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Washington Co. Georgia- William Vickers Sr.
And Miscellaneous Records for Anyone Interested

William Vickers, Sr. b? Of Rowan Co. N. Carolina possibly along with Thomas Vickers? (1790 Census) Died 1827- Washington Co. Ga. Wife unknown?

1818 Twiggs Co. Ga. Tax List
In the 1820 Census of Washington County with Elijah and Bryant Vickers

Jasper Co. Ga. Deed Bk. A p 349- Nov 1824- between William Vickers and Riley Wise, both of Jasper Co.- 50 acres land- being known as 1/3 part of two lots of land #99 and 82 17th Dist. of Jasper Co. Ga.
Deed 2 Oct- 1809- Nathan Hobson to William Vickers of Randolph, now Jasper Co. 202 ˝ acres 19 Dist. of Baldwin, now Randolph. 1809- #300.00- Original grant to Duncan Campbell.
Deed 9 Oct 1816- William Vickers- Co. of Jasper- to Sampson Lanier of same county- 44 acres of Lot #170 where Vickers lives $260- signed by his mark.
Deed 3 Dec 1816- William Vickers- Jasper co.- to George Lewis of Morgan Co. for $460
(from Duncan Campbell grant)
Deed – Twiggs co.- to Thomas Lawrence- Jasper co.- 13 acres in Jasper Co.- Lot #170- 19th Dist- for $52. 8 Jan 1817.

1. William Jr.- died 10 Jan 1837- Butts Co. Ga. - married Anna Wise, daughter of Jacob Wise. - (Creed T. Wise- administrator of estate. Witt C. and Frances M. Wise, Surety). Ref: “Ga. Intestate Records” by Holland. (Jacob married in Oglethorpe Co. Ga., 1797.)
1. Howard-
2. Jacob-

Deed Bk. A- p 472- Butts Co. Ga.- Jacob Wise, for love he bears his daughter Anna N. Vickers- gave negro woman, Cynthia, and her son Washington- 24 July 1828- signed by Jacob Wise- Wit: Creed Wise and William Hancock.

Butts co. Deed Bk. A p 277- 16 July 1828- between Ledford Edwards and William Vickers- $250.00 9th dist. formerly Henry Co., now Butts- Lot #36 containing 50 acres- granted to George W. Key 27 Oct 1824. Wit: George T. Speake, Wallace W. Lemmons, John K. Cargile- signed by Ledford Edwards.

Bk A. p 70- 30 Jan 1826- Elisha Edwards and William Vickers- $150.00- 30 acres, Lot #31 in 9th Dist. formerly Henry Co. now Butts – Wit: George Britton and Wm. Barkley- signed, John and Elisha Edwards- Bullock Co. Ga.

Bullock Co. Ga- Aaron Vickers- purchased items at estate sale of Steven Denmark. 1818-
John Lane-
deceased- estate approved and distributed – Bullock Co.- between heirs- Richard Lane and Aaron Vickers. 1818.

Yearly return of William Vickers- deceased- by Creed T. Wise- on estate for years- 1838-9- Paid to D.L. Duffy, T.J. and J.C. Dunseth, Robert W. Smith, C.W. Brazeal, Barna Wise, John McCord, Simon H. Sanders, H. Higgins, Robert B. Sanders, James H. Roberts, Lewis Bennett, John Hall and Curtis Bailey.

Credit- Cash rec’d of Thomas J. Giles in full- 25 Dec 1838- signed by Creed T. Wise- administrator- 6 Mar 1839.
List of Renting Plantation and Hiring Negros 19 Dec 1836- by administrator- to Robert Mayfield- William Vickers by Riley Wise- Admr. Recorded 5 Feb 1837-

“Gen Data of Supreme Court of Ga.” --Vickers vs Stone- from Wilkes Co. Ga. May term 1848?
1830- Buyer of estate of John Malone, dec’d. William Vickers Jr.

