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Hi Kelly, On with the cataloguing. I am now in Ohio and have found some more Vickerses. I think some of the group went West and there were some looking for the Ohio group. This is what I have:

From the Book: Early Ohio Tax Records by Esther Weygandt Powell.

p. 66 -- Clinton Co. Ohio 1810 Tax List -- Richard Vickers in township Chester. Clinton Co. was formed in 1810 from Highland & Warren Counties. The count seat is at Wilmington.

p. 285 -- non-resident proprietors - Morgan Co. Ohio 1825 Tax List -- James Vickers' heirs

p. 286 -- Morgan Co. Ohio 1840 Personal Tax Duplicate -- for McConnelsville and Morgan Township. -- John Vickers, Jr. Morgan County was formed in 1818 from part of Washington County. McConnelsville is the county seat. Part of Morgan County was taken in 1851 to form part of Noble County.

p. 292 -- Muskingum Co. Ohio 1816 Tax List - proprietors -- James Vickers -- Signed at Zanesville, Muskingum Co., State of Ohio, 4/20/1816 by County Commissioners William H Moore, James Fleming & William Hunter.

p. 432 -- Wayne Co., Ohio 1825 Tax List - Auditor of State of Ohio -- names of resident proprietors -- Solomon Vickers -- Jesse Vickers.

That is all for now. Like I said before - the Vickers clan is everywhere. Maybe this will help any who may be looking in Ohio.

I'll be back later. Charline



Thanks for the update. I made another trip to the Mormon library, and didn't come up with anything earthshaking, but I did unearth some other Vickers hitherto unfound in Logan Co., Ohio at the same general time as Benjamin was there.

From the West Liberty (Logan Co., Ohio) Banner March 24 1892 -someone was reminiscing about 1826 in the County, and it was mentioned that John Vickers was the distiller at that time.

In a query in the local Genealogical Society Newsletter (Branches and Twigs, Spring 1983 #1 p.20) a lady named Barbara Cousins of Vicksburg Mich is looking for John Vickers who she said was born Logan Co., Ohio early 1800's and later moved to Kalamazoo Co., Mich. where he resided in 1830. He died in 1843.

In the Winter 1980 edition of the same journal another article mentions William Henry Vickers had a grist mill and still . In the same journal Summer 1983 #2 William Henry Vickers witnessed a will.

Who are these Vickers, and to whom do they belong ? I have no clue-- any ideas?  It would seem logical that they had something to do w/ Benjamin, but I sure can't assume that.

David Millican,


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