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Sorry but we do not have any information on Vickers in our Register. The following references could be of assistance to you.

Journals of the House of Burgesses
Brown's The Genesis of the United States
Henning's Statues at Large
Hiden/Jester's Meyer/Dorman - Adventures of Purse and Person
Leonard's The General Assembly of Virginia - a Bicentennial Register of Members
Nugent's Cavaliers and Pioneers
Stanard's Colonial Virginia Register

Thank you for your interest in the Jamestowne Society.


Captain John Smith, founded the first English Colony at Jamestown Virginia in 1607. The following are some (1,033) Early Virginia Pioneers Indexed by last name, first name from 1624 records.


Coppley Vickers has noted and sent to me references to the following Web Pages of Thomas Langford, that are very helpful resources for early Vickers research in Virginia.    Kelly

American Plantations and Colonies--Virginia

American Plantations and Colonies--Virginia People, 1623/4

American Plantations and Colonies--Sources & References


More research resources from Coppley Vickers:

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Subject: Re: Early Ships Reference to your query pertaining to your John Vickers, the following URLs pertain to the subject of early ships arrivals to Va. and America.

History of the American Colonies

Early Virginia/WVA Genealog

Mayflower Web Page

Cycles of US History-Colonial Cycle 1585-1700

A Complete Mayflower Passenger List

On the trail of our Ancestors/index to Ships list

Gendex--Index to Surnames

300 Million Plus Records

300 Million Names

Families of Washington Co. and Smyth Co. Va.

Gendex--Index of Surnames (my stand-by)but not exactly 100%


More Resources in Virginia

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Subject: ADMIN: Confusion as to List Purpose and Other Resources
Date: Friday, May 22, 1998 11:53 AM

I am concerned that some recent postings from VA-ROOTS subscribers indicate that they do not understand the purpose of this discussion list. First, VA-ROOTS is a discussion list devoted to issues concerned with genealogical research on Virginia families. We invite people to post questions -- both specific and general -- to the list. Many persons on the list are quite knowledgeable and are often willing to share that knowledge...and do so. The discussion list is not a substitute for research in the records.

The Library of Virginia has not made available on-line the many records it has available for family research, such as county court records (wills, deeds, etc.) Nor has it made available on-line the original sources by which proof of military service can be obtained. There are private sites, especially the that have made some of these records available. The Library of Virginia has made available for on-line research a number of finding aids to original records. Once you locate a name in which you are interested in these finding aids, you must contact either LVA or a professional researcher who is willing to undertake work for you in order to obtain a copy. The Library of Virginia has placed on-line certain records in two often-requested record area: patents and grants from the Land Office and Bible Records. You can search the finding aid for these records and then the original record itself. I strongly encourage our subscribers to look at the LVA home page at and follow the many links there. You will find hours of work and many new sites.

We are approaching a holiday weekend. I will be checking e-mail several times each day but if I do not respond to a question immediately, please be patient. If you are having problems with your subscription, we will try to assist you.
Daphne Gentry
Library of Virginia


Coppley Vickers, writes:
Annette, would it be much trouble to send me information on the oldest church in the Isle of objective is info on John Vickers b. 1648; Ralph Vickers b. 1650; and Margaret Vickers b. 1652
Thank you, Coppley Vickers

From: Annette E Wetzel
Subject: Re: Isle of Wight, VA Churches
Date: Tuesday, July 07, 1998

Would be happy to do that, but don't think I know the answer to your question. Have not done any research in Isle of Wight. As for churches, have only a few of the Baptist denomination, nothing on other denominations. The following is all the notes I have on hand about "matters religious" in Isle of Wight County:

Parishes associated with Isle of Wight County: (the dates are the dates that parish was associated with Isle of Wight, the parish may have continued in another county. If the date is followed by a -, the parish continued to exist after 1785.)

Lower Parish: 1643-1734
Newport Parish: 1734 - (name was in use before 1734 in Isle of Wight County)
Nottoway Parish: 1734-1749
Upper Parish: 1643-1734
Warrosquyoake Parish: 1637-1734
Saint Luke's Church, in Isle of Wight County, probably was erected in 1682 as the second building on the site. It was known as Newport Parish Church or the Old Brick Church before the present name was adopted in 1828. It is a National Historic Landmark. "Early Baptist Churches in Isle of Wight County": Burleigh - 1714, Mill Swamp - 1774


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Subject: FW: Virginia Historical Society online catalog
Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998

From: Lee Shepard []
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Subject: Virginia Historical Society online catalog

The Virginia Historical Society takes pleasure in announcing the opening of its online library catalog. As of July 1, the online public access catalog is available in the Society's reading room and on the Internet via the Society's webpage: (select "Collections" and then go to the bottom of the screen for the catalog). While the online catalog is definitely a "work under construction," researchers may use it to access records of all printed books and serials in the Society's collections, along with about 6,200 records of manuscript collections. Future searchable components of the catalog will include records of maps, newspapers, photographs, and portraiture. (A photographs index is currently accessible from the online catalog or directly through the Society's web page.)

