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Nebo, North Carolina,  This Saturday, July 16, 2011

Andice, Texas, beginning of August
South and Central Florida, end of April
Sussex County, Delaware,
middle of September
Cairo, Georgia,
beginning of August






















Andice, Texas

1998 Vickers Reunion July 31, August 1, 2, 1998

Letter dated July 6, 1998

Dear Vickers Family:
The Vickers family reunion for the descendants of early American Vickers and their families and friends will again be at the Community Center in Andice, Texas. The Andice site provides spaces for recreational vehicles, tent camping with shower and restrooms, a community building with kitchen, and grocery store for ice and gas. Please see below for motel phone numbers and assistance for making prior arrangements for RV spaces and camping.
The most important thing is your presence. If it is inconvenient for you to bring prepared food for your family, bring food that can be prepared on site, as there are cooking facilities and refridgerators available. If it is inconvenient for you to travel with food, there are shopping facilities within 14 miles of Andice; bring cups, paper plates, etc. for your family. Everyone's food will be put together and we will all eat together. There will be a potluck lunch on Saturday (bring food for your family); the Saturday evening meal will be furnished, bring deserts, etc. I (Gilbert) will fix breakfast each morning with eggs, bacon, sausage, etc., whatever each family brings, but I will also be asking for volunteers to help prepare the food for the other meals brought by each family. I will also be asking for volunteer men and women to assist in cleaning up after each meal. Again, if any of these arrangements will hinder you from being present at the reunion, keep in mind your presence is of the utmost importance and just bring your family.
AUCTION -- For the auction (which is to make a little money for the reunion fund) everyone who would like to participate, bring preferably a hand-crafted item (worth about $5 or so) to be auctioned off. The kids can bring items worth $1.
VICKERS FAMILY COOKBOOK -- Orders will be taken for the cookbook and it can be mailed to you when it comes in.
AIR CONDITIONING -- As of now, I am still working to get air conditioners for the big meeting room so that hopefully it will be cooler again this year.
ALL MOTEL FACILITIES are in Georgetown. These are DAYS INN, 512-863-5572; COMFORT INN, 512-863-7504; LA QUINTA INN, 512-869-2541. For assistance, call Gilbert & Cleo Vickers, 512-515-6147, or Lola Vickers King, 512-515-5422. Looking forward to seeing all of you in Andice the first weekend in August.

Sincerely, Gilbert Vickers, President
Please see attached letter from Alan Vickers!

Dear Vickers Family:
A family video and book project is in progress. Based on the research of our family genealogist, Lola Vickers King, it covers the lineage of Silas Vickers and his descendants. History, facts, forgotten stories and memories are included. We hope to have this video available before year's end. At the family reunion in Andice, Texas on July 31 - August 2, 1998, some filming will be done to be included in the project. We will be in touch with more information later,

Best regards, Alan Vickers
June 30, 1998
Houston, Texas

Vickers Family Reunion -- Florida
The children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren of Wesley and Nellie Vickers meet each April (around the third or last Sunday in April) in the central and southeastern portion of Florida (location varies as most descendants live in Charlotte, DeSoto and Orange Counties). Potluck Sunday picnic lunch and fellowship at a state or county park location is the usual fare. Wesley Call Vickers (1888-1979) was of the earliest Florida Vickers stock which originally came to the panhandle in the 1820's. All Vickers are welcome. Contact Kelly Vickers, for more information.

Subject: Vickers family reunion, Cairo, GA

Kelly--I finally called Willard Vickers and we had a very good visit. In fact we find that we came from a common ancestor, Jordan Vickers. He gave me another person's name, Ross Sims, who is married to a Vickers, and her family comes from Jordan also. Ross has a lot of information on computer and he has promised to mail me a copy in the next few days. The main reason I am writing you is to let you know that a Vickers family reunion will be held in Cairo, Georgia, on Saturday, August 1, 1998, at the First United Methodist Church on Broad Street, starting at about 11 a.m. Willard and the Sims invited me and my family and said that they would be glad to have any other Vickers that cared to come. I thought you might be interested in this and post it on your page. Thanks,
Wihlena Wilson,

Kelly, We have been invited to a small gathering of the Vickers Delaware Clan, and wanted to know if you wanted me to spread the word of who you are and what your doing. Sussex County, Delaware, its around Sept. 20th, 1997. I should also be able to put you in touch now with the gentleman who gave me my information who had some of our disproved Vickers lore that might pertain to others.
Keep in touch,
Mary Vickers
Charles H. Vickers

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