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Email from Aubrey Vickers

Hello: The book I referred to is titled "Wiley Vickers Pioneer of Coffee County, GA". Compiled by Jessie H and Delma (Wilson) Paulk; P.O. Box 275; Salem, FL 32356; (904) 584-4280. I ordered the book from Mr. Paulk. I know I have the address of Lola King some where around here but can not put my hands on it at this time, where I find it I'll pass it along to you. My Vickers line stops at William; born: abt 1851 +/-?; He married Lucy Ann Presnall in 1871; He died in 1897.. His son Brooks was my grandfather. Can you help with this line? Aubrey Vickers 815 Coffey Ct. San Jose, CA 95123 (408) 226-5384 aubvick1935@gmail.com


I am looking for information on the Vickers, Merritt, Paulk, Harper, > Lott, Johnson families from Irwin, Coffee, Montgomery, Jefferson, > Appling, and Lowndes Counties, Georgia. > > Please respond to Eileen at irish1@winco.net >

Hi Eileen, 6-4-96
I couldn't salvage all of your gedcom file but I printed enough to see which family you are a part of--the Wiley Vickers family.  It's hard to know where to begin, but I think I can give you enough to get you started in the right direction. There is a series of books you need to check on. Any good southern library should have them: Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, by Folks Huxford. It's a series of eight or ten books and it includes detailed information on the whole Wiley Vickers clan in Irwin/Coffee Counties.

There is also the History of Irwin County, GA book which includes many of the Vickers and Harper marriages you are looking for, as well as another run down on the Wiley Vickers clan (although without dates).

Let me know how you fare with the Huxford books; remember to check the indexes of all the books in the series to make sure you get everything.

Also, we need to keep in touch. I am working on putting all the Vickers in GA, FL, and AL, together. It's a mammoth project but I think it can be done (sooner or later!). Anyway, I'm pretty certain that Wiley's grandfather is the John Vickers of Edgecombe Co., NC who recorded his will there in 1784. I've been working on the migration patterns as they left NC for GA, AL, and FL, in an effort to put all their relationships together. I descend from James Vickers of Jackson Co. FL. He was born in GA about 1798 but had moved to Jackson Co., FL by the mid 1820's. All part of the great southern migration pattern of this Vickers family from NC!

Cordially, Kelly

Just found a note that will help you with your Vickers line. A book entitled:

"Wiley Vickers Pioneer of Coffee County, GA" Compiled by Jessie H. & Delma Wilson Paulk PO Box 275 Salem, FL 32356

ph. 904-584-4280

I want to get a copy also, but haven't called them yet myself. Hope this helps! Kelly


Jesse and Delma Paulk in their book, "Wiley Vickers, Pioneer of Coffee Co., GA" make the following note: "A descendant has reported that the children of Bryant Vickers referred to Wiley Vickers as "Uncle Wiley." I'll have to check, but I think Bryant is listed in the Gadsden Co., FL census's.

Another interesting note from the Paulk's book on the origin of the story that Wiley came from Maryland: "The information concerning Wiley Vickers and his two brothers and one sister coming from Maryland to GA was given to the family by an old slave named Betsy Vickers who was born July 4, 1840, and who was still living in 1935, she was the wife of Peter Vickers, negro who could well remember her old master, Wiley Vickers." (p.1)


WILEY VICKERS. Family information primarily from Huxford. Huxford notes that Wiley had brothers Jesse, Youngy, and Hatcher. Also a sister named Kashire. According to Huxford, these are said to have moved to Alabama, Huxford says that Wiley lived in Laurens County before moving to Irwin County in 1820 which was changed to Coffee County in 1854. [Bracketed information from "Wiley Vickers Pioneer of Coffee County, GA" Compiled by Jessie H. and Delma Paulk. Rose Printing Company, Tallahassee, FL. Material contributed by Coppley Vickers]

Husband: Wiley Vickers b. 1778, North Carolina
                                      m. 1805, Laurens Co., GA
                                      d. 1849, Irwin Co., GA

Wife: Beady Purvis         b. 1790, Georgia
                                      d. [1866], Irwin Co., GA