A number of persons and agencies have supported the Society's automation efforts, including Mr. Alan M. Voorhees, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, the Richard and Caroline T. Gwathmey Trust, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. At this time, the Society is engaged in a comprehensive retrospective conversion project that, by June 2000, will have accounted for the transfer to automated format of the vast majority of existing records in the library's card catalogs. Staff members anticipate a second phase to the project that will complete the recon of manuscript collection records and extend the conversion process into other record categories in the Society's holdings.

At an open house on September 19, 1998, the official opening of the online catalog will be celebrated and special presentations on its use will be featured. In the meantime, questions about the Virginia Historical Society's online catalog should be directed to Julie Beamer, data manager ( Research queries may be submitted to the Society's library reference staff by telephone (804-342-9677) or by mail to P.O. Box 7311, Richmond, VA 23221-0311. Genealogical queries should be submitted in writing to the address listed above. Currently, the Society's reference staff cannot accept reference queries via email. E. Lee Shepard, Assistant Director for Manuscripts and Archives, Virginia Historical Society, P.O. Box 7311, Richmond, VA 23221-0311    (804) 342-9670


Subject: Fw: New LVA Online Searchable Database Available
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998
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Subject: New LVA Online Searchable Database Available
Date: Tuesday, June 30, 1998

Greetings - I am pleased to announce the addition of a fully-searchable database for Virginia Probate and Estate Records Prior to 1800 to the Library of Virginia's Digital Library Project ( Previously, this index was part of the Electronic Card Indexes collection. The Will Books and Order Books for 50 Virginia cities and counties were examined by the Library of Virginia staff for recorded wills, administrations, inventories, and other recorded documents relating to the estates of individuals. This database indexes those documents generally for the period up to 1800, with entries for some localities extending beyond 1800. Lawsuits are not included. The database will eventually include all Virginia localities.

The documents referenced in the database include wills from a number of counties where the original records no longer exist. Each of the more than 75,000 entries contains the name of the deceased, the county, the type of document, the date the document was recorded, and references to the source in which the recorded document can be found (usually a county Will Book). The microfilm reel number for each document is also indicated. There is a separate record for each source. It is recommended that you read the information provided about the database and the "search tips."

Counties and Cities Indexed:
Accomack County (forthcoming)
Albemarle County (forthcoming)
Amelia County (1734-1800)
Amherst County (1761-1800)
Bath County (1791-1800)
Bedford County (1754-1800)
Botetourt County (1770-1800)
Brunswick County (1732-1800)
Campbell County (1782-1800)
Caroline County (1742-1800)
Charlotte County (1765-1800)
Chesterfield County
Culpeper County (1749-1800)
Cumberland County (1749-1810)
Elizabeth City County (1689-1800)
Essex County (1692-1800)
Fluvanna County (1777-1800)
Franklin County (1786-1800)
Fredericksburg (1789-1800)
Goochland County (1728-1800)
Grayson County (1796-1800)
Greensville County (1781-1800)
Halifax County (1753-1800)
Hanover County (1724-1898)
Henry County (1777-1800)
Isle of Wight County (1628-1800)
Lancaster County (1652-1800)
Lee County (1794-1832)
Madison County (1793-1800)
Middlesex County (1673-1800) (forthcoming)
Montgomery County (1773-1800)
Norfolk City (1784-1800)
Northampton County (1632-1800) (in progress)
Nottoway County (1789-1809)
Orange County (1735-1800)
Patrick County (1791-1800)
Petersburg (1784-1800)
Powhatan County (1777-1800)
Prince George County (1713-1800)
Prince William County (1734-1744) (1778-1800)
Princess Anne County (1691-1800)
Richmond City (1782-1810
Richmond County (1692-1800)
Southampton County (1749-1800)
Spotsylvania County (1722-1800)
Surry County (1652-1850)
Sussex County (1754-1800)
Washington County (1770-1800)
Wythe County (1790-1800)
York County (1633-1811)

Elizabeth Roderick
email (
Assistant Director, Library Development and Networking Division
voice (804) 692-3761 fax (804) 692-3771
The Library of Virginia 800 E. Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23219


Re: Missing Burned Counties?
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998
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From: john c ottinger <>
Re: Missing Burned Counties?
Date: Monday, June 29, 1998

A list of the burned VA counties was recently posted, and I noticed that the list did not include Essex or Isle of Wight counties. I was under the impression that these were also burned counties. Not true? There is a paucity of records available through LDS for those two counties, and I wonder if it was because the records were burned or LDS never got around to them?

