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If I am barking up the wrong tree, please let me know!

1) The 1845 letter of Ezekiel to Harris Vickers. Mentions "Uncle Drew", "Uncle Hatcher", and "Uncle Young". Ezekiel & Harris' father was Joshua (see Will of Joshua).

This links DREW, HATCHER, YOUNG, and JOSHUA Vickers as brothers.

2) Huxford states "Jesse & Young, known brothers of Wiley, moved to Alabama."

This adds JESSE & WILEY to DREW, HATCHER, YOUNG & JOSHUA as brothers.

3) The Will of Young Vickers, 1835. Young leaves everything in trust to Jacob Vickers for his own minor son Wiley. Jacob is married to Kashire, Young's sister, according to John Dulin. Jacob Vickers as Young's brother-in-law would most likely also be his first cousin. Huxford and other sources also mention Kashire as the sister of Wiley, Jesse, and Young.


4) The Will of Joel Vickers, 1834. Joel makes "my brother Jacob" a co-executor of his Will. This could possibly mean "my brother-in-law" but not sure. Joel could therefore be Jacob's actual brother (and first cousin to the above siblings) or if "brother-in-law" is the meaning, Joel would be an actual sibling.

5) Nona Elder has an undocumented reference to John/Jonathan (of Burke Co., GA) as being the father of Hatcher Vickers. Vernon Easley has an undocumented reference to John/Jonathan (of Burke Co., GA) as being the father of Wiley, as well as several other sources.  These undocumented references need to be documented as Hatcher and Wiley are not listed by Hardy Vickers Wooten (grandson of John of Burke through Jerusha) as his Uncles in his diary [see file].  It is always possible his listing of his grandfather's children was not complete.  At any rate, Hatcher and Wiley must at least be nephews of John of Burke.

6) The reference to James and Harris Vickers in TX being first cousins would necessitate their fathers Benjamin and Joshua being brothers also.


7) Other circumstantial evidence would include their migration patterns. They all traveled together as they moved down through GA & AL over a long period of time:

Washington Co., GA Land Lottery, 1805: Abraham, Abraham Jr., Benjamin, Bryant, Elisha, JESSE, JOSHUA, Nancy, WILEY, William Sr.

Pulaski Co., GA Warranty Deed Index, 1808-1813: JACOB, JOSHUA, HATCHER, Abraham, William, James, NATHAN, HARDY.

Twiggs Co., GA Tax Digest, 1818: WILEY, HARDY, Thomas, DREW, YOUNG, JESSE, William, JOSHUA, Sarah.

Henry & Dale Co.'s, AL, 1830's: YOUNG, JACOB, JOEL, HATCHER, JESSE.

There are other recurring names noted above in these migrations, notably William and Abraham. I haven't gone out on a limb yet with these--but they too are suspect.

In Burke Co., GA there is one other Vickers noted with JOHN, HARDY, and NATHAN. Their brother James Vickers who married a Penelope Murphy.  He had at least one daughter whose line is documented in Screven Co. bordering Burke. James and his wife died between 1810 and 1821 or so. One of my current hypotheses is that James (now proven to be the older son of John of Burke) and wife Penelope are perhaps the parents of my James (and maybe of a younger John and Joshua that appear in Jackson Co., FL in the 1820's with James) that as minors when their parents died, or very young adults, traveled down with their uncles through GA and ended up in Jackson Co., FL (bordering Henry Co., AL). I have one very tenuous link here. My grandfather (1888-1979) made a reference one time about "the relatives in AL" that he heard his father speak of. This would have to be the Henry Co., AL group.

Jesse and Delma Paulk in their book, "Wiley Vickers, Pioneer of Coffee Co., GA" make the following note: "A descendant has reported that the children of Bryant Vickers referred to Wiley Vickers as "Uncle Wiley." I'll have to check, but I think Bryant is listed in the Gadsden Co., FL census's.

Another interesting note from the Paulk's book on the origin of the story that Wiley came from Maryland: "The information concerning Wiley Vickers and his two brothers and one sister coming from Maryland to GA was given to the family by an old slave named Betsy Vickers who was born July 4, 1840, and who was still living in 1935, she was the wife of Peter Vickers, negro who could well remember her old master, Wiley Vickers." (p.1)  With the above documented ties of Wiley's family ultimately to the John of Edgecombe Co., NC group, I don't see how this reference could be correct.


