Young Vickers

Others researching this line:

Melanie Ward,

The State of Alabama}
           Henry County }Know all men by these presents that I Younge Vickers of the county and state aforesaid do hereby give, grant, bargain, and sell, and do by these presents give grant, bargain and sell unto Jacob Vickers of said county in Trust for my son Willey Vickers for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to me in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged as well as for the natural affection that I bear for my son, the following named property to wit one negro boy or fellow called Isaac about twenty-five (25) years of age, one negro woman named Cloe about nineteen years of age, also one boy named Pimp about three years old, also one eighth of land known as the East half of the North West quarter of Section No. thirty one (31) in Township No. Eight (8) of Range No. twenty-eight (28), all of which said property I hereby relinquish all right and title unto him the said Jacob Vickers in trust as aforesaid. To have and to hold the negroes and land herein before named and described unto him the said Jacob Vickers in truth as aforesaid and I the said Younge Vickers for myself my heirs, executors, administrators or assigns will warrant and forever defend the right and title to said property unto the said Jacob Vickers in trust as aforesaid. In testimony whereof I the said Younge Vickers have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 22nd day of June A.D. 1835.
                                                                              Younge Vickers {his mark}
In the presence of  J. Buford}
            George W. Williams}

The State of Alabama} Before me Moses K. Speight Clerk of the Circuit Court in and
           Henry County } for said county personally appeared Younge Vickers who acknowledged that he signed, sealed and delivered the within deed for the uses and purposes therein contained. Given under my hand and private seal there being no seal of office this 22nd day of June A.D. 1835. Moses K. Speight, Clerk {seal}

Recorded 30th June 1835. M.K. Speight, Clk.

[Henry County, Alabama, Probate Court, DEEDS A-B 1822-1840, page 163 or 16?

According to John Dulin, Jacob was Young's brother-in-law by Young's sister Kashire. this would make Jacob a probable first cousin as well as brother-in-law.


In the above will, Younge puts his entire estate into the hands of Jacob Vickers, (brother-in-law by sister Kashire), to be held in trust for his minor son Wiley. The following letter written in 1845 mentions that “Uncle Younge had the misfortune of losing both of his children”. In the 1830 Henry Co., AL Census there is one female 10/15 and one male 5/10 years of age. These would apparantly be the two children he lost, Wiley being the younger male in the census. A question that remains is that Younge’s will is dated 1835, so one would have expected him not to have lived long after this. Yet in 1845, 10 years later, he is mentioned in his nephew’s letter as having lost his two children. Perhaps after losing the older daughter prior to 1835, he felt the need to make the will for his younger son. He may have been experiencing severe sickness and not expected to live, but from which he recovered and then outlived his son Wiley as well??? Or perhaps Younge had did die shortley after his will and the 1845 letter was just referencing the fact that “Uncle Young (who is since dead) had the misfortune to lose both his children” i.e. in the sense that “It’s too bad there is no one to carry on Uncle Young’s line.” Young is not noted in the 1840 Alabama Census index.

Harris refers in the letter to “Uncle Drew’s widow” so apparantly Drew had died by this time. (This would then not be the Drew & Sarah in Lowndes Co., GA in the 1850 Census, although they would be approximately the same age--probably cousins.


The following letter mentions “Uncle Young” and his family. The three brothers in the letter, Ezekiel, Harris, and Simeon, would be nephews of Young. Their father was Joshua (Henry Co., AL Will, 1823). This would tie at least Drew, Hatcher, Young, and Joshua together as brothers. Wiley is almost always linked as a brother to one or more of the above in other sources.

Younge was born 1780/90, probably about 1781, and married about 1814 in Georgia.