Essex and Isle of Wight are not burned counties, and records for both of them are abundant and accessible. For Essex, land and probate records begin in 1691; court, 1692; marriage, 1804; birth and death, 1856-1916; and index of records of the parent county, Old Rappahannock, 1654-1692. For Isle of Wight, probate records are available from 1636; land, 1688; court, 1693; marriage, 1771; death, 1853-74; and birth, 1853-76.

Source is Carol McGinnis' Virginia Genealogy: Sources and Resources, pp 174 and 184. Also see John Bennett Boddie's 17th Century Isle of Wight County.
John Ottinger

Most of the LVA site is down today because of maintenance, but the listing of county records is available. <> If you do not have a TIFF viewer, there is one there to download free. There are 12 pages of films listed for Essex Co., 13 PP. for Isle of Wight Co. Many, if not most, of these films are available via interlibrary loan from the Library of Virginia through your local public library.
Jean Gillett


The following exchange from the VA-Southside listserve submitted by Coppley Vickers, provides a little historical background for Jamestowne and the surrounding area at the time our first Vickers were there. Kelly

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Subject: Fw: [VA-SOUTHSIDE-L] House of Burgesses, 1600's
Date: Sunday, May 31, 1998

Kelly, I do not know if this fits. Maybe a history section.. I have been very interested in the history of Jamestowne and Isle of Wight..and England during this period.. just think someone with our genes was walking around there ..(makes my scalp tingle ) ....therefore we were..????? .hoping to find more info on John....

From: Annette E Wetzel <>
To: Subject: Re: [VA-SOUTHSIDE-L] House of Burgesses, 1600's Date: Sunday, May 31, 1998 12:45 AM

On Thu, 28 May 1998 writes:
My goal is Gabriell Holland who, I believe, served as a Burgess from Henrico Co. around 1627. I am interested in proving that he served and when. I have Hollands all along the south side of the James River starting from James City County, 1621. Gabriell had 5 or 6 sons, and possibly a daughter. Tom in Texas

Tom, General Assembly of 1621 - No known list of members

General Assembly of 1624 met Feb 16 to Mar 5, 1624. Burgesses representing "The Colledge": GABRIELL HOLLAND & Thomas Marlott.

General Assembly of 1625 met May 10, 1625. Burgesses representing "The Colledge" : Thomas Osborne & Richard Tiler.

Grand Assembly 1654-1655 Burgesses: John Holland - Westmoreland County In much later times, the following Holland's have served in the VA General Assembly: John M., Edward Everette, Shirley T., Edward McHarg, Clarence A., Richard Joyner.

A large library should have Earl G. Swem's "Virginia Historical Index," which shows the following references for GABRIELL HOLLAND: 1H129; 1V89, 442; 7V46, 50; 21V144; 27V261, 270; 28V324; 9W(1)12; 24W(1)124, 127; 7W(2)126, 128.

H = Hening's Statutes At Large, Vol. 1, p 129
V = Virginia Magazine of History
W(1) = William and Mary Quarterly, 1st Series
w(2) = William and Mary Quarterly, 2nd Series Did not have the time to look up any of these references. Swem's Index has nearly one full page of references to various "Holland's" in the above cited works, plus in Calendar of Virginia State Papers, Lower Norfolk County Antiquary, Virginia Historical Register and Tyler's Quarterly. Copied this index page.

The reference to "The Colledge" refers to the land in Henrico County (now in Chesterfield County) which was set aside by the London Company for the building of "a colledge to educate Indians," which plan included enough land for farming that the college could be self-sufficient.This land was at or near the town of Henrico, sometimes called "Henricopolis" which was begun by Sir Thomas Dale around September, 1611. Sir George Yeardley arrived in the colony in April 1619, bringing instructions to form a government with a representative assembly. The colony was divided into "four cities or boroughs namely the chief city called James Town, Charles City, Henrico, and the Borough of Kiccotan." Land was set aside in each city or borough for company tenants and for support of the settlement. Provisions were also made to provide land to adventurers and to those who paid passage for colonists under the headright system. Three thousand acres in Henrico were designated as company lands to be occupied by the company's tenants for half profits. Ten thousand acres granted for the support of "a university and College" at Henrico were situated on the north side of the river from Henrico to the falls. Another one thousand acres were set aside for the college for the conversion of infidels." (Robert Hunt Land, "Henrico and Its College" William and Mary Quarterly, 2nd ser., Vol. 18: 467-487)