Response from Dottie Arthur:
Kelly, I suspect that your James is related also. Here's what little I can add to that possibility.
1845 Thomas Vickers married Amanda Golden in Henry Co., AL.
1860 Thomas and Amanda in AL with children
1865 Amanda is in !!! Jackson Co., FL!!!!! where she marries S. W. JONES (as per your          marriage records)
1870 Amanda Jones and son Joel Vickers are back in Crenshaw Co, AL
Now, why would she go to Jackson Co., FL to marry a 2nd time. Surely she followed Thomas there between 1860-1865. If I could find Thomas there it would answer a lot of questions. Anyway, there must have been relatives there for them to go. Thus the probable connection of the Jackson Co cousins with the AL cousins. Do you like it? Dottie


Response from David Millican:

I went to the library today to do a little basic census research. Here's what I dredged up, most of this is old news, but it helps to review from time to time. Leon co Fla in 1850 had Eziekiel b. 1810 Ga, Jordan b. b.1817 Ga., and Bryan b. 1785 Ga. on the same page, on another page was Simeon b. 1812 Ga. Jordan was the writer of the letter to Harris and Ezekiel was the dictater, who was Jordan? Who was Bryan? TX 1850 Sabine Co? Had Harris b. 1812 Ga with children Austin J.(Joshua?) 10, Alfred H. (Harris?) 8, Mary M.(Martha?) 6, Jefferson 5 and Volney 1. The only other Vickers besides my James in Tx at this time was in Montgomery Co., James R. b. 1808 Ga. Any idea who he is? Here's a head scratcher. 1840 Dale co Ala. Harris Vickers age 40-50. Who is this? He's too young to be Harris Sr. 1830 Leon Co Fl. Hardy 50-60, Hatcher 40-50, Stephen 40-50, Nathan 40-50, John L. 20=30, James L. 20-30, Martha 40-50 (could this be the widow of Joshua Harris(if that was his name)- doubtful, I think she'd be too young, unless she's a stepmother!!) 1830 Escambia fl. Nancy 30-40 1830 Jackson Fl. Joshua 15-20

What does all this mean? We'll see. Your point that there may be more than two Harrises [another proposed son of John of Burke. . . ] seems to be correct. It is difficult to get by the Joshua will and the letter to Tx from Ezekiel though, in establishing the parentage of Harris. To me that's decided, you can't get much better proof than this. Was the Joshua related to Mrs. Mendoza the same Joshua who made the will in Henry ala in 1823? If he did die in Fla in 1829, that would explain a lot. Among other things, the 1827 Tallahassee land deal could now be explained (if Joshua was indeed Joshua Harris and he went back to Leon Co Fla from Henry Co AL.). It looks as if a big percentage of the brothers were in Leon Co in 1830, it would make sense that Joshua had moved back there to be near his brother, but he had died in 1829, that's why he wasn't around with them in 1830. How's all this sound ?? I have looked in NC for Vickers/Harris marriages, no luck. Maybe a Harris Will is the answer. I feel good about this, we are close, I know it. It also seems pretty possible that John Jr's wife was a Harrison/Harris. If not John Jrs' wife, then maybe the wife of John Sr. The name Hardy has also puzzled me, there was a family of Hardys in Surry co Va. that go way back, if anything, I would bet on John Sr marrying a Hardy back in Va. which is where he must have come from. Take it easy, I have to quit, getting tired.

Regards, David Millican



Looks like some new good info in the file. I like your section on piecing the puzzle together, this is a good area to just enter the known facts and then get into analysis and conjecture. As to what I wrote, I'll bet that one of the names of either John Jr's and John Sr's's wives was either Hardy or Harrison. I will personally bet on Hardy as being the name of Ralph's wife. The reason that I say this is that(as I earlier said) there was a family of Hardys in Surry co Va in the late 1600's. Surry co is right next to Isle of Wight, where it seems Ralph was from. The Hardys also moved on into Bertie NC in the early 1700s. The reason I know this is that I am related also to Harts in Va and NC and one of them married a Hardy girl in Surry Va.. The name Hardy Hart later became very common in that family. It might then be possible that the name of the wife of John Jr, Was Harris or Harrison. (and maybe grandpa's name was Joshua Harrison. I know I don't have a shred of concrete proof for any of this, but in these cases where kids have obvious last names for first names, where there is smoke there usually is fire. One of these days soon I will send you all the data that I have on the Vickers' of Texas. Silas sr of Williamson co. was the prolific one, he is the progenitor of a large percentage of the Vickers' of this state. The other early Vickers would be Harris of Sabine co, but his descendants in Texas are not nearly so many as James'/Silas'.

