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Jacob Vickers Born: 29 DEC 1819, Kentucky Died: 1882, McLean,Kentucky

Father: III Ralph Vickers - born 1798, North Carolina, died 1852, Kentucky. Spouse: Cynthia Ann Stroud- born 1823, Kentucky, died 1900. Married 29 DEC 1842, Muhlenberg, Kentucky

Lucinda Lucretia Vickers- born 1844, Kentucky; died 1917, Kentucky
Russell Vickers - born 1846, Kentucky Peter Vickers- born 1848, Kentucky died 1905
William Vickers- born 1849, Kentucky died 1923
Martin Lee Vickers- born 1850, Kentucky
John Ralph (Rafe) Vickers- born 1852, Kentucky died 1918 Illinois
George Robert Vickers - born 1854, Kentucky died 1934, Arkansas
Absalom Warren Vickers- born 1857 died 1935
Isaac Newton Kelly Vickers- born 1860 died 1944
Nannie Vickers - born 1862, Kentucky died 1878, Kentucky

(Individual note)
1. 1850 Census, Muhlenberg Co., KY, Dist. 1, 323/323, p. 29.,
2. LDS fiche #6048004, Muhlenberg County Marriages, 1799-1901, p. 37.
3. Randy Wynn, Correspondence, Apr 1996.

a. nickname "Jake", b.date, d.date.

(Individual note) because of the ages, I believed this to be the child of Jacob Vickers, Dist. 1, 324/324. However, the will of Ralph Vickers (Dist. 1, 322/322) shows a son Jacob, and there is no other Jacob in the 1850 census in Muhlenberg. So I'm tenatively making this Jacob the son of Ralph, but more work is needed. There is no will for the Jacob at 324/324.

(Individual note) name in MCM is Jacobs Reickens. Proven Vickers by father-in-law's will.

(Individual note) Line 4550 from GEDCOM File not recognizable or too long: MARR PLAC Muhlenberg County, Ky


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