William Vickers and the Western Branch

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Terry L. Vickers, tvickers@closeinc.com
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So far I have found that there appear to be two branches of the Vickers in GA. Possibly (probably) related, but still two branches as far as their migrations are concerned. One branch which appears shortly following the Revolution, shows up in Montgomery, Washington, and Burke Co's. This branch migrated down through central GA to south GA (Laurens, Twiggs, Pulaski, Irwin, Lowndes), and then westward to the n. FL counties and southeast AL counties. This is the branch that my James is a part of (I think). The other branch began a little later (1790's) in Wilkes, Ogelthorpe, Clarke, Walton Co.'s, and moved south-westward through the Atlanta area and over into the central counties of AL. This is that line.

From GenForum: Vickers Family Genealogy Forum
John Vickers in Georgia
Posted by: Arthur R. Seder, Jr.
Date: July 09, 1999 at 15:16:22

I have now been able to establish that John Vickers, who appears in the Clarke County, Georgia
censuses of 1820 and 1830, was the brother of William Vickers, who filed a Revolutionary War
pension claim in 1832. The parents of William and John were another John and his wife Alice
(Unknown). The Vickers family emigrated from Augusta County, Virginia, to Orange County, NC
before the Revolutionary War. William and John Vickers, Jr. moved on to Wilkes County, Georgia
(the part later incorporated into Oglethorpe County) in the early 1790's. Both moved to Clarke
about 1800. John remained in Clarke while William moved farther west to Merriwether


See also the file of William's father and siblings: John Vickers, Sr. of Orange Co., NC.

William Vickers
Revolutionary War Pension File # S16564

Cover: Georgia--16.965
William Vickers, Meriwether, State of Ga, who was a Pv. of the Regiment commanded by Col. Butler, in the N&S C. for 13 months. Inscribed on the Roll of Georgia at the rate of 43 Dollars 33 Cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 183?
Certificate of Pension issued the 18th day of October, Greenville, GA. W.B. Ector
Arrears to the 4th of Sept,1833                108.32
Semi-annual allowance ending 4 Mar 1834 21.66
Revolutionary Claim Act, June 7, 1832 Recorded by Nate Rice?, Clerk
Book E, Vol. 6, Page 105

Settle to Hos. W.F. Colquitt $3.00
[?] $1.00, Feb. 1840
Paid at the Treasury under the Act of [?] April 1838 from 4th March to 5 Oct 1837, the day of his death.
Agt. notified 2 March 1840.