Regards, David Millican


July 1, 1997 (updated 02/09/2001)

So far this is the way things are shaping up. Do not take the following as absolute documented fact. Most of the relationships are solid and documented, but not all. This is a workshop page meant to explore the best and latest guestimate on relationships. That being so, I certainly invite your interaction and correction as we try to figure this out. Thanks, and enjoy. . . Kelly

JOHN VICKERS, mar. Ruth bef. 1690 in Isle of Wright, VA
1. RALPH VICKERS, SR. born 1690, Isle of Wright, VA died 1761, St. Marias Ph, Edgecombe Co., NC married: 1st (unknown)
      2a. Mary Vickers m. Moses Baker Jr. about 1752/3 in Edgecombe Co
Rachel Vickers m. Scarborough
m. 2nd Sarah ________, (possibly Permenter) born about 1695, Edgecombe Co., NC, died Feb 7, 1781, St. Marias Ph, Edgecombe Co., NC
      2c. Ralph Vickers, m. Ann Baker, dau. of Moses Baker Sr.
      2d. John Vickers, b.c. 1720, d. 1786 m. Mary, c. 1735/6
            3a. Abram Vickers, b.c. 1736,
            3b. Jacob Vickers, b.c. 1738
            3c. John Vickers, b.c. 1740, d. 1816, moved his family to Burke Co GA in the mid to late 1780's m. Children: (documented)
                4a. James Vickers, b.c. 1770 (of Burke Co., GA)
                4b. Hardy Vickers, b.c. 1773
                4c. Nathan Vickers, b.c. 1783
                4d. Jonathan, b.c.
                4e. Mary, b.c.
                4f.  Celia, b.c.
                4g. Elizabeth, b.c.
                4h. Winney, b.c.
                4i.  Jerusha, b.c.
                4j. Rachel Vickers, b.c. 1775
                4k. Nancy, b.c.
                See below for detailed list of the children/descendants of John of Burke.

The following generation have to be cousins of the above 11 children of John of Burke.  They would have to be the children of John of Burke's brothers' Abraham, Jacob, Joshua, Joseph, and Stephen, that came to GA with John from Edgecombe Co., NC following the Revolution:

                4a. Charlotte Vickers, b.c. 1768
                4b. Joel Vickers, b.c. 1769 (first cousin if brother to Jacob)
                4c. Joshua Vickers, b.c. ?
                4d. Benjamin Vickers, b.c. 1771-1776
                4e. Hatcher Vickers, b.c. 1772-1773
                4f. Jacob Vickers, b.c. 1770-1780 (probable first cousin to these siblings)
                4g. Kashire Vickers b.c. ? (m. probable 1st cousin Jacob Vickers)
                4h. Jesse Vickers, b.c. ?
                4i. Wiley Vickers, b.c. 1778
                4j. Drew Vickers, b.c. 1780
                4k. Young Vickers, b.c. 1781
                4n. Bryant Vickers