Ezekiel’s letter to Harris -- written 1845 from Gadsden Co., FL. Original letter in possession of Hollis Vickers, Milam, TX

State of Florida - Gadsden County October 8, 1845

Dear Brother-in-law (penned by Jordan Vickers) I embrace the opertunity of wrighting you a few lines to inform you that myself and family is all in good helth hopeing these few lines may find you all the same all the relations is well. So far as I no there is nothing new with us more than there is a grate talk of the ware in your country. Times is hard with us, money scarse and produse low. Cropes in our settlement is tolarbl fair oweing to the sevear drought we had and some of the seround country has not maid bread scarsely I believe I the riter have nothing more than family afairs at present to relate there has been no deathes in the relations since I rote last Nov but little sevear sickness thank God for his kind mercies ondely Simeon Wif he have the musfortune to loose his Wife She departed his life the last day of February last. I don’t now that I have rote since he was married if not he had a widow by the name of Nancy Haris. Mother is in as good or beter health than she has been for several years Martha is married She had a man by the name of John Haney they was mariad 22 of last Oct they have a fin daughter they call Mary Adealine, Bryce is mariad he had a girl by the name of Equilea Porter they mariad in April last I the riter must inform you that I had your sister Mary We was mariad 5th of January last Gadsea is yet single and her and mother lives to themselves Sarah is married She had a man by the name of Walter Walsh. She had a son and calls him Brant. Uriaher has two children, Mary Ann and Marget. Alford has six, Delila Eveline Martha Ann, Sarah Ann Eason and Annabella I have five, Patrick John, Andrew Sarah Ann Elizabeth And Leafea Missouri Simeon had naming one. Me and Brica is living on the land that we got from Howard and Mother and Alford is on the place she got for temp and Uriaher and Simeon is on the Publick land Uncle Hatcher three sons and Susan is down about Old Magnolia doing as usial I hear Uncle Drew’s widow and her man lives at a plase 3 miles below Magnolia caled New Port. Fatama and Nancy is mariad. Nancy and her husban lives in New Port and Fatama and her man is gone to Alabama. Fanna is just nocking about amoung the rest Vinson and Jackson kiled a man last Dec and has bin in prison ever since til about a month ago they got out. The relations in Alabama was all well and doin well the last heard from thair I expect you have heard that Uncle Young had the misfortune to lose bouth of his children I have nothing more at present so I must close by ascribing myself your most affectionate Brother on till death.

Ezekiel Vickers to Harice Vickers Rote by your most affectionate and well wishen on thill death.

Jourdan Vickers but it is badly done but maybe you can makeit out.

P.S. I rec’d your kind letter March 5th ‘43 after being a little over a year on the way with great pleasure. I want you to rite me all that you can about my land and what the chance is of saveing it is. Whether ancy or no. I want you to rite without dela and let me no what the times in your country

Direct to China Hill Gadsden County I remain yours on till death Ezekiel Vickers


Old Sparta & Elba Land Office Records & Military Warrents 1822-1860, Alabama, p. 33
Young Vickers Henry County, AL 04/01/1836
Jacob Vickers Henry County, AL 10/05/1836
Joel Vickers Dale County, AL 12/14/1836
Hatcher Vickers Henry County, AL 10/29/1847
Jesse Vickers Henry County, AL 05/01/1849
Joel Vickers -- 11/10/1852


Leon County, FL 1825 Census
1 WM 21+
3 WM -21
1 WF 21+
3 WF -21
8 Whites
0 Slaves
8 Total
1 WM 21+
1 WM -21
1 WF 21+
1 WF -21
4 Whites
1 Slave
5 Total
1 WM 21+
9 WM -21
1 WF 21+
3 WF -21
14 Whites
3 Slaves
17 Total

Henry Co., AL 1830 Census, p. 326

Young Vickers
1 Male 40/50
1 Female 40/50
1 Female 10/15
1 Male 5/10

Samuel Vickers is listed on the same page (age 30/40) and Jacob, Jesse, Joel, and Stephen are in the Henry Co., Census.


Florida Land: Records of the Tallahassee and Newnansville General Land Office 1825-1892, by Alvie Davidson, 1989.

1090. HARRIS VICERS. (DUP) Feb. 6, 1827, 3 miles NNE Lake Jackson Station, Leon Co. Lot No. 6 Sect. 20 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and west.