Gov. Yeardley called for elections in each of the eleven settlements. Two delegates were to be elected from each settlement to form a house of Burgesses. On July 30, 1619, the first representative assembly met in the church at Jamestown. The two representatives from Henrico were Thomas Dowse and John Polentine. One law passed called for each settlement to take in and prepare Indian children "so to be fitted for the Colledge intended for them." They petitioned the company "that towards the erecting of the University and Colledge they will sende, when they shall thinke most convenient, workmen of all sorte fit for that purpose." 50 tenants, sent by the Virginia Company under Capt. William Weldon arrived November 1619. George Thorpe was selected on April 3, 1621to take charge of managing the college land and tenants. Between 1619 and 1621 ships had brought 3,570 men and women, 347 colonists, including Thorpe, were killed in the Indian massacre of 1622. The college, ironworks and settlements north and south of the James River above its junction with the Appomattox were evacuated.

By the end of the summer of 1622, the "replanting" of Henrico and "the Colledg lands" was considered a necessity, and the governing council asked the London Company to send additional tenants to be settled on the company's land and that orchards and gardens be planted on the college land. Resettlement was not successful, the king brought suit against the London Company. On May 24, 1624, the suit was settled, the Company dissolved, and Virginia became a royal colony. In May, 1625, only 22 inhabitants were reported residing in the corporation of Henrico. A total of 23 patents had been issued for land south of the James, but the inhabitants were reported as being on the college lands. In May, 1625, the land on the north side of the James was reported as follows: 3,000 acres company land; 1500 acres common land; 10,000 acres university land & 1,000 acres college land. The town of Henrico was abandoned and 15 years after the massacre of 1622, the site was included in a 2,000 acres tract patented by Willian Farrar, and the area became known as Farrar's Island. By February 1625 there were 1,209 whites and 23 blacks reported in Virginia. Annette


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Subject: Fw: VA-SOUTHSIDE-L House of Burgesses, 1600's - any information on members Date: Saturday, May 30, 1998

From: Annette E Wetzel <>
Subject: House of Burgesses, 1600's - any information on members
Date: Wednesday, May 27, 1998

"The General Assembly of Virginia, July 30, 1619-January 11, 1978: A Bicentennial Register of Members," by Cynthia Miller Leonard. Richmond: Virginia State Library, 1978.

"Journals of the House of Burgesses of Virginia," Ed. Henry R. McIlwaine and John Pendleton Kennedy. 13 vols. Richmond: Virgiia State Library, 1905-1915

"Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, 1622-1632, 1670-1676." Ed. Henry R. Mcilwaine, Richmond: Virginia State Library, 1924

"The History of Henrico County," by Manarin, Louis H. and Clifford Dowdey. University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1984.

Kukla, Jon. "Political Institutions in Virginia, 1619-1660," New York, 1989.

Neill, Edward D. "The English Colonization of America during the Seventeenth Century," London: Straham & Co., 1871

Neill, Edward D. "Virginia Carolorum: The Colony under the Rule of Charles the First and Second, A.D. 1625-A.D. 1685, Based upon Manuscripts and Documents of the Period." Albany: J. Munsell's Sons, 1886.

Hening, William Waller, ed. "The Statutes at Large: Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia from the First Session of the Legislature in the Year 1619." 13 vols. New York, Richmond, Philadelphia: Printed by the Editor, 1819-23.

Force, Peter, ED. "Tract and Other Papers Relating Principally to the Origin, Settlement, and Progress of the Colonies in North America, From the Discovery of the Country to the Year 1776." 4 vols. Washington, D.C.: Peter Force, 1836-46.

From Dawna Vicars:

Subject:  Eng >Transported to VA -John &William Vickers
   Date:   Wed, 12 Jul 2000 01:17:38 EDT

In:  Coldman, Peter Wilson, "Bonded Passengers to America 1655-1775", Vol 2, New Orleans: Polyanthos, 1976, p 153:
he lists three Vickers to arrive to America via Justica.
Vicars  Early Immigrants:
NAME: Robert Vickars, age: n.a.; place of arrival: America; year of arrival: 1767; ref: 1223, pg. 153  ( this is believed to the be the Robert Vicars who settles in SW VA)

NAME: William Vickers, age: n.a.; place of arrival: America; year of arrival: 1768; ref. 1223, pg. 153

NAME: John Vickers, age: n.a.; place of arrival: America; year of arrival: 1773; ref: 1222, pg. 273.