            3d. George Vickers, b.c. 1742, d. 1781/2, Edgecombe Co NC m. 1st. Sarah Autry, dau. of Cornelius Autry
                4a. David Vickers
George Vickers
Sarah (Sally) Vickers, m. Samuel Harrell, by 1798 had moved to District Charlestown, SC
                4d. Uriah Vickers, d. 1793, no children
                m. 2nd. Pheraby, d. 1790
Selanah (Sabrina?) Vickers, m. Christopher Edwards in 1797
Benjamin Vickers, b.c. 1744, Tory, murdered Oct 1787 in Burke Co., GA, apparantly never married or had children.
            3f. Martha Vickers, b.c. 1746 (m. William Hatcher, 2/21/1765)
            3g. Ralph/Raif/Railf Vickers, b.c. 1748, d. 1830 in Muhlenburg Co KY where he moved his family about 1800-1804 m. Nancy (Nanna) White, dau. of George White
                4a. Jacob Vickers, b. 1788, Edgecombe Co NC m. Hannah Arnold, b. 1793, KY, d. 1871, KY, m. Sept 21 1815, KY
                      5a. Nancy Vickers, b. 1817, KY
Sarah Jane Vickers, b. 1822, KY
Ralph Vickers, b. 1828, KY
Patsy Vickers, b. 1831, KY
Emily Vickers, b. 1833, KY
Polly Vickers, b. , Edgecombe Co NC
                4c. Elizabeth Vickers, b. , Edgecombe Co NC
                4d. John Vickers, b. 1796, Edgecombe Co NC m. Sarah A., b. 1805, KY
                     5a. Daniel Vickers, b. 1827, KY
Mary Vickers, b. 1829, KY
John Vickers Jr., b. 1831, KY
America Vickers, b. 1837, KY
Ralph Vickers, b. 1798, Edgecombe Co NC m. Susan Landis, b. 1798, VA, m. Nov 19, 1818, KY,
                     5a. Jacob Vickers, b. 1820, KY
Sarah Vickers, m. Bidwell
Mary Vickers, b. 1823, KY, m. Bidwell
Elizabeth Vickers, m. McEwing
Susan A. Vickers, b. 1830 KY
Caroline Vickers, b. 1839 KY
Eliza Jane Vickers, b. 1842, KY
Mary Vickers, b.c. 1750, m. John Morris
            3i. Joshua Vickers, b.c. 1752
            3j. Patience Vickers, b.c. 1754, m. a "Stokes" (probably John Stokes, Jr.)
                 4a. Betse Stokes
            3k. Joseph Vickers, b.c. 1756
            3l. Elizabeth Vickers, b.c. 1758, m. a "White"
            3m. Stephen Vickers, b.c. 1760, by/before 1798 had moved to the Darlington District, SC
     2e. Abraham Vickers
Sarah Vickers, (possibly married Richard Horn?)

(I put the following family of John of Burke Co., GA together 02/09/2001 from the related files.  See individual family files for documentation. Kelly  :)

John Vickers of Burke Co., GA had 12 brothers and sisters listed in his father's will (John Vickers of Edgecombe Co., NC).  Of these 12, it is likely that Abram, Jacob, John, Joshua, Patience, Joseph, Elizabeth, and Stephen are the ones who came to GA following their father's death in 1784/1785.

Abraham (b.c. 1736) ended up in Pulaski Co., GA where he died 03/24/1824, and his will was temporarily administered by his nephews Hardy and Nathan (John of Burke's sons). [see file on Abraham Vickers]  Abraham's children in his will were:
1. Mary Vickers Baker
2. Rachel Vickers Scarborough
Ralph Vickers
4. John Vickers
5. Sarah Vickers Scarborough

Jacob (b.c. 1738)

Joshua (b.c. 1752) ended up in Washington Co., GA by 1786 and apparantly was still there in 1832. Being born about 1750, he probably had a good size family, possibly an older son Joshua who ended up in the Henry Co., AL with an Indenture to his three sons Harris Vickers, Ezekiel Vickers, and Simeon Vickers. Henry County, Alabama, Deeds Book A-B, pp. 14-15. April 8, 1823.

Joseph (b.c. 1756) listed with his brother Stephen in Laurens Co., GA 1815.

Stephen (b.c. 1760) ended up in Laurens Co., GA, by 1808 and 1815 where he is listed with his brother Joseph, and in 1824 in Pulaski Co., GA, purchasing items from the estate of his oldest brother Abraham.

Any or all of the above brothers that came to GA from Edgecombe Co., NC following the Revolution are the parents of the rest of the Vickers heads of family that continued to migrate south and westward into southern GA, southern AL, and northern FL, and westward.