118. BRYANT VICKERS. Dec. 25, 1826, 1 mile NE Havana, Gadsden Co. SE ¼ Sect. 29 Tp. 3 R. 2, north and west.

7667. BRYANT VICKERS. Oct. 5, 1838, 2 miles NNE Concord, Gadsden Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 17 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west. This receipt is in the form of an application for a duplicate, applied for by alleged owner of above tract, Aug. 24, 1849, and sworn to by claimant before H. R. W. Andrews, Register of Leon Co.

5019. ELIZABETH VICKERS. (and John Gamble) July 1, 1835, ¼ mile NNE Wacissa, Jefferson Co. E ½ SE ¼ Sect. 36 Tp. 1 R. 3, south and east.

2324. HARDY VICKERS. March 29, 1828, 2 miles NW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SE ¼ Sect. 17 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

16. HATCHER VICKERS. Sept. 12, 1826, near L. Jackson (town), Gadsden Co. SW ¼ Sect. 29 Tp. 3 R. 2, north and west. Rec’d $200.38 ¾ for 160.31 acres. R. K. Call, Receiver. By endorsement on back this was transferred Sept. 12, 1829, to Thomas Speight by Hatcher Vickers.

1927. JAMES J. VICKERS. (DUP) June 18, 1827, 3 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

2383. JAMES J. VICKERS. May 23, 3 miles N Centerville, Leon Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R.1, north and east.

3059. JAMES J. VICKERS. Sept. 22, 1829, 2 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3928. JAMES J. VICKERS. March 20, 1831, 3 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1. north and east.

1957. JAMES M. VICKERS. June 26, 1827, 3 miles N by W Bradfordville, Leon co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 4 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

1958. JAMES M. VICKERS. June 26, 1827, 4 miles N Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ NW ¼ Sect. 3 R. 1, north and east.

3143. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 1, 1829, 4 miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3145. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 3, 1829, 3 ½ miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3182. JAMES M. VICKERS. Dec. 26, 1829, 3 miles S Meridian, Leon Co. Lot No. 3 Fractional Sect. 31 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and east.

5405. JAMES M. VICKERS. Jan. 14, 1836, 2 ½ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. NE ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3502. JAMES T. VICKERS. May 3, 1830, 2 miles NNE Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ NW ¼ Sect. 11 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

2521. JOHN L. VICKERS. Oct. 13, 1828, 2 ½ miles SE Concord, Gadsden Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 24 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

7801. JOHN L. VICKERS. Jan. 7, 1839, 1 ¼ miles N by W Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ SW ¼ Sect. 24 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

7807. JOHN L. VICKERS. Jan. 9, 1839, 2 ½ miles E Hinson, Gadsden Co. NW ¼ NW ¼ Sect. 25 Tp. 3 R. 1, north and west.

2029. NATHAN VICKERS. Aug. 13, 1827, 3 miles NNW Bradfordville, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 3 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

3586. NATHAN VICKERS. Aug. 3, 1830, 3 ½ miles N by W Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ SW ¼ Sect. 4 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5403. NATHAN VICKERS. Jan. 14, 1836, 2 ½ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ NE ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5404. NATHAN VICKERS. Jan 14, 1836, 2 ¾ miles S by E Meridian, Leon Co. W ½ SE ¼ Sect. 5 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

5410. NATHAN VICKERS. Dec. 16, 1836, 3 miles NW Bradfordville, Leon Co. E ½ NE ¼ Sect. 8 Tp. 2 R. 1, north and east.

83. YOUNG VICKERS. Dec. 1, 1826, 2 miles SW Havana, Gadsden Co. NE ¼ Sect. 10 Tp. 2 R. 2, north and west. Transferred Dec. 1, 1826, to Stephen Browning. Teste: G. W. Ward, Register.


John Dulin notes that Young Vickers m. Elizabeth ? and had two children: Lucretia (Creacy) Vickers and Wiley Vickers. Creacy m. Christopher Ward and had the folowing children:
Wiley Ward
William Ward
Joseph Ward
John W. Ward
Winnie Ward
and several more girls.

Creacy had probably died by 1845 according to the above letter.