Dee Dee sent me the Robert paper (which I can't seem to find), and I paid for the William and John paper to be sent from London via the Guildhall Library (man, was I surprised when I got that bill....guess I should check the English pound against the  US dollar before I said yes... Oh well lesson's learned).  Anyway, these are bad copies but let make out and type in what I can on
John  & William (whom, by the way, are caught at REAL theft, contrary to our Robert who if I recall seemed to be picking up scraps from his work place.)  These are Verbatium transcribed.  I put question marks (??) where I can't read.
Good Reading,'
pg 309 (unknown book)
520 (m)  WILLIAM VICKERS was indicted for stealing eight printed books bound in leather, Work of Dr. Jonathon Swift, value 20s; 7 printed book bound in leather, of Collin's Peerage of Eng., val 40s. Six printed books bound in leather, initiale, the Dramaticv Works of John Dryden, Esq; and 3 rinted books, bound in leather, by Thomas Sherlock, val 10 s, the property of George Booth Tindal Esq Aug 15

George Booth Tindal Esq: When I went out of town my books were safe on Thursday the 28th of July; after I was gone  received a letter informing me a man was "dere??/ed" in stealing my books....I missed the books laid in the indictment from out of my chambers.  (he produced a letter wrote by the prisoner (W. Vickers) whose hand-writing he knew well; it was read where in he acknowledged the taking of the books and had pledged them to 3 different pawnbrokers; and begs mercy)

James Brooks, I live in the Strand.  the prisoner brought Swifts works on Sat. the 6th of Aug. and pledged them for a half a guinea;and on Monday the 8th he brought Collins Peerage; I questioned him how he came by them, he did not give me a satisfactory account, but after a good deal of talk he
permitted me to go with him to what he called his chambers in the Temple; he with a key, opened the doors, I saw over the door the Name "Tindal"; upon that I said to him, you gave me a different name than this; his answer was the gentleman who lived there before he had the chambers was of that name; he farther instructed me to go and be satisfied; but I told him I was quite satisfied they were not his chambers; I went down stairs and at the bottom of the stairs went in a periwig shop and inquired if a Mr. Tindal had chambers there, they said he had and they believed he was in Bristol.  I went immediately home and by the time the prisoner was at my shop I asked he very closely with stealing the books, upon this he opened the door and ran, I jumped over the counter and ran after him and brought him back and had him before Sir John Fielding, he committed him to farther examination.

Joseph Patterson I live in ????? on the 5 of August the prisoner pledged with me 3 books of Dr. Sherlocks Sermons. (Produced  in court)

Hugh Davidson I live in Fleet Street, the prisoner pledged with me 6 volumes of Dryden's works to 40s in the name of William Vickers, he told me he had chambers in the Temple. (books produced in court).

Prisoner DeFence
I was hired as a servant; four days after that my master went into the country, I contracted several debts; I had a letter from my master that he would be in town in a little time; I was obliged to pledge these' but expected when my master came to town to get them again; I have a wife and two

To his Character
Angus Kennedy  I have known the prisoner between 9-10 years, I never heard nothing in regard to his character before now; he was along with me at the reduction of Bellesle and taking of Quebec; I was a servant of the Marines, I now belong to the militia and so does he.

GUILTY - T  (Transported)
Pg 317
414a 415 (M)
JOHN VICKERS and JAMES Read were indicted for breaking and entering the dwelling of Harry Priatt on the 12th of JUNE about the hour of two in the morning and stealing 720 copper halfpence, said property of the said Henry in his dwelling house.  There were a second time indicted for braking and entering the dwelling house of Henry Prait on the 16th of Jun about the hour of twelve in the
night and stealing 120 copper halfpence the property of the said Henry.

Henry Prait:  Before my wife came down at six in themorning the area hole in my cellar was lifted off the hinges, the  cellar joins the top ???; by that means they got into the house.I found the bolt of the ?? put back and the till broke open as I ??? by the lock being pushed down by a pin knife.

Mary Prait:  I went to bed ??, about twelve at night I am sure I bolted the ??? that night; as to the tap room door, that  goes into the cellar; it is always left open.  I am not sure the door of the area hole was bolted that night; I left five shillings in the till; and locked the door in the bar; in the morning the halfpence were lost.