1. Jesse Vickers, b. 1807, Laurens Co., GA, d. 1831, m. Rebecca Paulk, b. 1815, [d. 01/10/1890     in Coffee Co., GA]
      Beady Vickers, b. 03/12/1832 Irwin Co. [d. 07/17/1894], m. Joel Lott, 12/02/1847
2. Eli Vickers, b. 1809, Laurens Co., GA, [d. 08/29/1851], m. Rebecca Paulk, 10/27/1835, b.     1815, [d. 01/10/1890]
      1. Rev. John (Jack) Vickers, b. 05/28/1836 Irwin Co., m. Martha Lott & Sarah Jane Graves
      2. Henry Vickers, b. 12/26/1837, Irwin Co. m. Ellen Sears & Katie McMillen
Wiley Vickers, b. 05/08/1839, Irwin Co. m. Betty Lott & Eugenia Parker & Betty Gaskin
Elijah Vickers, b. 01/11/1842, Irwin Co. m. Annie Sutton
William Vickers, b. 08/07/1843, Irwin Co. d. 06/11/1916, m. Francis Lott
Rebecca Vickers, b. 01/06/1845, Irwin Co., GA [d.c. 1859]
      7. Mary (Polly) Vickers, 11/03/1845, Irwin Co. m. Hamilton Sears
      8. Micajah Vickers, b. 10/08/1848, Irwin Co. m Harriet Sears & Viola Starling
Ely Vickers, b. 08/24/1850, Irwin Co. m. Lucy Lott, 01/ /1870
     10.Matilda Vickers, b. 10/20/1852, Irwin Co. m. Dan P. Lott
3. William Vickers, b. 1811, Laurens Co., GA, never married.
4. Matilda Vickers, b. 1813, Laurens Co., GA, never married.
5. James Madison Vickers, b. 1815, never married.
6. Letitia Vickers, b. 02/29/1815-1816, m. Elijah Paulk 1835.
7. Youngie Vickers, b. 03/15/1820, m. Francis Peterson (d. 1849) & Elizabeth Tucker
      Children by Francis Peterson:
      1. Wiley Vickers, b. 07/09/1849 Irwin Co., GA m. Nancy Harper on 02/25/1871
      Children by Elizabeth Tucker, m. 05/30/1850:
      2. Penelope Vickers, b. 08/26/1851, Irwin Co., m. Fleming B. Harper
Dennis Vickers, b. 01/17/1853, Irwin Co. m. Mary Harper 01/04/1874, also m. Mary Jane           Lott & Sullis Whitley
Pollie Vickers, b. 09/19/1855 Coffee Co., d. 01/27/1913, m. Shanks Harper
Sarah “Sallie” Vickers, b. 08/13/1856 Coffee Co. d. 05/10/1941, m. Jackson Williams           01/02/1873.
      6. Youngie Vickers, b. 04/16/1862 Coffee Co. m. Mollie Merritt & Margaret McMillen.
      7. Elizabeth Vickers, b. 07/04/1864 Coffee Co. m. John Carver
Catharine “Katie” Vickers, b. 12/04/1868 Coffee Co., d. 12/18/1953, m. Riley Harper.
      9. Francis Vickers, (f.) 09/04/1871 Coffee Co.
     10.Eli Vickers, b. 12/01/1873 Coffee Co. m. Eunie Luke
     11.Richard Vickers, b. 01/06/1875 Coffee Co., GA , never married.
      History of Irwin Co, GA, p. 513, also lists dau’s Rebecca, Christian, Nellie, Tisha, Lillie,       Beddie, & Sallie. Eileen Worthington also lists as a daughter of Youngy a Delilah Vickers, b.       10/11/1860, who married George W. Paulk.
8. Ashley Vickers, b. 1822, never married.
9. John Vickers, b. 05/09/1818 (LDS), 1824 (Huxford), d. 11/07/1868, m. Abbie Young,     11/20/1845.
      1. Wiley Vickers, b. 03/30/1847
          Other Children noted by Edd Dorminey (edormine@surfsouth.com) are Rebecca, Tishie, and John (Elias). Edd adds this note  We have a John Vickers who married Abigail Young.  She unfortunately left him for another man, James Dorminey, and left her four children and rode on horseback to Alabama with him to start a family there.”  Edd’s address is: Edd Dorminey, 923 Dorminey-Doss Road, Tifton, GA 31794   (912)382-8767
10. Eileen also provides the following details: Letitisha, "Tisha", dau. of Wiley, b. 02/28/1815 in Laurens Co. and died 03/16/1897, and m. Elijah Paulk in 1835 in Irwin Co., GA.


Huxford, p. 538, updates: Wiley Vickers (p.286):

"He appears as a resident taxpayer in Twiggs County on the 1818 tax-digest of that county. All Twiggs court-house records having been burned in 1901 no local search there is possible. Also appearing on the same digest were Drewery (Drew) Vickers, Young Vickers, Jacob Vickers, Jesse Vickers, William Vickers, Joshua Vickers and Sarah Vickers--the latter probably being the widowed mother of one or all of the others. This tax-digest information shows the presence there in 1818 of a large Vickers family; two years later they were not there in the 1820 Census, having moved away. Drew moved to Laurens County, later to Lowndes County where he died; Jesse and Young Vickers, known brothers of Wiley, moved to Alabama, and some of the others moved to West Florida and westward."


All in the Family!

Kelly, I feel like a ninny . . . spent quite a bit of time at your web site this spring and then got busy and forgot to check back for query results. Saw the list of books you posted for me and have all of Huxford. I was surprised to get an e-mail tonight from Miriam Vickers Holland, Irwin Co., GA, who said she had seen my query on your page. Miriam has spent all of her life in Irwin Co. and has generously offered to help me with info . . . between that, and your web site, it should be a cinch. Only problem is . . . hours in the day!!! If there is any info I can help you with just let me know. Most of the families of Irwin Co. are related and I have ties to the Vickers family through the Paulks, Harpers, Lott, Merritt, Young, and allied families. I am pasting in below the info I sent to Miriam tonight.
Eileen Harper Worthington, irish1@winco.net

It seems that about 90% of Irwin Co. is related and most of my Harper family have married into the Paulk, Lott, Merritt, Vickers, Hickman, and other allied families, on several occasions. I actually have two Wiley Vickers in my database . . . with very little info on either one.