Butts Co. Records- 1836-1845- pps 39-41
Sale of perishable property of Isaiah wise- dec’d 18 Nov 1836- by Riley Wise- Admr. Purchasers- Rosannah Wise, Parham Lindsey, Elisha Kirksey, David Smith, William G. Smith, Barney Wise, Riley Wise, Robert McGrady, John Marable, R.R. Mayo, Isaac Nelam, Robert Mayfield, Robert Gilmore, Jacob T. Mayo, George W. Suttle, Eldred Nixon, Thomas Payne, Amos Gorie, Isaac Nolen, Ichabod Hood, Wm. Higgins, Washington Hyatt, Meredith Nelson, James Maddux, Wm. Echols, Lewis Bennett, F. Douglass, Joseph Dawson, E.S. Kirksey, Wm. Akin, John Powell, John Burge, Geo. W, Thomas, John Dawson and Hugh Goin.

Pp 42-43- Account of Sale of estate of Jacob Wise, 8 Dec 1836- sold to: Frances Wise, Burrell Bean, Creed T. Wise, Job Taylor, William Giles, Jordan Compton, Wm. Parker, Hugh Wise, Barna Wise, Hamilton Stewart, Witt Wise, John Murray, John McKelhaney, Augustus Wise, Jacob Mayo, David Johnson, Jeremiah Lumsdel, Jesse Whitley, Elijah Leverett, John Burge, Wm. Preston, P.A. Huggins, Wm. Vickers- Recorded 6 Feb 1837-

Bullock co. Ga.- Vol 1-H- 1813-1836- William wise- will 1816- Wife Margaret.

Butts Co. Ga. Marriages:
Nancy Wise- James Dodson- 11/29/1853
William A. Slaughter- Sarah Jane wise- 5/9/1844
John Wise to Elizabeth Boatright- 20 Mar 1842- Washington Co. Ga.
John Vickers- Married Rebecca Cone- 24 May 1848- Baldwin Co.

Return of estate of Robert Bickerstaff- 1838- Paid Robert Coleman, William R. Head -1837 Taxes- Alsey Durham, paid to legatees of Bickerstaff: William R. Head, Alsey Durham, Hugh Wise, Joseph W. Slaughter, Henry P. Slaughter, Creed Wise, Pollard b. Bickerstaff-
Creed Wise, guardian, William R. Head, guardian, Retained for self as guardian, Shadrach McMichael. Each Legatee $859.00.

2. Prudence- b Married Riley Wise 24- Nov 1824. Riley apparently deceased by 1848- Children named as orphans of Riley Wise:
1. John- guardian Benjamin Wilson
2. Mary- guardian Benjamin Wilson
Robert- guardian Benjamin Wilson
Rosana- guardian Benjamin Wilson
Walter J. – guardian Benjamin Wilson
6. William R. – guardian Benjamin Wilson




Contributed by Lucy Vickers Grisham



Thomas, Solomon and William Vickers

Virginia to Hancock  County Georgia



Speculation:  Thomas Vickers was probably a brother to Solomon Vickers and William Vickers (of Butts Co. Ga.) though this has not been positively proven yet. They appear to have been born in Virginia.  He began migration to Georgia about 1790-1793 probably for Land Grants- (Head Rights).


** From notes of Barbara Boynton- “Many Virginians took advantage of the Head Rights of Washington Co. and other early counties of Georgia because they had about 15 months to bring their families into Georgia to settle on them. They traveled back and forth from Georgia to Virginia or North Carolina and finally to Georgia where they lived and their children migrated westward into Alabama and Mississippi.”


Ref: p 123 0f “The Powell Families of Va. and  the South- by Lucas-  Deed in Columbia Co. Ga. Book O p 249- Mar 23, 1809- Received April 10, 1809- “I, Cader Powell, of the County of Hancock,  appoint Thomas Vickers as my legal representative to receive, demand and sue for, from the executors of John Watson, deceased of the County of (county not given)- of the State of Virginia, such sums of money, etc. as are now owing to me.” **(apparently Thomas went back and forth to Virginia and Powell needed him to conduct some business for him while there. The Powell family is Barbara’s direct line. They are from Nansemond County Virginia, Norfolk Co.  and Chowan Co. North Carolina and were married to the Needham family or the Bryant family, as the name was passed down.  Ref:  Isle of Wight Co. Virginia Deed Records.   


It is said Thomas and William are recorded in records of Rowan Co./Tyrell/ North Carolina, but there was another Thomas there who married Alice? **This needs further research.


Thomas Vickers b @1761-1819- is in the 1790 Census of North Carolina in Rowan County with 2 males over 16, 1 male under 16 and 2 females over 16.


William Vickers b?-  1 male over 16 and 2 females over 16. 


