of Wiley Hopson named in his will 1835- and then to Elizabeth ? Mary was born 1795 and died October 1849- age 54- They had two children: Ashley E- who married Louisa Shine- daughter of Daniel shine – Twiggs Co. Ga. and had three children, Janette, Ashley E., Jr. and Mark F. Vickers. Also a daughter, Eugenia Missouri Vickers.

Notice** James Vickers - in right of wife – will sell in Feb 1832- “all the settlement of land on Turkey Creek in Laurens and Wilkinson Cos. Belonging to deceased- Nov 16,1830

Legal Notices**- from “Southern Recorder”- Milledgeville, Ga. Wilkinson Co. James Vickers Administrator in right of wife on estate of Wiley Hopson- applies for leave to sell 1/3 part of Lot #217 3rd Dist Marion co. Lot #107 21st Dist Harris Co. for support of Angelina Hopson, minor child of Wiley Hopson – notice dated Aug 18 1835- Will probated Nov 1853- Died Sept 21, 1853.

Will of James Vickers- “gives to my wife Elizabeth with whom I lived in love for some several years past, to my child Eugenia Missouri, my son Ashley E. Vickers and his children.
Ref: Will Book 1 - 1809-1840- Laurens Co.
1850 Mortality Schedule – Laurens Co. Ga.
1860 Census Laurens Co. Ga.
Ashley E. Vickers- age 41
Janette- age 34
Ashley e. Jr.- age 3

Col. Ashley Vickers instrumental in engaging teachers for Crosland Academy- 1863- Twiggs co. Ga. Owned large plantation near Montrose.

Daugherty Co. Ga. Feb 3, 1879- Ashley E. Vickers- guardian of Mark Vickers- of Laurens Co. property in 1st Dist of originally Early Co. , now Daugherty. Lots# 107-108-110-130-131-132. , known as Ben Hill place- 1,750 acres sold. Janette Vickers agreed- Ashley E. Vickers and Mark K Vickers- her sons.

Ashley Vickers name changed from Ashley Moz? to Ashley Vickers- Legitimized Dec 21, 1833.
Listed in 1840 and 1860 Census. In Lee Co. with 26 slaves

Ref: History of Twiggs Co. by Faulk and jones
Roster of men who served at Twiggs Co. Fort- War 1812.
Lt. Lovett B. Smith’s Co.- Payroll dated- Aug 7, 1813
Private James Vickers, Private Young Vickers and Col. Ashley Vickers.


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Correction on Laurens-Abraham Vickers


Have just looked at some stuff on Ancestry which you submitted.
The Abraham B. Vickers in Decatur County was son of Nathan Vickers. He was born 18 Dec. 1815 according to Nathan's Bible record. I figure that he was born in Burke Co, Ga as that was where Nathan lived up until ca 1824. Nathan was in Pulaski in 1826 from deed record. Nathan got land patent in Leon Co., Fl 13 Aug. 1827.
Nathan died 27 May 1847 in Decatur Co. He is buried at Tired Creek Methodist Church, Grady Co. Ga by his wife Elizabeth Jane Moore who died 11 March 1841.

I suspect that Nathan named this son Abraham after his uncle Abraham who gave him land.

That deed in Book G p. 207, 5 Jan 1814, Pulaski Co, Ga was witnessed by a John Vickers and an Emanuel Bennett. Do you suppose that Bennett was one of your connections? The deed is from Abraham of Pulaski to Nathan Vickers, esq. of Co. of Burke, for love, goodwill and affection, reserving a life estate in 202& 1/2acres of 20th Wilkinson, now Pulaski, Lot 242.

Deed Book H, p. 46, Pulaski Co, Ga l Sept. 1828, Hardy and Nathan Vickers, Adms. of estate of Abraham Vickers of Pulaski sold lot 238, 20th dist to Elizabeth Posey, widow of Humphrey Posey.