The first is a Wiley Vickers who married Nancy A. Harper on Jan 2, 1840, in Irwin Co., GA. I have no other information on Wiley but Nancy A., dau. of Henry S.C. Harper (my gr-gr-grandfather) & Nancy Anna Merritt, was born 9/5/1817 in McIntosh Co., GA, and died abt. 1880-1890. I do not have any of their children or any other information on that Wiley except that I believe his father was Youngy Vickers.

The second Wiley Vickers that I have was married to a woman by the name of Obedience/Beady. I have no information on either of them except for their names. Their son, Eli Vickers, b. 1809 in Laurens Co., GA, mar. on Oct. 27, 1835, my great-grand-aunt, Rebecca Paulk, dau. of Micajah Paulk Jr. and Mary Catherine Young. Rebecca was born in 1815 in Montgomery Co., GA, and died Jan. 10, 1890, in Coffee Co., GA. Their children were: Rev., John "Jack" Vickers William "Willie" Vickers

The Rev. John "Jack" Vickers married on March 1, 1855, in Coffee Co., GA, my great-grand-aunt, Martha Jane Lott, dau. of Daniel Lott Sr. and Lucinda "Lucy" Peterson. Lucinda was born June 29, 1835, in Telfair Co., GA, and died June 3, 1879, Telfair Co., GA.

Eli and Rebecca's son William "Willie" Vickers, b. 8/7/1843, in Irwin Co., GA, d. June 11, 1916 in Coffee Co., GA, mar. Mar. 22, 1866, in Coffee Co., GA, Frances Lott (illegitimate dau. of Daniel Lott Sr. and Catherine Bowen-Carver . . . Daniel Lott Sr. was my 3rd gr-grandfather). Frances was b. Feb. 16, 1848, Coffee Co., GA, but I do not know where she died.

Rebecca Paulk also married, in Irwin Co., GA, (don't know which marriage was the first marriage), Jesse Vickers, brother of her other husband, Eli, in 1807. Jesse was born in 1807 in Laurens Co., GA, and died before 1835 in Irwin Co., GA (believe Jesse may have been first marriage and Eli her second marriage?).

I have several other Vickers that married into my family line but have little information on them.

* Catherine "Katie" Vickers, dau. of Youngy Vickers (assume this might be the same Youngy Vickers who is the father of Wiley Vickers?), mar. Riley Harper, Lewis L. "Luke" Harper, son of Henry S.C. Harper. Catherine was born Dec 3, 1868 and died Dec. 18, 1953,-I do not know where she was born, or died and do not know where they were married or when. Riley was born Oct. 3, 1869. They had the following children:
Willie Harper b. 1889
Richard Harper b. 1891
Harvey Harper b. 1897
Unknown Harper b. 1898
Luke Harper b. 1898
Ranze Dowell Harper b. 1901
Wilson Harper b. 1912

* Delilah Vickers, born Oct. 11, 1860, dau. of Young Vickers (again I don't know if this is the same Youngy?), mar. George W. Paulk (my 1st counsin 3 times removed). George, son of Micajah Paulk III and Mary McMillan, was b. in 1834.

* Dennis Vickers, again son of a Youngy Vickers, mar. on Jan. 4, 1874, in Irwin Co., GA, Mary Harper, b. 1855, dau. of Henry S.C. Harper and Nancy Anna Merritt.

* Eli Vickers (am assuming this is a second Eli but have no dates or parentage), mar. Lucinda "Lucy" Lott, dau. of Elisha Lott and Mary "Polly" Moore. Lucy was born Dec. 28, 1850 and died Sept. 26, 1931. Lucy is also my first cousin, three times removed.

* Jessie Vickers, this time a female, married my first cousin, once removed, Herbert McDermitt. I have no information on either of these two but Herbert's parents were C.R. McDermitt and Drucilla/Drusilla Harper. Drucilla was the dau. of George Jacob Harper (my great-grandfather) and Sarah "Sallie" Paulk.

* Letitia "Tisha" Vickers, dau. of Wiley and Obedience, b. 2/28/1815, Laurens Co., GA, d. 3/16/1897, Coffee Co., GA, and married my 2nd great-grand-uncle, Elijah Paulk, in 1835, Irwin Co., GA. Elijah was born 4/1/1810, Montgomery Co., GA, and d. Dec. 1848.

* Mary "Polly" Vickers, b. 9/19/1855 and d. 1/27/1913, dau. of Young Vickers, married my great-grand-uncle, Henry Shanks C. Harper, son of Henry S.C. Harper and Nancy Anna Merritt. Henry was b. 3/9/1853 and d. 10/22/1928.

* Matilda Vickers (parents unknown), born 4/20/1825, Douglas, Coffee Co., GA, died 2/16/1923, mar. in 1871, my first cousin, 3 times removed, Daniel P. Lott, son of Elisha Lott and Mary "Polly" Moore. Daniel and Matilda had the following children: Elizabeth Rebecca Lott, Reason Lott. Lucy Lott, Mary Jane Lott, Daniel Webster Lott, Elisha Lott, Mattie Lott, Elye Lott, Matilda Viola Lott, Minnie Dora Lott, Olive Lott, Henry Lott, Aleph Lott.