State of Georgia
Meriwether County
On this fifth day of November 1832, personally appeared in open Court before the Inferior or County Court now sitting, William Vickers, a resident of said County & State aged seventy-five years & upward who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following Declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832. 1st. That he was born in Augusta County, Virginia in the year 1757, the day and month he has forgotten, had a record of his age which was burnt when his father’s house was burnt in Orange County, North Carolina to which place his father had removed from Rockbridge County, Virginia, which last place this deponent was principally raised--His first service he enlisted as a draftee Militia soldier in the Infantry under the State authority, NC, for three months which he served out fully, he has very much forgotten with [accuracy?] the year of this service but thinks it was shortly after Independence was declared and judging from this thinks the tour commenced I the Winter of 1776-7 shortly after Christmas rendnezvoused at Hillsborough, Orange County, North Carolina, his captain Andy Litle, battl’n major, marched to the [Euton?]Springs N.C. and otherwise marched [?] the County specifically protecting the inhabitants against the depredations of the Tories & preventing the spread of the Tory cause;--discharged in the Spring of the year 1777 at the Raft Swamps, N.C. by written discharge, the particular officer giving it is now forgotten, discharge burnt as before stated. 2nd. Entered by draft under State authority N.C. in the Infantry as a private Militia soldier for a tour of five months which he served out fully & more (upwards of 20? months) his captain William Jamison, majors name forgotten, Butler Colonel, rendezvoused? at Ransom’s Mills, Randolph Co., N.C. this was in February, he thinks the year 1778, marched thence into South Carolina [?] toward Stono within forty miles of which place they had reached when they heard of the battle there previously to which had reconnoitered and scouted the County protecting the inhabitants and watched points of attack against the Tories principally the Yadkin & Pedee rivers S.C. during that time was stationed at a place about ten days the name of which from his failing memory he has now forgotten. After hearing of the Battle of Stono still advanced to unite with the main defence & was stationed & guarded on the settlements at Stono, S.C. about six weeks where he was discharged in the Summer of 1778, he thinks September, by written discharge since burnt as before stated, forgets from which officer, making six months & upwards though only drafted at first for five on a call from the States of N. & S. Carolina. 3rd. Entered as a volunteer Militia in the Cavalry, under the State authority as a private soldier for two months, his Captain Davis Gresham who was highest in command, Mark Pattison lieutenant, served his time out fully, he thinks this was I the year 1780 probably, & commenced in the month of November, rendezvoused at Hillsborough, N.C. & ranged the country as a flying Corps against the Tories, scouted principally on Chowan river low down in North Carolina, the [?] object of the detachment was to check & scatter the Tories who were extremely troublesome & bold in that part of the country under the command of one Saurin whom his company once came within half a mile of attacking unexpectedly, but he escaped supposedley from having intimation someway of his company approach; could never capture him nor bring him to battle; on return discharged at Hillsborough, N. C. by Capt. Gresham by written discharge which was destroyed as before stated. 4th. Entered as a drafted Militia soldier private in the Infantry under state authority, N.C. for two months which he servedo out fully under Captain Davis Gresham who was highest in command his Lieutenant John May, this was in the spring of 1781 the month not recollected; he was stationed all this time at Hillsborough, N.C. for the purpose of protecting the town & affording satisfaction & security to the inhabitants & to prevent a rallying point & place from which to march in a body at a moments warning to unite with any other force or oppose any threatening force of the British or Tories--The town of Hillsborough just before had been captured & taken possession of completely by the Tories, the town plundered & some of the principal inhabitants carried off & delivered to the British who took them as prisoners on board their vessels where they were very badly treated. Whilst in this service scouted the surrounding country onshort excursions always returning immediatelys the defense of the Town;--after expiration of service was discharged there by Capt. Gresham by written discharge which he got burnt as before stated together with all Revolutionary & other papers which he then had; this discharge was in the Summer of 1781, just before Lord Cornwall’s surrender at York Town.

5th. Extra--He rendered much service also by hiring Substitutes; he recollects hiring four at different times & at the close of the Revolution had paid out about two hundred pounds to persons to serve in his place, besides the times he actually served in person himself as above stated.

After the Revolution removed from N.C. to Wilkes County, Georgia, about the year 1792;--from thence removed to Ogelthorpe County about 1794;--from thence to Clark County about 1801;--from thence to Walton County about 1809; from thence removed to his present residence. He knows of no person surviving aforesaid or who knew him during the Revolution by whom to establish his services, his Revolutionary papers too being destroyed as before stated; His neighbors now--John T. Carter, Thomas Roberts, & Praddock Harris, James H. Pevey.

Summary Service
1st Service 3 mos.
2nd “          6 “
3rd “           2 “
4th :            2 “

He hereby reliquishes every claim whatever to a Pension or annuity except the present & declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State. And that he knows of no person by whom to prove his services as here set forth, and that he has no original dicumentary evidence to present in proof or corroberation of the same. All Revolutionary vouchers which he once had having long since been lost or destroyed--burnt as before stated.--- William Vickers (his mark) Sworn to & subscribed in open Court, now sitting the day & year aforesaid, Samuel Bailey, J.I.C.