The estate of Abraham that Nathan & Hardy were administrators of started 20 Jan 1824-Book of Estate Returns 1822-1824, Pulaski Co. and seemed to go on for a number of years, even to when Nathan was in Leon co.

There were two Abrahams-1820 Ga. Census- one Abraham in Jefferson Co. and one Abram in Pulaski. On the 1805 Land lottery there was an Abraham who got 1 draw (indicating a single man) and one who got 2 draws (indicating a married man). They were in Washington Co.


Thanks Barbara!!!


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Title: Laurens Co. Ga.-Pulaski Co records- Abraham Vickers

Laurens County Ga. Deeds- Pulaski County records as submitted by Barbara Boynton.

**Original land in Wilkinson Co.-( Early Co. of Georgia.)

***Between 1808-1815- Lists Hatcher, Hardy, Joshua, Abraham, Stephen, Joseph, Thomas, James Vickers – *Stephen and Joseph Vickers are found in 1800 Census of So. Carolina, Darlington Co.

Deed 1808-Bk A p24- Pulaski Co.
Alexander Avera or Avery- to Abraham Vickers, Co. of Laurens 202 1/2 acres 20th Wilkinson. State of Georgia- Indenture made Aug 22 in year 1808 in 33rd year of Independance of United States of America between Alexander Avery –Gartrell’s Dist. of Co. of Lincoln and Abraham Vickers of Laurens Co. $200 – Lot #287- originally granted Avery in Land Lottery of 1805- 242 acres total. Signed in presence of Marlow Pryor and A.M. Devereaux, J.I.C. Entered and examined by me this day of Sept. 1809- Attest- Richard H. Thomas- CC
Bk E p168- 2 Feb 1816- to Abraham Vickers- Lot #233- drawn by Randal Hargrove- Montgomery Co. 202 ½ acres in Wilkinson, now Pulaski Co.

Deed Bk H – p.137 1814- mentions Hatcher Vickers of Laurens Co. Ga.
p. 135 Sept 9, 1811- Joshua Vickers to Hatcher Vickers (both of Laurens)

October 1808- Laurens Co. Ga.- Petit Jury: Hardy, Wiley and Abraham Vickers

Deed- Pulaski Co.- Bk D p 82- 12/24/1808- Henry Batey (Beaty)- Jefferson Co. to Joshua Vickers of Laurens.
Bk G. p 370- 8/6/1811- Z. Cowart to Joshua Vickers of Laurens Co.

Laurens Co. 1st Grand Jury:
Joseph Vickers

1819- Ga. Land Lottery- Laurens Co. Joseph Vickers- Capt. Ross’s Dist.
Stephen Vickers- Capt. Jones Dist.

Book E p 75- 15 May 1815- Stephen Vickers – Co. of Laurens to Joseph Vickers- Co. of Laurens 22nd Dist of Former Wilkinson, now Laurens --Lot#239- 202 1/2 acres.
Witnessed by: Ephraim Phillips, Nathaniel Mercer, J.P.

Book E p76- 2 Jan 1815
John Claghorn- Pulaski Co. to Thomas Vickers- Laurens Co. 22nd Dist former Wilkinson, now Pulaski , 50 a part of Lot #176 to be laid out in SW corner in square. Wit: Mary Mercer, Nathaniel Mercer. J.P. Recorded 8 Mar 1816.
Thomas Vickers married Piety Beaty- Feb 16, 1817- Laurens Co. Their children: James M. Vickers – married Ann E. Miller- Jan 24, 1838- Thomas Co. Ga. and Mary Beaty Vickers-
1850 census of Montgomery Co. Ga.- lists Piety Vickers- widow, with children J.B. age 12 and J.H. age 16. She re-married to Joel W. Pope Jun 8, 1848- Barbour Co. Ala.

Bk A p 89- 16 Sept 1808- Joseph Vickers Co. of Laurens to James Vickers Co. of Laurens- 22nd Dist former Wilkinson, now Laurens, Lot #368 on S. side of Palmetto Creek granted John Burt. Wit: D.R. Thomas, Peter Thomas- Recorded 20 Feb 1809.