Henry Co., AL 1829, Henry Co., AL Records: Census Records, vol. 1, by Helon H. Cutler, p. 8. Ezekiel Vickers
Harris Vickers
Joshua Vickers
Simeon Vickers

1830 Henry Co., AL Census
p. 312, Joel Vickers, 1M60-70, 1M15-20, 1M10-15, 1M5-10, 1F50-60, 3F20-30, 1F15-20.
p. 312, Jacob Vickers, 1M50-60, 1M20-30, 1F50-60, 2F10-15, 9 slaves.
p. 312, Stephen Vickers, 1M20-30, 1F20-30.
p. 324, Samuel Vicars, 1M30-40, 1M-5, 1F20-30, 3F-5.
p. 324, Young Vicars, 1M40-50, 1M5-10, 1F40-50, 1F10-15, 2 slaves.
p. 324, Riley Stokes
p. 325, Elizabeth Hatcher
p. 326, Jesse Vickers, 1M20-30, 2M5-10, 2M-5, 1F50-60, 1F20-30.

1840 Henry Co., AL Census
p. 154, Martha Vickers, 2M20-30, 1M15-20, 1F60-70, 1F20-30.
p. 157, Martha Vickers, 1M50-60, 2M20-30, 1M15-20, 1F70-80, 1F20-30, 2 slaves.
p. 173, Jesse Vickers, 1M30-40, 1M15-20, 1M10-15, 1M5-10, 1F30-40, 1F5-10.


Jacob, Young and Joel Vickers Families


Submitted by Lucy Grisham,


Jacob Vickers born 1770-80- possibly North Carolina- Died Henry Co. Alabama

Son of Joel Vickers-   named as one of the executors of Joel Sr.’s estate along with  Joel Jr. - married Keziah Vickers  b 1770-80- sister to Jesse, Young, Wiley, and probably Joshua, Drew and Hatcher ? 


Children: ( Possibly Twins)

  1. Belinda-   mentioned as 1st born
  2. Lucinda-   married Gillum Moore   - mentioned as 2nd born.


Jacob was in the 1805 Land Lottery of Ga., Twiggs Co. 1818 Tax list, and the 1830 Census of Henry Co. Ala.

Bk C p 34- Oct 18, 1810- Jacob Stringer- Pulaski Co. to Jacob Vickers- Twiggs Co. – 94 ½ acres Part of Lot #42 in 23rd Dist. Wilkinson – Now Pulaski on Rocky creek- Wit: Leonard Stringer and Peter Williams


Pulaski co. Ga Deed Bk C p 84- Indenture – Joseph Stringer to Jacob Vickers – 18th day of October 1811- For and in consideration of $300 – 94 ½ acres  part of Lot #42 in 23rd district – Description – at beginning of sassafras stake in center of line of said lot turning thence with said line south forty five , west twenty one, east forty four chains and two links to a dogwood post, thence north forty five, one chain and fifty links to a sassafras pole in center of line, thence a direct line to beginning with all appurtenances thereunto belonging the rights of said land and premises- “I warrant and defend myself and all other persons to the said Jacob Vickers, his heirs and assigns forever” In witness thereof I hereunto set my hand and seal the day and date above.  Signed by Joseph Stringer.

Sworn before Nathaniel Mercer Jr., J.P.  Recorded Feb 2, 1813.


Deed of Gift- Jacob Vickers and wife Keziah- Jan 6, 1835- to Daughter Belinda- first born and Lucinda- Last born.


June 9, 1838- for $1 and love and affection- gave land, horses and slaves to son-in-law Gillum Moore- Signed -Jacob Vickers


June 22, 1835- Sold to Jacob Vickers by Young Vickers in trust for Wiley Vickers, his son, 1/8th interest in land Sect 31- T8R28-


Sept 28, 1846- Deed – Keziah Vickers- to George Moore, grandson, one Negro boy

May 19, 1849- Keziah Vickers- “deed for love and affection to my brother, Jesse Vickers- one Negro girl, Rose.”


Young Vickers- b 1780-1790- Died April 16, 1847- Henry Co. Alabama

Married Elizabeth – maybe Laird?  Son of Joel and brother to Jacob.