* Mattie Vickers (parents and dates unknown) mar. my second cousin, twice removed, Seward Harper, son of Peter L. Harper and Mary Ann Whitley.

* Nancy Vickers (parents and dates unknown) mar. my first cousin, twice removed, Leonard Harper, son of James Hamilton Harper and Georgiann "Georgia" Paulk.

* Obedience "Beady" Vickers, b. 3/12/1832, Irwin Co., GA. d. 7/17/1894, Atkinson Co., GA, dau. of Jesse Vickers and Rebecca Paulk, mar. on Dec. 2, 1847, in Irwin Co., GA, Joel Lott, my second great-grand-uncle. Joel, b. 2/26/1826, in Telfair Co., GA, d. 1/7/1895, in Atkinson Co., GA, and was the son of Daniel Lott Sr.and Lucinda "Lucy" Peterson.

* Penelope "Nellie" Vickers, dau. of Young Vickers, mar. Fleming B. Harper, b. 1848, son of Henry S.C. Harper and Nancy Anna Merritt.

* Sarah "Sallie" Vickers, b. 8/13/1856, d. 5/10/1941, dau. of Young Vickers, m. Henry S.C. "Big Mouth" or "Big Henry" Harper, son of George Jacob Harper and Nancy Young. Henry was b. 9/16/1849 and d. 4/5/1920. Their children were:
Nancy Elizabeth Harper b. 1874
Charles Harper b. 1875
Aurthur Harper b. 1876
Needham W. Harper b. 1878
Samuel Harper b. 1880
Wiley Y. Harper b. 1882
Rebecca "Becky" Harper b. 1884
Youngy Harper b. 1885
Jacob H. Harper b. 1887
Thomas A. Harper b. 1889
Mary Ellen Harper b. 1890
Unknown Harper b. 1892
Elbert L. Harper b. 1893
Pearlie J. Harper b. 1895

* Warren R. Vickers, (parents and dates unknown), mar. on Dec. 17, 1902, Susan "Susie" Harper, dau. of Lewis L. "Luke" Harper and Judith C. Paulk. Susan was b. 6/17/1881.

This pretty much takes care of all of the Vickers in my database (hope I have not repeated one or left anyone out). You can now see why I have an interest in the Vickers Family and why I believe most of the people in Irwin Co., are related!

Any information you can offer would be more than appreciated! I have been working on this project for a number of years and have recently begun to believe that there may never be an end.

In addition to Vickers, and other allied familes, I am also desperately pursuing information on my grandmother's family. Grandma's name was Florry (Flarry/Florrie) Henrietta Hickman (she m. Lot Harold Harper). I have been told that her family is still in the area but have not been able to find any of them . . . if you happen to know any Hickmans I would really appreciate you having them get in touch with me. I know that she had a cousin named Nettie June Hickman. Nettie mar. James John "Buck" J.J. Harper and their children were: Eddie Mae Harper, Ada Harper, Ernest Harper, Early Harper. I have been told that several of Nettie's children stayed in the Irwin Co., area???
Other cousins that she had with the name Hickman are:
Eddie Eraco-had son Willie B.
Rosa Mae-m. Benjamin McFarland-they lived in Tifton-have talked with his son but he has little to offer on grandma's line.
Mary Elizabeth m. W.D. Byrd
Leona m. Jake Whitley
Lola C. m. L.S. Bush
Georgia S. or C. m. John L. Jordan
Ida G. m. Mr. Cowart
Henry H. "Little Henry" Talmadge m. Hernice White
Angeline m. Seab W. Bailey
Of course all of these people are gone now but perhaps some of their children still live in Irwin Co.?

Eileen Harper Worthington irish1@winco.net


Hi there, I just stumbled across this site. My name is Elizabeth Vickers Lakey. I'm from Coffee County, Douglas, GA. I'm a direct descendant of Wiley Vickers. My great-grandfather was named "Big Mouth" Henry Vickers, my grandfather Elisha Vickers. I'm not sure how far the Wileys go back. There seem to be a lot of them. I remember a falling down log cabin that my dad showed me and said that was the original home of Wiley Vickers. Then there was a much bigger farm house not too far from my home. My dad was born there. I remember when that book was written. My aunt Francis helped compile some of the information. My grandmother is the only one living now, and she is a walking pile of information. I just remember the stories of Wiley walking home from Lees army at Appomattox Court House. I think some of the papers have been lost. My mom has got some archived somewhere. I live in the Atlanta area now. My husbands family are from Rabun County, Mountain City, and we go up there all the time! :) Beth Elizabeth Vickers Lakey, outdated address


Subject: Vickers family tree
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 08:24:22 -0400
From: Shirley Durden, dawnd@surfsouth.com

To: kvickers@tfc.edu

Hi, Just got through going over your web page. I am also related to the Vickers. I live in Nashville, GA just recently got started in researching.