Bk A p 235- 6 Jan 1809- Sion Davis to Joshua Vickers Lot #273- 22nd Wilkinson bounded by lots #268,274,298 and 272 on waters of Palmetto Creek. Wit: Stephen Vickers, Wm. Hawthorne, Alexander Blackshear, J.P. Recorded 28 June 1810.

Bk G- p 210- Oct 10, 1818- Thomas Vickers to Moses Tyson, both of Laurens Co. 101 l/4 Acres Laurens, former Wilkinson, part of Lot#239 in 22nd Dist.
Bk H p 55- Jan 18, 1823- Joseph Vickers to Moses Tyson, Sr. ½ of Lot#239- 101 ¼ 22nd Dist former Wilkinson, now Laurens.

**Will of Edwin Vickers- Pulaski Co. Ga. leaves to his brother Thomas Vickers, to Joseph Vickers, to Nathaniel Mercer, to Mary Mercer, to James Vickers and to sister Milly Gardiner. In 1836- James Vickers posted $500 reward for James W. Mercer who murdered James White.

**Per Joyce Poole of Augusta Va.- The Mercer family was probably from Norfolk Co. Va- to Pitt Co. N.C. and Edgecombe Co. N.C. There was a Nathaniel and Jesse Mercer in Darlington Co. S.C, Jesse being son of Thomas Mercer Pitt Co. Thomas received land grant in Cheraws Dist. SC in 1785 and received pay from SC for service in Militia during Rev. War. Levi Mercer was of the group who lived Currituck Co. N.C. @1770 and left to settle in Wilkes Co. Ga. They were originally from Scotland.

Family History:
Abraham Vickers- b @1748 maybe Isle of Wight Co. Va. or Southampton Co. VA (taken from IOW) son of Ralph and Sarah Vickers? not proven.- died 1824- Pulaski Co. Ga. Was in Washington Co. Ga 1805-
Ref: 1805 Land Lottery of Georgia
Headright and Bounty Grants- 1756-1809- Ga. Grant Bk III p 482
Received 200 Acres in Washington Co.- 1786
Listed along with Nathan Vickers in 1838-9 Tax Digest of Decatur Co. Ga.

Deed Bk G p 208- 5 Jan 1814- Abraham Vickers- Pulaski Co. (former Wilkinson)- to loving nephew Nathan Vickers of Burke Co, for love, goodwill and affection- a slave, Frank. Also 202 ½ acres of 20th Dist. former Wilkinson now Pulaski , Abraham reserved for his benefit and natural life on estate. Executors of Abraham’s estate were nephews Nathan and Hardy Vickers- sold lot #287 Pulaski co. with exception of improvements until Jan 1831. Deed entered record Dec 4, 1837. Made Deed to Elizabeth Posey, Lot #238 2nd Dist. Pulaski. 1828.
No wife mentioned for Abraham. Only child listed was Abraham B. Vickers? Listed in 1838-9- 1 Poll Tax, no land, two wheel carriage. Found in Deeds of Decatur Co. Ga in 1842- Deed bk D- A.B. Vickers to Barry Tucker – part of lot #34- Original Early Co. July 4, 1844- Abraham B. Vickers- to James I. Lester Lot #150- 16th dist. Early, now Decatur Co. Ga.
Nathan and Hardy Vickers sell land of John Vickers- 5 July, 1816- Ga.
Note *- If Abraham was son of Ralph Vickers and Sarah, his only brothers were Ralph Jr. who married Ann Baker, lived Southampton Co. N.C. and made Will in York Co. S.C.
And John Vickers who married Mary and lived Edgecombe Co. N. C. Neither of these brothers list Nathan or Hardy Vickers as sons. Abraham, Ralph and John are listed at Colonial Soldiers. ??


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