We, Thomas Roberts and James H. Perry, both residents in the County of Meriwether, Sate of Georgia, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with William Vickers, who had sibscribed & sworn to the above declaration; that we believe him to be seventy-five years & upwards of age; that he is respected & believed in the neighborhood where he resides, to have been a soldier of the Revolution, & that we concur in that opinion. Sworn and subscribed the day & year aforesaid. Samuel Bailey, J.I.C. Thomas Roberts James H. Perry

End of Revolutionary War Pension File


Letter to Sidney Terry from Kelly, May, 1996:

Sidney A. Terry
211 Yosemite Dr.
Greenwood, SC 29649-9300

ph. 864-223-7591

William Vickers, NC Revolutionary War Pension File #S16564 dated November 1832, Meriwether Co.,: In this file are listed some names which you found from Troup County. They are probably married into this Vickers line. Some of the names common to what you sent are Davis Gresham (his captain in the war, and an appraiser & purchaser in an estate with John and Ferdinand in 1833), Charles Hunton (also listed in the 1840 returns as an orphan of James Hunton that John Vickers became guardian of). William is listed as 75 years of age, which would place his birthday 1757 (other records indicate it could have been as early as 1754). I will quote portions from the record:

"That he was born in Augusta Co., Virginia, in the year 1757, the day and month he has forgotten. Had a record of his age which was burnt in Orange County, North Carolina, to which place his father had removed from Rockbridge Co., VA which last place this deponent was principally raised." The record goes on to list his military service in detail. "After the Revolution, removed from NC to Wilkes County, Georgia, about the year 1792, from thence removed to Ogelthorpe Co., about 1794, from thence to Clarke Co. about 1801, from thence to Walton Co. about 1809, from thence removed to present residence" (Meriwether Co.). The record shows that William received a pension for his service until he died October 5, 1837.  See also the file of William's father and siblings: John Vickers, Sr. of Orange Co., NC.

William is noted in the Minutes of the Inferior Court of Ogelthorpe Co, Tuesday, June 1794, as serving as a petit juror on March 24th, 1794. He would be 37 years old at this time. This county and year is also the first reference to James, Sr. who married Elizabeth Martin March 3, 1794 (Ogelthorpe Co. Marriages 1794-1832, vol. II, p. 257, Lexington. Also the original marriage is recorded in the Ogelthorpe Co. Minutes of Register of Ordinary 1794-1806.) James would have been about 17-19 years of age at this time.

John Vickers (another son of William, proposed. Could possibly be a brother of William but it seems more likely to me to be his son. The age of his children (all under 10) would seem to indicate he was young, 26 or 27) is listed in the 1800 Ogelthorpe Co., Federal Census (the only surviving Fed. Census from GA in 1800) as 1wm 26-45, 1wf 26-45, 1wm-10, 2wf-10.

I mentioned before that there is a William, James, John, & Joseph noted on a tax list in Franklin Co. in 1810. Although this doesn't fit the migration pattern of William, he and his sons could have made commitments in Franklin Co. during this period. There is a Joseph listed in a Franklin Co., deed book (AB-p.47) which covers the years 1852-1856. If these are William & sons listed in 1810, perhaps Joseph settled & stayed in Franklin since he doesn’t appear moving southwest with the rest of the family. The 1852 reference would make him the right age as a son of William.

Circumstantial evidence at this point that James and John are brothers is the Martin connection. Looking at the Martin family in Ogelthorpe, they appear to be a large and wealthy family. William Martin dies in 1798, and his son Robert Martin administers his will. James Vickers, Sr.'s wife Elizabeth is most likely William Martin's daughter (but she could also be Robert Martin's daughter if William was well advanced in years--I haven't checked his age at death yet.) John Vickers is listed in Ogelthorpe Co. tax books for the years 1800 to 1805. His property borders Robert Martin's property--neighbors--all in the family.

