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Kathy Mulvihill, REKMUL@aol.com

I am just so excited to have found a Vickers homepage as I have been researching this line for a couple of years and have not accomplished much unfortunately!!! I am hopeful that maybe I will have something that will help someone and maybe vice versa......

My Vickers came from VA to Ohio around 1821 or when the Ohio Canal opened in Coshocton Cty., Ohio. There were several brothers and sisters who came - all born in either Fauquier or Loudoun Cty - or possibly Prince William. My information is sketchy at best in VA. Once I get the Vickers into Ohio, I had great success, but establishing their VA roots has been difficult. I do not know who their parents were. Some of the names of my Vickers are: MALENDA, ELIZABETH, CHARLES, WILLIAM, TALLIAFERO, SAMUEL AND JOHN...Apparently the Vickers went to Ohio with some of the Romines of Frederick Cty., VA., as my Talliafero Vickers married Henrietta Romine, daughter of Reuben Romine and Lyddia Smallwood and Samuel Vickers married Caroline Romine, daughter of Elijah Romine (son of Reuben) and Lewranney Riley. These marriages took place in Cosh. Cty., Ohio after 1821. I do know that Talliafero (that is a name common to VA - must be a connection with the Talliafero Family somewhere) was born in 1790. Samuel was born in 1804. Unfortunately, I don't know who they all belonged to. Someone once thought they were children of Thomas Vickers. I have no proof of that and also none of the children were named Thomas, which leads me to question whether or not Thomas was indeed the father of my Vickers. Somewhere I suspect either a Vickers married a Talliaferro or served with him in the Rev. War to have given that surname to my ancestor.

I would love to work with anyone on these lines. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks in advance!
Kathy Mulvihill, Tampa, Florida REKMUL@aol.com


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