Thomas is in the 1794 and 1795 Tax Digest of Hancock Co. Georgia along with Martin Armstrong, John C. Armstrong and John Armstrong in Capt. Eiland’s District.   (Hancock was taken from parts of Greene and Washington Counties, Ga. in 1793.)


He married to Sarah Rhea/Ray- (Rhea family of Ireland)- August 20, 1782 in Georgia She was born in North Carolina, and she died May 9, 1836 in Bibb Co. Ga. She may have been a sister to Solomon Ray who married Jane Echols- or of the same family- who were in Wilkes Co. Ga. Some of the Rhea/Ray family is in Tennessee records. Ref: “Tennessee Cousins by Ray.”

She is in the 1830 Census of Hancock Co. as having 1 male 20-30 and one female 60-70 living in the household. 


Note**There is a Solomon and Thomas Vickers who appear in Craven County North Carolina records but appear to be older ones because Thomas was born 1761 and would only be 11 years old here. It is possible that these are related?   

Solomon and Thomas Vickers show up in Craven Co. Court Records, New Bern District Abstracts. They appear in a civil case dated March 29th 1772 in which one Richard Graves was charged with breaking into the corncrib of Thomas Haslin and stealing corn. **(New Bern District covered what became Carteret, Craven, Beaufort, Hyde, Pitt, Dobbs, Jones and Duplin Counties).

**Note of Interest:  Patent Book 18 # 799- p 285 North Carolina Land Patents- there appears a John Vickers who received 200 acres land in Carteret County September 26, 1766- on the east side of White Oak River at Little Bare Swamp joining a point near a pond on Andrew Gillet’s line, both sides of the road and the edge of said swamp??? Who is this?


Solomon Vickers appears in St. Paul Parish, Georgia (Burke?) Aug 10, 1774 and in Wilkes County Ga. Papers- 1773-1833- He was on the pay bill list of Edward Barnard’s Rangers as of Dec 6, 1774- March 6, 1775- and from March 6 1775 to Mar 6 1776. He is also on bill for June thru September 1774-1776.  (Older one?)

Solomon Vickers is an elusive person and I have not been able to find out much on him. If anyone has information on him, let me know.


Thomas Vickers died about 1819 and his will was proven 1820- Including Division of the estate- Executor of estate, being his son John Ray Vickers and division quite lengthy and detailed. After death of John Ray, his brother James Ray was appointed executor of estate of Sarah Vickers, deceased, by 1837. Ref; Hancock Co. Court of Ordinary.  


His children:


1. John Ray- 1784 – Married Nancy Briscoe- He drew land in the 1821 Land Lottery- 216 acres in Dooly Co. Ga. Was in the Walton Co. by 1830. Some say he died in Barbour Co. Ala. and other say he died in Leon Co. Florida. But Abstracts of Will Books of Barbour Co. Alabama - Orphans Court lists orphans of John R. Vickers, of Florida- Considering the proximity of Leon Co. Fla. and Barbour Co. Ala. it is possible he died in Florida, but his affairs were recorded in the place where the guardian, Thomas T.B. Vickers lived. Barbour Co. Ala. was taken from part of Henry Co. Ala.         


2. Thomas Jr.- 1786- Died 1817-  His father administered his estate and his Uncle Green B. Pinkston was appointed guardian of the children- Bond of $2500. Thomas Jr.  Married in 1811 to Miriam Armstrong- d/o Martin Armstrong and Mary Tate Kuykendahl of Mecklenberg Co. North Carolina, (taken from Anson), and was an early settler of Burke Co. Ga.  **Martin Armstrong was said to be the son of James Armstrong and wife Jean probably, Knoxville Co. TN? (Some say no?) He is part of my Armstrong line, however, who intermarried with the McAfee family of Mercer Co. Kentucky, the Buchanans and the McCouns.  The Kuykendahls are recorded as being from Kentucky also and are ancestors to Betty Schladensky who contributed much information on these families.  The Kuykendahls are Dutch.  Ref: Youngblood-Armstrong Family Records.

**Miriam went to Montgomery Co. Alabama after the death of Thomas and re-married to Gaines Brock, son of John and Rosanna Brock. Thomas and Miriam had two children and when the estate was appraised in 1814 and property sold, each daughter received distribution.  ** The Brocks are probably from Capt Joseph Brock and Mary Beverley Chew of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Co. Virginia and some of them lived in Rockbridge Co. and Botetourt Co. Virginia.