My own theory is that Martin Vickers is the son of James Vickers, Sr. and this is my reasoning: James Vickers, Sr. (b.c. 1775) shows up in Ogelthorpe Co. where he marries into the large and influential Martin Family there. James marries Elizabeth Martin March 3, 1794, in Ogelthorpe. (By the way, theirs is the very first entry in the Marriage Book in the Courthouse.) I propose at least four children: 1) Ferdinand, b.c. 1795, m. Anna (Vickers?) 3/9/1820 in Clarke Co., 2) John, b.c. 1797, m. Ann Hammock(sp.) 1/9/1825 in Walton Co., of which Ferdinand and Martin were witnesses to the marriage, 3) James, Jr. b.c. 1798/9, and m. Elizabeth Lasseter 9/23/1817 in Clarke Co., (their marriage record appears on the same page as Ferdinand) and 4) Martin Vickers (taking his mother's maiden name) b.c. 1803, and m. Mary Ann Stevens 12/20/1836. In the Leon Hollinsworth Collection in the GA St. Archives, Martin is listed as first marrying Jerusha Biggers July 18, 1833, in Walton Co. Perhaps this was a first wife who died young. 5) a possible 5th son could be Charles Dean Vickers who m. Martha G. Edmonds 10/31/ 1831.

So far the picture I have painted looks something like this: William, born 1754-1757 has at least four sons: James, Sr. b. 1775-1777, John b. 1775-1777, Joseph b.? & Gresham, the baby, born c. 1788 and at least one daughter, Cathren b. early 1780's . Get a 1790 and 1800 map of GA and follow the counties: William comes from NC to Wilkes Co., GA 1792 and is there in 1793. December of 1793, Ogelthorpe is created out of Wilkes. He doesn't even have to move to be on the jury list in Ogelthorpe in 1794, or for his son James to marry their Martin neighbor. William moves just over the line to Clark Co. about 1801 and is there till 1818, when he moves to Walton Co. where he stays until 1830 when he moves to Meriwether Co. His son John remained in Ogelthorpe at least until 1803-1805 (tax lists), then apparently follows William to Clark Co. While William is in Clarke with sons James, Sr. & family, Dau. Cathren, and baby bro Gresham (named after Willliam's Captain in the War) from 1801-1818, the following events take place: Cathren Vickers marries Robert Marable Sept. 18, 1806. (Clarke Co., Marriage Book A:17). Two of James, Sr.'s son's marry: James, Jr., b.c. 1795, marries Elizabeth Lasseter, Sept 23, 1817 (Clarke Co., Marriage Book A:129) and Ferdinand marries Anna Vickers (b.1795) March 7/9, 1820 (Clarke Co., Marriage Book A:129.)

March 31, 1818, The Georgia Journal Newspaper, "Deserted from me on the 25th, Gresham Vickers, a resident of Clarke Co. who hired himself as a substitute. . . He is dark complected, has large whiskers, is stout, between 25 and 30 years of age. Signed Mathew D. Taomason."

After checking my notes I would propose the following sons of James, Sr.: 1) Ferdinand, b. 1795, 2) John Vickers, b. 1797, 3) James Jr. b. 1798, 4) Martin Vickers, b. 1803, 5) Absolom, b. 1805, 6) Charles Dean, b. 1806, and 7) Young, b. 1809.

Check their ages/counties in the Census records for a good fit:

1820: Walton Co: William, p. 498; Ferdinand, p. 498; Clark Co: John, p. 117; James, p. 129A.

1830: Walton Co: William p. 128; John, p. 132; James (Jr.), p. 139; Coweta Co: Ferdinand, p. 371; Ogelthorpe Co: Gresham, p. 94; Clarke Co: Absolom, p. 304; John (William's son?), p. 295; Martin, p. 296 (I suppose Martin could also be John's son if John had also married a Martin as did his brother James, but I still think he belongs to James--reason to follow in closing).

1840: Clarke Co: Absalom, p. 234; Young, p. 203/4; Coweta Co: Silas (Salaz), p. 332; Troup Co: Charles D., p. 365; John, p. 365; Mary K., p. 345.