____Parter (?):  VICKERS said before Justice Wilmot they got in twice by the cellar window; the two ?? times he said, they took a quantity of halfpence, about 30 s.  READ said he had been with him twice, he had 8 s in halfpence he was very ill.

In the Defence
The prisoners in their defence, denied the charges, but called no ?????

VICKERS- not guilty of breaking and entering but guilty of stealing the goods.  - T  (transported)
READ - Acquitted

(M) They were a third time indicted for breaking and entering the dwelling house of Henry Prait on the 30 th of June about the hour of Twelve in the night and stealing twelve copper halfpence, the property of the said Henry Prait, in his dwelling house.
Both Acquitted


From Dawna Vicars:
Attached is a file in Rich Text Format (should be opened by any word processing file) that list part of my recent research conducted at the DAR  Library and National Archives in Wash. DC on July 5-7, 2000.

This File includes Vicars/Vickers from SW VA (both Russell, CO and Lee, CO) for Civil War Muster rolls, one death notices (Killed in Action) & WW 1 Draft registrations for Vicars in Creek, CO, OKLA. (this Creek Co, OKLA family is from the John Vicars * Gemmina Fugate Line.  John is listed in the conferederate rolls from Lee Co.  John was born in Russell Co.  Gemmima in TN.)

Each muster roll includes the card file numbers and rank, date of enlisted age and any notes on the card file.  This is VERY helpful when you go to look for their pension file, or write to the National Archives for further I took great care in writing down the numbers.

I have more info to share, but this took me 5 hours to types in, so I'm stopping for now.  Hope it helps some our our follow researchers in SW VA and the Vicars lines.

Dawna J. Vicars

The following information was obtained during my trip to Washington DC July 5-7, 2000.  Data was gathered either at the DAR (Daughter’s of the American Revolution) Library or the National Archives.

War of 1812 Pension Applications for John Vicars/Vickers, Microfilm: M 313 roll # 95, National Archives, Index to Pension Applications for War 1812

# WO 4529
Vickers, John
Widow: Elizabeth
Service Capt. John Sample
MD Militia
Civil War
Confederate Muster ROLL for John Vicars
Microfilm: M 324,  Roll  #915
“Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who served in Virginia 48th, Infantry”
(page 7594)

Vicars, John
Co. G, 48 Virginia Inf’y
Card #’s  51609044, 6738, 7027
(next page of same file)
V 48 VA
John Vicars
Private of Capt. Elbert S. Martin’s Company (Lee County Guards)  Virginia Volunteers
Age 25 yrs.
Company muster roll from county of Lee, July 23 to Aug 31, 1861
Volunteered for Service: July 15th, 1861
Where: Lee County
Mustered into Service: July 23rd, 1860
Where: Abingdon
By Whom: Col. J. A. Campbell
(signed: JW Williams)
(next page of same file)
V 48 VA
J. Vicars
Private CO “D” 48 Reg’t of VA Of appears on regimental return
For the month of Oct 1861
Absent enlisted (unreadable) accounted for:
 “ sick at hospital”
(next page of same file)
V 48 VA
Jno Vicars
CO “D” 48 Reg’t of VA Of appears on regimental return
For the month of Nov. 1861
Absent enlisted (unreadable) accounted for:
sicke at hospital since Nov 3,’61”
signed OA Ripe
END of FILE for John VICARS of 48th Reg’mt of VA

Civil War- Union  Muster Rolls Only- Vicars in KY 39th Inf.  Most of these soldiers were recruited in SW Virginia

Vicars, George W.  # 2331
Co “C” 39 KY INF, Private
Card #s  10270838, 10276359, 10276361, 10276469, 102765468, 10276761, 10276859, 10276429, 10277027, 10277188, 10277279, 10277372
(next card on this soldier)
V 39 KY
George W.  Vicars
Appears rank of Private
Muster & Descriptive Roll of the Detachment of US VOLs forwarded for the 39 Reg’t KY Inf
Louisa, KY  Oct 30, 1863
Where Born: Russell CO, VA
18 yrs. Occup: farmer
Enlisted: Sep 28, 1863
Where enlisted: Louisa, KY
For period of 3 yrs.
Eyes Grey. Hair Drk, Complex Fair, HT 6’
Mustered In: Oct. 30, 1863
Credited 9th Cong. Dist.
Assigned to Company “C”