John/Jonathan Vickers, b.c. 1740, Edgecombe Co., NC, d. early 1816, Burke Co., GA
Wife:  ? d. early 1816, Burke Co., GA according to diary of H.V. Wooten, grandson.
Children: (according to diary of H.V. Wooten, all lived to a "good old age, and raised respectable families," with the exception of Nancy, who died shortly after marriage. Possibly there were more children but these were the ones listed by H. V. Wooten.)
1. James Vickers, had 5 slaves in the 1798 Tax Digest of Burke Co., GA [see file on James Vickers, Burke Co., GA] mar. Penelope Murphy. James and Penelope probably died between 1810 and 1821 in Burke Co., GA.
        1.  at least one daughter Sarah Vickers, who married Henry Phillip Jones (b. 12/27/1788, d. 10/01/1853) and resided in Birdsville, Screven Co., GA, having the following children:
            1. Harriett Jones, b. July 1810, mar. Willis B. May, in 1832.
            2. James Vickers Jones, b. April 1812, mar. Mary Elizabeth Hurt, of Atlanta, 09/28/ 1843.
            3. Melvina Jones, b. March 1814, mar. Dr. Thomas Parsons on August 1, 1838.
            4. Joseph Jones, no record.
            5. Sarah Ann Jones, b. 1820 and died young.
            6. Henry Wilkes Jones, b. September 1824, mar. Martha Ann Aikens 05/02/1848.
            7. William Beeman Jones, b. 02/27/1827, mar. Sidney Ann Elizabeth Sapp 4/05/1849
probably many more children.
2. Hardy Nixon Vickers, b. 1772, d. 11/15/1833 Leon Co., FL, mar. bef. 1806, Burke Co., GA to Sarah Lester, b. 1784, NC and d. aft. 1850 LA/AR. [see huge file on Hardy Vickers]
James Jackson Vickers, b. 1806, Wilkinson Co., GA, d. 06/22/1886, LA,  mar. Sarah M. Jemison (Jamison)? has other marriages.
        2. John L.(Lester) Vickers, b. 1808, GA, d. 1877, LA, mar. Jane Thomas 10/28/1828
Eliza Ann Vickers, b. 1810, GA, d. Hempstead, AR, mar. 12/06/1853, Bienville, LA to John Snell
Sarah Jane Vickers, b. GA, d. GA, mar. John W. Reeves bef. 1838.
        5. Anna Nixon Vickers, b. 06/11/1822, GA, d. 01/08/1891, Bienville, LA, mar. John Arthur Tooke 12/13/1837, Thomas, GA
Nathan Vickers, 1783-1847, mar. Jane ?   Jane died age 57 sometime prior to 1847. [see file on Nathan Vickers]
        1. Abraham B. Vickers
James M. Vickers, d. prior to 1847
Penelope Vickers, mar. James J. Lester
Dorian Vickers, mar. Henry Bishop
Nathan N. Vickers, d. prior to 1847
Elizabeth Jane Vickers, mar. James A. Harden 11/30/1839, in Thomas Co., GA
Jonathan Vickers
5. Mary Vickers
6. Celia Vickers
7. Elizabeth Vickers
8. Winney Vickers
9. Jerusha Vickers, married Eli Wooten about 1803, and had the following children:
        1.  Martha Wooten, married John Lodge.
        2.  Cynthia Wooten, died in infancy.
        3.  Elizabeth Wooten, married Simeon Lodge.
        4.  Hardy Vickers Wooten, b. 12/15/1813, Burke Co., GA
        5.  Eli Wooten, b. 1816
  James David Wooten, b. 03/09/1819
  possibly a couple of sisters younger than Hardy Vickers Wooten, that died young.
        Jerusha's husband Eli Wooten died 01/28/1819 in Burke Co., GA.  In the 1820 census, the family includes 10 slaves.
10. Rachel Vickers, b.c. 1775,  married Lawrence Armstrong Folsom 1796 in Burke and had the following children.  In 1821 they moved from Burke Co., to the area of Lowndes Co., GA with James Rountree (future father-in-law of son James Folsom), and Drew Vickers.  They were the first settlers in that area.  Lowndes County was formed about 1825. [see file on Rachel Vickers Folsom]
        1. William Folsom, b. 1797
        2. Randall Folsom, b. January 1799
John Folsom, b. 1800 or 1801
Rachel Folsom, b. 1804
Elijah Folsom, b. 1804 or 1809
Elizabeth Folsom, b. 1806 or 1810
Maston Folsom, b. 1806 or Sept 14, 1809, or 1811
Cynthia Folsom, b. 1808 in Burke Co or Nov. 8 1815 Pulaski Co. or 1818 Lowndes Co.
James Folsom, b. May 10, 1812, in Pulaski Co., GA
Nancy Vickers, died shortly after marriage


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