Last couple of notes and then I'll be quiet:

"Ferdinand Vickers, Indian War 1818, Widow's Pension Application: Mrs. Ann Vickers, age 84 years, made her application July 1879 for a pension (claim however was rejected). She stated that she was the widow of Ferdinand Vickers who served in Capt. James Barton's Co. of GA Militia, enlisting Feb. 4th, 1818, and was honorably discharged May 15, 1818. He volunteered at Greensborough, GA. She stated that she was Ann Vickers before marriage and was married to her said husband at Watkinsville, Clarke Co. GA in 1819, by one Caldwell, a J.P. Said Ferdinand Vickers died at Dudleyville, AL Feb. 2, 1856. At the time of making her application she was a resident of Tallapoosa Co., AL."

And to help tie Ferdinand, Martin, & John together as brothers:

"John Vickers, War of 1812, Widow's Bounty-Land Application, Mrs. Ann Vickers made her bounty-land application March 24, 1855, in Chambers Co., AL and stated she was 51 years old and the widow of John Vickers who was drafted at Lexington, Ogelthorpe Co., GA, and was discharged 1818 at Hartford, GA. She stated that she was married to her husband Jan. 9, 1825, at Monroe, Walton Co, GA, and that her maiden name was Ann Hammoc/Hammock before marriage; that her said husband died May 19, 1843, in Chambers Co., AL. Ferdinand Vickers and Martin Vickers made their affidavit in 1852, in Alabama, to the effect that they were witnesses to the marriage."

A few extra's if your interested: From the 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery: all are 160 acre grants: William Vickers, rev. sold. of Meriwether Co. drew lot 256 in Gilmer Co.
Young Vickers, of Campbell Co., drew lot 218 in Union Co.
Ferdinand Vickers, sold., of Meriwether Co., drew lot 124 in Murray Co.
Charles D. Vickers of Walton Co., drew lot 130 in Floyd Co.

That about shoots my wad on the "Western branch" of the Vickers in GA. Yes, I would appreciate a GEDCOM file on your Vickers line. I feel pretty sure the Western and Eastern branches are tied together--there are a few unusual names that pop up in both branches, e.g. Young. Silas/Salaz fits in somewhere but I'm not certain where. He seems to be with this branch of the family however.



Email from Sydney Terry,

What you propose as the parents of Martin Vickers makes a lot of sense, if you have proof that Martin is the son of James Vickers, Sr. I think what you are proposing makes more sense than his being the son of Joseph, since my Martin did marry Mary Ann Stevens 0n 12/20 1836. I have no information about Martin marrying Jerusha Biggers although this is highly possible. Winston Fontaine writes in his book: I quote from his book:


Our Great-Great Grandfather, Martin Vickers was the earliest Vickers on whom verifiable information was obtained. It is believed that he was the son of Joseph Vickers and the brother of John, Young, and Absolem Vickers of Clarke County, Georgia., however this is not verified. He is shown on page 296 of the 1830 Census of Clarke County,Ga., as the head of a house- hold of one free white male of age 20 and under.

The Marriage of Martin Vickers to Mary Ann Stevens on December 20, 1836 is recorded in the Clarke County, Ga., Marriage Book B, page 294.

By 1840, Martin and his family had moved to Chambers County, Ala., as he is listed in the Census of that County as head of a house hold consisting of one male, 30-40; one female, 15-20; one male, less than 5 years; and one female, less than 5 years. The family had moved to Tallapoosa County, Ala. by 1850

Page 49 0f the Tallapoosa County Census, Emuckfaw Post office, Beat 12, Western Daviston; Enumerated on July 11, 1860, lists dwelling houses in order of visitation, and family number 334 was: VICKERS, Martin,white male, wheelwright, born in Ga.; Mary A., white female, born in Ga.,; James k., 15 years, white male, born in Alabama; John M., 12 years, white male, born in Ala.; Mary J., 6 years, white female, born in Alabama; Mary Coss, 20 years, white female, born in Ga.