Vicars, Henry  # 2332
 Co “C” 39 KY INF, Private
Card #s  10270840, 10276360, 10276470, 10276569, 10276669, 10276762, 10276860, 10276430, 10277028, 10277189, 10277280, 10277373
(next card on this soldier)
V 39 KY
Henry Vicars
Appears rank of Private
Muster & Descriptive Roll of the Detachment of US VOLs forwarded for the 39 Reg’t KY Inf
Louisa, KY  Oct 30, 1863
Where Born: Russell CO, VA
18 yrs. Occup: farmer
Enlisted: Aug 1, 1863
Where enlisted: Louisa, KY
For period of 3 yrs.
Eyes Grey. Hair Drk, Complex Fair, HT 5’ 8”
Mustered In: Oct. 30, 1863
Credited 9th Cong. Dist.
Assigned to Company “C”

Vicars, Isaac  # 2333  (This Soldier is Killed in Action   see below)
 Co “C” 39 KY INF
Card #s  10270937, 10276571, 10276675, 1027 7413
(next card on this soldier)
V 39 KY
Isaac Vicars
Appears rank of Private
Muster & Descriptive Roll of the Detachment of US VOLs forwarded for the 39 Reg’t KY Inf
Greensborrow, KY, Mar 27, 1864
Where Born: Russell CO, VA
18 yrs. Occup: farmer
Enlisted: Jan 13, 1864
Where enlisted: Paintsville,, KY
For period of 3 yrs.
Eyes Blue, Hair Drk, Complex Fair, HT 5’8”
Assigned to Company “C”

At end of FILE is AN inventory for personal effects of Isaac Vicars and a Certificate noting his Death as Killed in Action:
“Inventory - of the effects of Isaac Vicars late Private of Capt. Thos J. Sowards Company C the 39th Reg. Of KY Volunteers who was enrolled as a Private at Paintsville in the State of KY on 5 Dec. 1863 and mustered into the service of the United States as a recruit on the 29th day of Febry 1864 at Greenup, KY in Company C, 39th Regiment of KY Volunteers to serve 3 years or during the wars; he was born in Russell, CO in State of VA; he was 18 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, fair complexion, Blue eyes, dark hair, and by occupation, where enrolled, a Farmer; he died in Johnson Co, KY at Paintsville, KY on the 13 day of April, 1864 by reason of “death by a ball passing through his body in line of his duty.”
List of effects are crossed out.  Signed by Thos J. Sowards, Captain Date April 30, ‘64”

Discharge paper notes:”…is now Discharged by reason of Death, caused by a rebel ball passing though his body while in the line of his duty.
The said Isaac Vicars, was NEVER paid by paymaster since muster to include the Juney?,  1864 and has pay due him from that time to present date.  He is entitled t pay and subsistance for TRAVELING to place of enrollment, and whatever other allowances are authorized to volunteer soldiers, drafted men, or militia so discharged.  He has received from the United States Clothing amounting to twenty eight dollars, since the 13 of July 13, 1864 when his clothing account was last settled.  He has received from the United States 118 dollars advanced bounty.
Filed in Duplicate at Paintsville, KY, this 13 day of April 1864. Day of Death.
 Signed, Capt. Castle,  Commanding Company.

Vicars, John G.  # 2334
Co “C” 39 KY INF
10270839, 10276388, 10276489, 10276590, 10276690, 10276788, 10276931, 10277029, 10277111, 10277190, 10277281, 10277374, 334333662, 36327944
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V 39 KY
John G. Vicars
Appears rank of Private
Muster & Descriptive Roll of the Detachment of US VOLs forwarded for the 39 Reg’t KY Inf
Louisa, KY, Oct 30, 1863
Where Born: Russell CO, VA
21 yrs. Occup: farmer
Enlisted: Oct 29, 1863
Where enlisted: Louisa, KY
For period of 3 yrs.
Eyes Gray. Hair Dark
Complexion: Fair  HT: 5’’8”
Mustered In: Oct 30, 1863
At Louisa KY
Where credited: 9th Cong. Dist
Company assigned; “C”

Vicars, William  # 2335
Co “C” 39 KY INF
Card Numbers
10270841, 10276362, 10276471, 10276570, 10276673, 10276861, 10276955, 10271410, 10271676, 10277282, 10277375,   7845-A-1882
(bottom of card says XF 7845-A-1882)
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V 39 KY
William Vicars
Appears rank of Private
Muster & Descriptive Roll of the Detachment of US VOLs forwarded for the 39 Reg’t KY Inf
Louisa, KY, Oct 1863
Where Born: Russell CO, VA
20 yrs. Occup: farmer
Enlisted: Oct 29, 1863
Where enlisted: Louisa, KY
For period of 3 yrs.
Eyes Gray. Hair Dark
Complexion: Fair  HT: 5’6”
Mustered In: Oct 30, 1863
At Louisa KY
Where credited: 9th Cong. Dist
Company assigned; “C”

World War I draft registration cards. Vicars in Creek Co, OK. National Archives WW I microfilm for Creek County,. OKLA, Soundex V262

These cards all have Serial Numbers and signatures.  “Some” have order numbers (NOTE: these cards are super tiny microfilm…even enlarged and printed they are at times difficult to read.)