Wiley Vickers-Beady Purvis
  Youngy Vickers
    Rebecca Vickers
      Lucy McDonald
        Stella Tucker
          Lawton Ray McMillan
            Shirley McMillan (Durden) ME

Also I have this but I can't prove it maybe you can help me. I have: Wiley Vickers-Sarah Griffin their daughter Rebecca Vickers married a Tom or Edward McDonald, then they had Joe (Joseph) McDonald who m. Rebecca Vickers dau/of Youngy Vickers & Elizabeth Tucker; then they had daughter Lucy McDonald, she had Stella Tucker; Lawton; then me, Shirley. If you know anything about this I would appreciate any help you could give me. Hope to hear from you. Shirley McMillan Durden


From: Kelly <kvickers@tfc.edu>
To: Shirley Durden <dawnd@surfsouth.com>
Subject: Re: Vickers family tree
Date: Friday, July 03, 1998

Hi, Shirley! Thanks for writing! The only info I have that you were asking about is from the Wiley Vickers file on the Vickers Family Resource Page:
In addition to the other 11 children of Youngie and Eliz. Tucker, the History of Irwin Co, GA, p. 513, also lists dau's Rebecca, Christian, Nellie, Tisha, Lillie, Beddie, & Sallie. Eileen Worthington also lists as a daughter of Youngy a Delilah Vickers, b. 10/11/1860, who married George W. Paulk.

Also I could not find any reference to the Wiley Vickers-Sarah Griffin connection. Is that supposed to be the same Wiley that married Beady Purvis or another? Have you tried corresponding with the others researching Wiley Vickers line? They may have more info. Also, if you have some generations you would like to include in the Wiley Vickers file, email them to me and I will be glad to put them on. For the time being, with your permission I will list you and your email address and your inquiry in the Wiley Vickers file. Hope to hear from you!
Regards, Kelly


Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998
From: "Shirley Durden" <dawnd@surfsouth.com>
To: <kvickers@tfc.edu>

Hi Kelly, As I told you I had not proven the Tom McDonald m. Rebecca Vickers. I was given this info by a cousin who supposedly had researched this but after I received your email I called a man who lives in Douglas, Coffee County, (I have been trying to get in touch with him for several months) and he happened to be home. He is a McDonald and he said that Tom McDonald is nephew or son he doesn't know which yet and he did marry Rebecca Vickers but that is not our gg however many grandparents. He said ours is Edward McDonald who came over from Ireland and was hired in New York with others that settled in Atkinson Co to build a railroad and the man ran out of money or left with the money and they had to find jobs and they married local girls. Edward McDonald married Martha Marshall don't know anything else about either one of them. He said that he had not been able to trace Edward any further back. The other branch is correct. We came through Wiley down through Youngie, then Rebecca. Sorry, didn't mean to give you incorrect info. As you can tell I am very new at this. Shirley


Forwarded by Coppley

To: Coppley Vickers, CVickers@worldnet.att.net
From: Vernon Carl Vickers Jr., BearnYou@aol.com
Subject: Wiley Vickers
Date: Friday, May 15, 1998

I'm new to this stuff, having started looking up my family about a week ago, but according to what I have found so far I'm a GGGGrandson of Wiley Vickers. looking to go farther back on the tree. Do you know if Wiley's father's name was John married to a Mildred? If this is the same line would like to know I'm on the right trail. Thanks Vernon Carl Vickers Jr. from Monticello, IA

Vernon Carl Vickers Jr., BearnYou@aol.com

Hi Kelly,
    Sorry to see that my name is not listed in your list of researchers. Please add as follows: Jessie H. Paulk, P O Box 275, Salem, FL 32356, phone 850-584-4280, email   paulkj@perry.gulfnet.com

.  Just completed and printed Rev 1 copywrited 1999.
    Now working on Rev 1 of Lott Families of Wiregrass GA to be out in next couple of months, or as soon as I complete the editing of the draft.
    Most of my books can be order by credit card thru http://gagenbooks.com/books/paulkj.htm .   Would love to hear from you.
Hi, Jessie!

Thanks for writing! I have added your name and address info (and ordering info) to the Wiley Vickers page. I didnt have your email address till now and am glad to have it. I have wanted to ask you for some time now about the following references:
Jessie and Delma Paulk in their book, Wiley Vickers, Pioneer of Coffee Co., GA make the following note: A descendant has reported that the children of Bryant Vickers referred to Wiley Vickers as Uncle Wiley.
Another interesting note from the Paulks book on the origin of the story that Wiley came from Maryland: The information concerning Wiley Vickers and his two brothers and one sister coming from Maryland to GA was given to the family by an old slave named Betsy Vickers who was born July 4, 1840, and who was still living in 1935, she was the wife of Peter Vickers, negro who could well remember her old master, Wiley Vickers. (p.1)
I am interested in sources/documentation for the above references.  I have been working on the hypothesis that most of the GA Vickers are descended from the John Vickers of Edgecombe Co. NC (See Piecing the Puzzle Together in the Relationships section of the Page).  This generation (Wileys, his brothers, and cousins) is of course the most difficult to document the relationships.  One big help this last year was the discovery of the diary of Hardy Vickers Wooten from AL that helped to document at least some, if not all, of the children of John Vickers of Burke Co., GA.  Any light you can shed on these relationships would be most helpful!  Thanks!