The only question I have about this is, where does Absolem,& Young, enter into the family or do they belong to another family?

Ferdinand-- I have yet failed to connect Ferdinand to the family and what you propose makes a lot of sense, He wound up in Chambers Co. AL. with a fairly large family according to the following from the Chambers CO. Census.

Chambers County Ala. Census 1840

Ferdinand Vickers, Head of family.
Under 5 male 3
Under 5 female 1
5 to 10 female 1
10 to 15 male 1
10 to 15 female 1
15 to 20 females 2
20 to 30 none
30 to 40 male 1
40 to 50 female 1
50 to 60 male 1.

Total male 6, female 6, total 12 white, no slaves.

Chambers County Census 1840. Martin Vickers
under 5 male 1 female 1
15 to 20 female 1
30 to 40 male 1
Total males 2, females 2, Total 4 whites, no slaves.

H856 Ferdanand Vickers 55m farmer R$1200 Ga.
Ann Vickers 50f.

Jane Vickers 22f
Emily Vickers 20f.

Milly Vickers 17f.
James Vickers 13m.
Willion (?) J. 11m
America Vickers 8f.

Footnotes: *Chambers Co. ML V4 #450 issued to John R. McKee & Jane Vickers, DEC 18, 1851 by Wm. G. Wilson (JP), F. Vickers 2nd bondsman.

H1063: John W. Holbzalow(?) [Holtzclaw] *28M Farmer Ga.
Mary A. 25F.

William H. 5M Ala.
Rosannah C. 3F.

John F. 6/12 M

Footnates: * Chambers Co. ML V2 #163 issued to John Holtzclaw & Mary A. Vickers, July 1, 1841 by J.V. Hussey (JP). [This marriage record almost certainly gives the correct spelling of the Name]

I don't think you are barking up the wrong tree at this point, your thinking that Martin was the son of James,SR. and the facts behind the marriage of James into the Martin Family is fairly conclusive, unless we come up with something different. I would like to have the other background material that you have, maybe it will tie into some other information.




The following info. is some other misc. information I have about the Vickers Family, mostly about Ferdinand and John and Elizabeth Vickers, All of this is from Troup CO. Ga. and so far I haven't been able to tie it into any of my Vickers family.

Ferdinand Vickers married Anna Vickers(Vickers prior to marriage) in Clarke Co. Ga. 03/07/1820. From Marriage Book A-1805-1821, Folio 129. Possibly Parents of A.Y. Vickers, John Martin Vickers, John Knox Polk Vickers and Mary Jane Vickers.(not verified) This is from Ruby Vickers, Elberta, Al who is just guessing. (Where did Anna Vickers come from, I have only this one reference to her)?            [SEE NOTE below from Richard S. (Steve) Vickers, that documents that Martin Vickers is the father of A.Y. Vickers]

Shaddinge, Andrew. Returns A, p. 103 Date: 7 January, 1833. Troup Co. Ga. Administrator: Hardy Mitchell

Inventory and Sale: Appraisers: William Holt, Davis E. Gresham, Benjamin Holmes; Purchasers: Willis Jones,Henry Evans,James Kid, William Mitchell,Allen Williams, Davis E, Gresham, JOHN VICKERS, FERDINAND VICKERS,Hardy Mitchell.

Vickers, Elizabeth Returns F. p.549 Date: 30 January 1849 Guardian: Benjamin T. Cox Troup Co. Ga. Returns, 1849, for Elizabeth Vickers, orphan, of John Vickers.

Vickers Elizabeth Returns G. p. 331 Date: 2 April 1850 Guardian: Benjamin T. Cox Troup Co. Ga. Returns, 1849, for Elizabeth Vickers, orphan, of John Vickers.

Hunter, James M. Returns D. p. 241 Troup Co. Ga. Date: 27 February 1843 Guardian: John Vickers Returns, 1842, for James M. Hunter, orphan.