Will book D-p285- recorded Mar 12, 1847 and proven April 17, 1847.




  1. Wiley-
  2. Tracey- married to Christopher Ward - may have been son of William and Catherine Ward.


Children of Tracey and Christopher:

1.      Dicy- married William R. Buffalow- Aug 23, 1869

2.      Wiley-

3.      Catherine- married Joseph Hodges- Jan 18, 1865

4.      William-


Christopher married second to Nancy J. Gamble- July 23, 1861- she born Feb 2, 1811- died June 7, 1910- daughter of Irwin Gamble and wife Polly.  [See Note just below from Melanie]

Children by Nancy:

5.      John A.

6.      Lula

7.      Mary M.

8.      Amanda J.

9.      Annie Belle

10.  Joseph R.

11.  Edward C.

12.  Ella C.

13.  William J.



Note: 01/05/2007, from Melanie Ward:


  My name is Melanie Ward.  I am a WARD family researcher, and saw your Vickers family webpage while researching Lucretia / Treacy Vickers.  I see something that I think may be incorrect.  The page states that after Tracy, Christopher married Nancy Gamble.   I believe that to be incorrect.  I have been seriously "working" this family for a long time, and while I may be wrong, I believe the Christopher Ward that married Nancy Gamble was born 1835 and is the son of Joseph Ward & Matilda Wilcoxen.  Please see the census's and you should be able to verify that.    Christopher b 1835 is buried with his wife Nancy in Abbeville City Cemetery.  ALL OF THE CHILDREN LISTED AS BELONGING TO CHRISTOPHER & NANCY WARD are not the Christopher Ward you think.  Those children belong to Christopher Ward b 1835 & Nancy Gamble and are the grandchildren of Joseph & Matilda WARD and William Irwin and Nancy Blalock Gamble.


I do need help with this line if you can help me.  But I wanted to pass along this piece of information to you.  I believe that Treacy / Lucretia Vickers is Young's dau & I know for a fact that she married Christopher Ward, but Tracy's Christopher is not the one who married Nancy Gamble.

    Thank you,


    Melanie Ward,


Thanks Melanie!



Thank you.  I'm certain that Christopher WARD that married Nancy Gamble is not the same Christopher WARD that married Treacy Vickers.   The challenge for me is ... I've been trying to determine what happened to Treacy & her Christopher Ward.  Do you have any clue if they left AlabamaOr if they died?  No one in our family has ever been able to locate a grave.  We've got a "handful" of WARDs who are serious researchers who've been working on this line for years.

    Appreciate your help,


            Melanie Ward

            ggggg-granddaughter of Shadrack Ward Sr

            gggg-granddaughter of Samuel Pollus Ward

            ggg-granddaughter of James Robert Ward




Young Vickers made Deed of Trust to Jacob Vickers to hold in trust for his son Wiley Vickers.


State of Alabama-“Know all men by these presents that I, Young Vickers of the county and State aforementioned do hereby grant, bargain and sell and do by these presents give grant bargain and sell unto Jacob Vickers of said county  in trust for my son Wiley Vickers for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to me in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged as well as for the natural love and affection  that I bear for my son, the following named property of one negro boy or fellow called Isaac about 25 yrs old, one negro woman called  Clo about 19 years old, also one boy named Pomp about 3 years old, also one eighth of land known as the east half of the southwest quarter of Sect. 31, in township #8  of #28 all of which said property I hereby relinquish all right and title unto him the said Jacob Vickers in trust as aforesaid and I , Young Vickers for myself heirs, executors, administrators and assigns will  warrant forever  defend the right and title to said property unto the said Jacob Vickers in trust.  In testimony whereof,  I Young Vickers have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the 22nd day of June A.D. 1835.”   