Subject:  Re: Wiley Vickers, Pioneer of Coffee Co, GA Rev 1
   Date:   Fri, 27 Apr 2001 13:53:19 -0400
   From:  "paulkj" <paulkj@perry.gulfnet.com>
     To:    "Kelly and Brenna" <kvickers@tfc.edu>

Hi Kelly,
    First you need to understand how I got involved with the Vickers Family.  A great Aunt Rebecca Paulk md 1st Jesse and 2nd Eli.  When I went to Coffee Co to try and sell the "Paulks of America", the Vickers clan would not buy as they wanted their own book.
    Dr Jack Williams and several of the Vickers descendants prevail upon me to take my computer data of Vickers and combine with theirs.  I did this and then went to Vickers Reunions, letters, telephone, etc to try to arrive with as much data as possible. The info you are referring to was in the notes provided me by other Vickers researchers. I also visited with Lola King who had a cellar library full of Vickers data. She is the one that came up with the theory in my book about Wiley's parents.  To date, I have not found anything to prove or disprove this theory.
    Sorry I could not be of more help.

March 11, 2005

From: "Kelly and Brenna" <kvickers@tfc.edu>
To: "steve beaty" <scbeaty@csam.net>
Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2005 11:32 PM
Subject: Re: VICKERS FAMILY INFO..!!!!

Hi, Steve!
Thanks for writing!  I have been getting your emails along with the data on the descendants of Wiley Vickers. Thanks! I have some information on Wiley on the webpage but you have been able to fill in quite a bit more detail! With your permission I would like to post some of the data on the web page. So where are you from?  Are you still in the south Georgia area?

There is one paragraph that I have a question about, and another relationship, and was wondering if you could supply additional documentation, as these two questions are ones that I have not been able to solidly document as of yet (one way or the other), so these are pretty important relationships that have been up for honest debate for some time now.

1) "The Vickers family were colonists in Massachusetts before 1637, to Maryland about 1730 and to Georgia around 1800. The South Georgia Vickers generation, which is the offspring of the Vickers families from Maryland shows according to the family records of Maryland that the South Georgia prong of the original family via Wiley Vickers, Sr. left the Eastern colony of the Vickers family during the early part of the year 1800: with him were his brothers and one sister. Wiley Vickers, Sr., his two brothers, Youngie and Jesse Vickers and one sister Kasire Vickers, composed the old Vickers family."

Question: I am interested in the original source documentation of these family records from Maryland that shows the relationship with Wiley, and that he left in 1800 to Georgia.

2)  The second question deals with the Wiley's lineage through Jonathan Vickers.  This relationship seems to run counter to the paragraph above (from what we know about Jonathan and his lineage in NC and Virginia), hence it is a pretty important question.

I am looking forward to hearing form you as I hope you will be able to help answer the dilemma!



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Hi All,

    You have listed Wiley Vickers father, as in some cases, Jonathan, Jonathon, and John VICKERS. In some cases born 7 Oct 1733 in CT and died 1813; born 1752 NC;  1740-1816 Burke Co, GA.

    Question: Do any of you have any type source or documentation for this listing??

    During my research, some descendants claimed he was Jonathan Vickers and others claimed he was John Vickers but no documentation to support either.

    We do know that he (Wiley) came down from Maryland with his brothers and sisters. One brother went down into Florida and the others went west into Alabama.

    There are a lot of Vickers Descendants who would really like to know their ancestry. I have a vast yearning to get it straight back to the old country but no luck so far. I am not above taking help or advice.

    Hope someone will respond to this email with a source or other documentation as to Wiley's father.

    Happy Holiday to you all.


From: Jessie H. Paulk 
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Hi Steve,
    Already have most of that info in the Vickers Book. Still looking for some type proof that Wiley is son of Jonathan Vickers 
    Lola Vickers stated she felt sure he was son of John Vickers 1720-1784 of Edgecombe Co, NC. Another researcher thinks this John and Jonathan are one and the same.
    Too many folks putting stuff on the internet without a source. However, I will email this person and ask kindly for their source of info.
    Thanks for the heads up. 
    Lott revision is now out.



Submitted by Steve Beaty:

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October 4, 1895
Georgia -- Coffee county.
  To all persons it may concern. Mrs. Elizabeth Meeks has in due form applied to the undersigned for permanent letters of administration on the estate of Malcom Meeks, late of said county, deceased, and I will pass upon said application on first Monday in October. Given under my hand and official signature this 2nd day September 1895.  John Vickers, Ordinary.