Hunter, Martha. Returns D, p. 241 Troup Co.Ga. Date: 27 February 1843 Guardian: John Vickers Returns, 1842, for Martha Hunter, orphan.

Hunton, Charles C. Returns D, p. 31 Troup Co. Ga. Date; 5 March 1842 Guardian: John Vickerws Annual Returns, 1841, for Charles C. Hunton, orphan.

Hunton, James M. Returns D. p. 31 Troup Co. Ga. Date: 5 March 1842 Guardian: John Vickers Returns, 1841, for James M. Hunton, orphan.

Hunton,James Returns C. p. 97 Troup Co. Ga. Date; 10 January 1840 Guardian: John Vickers Returns: 1839. Orphan: William R. Hunton

Hunton, James Returns C. p. 353 Troup Co. Ga. Date: 27 February 1841 Guardian: John Vickers Returns 1840, for William R., Charles, James, and Martha Hunton orphans of James Hunton.

Hunton, Martha Returns D. p. 178 Troup Co. Ga. Date: 5 March 1842 Guardian: John Vickers Returns: 1841, for Martha Hunton, Orphan.

Some of this may not make much sense, except it shows Elizabeth as an orphan of John Vickers in 1850, which means John must have died some time before the 1850 Census.

Please send me your address, I will send you a GEDCOM file of my Vickers line which may give you more info. for speculation.

Sidney. --


On William's daughter Cathren:

Donna Potter Phillips, mitzi@arias.net (through Cathren Vickers Marable Hunton)

Here's our lineage: Cathren VICKERS
m. (1) Robert MARABLE on 20 Sep 1806 in Clarke Co, GA;
m. (2) James HUNTON on 9 Oct 1817 in Clarke Co, GA.
William R. HUNTON m. 1842 in Troup Co, GA to Elizabeth J. COX.
Elizabeth Catherine HUNTON m. 2 Nov 1866 in Troup Co, GA to Seaborn A. PHILLIPS
Charles Robert PHILLIPS m. 1895 in prob. TX to Lillian STOUT.
Charles Alexander PHILLIPS m. 1941 in Spokane, WA to Esther Mary OSWALD.
John Charles PHILLIPS m. 1961 to Donna Ruth POTTER. And we have 7.5 grandchildren!

See also the file of William's father and siblings: John Vickers, Sr. of Orange Co., NC.


E-mail material from  Richard S. (Steve) Vickers,  added 04/02/2001

It's been a couple of years since I visited your site.  You're still doing a very good job trying to keep all the Vickers straight.  In the following:

>From Sidney Terry on http://kvickers.tfc.edu/William_Western.htm it states:

        "Ferdinand Vickers married Anna Vickers(Vickers prior to marriage) in Clarke Co. Ga. 03/07/1820. From Marriage Book A-1805-1821, Folio 129.  Possibly Parents of A.Y. Vickers, John Martin Vickers, John Knox Polk Vickers and Mary Jane Vickers.(not verified) This is from Ruby Vickers, Elberta, Al who is just guessing. (Where did Anna Vickers come from, I have only this one reference to her)?"

I don't agree.  A. Y. Vickers was my great great grandfather.  I have copies of marriage permission slips, hand written:

        (1) Mr. [Simon] Gulsby [Judge of Probate] sir please let my son A. Y. Vickers have license to marry Miss A. E. Maguire or let G. B. Maguire have them for him and this will satisfy me this October the 21, 1856.  Signed:  Martin Vickers

        (2) Mr. Gulsby sir please let A. Y. Vickers have license to marry my daughter A. E. Maguire and this will satisfy me, this October the 21, 1856. Signed: Anna Maquire

These copies were made at the Tallapoosa, Alabama County Courthouse in Dadeville, Alabama, along with copies of all of his sibling's marriage license (listed below).  I am very much interested in the theories concerning Martin Vickers parents.  I know the trail leads back to Georgia, but have yet to tie it together.  I also had a couple of occasions to visit with Ruby Vickers Haupt in Elberta, Alabama.  She was a wealth of knowledge to my research and a delightfully nice person, as was her brother Arister (Uncle Rister) from Clay County Alabama, who until his passing a couple of years ago, still lived on the family land that their father, Clinton Vickers, purchased and where the old Vickers family reunions were held for many years.  This is were the last pictures of A. Y. Vickers (that I have found) were taken.  Uncle Rister continued to come to our family reunions until right before his death.  We miss his dearly.