Young Vickers was deceased by 1847- wife Elizabeth got property and slaves, 6 slaves and 350 acres land. Bond for administration was $5000. Estate property valued at $5098.25

Deed made to son Wiley Vickers, of Henry Co. Ala for natural love and affection plus $5000- have bargained, sold and conveyed tract of land in Henry Co. Ala. Gave land and 7 slaves, Isaac, Clo, Charlotte, Stephen, Mary, Sula and Went,   Household goods and livestock to Wiley Vickers. Sept 1, 1843.


Deed Dec 5, 1845- Young Vickers gave Tracy Ward, wife of Christopher Ward  and to Dicy Ward, Wiley Ward – daughter and son of Christopher and Tracey Ward, slaves after his death and death of his wife Elizabeth.

Deed- Young Vickers to Elisha Hatcher for $100 land in Sect 31, T8R28-

Deed – Young Vickers to Gillum Moore for $1 and natural love and affection I bear my niece Lucinda Moore.

Deed- Young Vickers and Frederick May- sale of slaves 1806.

Deed – Elisha Hatcher and Polly Ann Hatcher, wife of Edwin mayo- land on Dec 26, 1848.   

Deed- 1843- to David Nordon-  land  about 80 acres lying east of the land now known as West prong of Little Abby Creek-  43 acres.

Deed- Slaves deeded to Gillum Moore until Elisha Hatcher but to remain in possession of Young and Elizabeth until their deaths. 1845

Deed of Young Vickers to Reuben Clenny – 40 acres land subject to sale at Sparta, Ala-




Joel Vickers-   b 1770-80

October 29, 1834 - Will Date- Henry Co. Alabama- Witnesses Jonathan Jowers and Michael Oaks.( He died after Oct 29 1834 and before June 1 of 1835).  Joel Jr. and Jacob Vickers, his sons administered estate.

Other children listed in will:   Listed as older children:

  1. Stephen- 
  2. Samuel-
  3. Avia Patsy-
  4. Nancy Beadie-
  5. Milly-
  6. Thomas- listed as younger child- Married Amanda Golden/Golding- (Probably South Carolina Goldings). Aug 28, 1845 Henry Co. Ala. * She may have been related to James Golden and Sarah Hamby of Tallapoosa Co.?  
  7. William- underage in 1834—may have married a Golden also. ?  Listed as younger child.
  8. Becca-  Married Jonathan  Jowers March 10 1850- Listed as younger child.


Joel was in 1805 Land Lottery of Georgia as resident of Montgomery Co Ga. - 2 draws

along with Gideon Yelvington, Luke Slaughter and Drury Vickers.

1804- on Jury List Pendleton Creek District along with Gideon Yelvington and Drury Vickers.  **Gideon Yelvington was husband to Obedience Hatcher, daughter of William Hatcher and Mary Boykin. They had lived in South Carolina. 

1820 Land Lottery – Joel Vickers of Jasper Co. Ga.  – Phillips Dist- drew Lot 317 7th District, Irwin County.

Joel Vickers, Montgomery Co. Ga.  Alston’s Dist drew lot 124, 6th District Appling County.


1820 Montgomery Co. Ga. Census- 11 persons in household.

Petit Jury – 1821- Montgomery Co. Mar 20, 1821, September 17, 1821, December 1822, April 1823, Suit in court-non-suit, Assault and Battery- Solomon Smith vs Joel Vickers.


Henry Co. Alabama 1830 Census-  Joel Vickers, Sr.- 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 60-70.  1 female 15-20, 3 females 20-30 and 1 female 50-60. 

Also listed are Stephen, Joel Jr. and Jacob Vickers.


Does anyone know who this is for sure?***

Joel Vickers - (believed to be Joel Jr.?)  Dale Co. Ala.  14 Dec 1836- Private in Malone’s Co. Georgia Mounted Militia- (3 mo. 1836) - Florida War- On Muster roll Camp Cooper, Florida, Mar 3 1836 - mustered out Sandersville, Ga may 28, 1836.


Also, from “Georgia Obituaries 1740-1935- J.H. Austin 1992”

Letters of Administration on estate of Jacob Vickers to Joel and Jacob Vickers- May 11, 1803- Jefferson Co. Ga.   Who was this exactly?


Submitted by Lucy Grisham,



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