Georgia -- Coffee County.  All persons having demands against Thomas Paulk, deceased, late of said county are hereby notified and required to present them properly attested to the undersigned within the time prescribed by law. And all persons indebted to said deceased are hereby required to make immidiate payment to the undersigned. This September 2nd, 1895.  Elijah Paulk, Administrator


Submitted by Steve Beaty:

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Vickers family
Updated: Thu Nov 1 2001   
Contact: Vaunice Vickers-Albritton

·  Name: John J VICKERS

·  Given Name: John J

·  Surname: Vickers

·  Sex: M

·  Birth: 28 May 1836 in Irwin County, Georgia

·  Death: 7 Jun 1900 in Coffee County, Georgia

·  Note: Military service-Co. G., 9th Ga. State Line Guard

Father: Eli S VICKERS b: 1809 in Laurens County, Georgia
Mother: Rebecca PAULK b: 1815 in Montgomery Co., Georgia
Marriage 1 Martha Jane LOTT b: 29 Jun 1835 in Telfair County, Georgia

Married: 1 Mar 1855 in Coffee County, Georgia


1.Has No ChildrenInfant VICKERS 
2.Has No ChildrenRebecca VICKERS b: 1 Dec 1855 
3.Has No ChildrenElizabeth VICKERS b: 23 Mar 1858 
4.Has No ChildrenJohn J,Jr VICKERS b: 17 Jun 1860 
5.Has No ChildrenMartha VICKERS b: 4 Nov 1861 
6.Has No ChildrenBeady VICKERS b: 23 May 1863 
7.Has No ChildrenMary Jane VICKERS b: 28 Sep 1865 
8.Has No ChildrenAva VICKERS b: 13 Jan 1868 
9.Has No ChildrenLucinda VICKERS b: 15 Jun 1870 
10.Has No ChildrenDaniel VICKERS b: 28 May 1872 
11.Has No ChildrenEli E VICKERS b: 28 May 1872 in Coffee County, Georgia
·   Marriage 2 Sarah Jane GRAVES b: 22 Jan 1856 
·                Married: 3 Nov 1872 in Coffee County, Georgia


1.             Has No ChildrenJoseph VICKERS b: 22 Feb 1874 
2.             Has No ChildrenLeon VICKERS b: 23 Jun 1875 
3.             Has No ChildrenLewis VICKERS b: 14 Oct 1877 in Coffee County, Georgia 
4.             Has No ChildrenGeorge VICKERS b: 16 Jan 1879 
5.             Has No ChildrenMelissa VICKERS b: 15 Jul 1880 in Irwin County, Georgia 
6.             Has No ChildrenEdwin B VICKERS b: 29 Mar 1882 
7.             Has No ChildrenHenry VICKERS b: 16 Nov 1883 
8.             Has No ChildrenWilliam Crisp VICKERS b: 13 Mar 1887 in Coffee County, Georgia 
9.             Has No ChildrenJacob VICKERS b: 11 Apr 1888 in Coffee County, Georgia 
10.         Has No ChildrenRachel VICKERS b: 8 Apr 1890 in Coffee County, Georgia 
11.         Has No ChildrenMinnie VICKERS b: 21 Feb 1892 in Coffee County, Georgia


Submitted by Steve Beaty:

Old Hebron Church Rings with Memories

Three Generations Serve As Pastor

by Tom Frier, Jr.

Enterprise Staff Writer

“I started for the highlands where the fruits abound,

I pitched  my tent near Hebron, there grapes of Eschol found.

With mild and honey flowing, and new wine so free,

I have no love for Egypt, it has not charms for me.”


As a warm summer breeze slips through the open windows and mingles

with voices filled with a hymn, some old-time members of Coffee

County’s Hebron Church recall an era when the voice of Elder John Vickers thundered

from the pulpit. Later, his son, Jacob, was pastor an Hebron, and today, a grandson, the

Rev. Jeff Vickers, is leading the church membership. Sharing these responsibilities with him

is the Rev. Alvin Lott, whose father, Joe, preached in the early 1900's. Beginning in 1860 as

a full-fledged Primitive Baptist Church, the following statement was found on the first few

pages of Hebron Church’s minute book:

“Georgia, Coffee County.  This is to certify that we the presbytery from Bushy Creek, Irwin

County, and from Fellowship Church, Ware County, came forward on the first day of

December, 1860, and after divine examination finding the beloved brethren and sister at

Hebron orthodox and in full fellowship, we, therefore do pronounce them a church of

Christ on the principles of the gospel of Christ.”  Along with this statement were the names

of the charter members: Aaron Daniel, Micajah Paulk, John L. Dryden, Mary Daniel, Nancy

Dryden, Beady Lott, Minta Servant, Eliza J. Paulk.  Following a statement of the Church

Covenant, Articles of Faith, and the Church Decorum, Micajah Paulk, clerk, gave an

account of the first meeting:

               “After the Church was constituted, chose Brother Cornelius Buie their moderator,

and set together in conference.  Opened a door for the reception of members and received

by experience Brother John Vickers and Brother Handyn Servant.  Dismissed til Sabbath. 

Met on Sabbath at the water where baptizing was administered by Brother M. Tucker.  Then

the ordination of Brother John L. Dryden our beloved Deacon, performed by the

presbytery, R. M. Tucker, C. Buie, John Dryden.

               John Vickers was born May 28, 1836, and died June 7, 1900.  He was the son of

Ely and Rebecca Paulk Vickers.  According to the old family Bible, Elder John was the

father of 22 children.  By his first wife, Martha Lott, there were eight girls and three boys. 