Thanks Kelly, if I can be of more help let me know,
Richard S. (Steve) Vickers
Currently in Houston, Texas

Here's a list of the marriage licenses that I copied that day in Dadeville.  I have copies of more that took place after the turn of century, if you are interested.

Date of License     Groom/Bride        Witnesses              Performed by/Date
Oct 22, 1856    Albert Y. Vickers     Albert Y. Vickers              ?

                        Ann E. Maguire        George B. Maguire            ?

Apr 24, 1866    John M. Vickers      John M. Vickers      A. Y. Vickers [MG]
                        Mary A. Bloodworth      Martin Vickers
Apr 26, 1866

May 21, 1866  James K. P. Vickers   J. K. P. Vickers   A.Y. Vickers [MG]
                        Rhonda P. Hall          Martin Vickers
May 22, 1866

Jul 14, 1871 Thomas J. McDonald Thomas J. McDonald Parker N. Patterson [JP]
                        Mary J. Vickers         A. B. McDonald
Jul 16, 1871

Dec 18, 1851   Wiley Maguire        Wiley W. Maguire    Daniel Boone [JP]
                        Arae Ann Irvin        R. Johnson
Dec 21, 1851

Jun 13, 1857    James Vickers           James Vickers       Simon Goolsby [JP]
                        Charity C. Ray          Elijah Ray
Jun 14, 1857

Oct 28, 1858    James R. Vickers     James R. Vickers    (?) A. Johnson [JP]
                        Matilda Ann Sanders  Benjamin J. Vines
Oct 28, 1858

Nov 22, 1866    Barney Vickers          ?                     James M. Ray [JP]
                          Virgi Ray                   ?

Nov 22, 1866

Dec 9, 1868      John C. Vickers    John C. Vickers     E. B. Gunn [MG]
                        Nancy E. Counts (?)
Richard Miller
Dec 9, 1868

Oct 25, 1869    Samuel E. Maclean  Samuel E. Maclean  S. B. Smith [JP]
                        Emily Vickers           W. D. Storse (?Stacie)
Oct 26, 1869

Mar 2, 1889    James Vickers     James Vickers       Silas Harrow [JP]
                        M. C. Lindsey    A. W. Lindsey
Mar 3, 1889

Sep 19, 1890    W. J. Vickers     W. Y. Vickers           G. H. Elder [MG]
                        Naussa L. Hailes   L. M. Kelley
Sep 21, 1890

Aug 31, 1892    B. H. Vickers     B. H. Vickers        T. J. Ledbetter [MG]
                        Palestine Wilson   M. O. Ledbetter
Sep 1, 1892

Nov 9, 1893    Lonnie Vickers    Lonnie Vickers     H. W. Ray [JP]
                        Elizabeth Ray      S. M. B. Ray
Nov 9, 1893

Mar 19, 1894  J. M. Vickers    J. M. Vickers         H. W. Ray [JP]
                        Maary Frances Bay (?) J. J. Holley
Mar 22, 1894

Dec 19, 1894    W. M. Vickers    W. M. Vickers    G. D. Hurst (?) [MG]
                        Erma D. Worthy   J. J. [John] Clark
Dec 24, 1894

Dec 10, 1898    L. M. Vickers   L. M. Vickers     Walton Turmon [JP]
                        S. E. Duck         S. W. Bryon
Dec 11, 1898


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