Crawford Co. Georgia Deed Bk C p 93- Headed Screven co. 1/4/1822

Jesse Vickers sold to William Branch of said county and state for $70.00 – 202 ˝

Acres in 7th District of Houston – now Crawford- Lot #168- Witnessed by Gaines Brock and David Scarborough, J.P.

Other information:   Family of Robert H. Vickers b July 17, 1814- N.C. Store keeper and Tanner- Lived Greenville S.C. and Washington Co. Ga. by 1834- Was with the Relief Corp in the Civil War.  He married to Catherine (Kate) Brock b Mar 28, 1819- Greenville, S.C. She lived after death of Robert in Hammock Ga. and ran a Hotel.  They married Mar 17, 1836 and Robert died Dec 26, 1866 from paralysis, apparently in Wilkes Co. Ga.  They had two children Sarah b 9/15/1848 and Henry A. b 4/6/ 1850.

Ref: Chronicles of Wilkes Co. and Methodists in Wilkes after 1800-

History of Washington Co. Ga.

1840, 1850, and 1860  Census Wilkes Co.

Will Book 11, Vol. II- 1837-1877- Wilkes Co.  p 51 - R.H. Vickers


3. Green Ray- 1787- Recorded in 1850 in Lauderdale Co. Ala with children William and Ferdinand and wife Elizabeth (maiden name unknown).  In 1860, he is listed with William only.

1850 Lauderdale Census also shows:


E.W. Vickers- 30 years of age- b Ala

Nancy- 20 – Ala

William- age 3- Ala

John- age 3- Ala

Andrew- age 3/12- Ala.


4. William Ray- 1789- 1826- married Mary Ray- his cousin.  He is on the 1820 Census of Walton Co. Ga.  His brother, Solomon R. Vickers administered his estate- Ref: “Southern Recorder Legal Notices” Milledgeville, Ga. July 5, 1827- Solomon applied to sell slaves and in May of 1828- he applied again for division of Property- (Geo. Gen Magazine).


5. Michael Ray- 1792- married to? No further info on this one.


6. Mary- 1794- married Solomon Robinson in Hancock Co. Ga. They are in the 1830 Baldwin Co. Ga. Census.


7. Solomon Ray- 1796- died 1844 Noxubee Co. MS- He was in the War of 1812- Record of Land Bounty Claim filed Nov 11, 1856 by widow- Enlisted at Savannah Ga. and discharged in Burke Co. Ga. He married in Columbus C. Ga. to Ann Cutliffe. Ref: Deed Bk A p 596- Crawford Co. Ga. – Solomon R. Vickers of Crawford Co. to Abner Wimberly of Houston Co. for $4,500- Lots 13 & 14 in 3rd district of Houston, now Crawford on Westward side of Echoconna Creek – Monroe Co. Ga. and supposed to contain 303 ľ acres – also Lot #253 adjoining the others- Wit: Finley Holmes and Benjamin Cutliffe.  **Wimberlys married to the Bryants.  


8. James Ray- 1798- Lived Walton Co. 1830 Census and Clarke Co. Ga. He married 1817- Dorothy Emeline Daves- sister to Joel Peoples Daves- Walton Co. Deed Bk. E. p 262-263- Aug 24, 1824- James R. Vickers of Walton Co. to Robert Billup of Walton Co. for $300 125 acres- southwest Lot #62 4th District Walton Co.- signed by James Vickers and witnessed by William Bentley and H.L. Reese.


9. Sarah M. – 1799- died 1842- Barbour Co. Ala. at age 43. She married Henry Rives- probably of the Rives family of Surry Sussex Co. Virginia- in 1818- Coweta Co. Ga.

Obituary of Barbour co. Ala.Mrs Sarah M. Rives in her 43rd year of life, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Vickers was born Hancock Co. Ga. in 1799 and was converted at a Camp meeting at Sparta Camp Ground- Hancock Ga. Was married in Coweta Co. by Rev, John Twitty.


10. Rebecca Murrell- 1803?-  married Joel Peoples Daves 1829- Hancock Co. Ga. He died and she re-married to Henry Beacham.   



Contributed by Lucy Vickers Grisham




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