Following the death of Martha during the meningitis epidemic of 1870, Elder John married a

Graves.  They had three girls and eight boys.  Today John’s 18th child, Henry, lives at the

old homeplace on Rt. 2, Willacoochee.  It is 10 miles southwest of Douglas and 8 miles

from Willacoochee.

               “My father hauled lumber 12 miles by oxen to build this home.  And the lumber

cost only $8,” remembers 78-year-old Mr. Henry.

               “We first went to school in a log house that had benches made of planks and

wood blocks.  Those logs had enough space between them to throw a cat through.”

               Mr. Henry says his father later hired the last Miss Bessie Briggs, daughter of Judge

George R. Briggs, to teach school in the front room of the old homeplace.

               “I remember when Willacoochee was much larger than Douglas.  The first time I

went to Douglas there were only two stores: one was owned by Elisha Vickers at the corner

of the burned hotel site and another by B. Peterson near the site of Sims Funeral Home.  We

came to town only once a year.”

               “Pa really had the faith and stood by his principles.  I’ve known him ride a horse

to the Alapaha River and swim it during flood stages to get to a church for preaching.”

               “My mother was a miracle, too,” says Henry, “I remember her washing with a

battling stick, and feeding 15 members of our family at one time on a turn table.  Each year

she would make the boys two pants and two shirts out of jean cloth and hickory stripe.”

               He continues, “Of course when the ‘big meeting’ was held each year nearly

everyone stayed overnight and ate at our house.  I’ve seen as many as 105 here at one time.”

               Elder John left a detailed will which he wrote a few days before his death.  He

attempted to divide his property equally among his heirs.

               An example is at follows: “Item 5.  I give to my son Henry 245 acres more or less

of lots of land numbers 3443 and 302 in the 5th district of Coffee County, valued at $300 ...

cash to build house $135 ... $135 cash to buy mule, household furniture ... one bedstead,

one bed and mattress, 2 pillows, one bolster, 10 quilts, 2 undersheets, and two top sheets,

and if said household goods cannot be furnished said Henry, then he is to have $50 in cash

... $20 for labor in clearing farm land and buying tools ... 2 sows and pigs, 50 bushels of

corn, 350 bundles of fodder, meat of 7 fat hogs, one barrel of flour for year’s support.  If

said year’s support cannot be furnished said Henry from the old homestead, he is to have

$150 in cash...”

               The history of Hebron Church is a most interesting one.  Rev. John Vickers,

during his lifetime, was the central figure of that branch of the Primitive Baptist Church. 

When he first grew into manhood, he joined the Primitive Baptist Church and was, by them,

licensed to preach; but a division among the members on points of doctrine culminated in a

church split.  Rev. Vickers contended that salvation was by election and unconditional.  He

wrote a tract, The Home Preacher (1886), giving his views of the plan of salvation in which

he called the old line Baptists “fatalists” and contended that he and his followers held the

true Primitive Baptist doctrines.  For this stand the Primitive Baptist Association removed

Hebron from their group.  Today, the church remains independent.  From 1883 to 1896

Elder John served as Coffee County’s Ordinary.  At the time this office handled the

activities now under the control of the county commissions as well as the present

Ordinary’s duties.  He is remembered for getting much work accomplished on the roads

and bridges of the county.  While in this office, he bought the county’s first bloodhounds to

chase escaped prisoners and a bulldog for the jail yard which was located at the present site

of the Douglas Coca-Cola Co. Ordinary Vickers also build the first “poor house” in the


The Douglas (Ga.) Enterprise, Thursday, July 19, 1962
Hi Kelly,

            I just came across your webpage and thought I should write.  I just received a

copy of "Wiley Vickers: Pioneer..." for my 24th birthday.  My line is: Johnny Allen (listed in

the book as just Allen)/ Johnnie Otis/ Johnnie Jacob/ Daniel Webster/William

Marshall/Eli/Wiley.  I was excited to be able to trace my line so directly, but was even more

excited to realize that the graves of Wiley, Eli, and Jesse (the oldest son of Wiley) were just

a minute away.  Now, maybe this is inconsequential, or maybe you've already heard this, but

the name on the gravestone is spelled "Wylie."  In any case, I'd be excited to be put on your

mailing lists.  Thanks so much!

Jay Allen Vickers

P.S. To fill out the book, Allen Vickers married Judy Carol Brantley, and his children are

Jason Ashely Vickers, Carrie Elizabeth Vickers, and myself, Jay Allen Vickers.



My name is Jerry Francis Vickers, I am a direct descendant of Great-Great Grandfather Wiley Vickers, Married to Beady Purvis. My Great Grandfather was Rev. John ( Jack) Vickers whose son was Daniel Sylvester Vickers.  My Grandfather and my father was Woodrow Wilson (Pud ) Vickers. I had an Uncle by the name of Johnny Vickers whose son was John Ralph Vickers- shot down during WW 2 and a brother by the name of Ralph Vickers killed in an auto accident. I would like to hear from those of you who wish to get in touch.  Jerry Francis Vickers, tharpe1865@yahoo.com


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