Alexander Vicars
Serial # 3538   Order # 870 (crossed out) then 871
Mansford Creek, OKLA
38 yrs. BD May 16, 1880
Rosanne Vicars
Manford Creek, OKLA
(Back)  Registars Report C  35-23-C
HT med / Build med /Eyes Blue/ hair Brown
Date of registration:  Sept 12, 1918

Blaine Vicars   (this registration card is the only one in this format…says form 35-23-A vs. C)
Serial # 1483  Registration Card # 2  handwritten on top “4806??)
Age 20
Manford, OKLA
DOB June 20, 1887
Where were you born?  “Clark CO, Kentucky, US”
Employed by:  L Flinchum
Where? On his farm
(unable to read question)  answer - Father &Mother
Single       Caucasian
Military training?  No
(unable to read question)  NO
Registrar’s report  35-23-A
5’8”      SHORT
eyes-blue     hair brown
Precinct 2
County Creek
June 5, 1917

Grant Vicars
Serial # 3543   Order # 274
Old Manford ,Creek ,OKLA
38 yrs    DOB Oct. 12, 1879
race- white
natural citizen
Farmer  employer: Blaine Vicars
Creek Co, OKLA
Nearest relative: Mima? Vicars
Old Manford ,Creek ,OKLA
Registrar’s Report  35-23-c
HT med/ Build med/ Eyes Blue/ Hair Dark

Date of Regis. September 12, 1918

Isaac Newton Vicars
Serial # 3585   hand written in upper right corner (order #??) 5821
Bowden, Creek, OKLA
38 yrs   DOB Feb. 14, 1882
Native Born
Occu:  Oil Pumper
Employer: Monarch?? Oil Co.
In Bowden,(or Bowdru) Creek, OKLA
Registrar’s Report    35-23-C
Ht med/build med/eyes/blue/hair - ligex???
Date of Reg. September 12 1918

Sidney B. Vicars
Serial # 5216   written above Order # box upper right hand side “5661 or 9”
RR Box Bristow, Creek, OKLA
Age (not readable)  DOB June 13 (year not legible)
Race white
Native born
Occu: farming???  Employer: self
Nearest relative:  Fannie Vicars
 Bristow, Creek, OKLA
Back  Registars Report  35-23-C
Ht-med/build-med/ eyes- grey/hair-brown
Date Registered: Sept 12, 1918

Charley A. Vickers
Serial # 1001 Order # 117?
Olive Creek, OKLA
33 yrs   Aug 31, 1885
white, Native born
Olive Creek, OKLA
Nearest relative: Addie Vickers
 Olive, OKLA
Back-Registrar’s Report 35-23-?(not readable)
Tall/ Slender/ Eyes-Blue/Hair Brown
Date Registered: September 12, 1918

George Wesley Vickers
Serial # 2045  Order # 4249
Olive, Creek, OKLA
35 yrs. DOB Dec. 28, 1882
white Native born
Olive Creek OKLA
Nearest Relative: Cora Vickers
 Olive Creek OKLA
Back Registrar’s Report 35-23-C
Tall/Medium Build/ eye-blue/hair -brown
Date registered: Sept 12, 1918

James S. Vickers
Serial # 4929 Order # 3769
Olive Creek, Okla.
43 yrs. DOB September 17, 1875
white, Native born
Farmer, Olive Creek, Okla.
Nearest relative: Leva? Vickers,  Olive Creek, Okla.
Back- Registrar’s report  35-23-C
Tall/Med. Build/eye-brown/hair-brown
Date registered: September 12, 1918

Melville Vickers, 26 years
Serial # 4267  Order # (not readable)
Drumright, Creek, OKLA
DOB: May 14, 1891
Natural Born
Place Born: Pretin?, MO
Occupation: Laborer in Oil Com.
Where emp: Drumright, Creek, OKLA
Nearest relative: Martha And Mother (unreadable)
Military service you’ve had: none
Question hard to read “do you claim exemption:”  answer” a/c  supporting parents and wife
Back -registrar’s report (not readable on form #)
Medium build & height
Eyes-blue, hair light brown
Date registered: June 5, 1917
Precinct: Stigler,
Creek, OKLA___


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